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Attendance at voluntary camps with the C.M.F

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2. Attendance at voluntary camps with the C.M.F


3. Illness which may occur as a result of service with the armed forces.

Details of such conditions may be obtained from the principal of your school.

' Long Service Teachers are entitled to three months' long service leave Leave after ten years service or four and a half months long service

leave after fifteen years service. For the purpose of deter- mining long service leave entitlements your service with the Education Department is considered to commence from the date of your appointment as a studentship holder, or temporary or permanent teacher.

If you had previous service with a Government or semi- Government department, this service, too, may count towards your total service; but you must make an

individual application to the Teachers' Tribunal to have this service recognised.

A woman teacher who resigns to be married after at least five years' service (including training years) will receive pay in lieu of such leave.


All teachers, including students-in-training, are covered under the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act for injuries received in the course of their duty at school or College or when travelling directly to or from their place of duty. Report of Injury Forms may be obtained from the College office. Studentship holders should submit them to the Deputy-Principal of the College; other students to their school principal.

Any accident which occurs while a student is on College duty should be reported to the Deputy-Principal of the College whether compensation is to be claimed or not.


Salaries paid to teachers are determined by the Teachers' Tribunal. Information on current salaries payable may be obtained from the principal of your school.



Three main sets of regulations, made pursuant to relevant Acts of Parliament, concern members of the Teaching Service. They are:

(a) The Educetion Department Regulations.

(b) The Teaching Service (Governor-in-Council) Regulations.

(c) The Teaching Service (Teachers' Tribunal) Regulations.

Copies of these regulations are filed in the College library and in all schools, and members of the Teaching Service should be generally familiar with them In addition, instruct- ions and circulars are issued from time to time; these, too, are filed in the library and may be consulted by students.

Many notices and items of interest to teachers are published in the Education Gazette, which appears twice monthly.

Copies of the Education Gazette are available in schools, and in the College library.


Temporary teachers who have the qualifications set out in Regulation 9 of the Teaching Service (Teachers' Tribunal) Regulations may apply for appointment to permanent positions in the Technical Schools Division, thereby becoming eligible for Superannuation rights. (The qualifi- cations required for appointment to permanent positions in the Secondary Schools Division are set out in Regulation 8.) Qualified temporary teachers may apply for vacancies advertised from time to time in the Education Gazette, or by circulars to schools; or they may apply directly to the Education Department at any time. Application forms may be obtained from, and should be submitted through, the principal of your school.

Subject to medical fitness, studentship holders are assured of permanent appointment to the Teaching Service upon satisfactory completion of their training courses. They then become eligible for superannuation rights.



Housing If you are posted to a country school and have difficulty finding a home, the Education Department's Welfare Officer may be able to help. Let this officer know, too, if you own or rent a house in Melbourne which could be available for another teacher. The address is Level 7, Nauru House, 80 Collins Street Melbourne.

Additional Teachers who gain additional qualifications should notify Qualifications the Department in writing, as soon as results are known,

and should enclose confirmatory evidence. Teachers who are less than fully qualified or wish to check the status of their qualifications may contact for information and advice.

The Secretary, Board of Studies (Technical), Level 7, Nauru House, 80 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Posting to Whilst in training, studentship holders and temporary teachers Schools may apply for appointment, by the Committee of Classifiers,

to Assistant positions in schools. Those who secure positions in this way will be regarded as having a permanent position in the school to which they gain appointment; except in unusual circumstances they will not be moved from that school unless they wish to move; they may move by gaining promotion, at any time, but may not move by way of transfer before they have served in the position for three years.

The majority of exit students, however, do not secure positions in this way. Instead, they are temporarily posted to schools by the Staffing Officer. When

determining which school an exit student shall be posted to, the Staffing Officer pays as much heed as possible to the student's own preference. Therefore, towards the end of the course, each student will be invited to submit for consideration a list of schools in order of preference, and a statement of any special circumstances he/she believes should be taken into account. Postings are generally made known before the end of the year. Teachers who have been temporarily posted to schools may apply at any time for transfer to advertised or consequential vacancies.


Insurance You may arrange with any life assurance company to have insurance contributions deducted by the Education Department from your fortnightly salary cheque.

Living Allowances Unmarried teachers who have to pay more than one-third of their salary for suitable board may apply to the Teachers' Tribunal for an excess board allowance. Married teachers who are unable to obtain suitable residences and are therefore compelled to live away from home or to pay board for themselves and their families may apply to the Teachers' Tribunal for special allowances. Applications for these allowances should be sent to the Education Department through the Principal of your school.

Salaries, The salary scales prescribed by the Teachers' Tribunal provide Qualifications different ranges within the "Assistant" class according to and Promotion whether teachers have, or have not, the qualifications required

for promotion to the "Senior Teacher class. These salary scales, and the prescribed starting points and ranges for teachers on first appointment after training, are set out in the Teaching Service (Classification, Salaries and Allowances) Regulations.

Subject to satisfactory teaching, teachers receive a salary increment annually until they reach the maximum of the prescribed range.

The qualifications required for promotion within the Technical Schools Division are set out in Regulation 9 of the Teaching Service (Teachers' Tribunal) Regulations. The Education Department, through a system of free courses, makes it possible for teachers to gain additional

qualifications under attractive conditions. Watch the Education Gazette for information about these courses.

Teachers who gain additional qualifications should notify the Department in writing, as soon as result are known, and should enclose confirmatory evidence.


Superannuation Every teacher, upon classification as a permanent member of the Teaching Service, and subject to medical fitness, will become a compulsory contributor to the Superannuation Fund. (A voluntary superannuation fund is available for teachers who, for medical reasons, cannot be accepted into the regular superannuation scheme.)

Travelling Expenses

If your first appointment after training is to a position out- side the metropolitan area, travelling expenses for yourself and your wife and family and the cost of removal of your furniture, etc., will be paid by the Education Department under certain conditions. These conditions, and instructions concerning removal expenses, are published regularly in the Education Gazette.






College Address 442 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Vic. 3122.

Telephone 818 0631

Secretary to the Principal — ext. 137 Secretary to the Deputy Principal — ext. 138 Secretary to the Academic Registrar — ext. 253 Centre for Educational Administration — ext. 222 Department of Educational Resources — ext. 169 Co-ordinator of Teaching Practice — ext. 244 Business Manager — ext. 186

Office of the Students' Association — 818 4966 Justice of the Peace — E.J. Bastow on campus


Health and Safety Sister L. Leembruggen — ext. 139 or ring Switchboard — 9 After Office Hours

Doctors Dr. 'vice Dr. Robinson Dr. Spring

168 Auburn Road, Hawthorn 818 7879 or 818 7979

Fire Brigade Police Ambulance

Please report the accident or illness to Sister Leembruggen on your return to College

Dial 000

Police Station Malvern 20 2487

Police Station Hawthorn 818 2376 or 818 5896 Johns and Waygood (Lifts maintenance) 329 5700

Taxi Companies Yellow Cabs 620 331 Regal 82 2222

In document state college of victoria at hawthorn (Page 137-148)