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Two lectures and, two hours laboratory work per week and tutorials.


Loads and loading systems for design purposes. Load-deformation characteristics

of steel, timber and concrete. Elastic and plastic behaviour. Elastic, plastic and ultimate load theories.

Steel. Elastic and plastic analysis and design of statically determinate and

indeterminate structures. Design of built in and continuous beams and rigid frames.

Models in analysis and design. Influence lines. Design of bolted, riveted and welded joints. Design of members as regards bending, shear, deflection, buckling, twisting, shock loading and combination. Stresses in thin walled shells.

Concrete. Reinforced concrete beams and one and two way slabs. Permissible

stress design and ultimate strength design. Columns.

Computations for design subjects.


( a) Prescribed textbooks:

°Ferguson, P. 1., Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals. (Wiley.)

or °Cowan, H. J., and Smith, P.R., Design of Reinforced Concrete. ( Angus &


°Gray, C. S., (Ed.), Steel Designers Manual. (Crosby Lockwood.)

°Nash, W. A., Theory and Problems of Strength of Materials. (Schaum.)

°Current S.A.A. Codes for:

Minimum Design Loads on Buildings


Structural Steel in Building Concrete.

Steel structures.

Concrete in building.

°S.A.A., Specification Al—Rolled Steel Sections.

or B.H.P., Shapes and Sections or Student's Handbook.

(b ) Recommended for reference:

Grasse, J. C., Elementary Theory of Structures. (Longmans. )

Grinter, L. E. Elementary Structural Analysis and Design. (Macmillan.) Michaels, L, Contemporary Architecture. ( Reinhold. )

Lothers, J. E., Design in Structural Steel. (Prentice


Hal.) Cassie, W. F., Structural Analysis. (Longmaas. )

Benjamin, J. R. Statically Indeterminate Structures. ( McGraw-Hill.)

Dunham, C. W., The Theory and Practice of Reinforced Concrete. (McGraw- Hill.)

EXAMINATION. Two 3-hour papers covering Part A and Part B. Results of tutorials, laboratory work and tests will form part of the Annual Examination.


Two lectures and one hour laboratory work per week.


(i) Timber. Building timbers; their identification, grading, selection and use.

(ii) Metals. An outline of the metallurgy of structural metals and alloys.

( iii) Concrete. The structural properties of concrete.

(iv) Building Stones. An outline of the structure and properties of building stones.


( a) Prescribed textbooks:

°Flanagan, D. (Ed. ), Materials. ( Scientific American.) (b) Recommended for reference:

As recommended during the course.

B.—SERVICES One lecture per week and tutorials.


A study of more advanced drainage and sanitary plumbing and a descriptive survey of services and equipment of contemporary buildings.


Recommended for reference:

Commonwealth Experimental Building Station—Publications as will be recoin- mended during the course.

Dept of Labour and National Service—Publications as will be recommended during the course.

State Electricity Commission—Publications as will be recommended during the course.

Ramsay 's catalogue.

C.—ENVIRONMENT One lecture per week and laboratory work, SYLLABUS

Natural and artificial lighting; sun control. Mechanisms of vision.

Room and transmission acoustics; noise control. Acoustic absorbents and insul- ators. Propagation of sound (as background to equipment studies).



(a) Prescribed textbooks:

°BSS 661: 1955, Glossary of Acoustical Terms.

°CР 3 111: 1960, Sound Insulations and Noise Reductions.

°S.A.A. CAЗO, Code for the Artificial Lighting of Buildings.

*Department of Labour and National. Service, L2, Daylight Design Diagrams.

Recommended for reference:

Beranek, L. L., Noise Reduction ( McGraw-Hill.)

Knudsen, V. 0., and Harris, C. M., Acoustićal Design in Architecture. (Wiley.) Parkin, P. H., and Humphreys, H. R.,

Acoustics, Noise and Buildings. ( Praeger,


Parkin, Purkins and Schales, Field Measurements of Sound Between Dwellings.

( National Building Studies Research Paper, No. 3З—


.M.S.O. )

C.E.B.S., Notes on the Science of Building, as recommended during




Three. 3-hour papers

in November and one 2-hour paper in Building Stones.

Results of tutorials, laboratory work and tests will form part of the Annual Examination.

The paper in Building


will be conducted at the conclusion of the series of lectures in that topic.


A course of two lectures per week, with one tutorial class, throughout the year.

No external enrolments are accepted in this subject.


A survey of the Western tradition in art up to the present day, with an intro- duction to Greek and Roman Art given by Professor Dale Trendall, and a special study of the Age of Enlightenment.

Students are required to submit written work and study visual material.


The following is a basic list. Fuller bibliographies will be supplied during


course. Students are recommended to buy the books marked with an asterisk.

(a) Preliminary reading and text-books:

tombrich, E. H.

J., The Story of Art. (Phaidon, 1986.)

°Janson, H. W., A History of Art. (Thames & Hudson, 1962.) Richter, G. M. A., A Handbook of Greek Art. (Phaidon, 1965.) (b) Prescribed for reference:

°Murray, P., and L., A Dictionary of Art and Artists. (Pelican, 1964.)

Pelican History of Art, ed. Pevsner, N., (the relevant volumes for illustrations

and text).

Propylaen Kunstgeschichte series, (for illustrations; text in German).

Wölfflin, H., Principles of Art History. ( Dover. )

Panofsky, E., Studies in Ioenology (the introductory chapter). (Harper Torch Books, 1962. )

Clark, K., The Nude. (Pelican, 1966.)

°Clark, K., Landscape into Art. ( Pelican, 1986.)

°Pevsner, N., An Outline of European Architecture. (Pelican, 1963.) Fry, R., Last Lectures. ( Sect. 1-5) ( Beacon Press, 1982. )

Wölfflin, H., Renaissance and Baroque. ( Fontana Library, 1964.)

°Hoff, U., Catalogue of European Paintings before 1800. National Gallery of

Victoria. (1967.)

Rosenblum, R., Transformation in late 18th Century Art. (Princeton Univ., 1967.)

Irwin, D., English Neo-Classical Art: Studies in Inspiration and Taste. ( Faber

& Faber, 1966. )

Quarterly Bulletin of the National Gallery of Victoria, vols. 1-12. 1945-58.) Annual Bulletin of the National Gallery of Victoria, vol. 1. (1959. )



Two 3-hour written papers and a visual examination.

The latter will be based


the illustrations in the relevant chapters of Janson's A History of Art.

Written work as prescribed by the department.