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Combined Honours—

D w i g h t Final Examination Prize English and Classical Studies History and Political Science Study of Poetry

H. B. Higgins Scholarship Advanced Studies in Literature

Felix Meyer Scholarship

Peter James Holbrook Christopher Leo Healy Peter James Holbrook Michael J o h n Heyward


Modern Languages

W. T. Mollison Scholarship M o d e r n Languages

Wyselaskie Scholarship Classical Studies 1A

Exhibition Ancient Greek 1 B

H. B. Higgins Exhibition Latin 1

J o h n Grice Exhibition Modern Greek 1

Modern Greek Professionals Prize Modern Greek 2 B

Modern Greek Professionals Prize Ancient Greek 2 (Honours)

Douglas Howard Exhibition Latin 2 (Honours)

Douglas Howard Exhibition Modern Greek 3B

M o d e r n Greek Professionals Prize.

Classical Studies (Final Hons Exam) D. H. Rankin Prize

R. G. Wilson Scholarship Wyselaskie Scholarship

English—(Final Honours Examination) English Poetry

Enid Derham Prize English (Literary Criticism)

Professor Morris Prize English Literature

Shakespeare Scholarship English (1st Year)

J o h n Sanderson Exhibition English Literature 2

Percival Serle Prize

English Language and Literature 2 Edward Stevens Exhibition English and History—B.A. (Honours)

Kathleen Fitzpatrick Exhibition English Literature 4 (Combined Honours)

Percival Serle Prize English Literature 4

Percival Serle Prize

English Language and Literature—

M.A. Thesis Percival Serle Prize

English Language and Literature D w i g h t Final Examination Prize Fine Arts—Final Honours

D w i g h t Final Examination Prize

Catherine Elizabeth Hartley Neil Robert Thompson Meilin Loh

Dominic Patrick Hickey Denise Alexis McFadyen Eugenia Yokarinis Con Kosta Allimonos Lynn Heather Sampson

(St Hilda's College) Lynn Heather Sampson

(St Hilda's College) Costas Hadjielias Paul Monaghan Sean Gerard Byrne

( N e w m a n College) Sean Gerard Byrne

( N e w m a n College)

Gordon Kerry (Ormond College) Anne Yvette Diamond

David Lewis J o h n Greagg David Brian Moore 1 Wendy Capper | b n a r e d

Penelope Susan Cottier Robert Andrew Phiddian Anne Louise Mullins Peter James Holbrook A n n e Yvette Diamond

David Leo English Elise Valmorbida Susan Belinda Shears

French 1

Baillieu Exhibition Medieval French Language and Literature 2

Mary Taylor Scholarship French 3 (Honours)

Mrs William Smith Exhibition Renaissance French Language and Literature 3

Mary Taylor Scholarship French Poetry

Dr Joseph B. Hanson Prize French Language and Literature

D w i g h t Final Examination Prize Geography

D w i g h t Final Examination Prize German 1

Exhibition German 3 (Honours)


Germanic Studies 4S (Honours) R. G. Wilson Scholarship Germanic Studies (Postgraduate)

R. H. Samuel Prize

School of Germanic Studies (Part 3 & 4) Goethe Award

History—Postgraduate Research Caroline Kay Scholarship Australian History

Brian Fitzpatrick Prize Australian History—M.A.

Dennis-Wettenhall Prize European History Essay

Felix Raab Prize

History 1A (British Hist. 1 5 5 8 - 1 6 8 9 ) Rosemary Merlo Prize

Marian Boothby Exhibition History I B


Bronwen Claire Ewens (Ormond College)

Peter Francis Kipka Elizabeth A n n Graham

(Janet Clarke Hall)

A n t h o n y J o h n Liddicoat (St Hilda's College) Suzanne Miriam Larson Cristina Mary Presa

Richard James George Rhys Stewart Bezzant

(Queen's College) Annette Christine Wagner Catherine Elizabeth Hartley Catherine Elizabeth Hartley Victoria Stephanie Balabanski

(Ormond College) Michael Wilson Evans Michael Wilson Evans Thomas Rhys Griffiths

(Trinity College)

Christopher J o h n Middleton Eve Darian-Smith

Samantha L. Kirwan-Hamilton \ Shared (Trinity College)

Samantha L. Kirwan-Hamilton (Trinity College)

Paul Christopher Ackerman (International House) Justine Katherine Hancock Anthea Clare Nolan Timothy Paul Sherratt


History—British (2nd Year)

D. F. Mackay Prizes Matthew Damien Nolan 1

Dominic Anthony James Foster I Shared Dale Veronica Smith

History—3rd Year

Loreen Cutts Memorial Prize

R. G. Wilson Scholarship

Australian History Gyles Turner Prize

History (Final Honours Examination) Margaret Kiddle Prize

Dwight's Prize

Hist, and Phil, of Science—F.E. Honours Dwight Final Hons Exam. Prize Indian Studies 1

Australian-Asian Association Prize Indonesian and Malayan Studies 1

Australian-Asian Association of Vic. Prize Italian 1

Doctor Santoro Prize

History of Italian Literature Prize Chinese 1

Australian-Asian Association of Vic. Prize Japanese 1

Australian-Asian Association Prize for Vic.

Chinese (Final Honours Exam.) R. G. Wilson Scholarship (for 1982) Philosophy (First Year)

Hastie Exhibition

Philosophy 2 (Pure Honours) Hastie Exhibition

Philosophy 4 (Combined Honours) Minor Laurie Prize

Philosophy (Final Honours Examination) Hastie Exhibition

Major Laurie Prize International Relations

Jeanette Kosky Prize Political Science 1


Australian Inst, of Political Sc. Prize Political Science (Final Honours Exam.)

Dwight Prize Psychology 1


Psychology 2A and 2B (Honours) Exhibition



Shared Shane Patrick Carmody

Andrew Bruce McClean (Janet Clarke Hall) Shane Patrick Carmody Andrew Bruce McClean

(Janet Clarke Hall) Gerard Paul Mullaly Gillian Sarah Polack Bernadette Theresa Moore Alistair Scott Thomson Andrea Jane Shaw Susan Marie Hunt Libya Dione Charleson Sarah Pedley

Sarah Pedley Kyung-Sook Langley Susan Leanne Talbot Neil Thompson Niki Yeo Choon Nee

(Trinity College) Stephen Richard Howes

(Trinity College) Graham Robert Oppy

(Queen's College) Liam Beresford Murphy

(Ormond College) Sharon Danielle Korman

(Ormond College) Lindsay Neale Zoch

Richard John Fuller (Ormond College) Rohan James Parkes (Trinity College) Rohan James Parkes (Trinity College) Bernadette Maree McSherry

Gaylene Claire Heard Heather Ann Macfarlane


Psychology (Final Honours)

Australian Psychological Society Prize D w i g h t Final Examination Prize Russian 1


M i d d l e Eastern Studies (Fourth Year) Fanny Reading Scholarship Criminology A

Exhibition Criminology B

Exhibition Criminology C

Exhibition Criminology D


Guy J o h n Coffey Guy J o h n Coffey Marina Makushev Rina Pushett Lester Allan Walton Colin William Wilson-Evered Gael Marie Kerrigan Nella Pasqua


Dental Science J o h n lliffe Scholarship

—First Year

—Second Year

—Third Year

—Fourth Year

—Fifth Year Frances Gray Prize Pedodontics Prize

Dental Board of Victoria Prize

Aust. Dental Assoc. (Vic. Branch) Prize Bertha Bennett Scholarship

Royal Dental Hospital (3rd Year) Ladies' Auxiliary Prize Orthodontics

Mervyn Townsend Memorial Prize Periodontics

James Monahan Lewis Prize Periodontology

Aust. Society of Periodontology Prize Endodontology

Aust. Society of Endodontology Prize Oral Anatomy 1 and 2

E. B. Nicholls Prize Oral Surgery

William Leslie Elvins Prize Dental Prosthetics

William J . Tuckfield Prize Dental Materials Science

Alan Docking Memorial Prize Dental Prosthetics B

Tuckfield-Shepherd Prize

A n t h o n y Peter B r o w n Deborah Claire McAree George Dimitroulis Robert Paul Depoi Albert W o n g Bruce William Baker lan D w i g h t Poker Felicity A n n Wardlaw J o h n Alexander Robinson Bruce William Baker Paul Kenneth Lucas Susan Jane Portbury lan Nicholas Leslie Maratos Bruce William Baker J o h n Alexander Robinson Ennio Francis Rebellato J o h n Alexander Robinson Bruce William Baker Caroline Meredith Melbourne Deborah Claire McAree Bruce William Baker lan Jeffrey Collins Paula Lesse

Sandro Peter D'Adamo