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Voarb of 7Arcbttectural Eaucattott. 13A appointment may be made either for any such particular pur- pose or period of time as shall be mentioned in any such appoint- ment.

The six representatives of the Institute on the Board shall hold office for a period of twelve months commencing from the first day of April in each year and of these six representatives four shall be nominated by the Council in the month of March in each year, two of whom at least shall be Associates and the remaining two representatives of the Institute (one of whom at least shall be an Associate) shall be elected at the Annual Gen- eral Meeting of the Institute. The Council shall from time to time fill up any casual vacancy occurring in the number of the representatives of the Institute on the Board due to death, resig- nation or other causes, but any person so appointed shall only hold office until the Thirty-first day of March following the date of his appointment.

Any member of the Board who shall be a representative of the Institute may resign by notice to the Council and such resig- nation shall take effect from the time when accepted by the Council and any representative of the Institute on the Board shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Board on insolvency or lunacy or if from any cause whatsoever he shall cease to be a member of the -Institute or be absent without leave of the Board from four consecutive meetings of the Board.

Not less than four members of the Board shall form a quorum and during any vacancy in the office of any member of the Board the continuing members may act as if no vacancy exists.

The Council shall from time to time provide out of the funds of the Institute such sum or sums of money as it may think advisable or necessary for the purposes of the Board.

The Board shall at its first meeting after the first day of April in each year appoint one of its members to act as Chair- man for the ensuing year and no member of the Board shall hold the office of Chairman for more than two consecutive years and a member shall not be eligible for re-election as Chairman dur- [ing

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Erchttectura[ Xaucâtton. 140 ing a period of two years after he has ceased to hold the office of Chairman for two consecutive years.

The powers, duties and obligations of the Board are as follows :-

(a) To formulate and prescribe a scheme for education in architecture including subjects and manner and conduct of lectures, the time and place of the examination for Associ- ateship of the Institute and all other examinations, condi- tions and qualifications necessary for entry as architectural students and salaries and qualifications of lecturers and examiners and the issue of diplomas and certificates to students and from time to time to alter, amend or rescind either wholly or in part any such scheme in existence, for the time being, Provided however that no such scheme of education or any alterations, amendments or recision thereof shall be of any force or effect unless and until finally approved of and adopted by the Council.

(b) To adjudge upon award or recommend any prizes, diplomas, scholarships or other benefits from time to time approved of or prescribed by the Institute or which the Institute is asked to adjudge upon award or recommend by any other body, public or private school or other institution, corpora- tion or person or body of persons.

To do or perform any one or more of the aforesaid matters in conjunction with or as part of any scheme of education formulated by any other educational or public body.

(d) To consider and advise upon and enquire into and report upon any question or subject matter which the Council may from time to time refer to the Board for its consideration, advice or report.

(e) To appoint such lecturers and examiners as shall from time to time be required for the purpose of any existing scheme of architectural education or for any other purpose, either by the Board or the Institute, at such remuneration and for such period and on such conditions as shall from time to time be determined by the Board, Provided however that no (c)




architectural ]Ebucation.


such appointment of any Lecturer or Examiner shall be made by the Board unless first submitted to and approved of by the Council.

(f) To appoint, remove, discharge and dismiss its office bearers and staff, provided, however, that the Secretary of the Institute for the time being shall at all times act as Secre- tary of the Board.

(g) To initiate, conduct and conclude correspondence in respect of all matters within its jurisdiction and generally to act in all such matters independently of the Council and the Insti- tute, provided, however, that in so doing the Board shall have no authority, express or implied, to incur any liability whether financial or otherwise except in so far as it is authorised to do from time to time by the Council, either generally or in relation to any particular matter.

(h) To report in writing to the Council not later than the Fif- teenth day of February in each year generally as to its operations during the past year, such report to include any recommendations relating to the further and better working of its powers and duties and architectural education.

(i) To make bye-laws and regulations not inconsistent with these articles relating to the conduct and allocations of its business and procedure at its meetings and committees and generally as to such matters deemed desirable or necessary in relation to its affairs."


The members of the R.V.LA. have been challenged by those of the Victorian Institute of Refrigeration, to a "Bridge Even- ing." The function will be held in the Club Rooms, 53 Collins Place, during the month of October, and it is hoped that a strong team will represent the R.V.I.A. The number of players is un- limited and any members who desire to take part will be wel- come. Will such please forward their names to the Secretary

(Mr. J. B. Islip) as soón as possible.


THE ANNUAL DINNER OF THE INSTITUTE The Annual Dinner of the R.V.LA., which was attended by more than seventy members, was held in the Allied Societies' Hall on Tuesday, 6th September, and the function was success- ful and enjoyable in every way.

After the loyal toast, which was proposed by the President, Mr. Oakley, tendered the thanks of the Institute to Mr. K. A.

Henderson for his very generous gift of the improvements to the platform of the Hall.

During the progress of the dinner, the President proposed the health of Lieut.-General Sir John Monash, K.C.B., and was ably supported by Mr. W. A. M. Blackett.

Sir John, when replying, congratulated Messrs. Hudson &

Wardrop upon the commencement of active steps towards the erection of the National War Memorial. The President then announced that a fund had been opened by the Institute to which members were invited to subscribe, the proceeds, to be added to what is already in hand for the construction of the "Shrine of Remembrance." A magnificent response to the President's remarks was made, and a list of donations appears in another part of the Journal.

On behalf of the Institute, the President extended congratu- lations to Mr. R. H. Alsop (F.) and his colleague (Mr. Sayce) who had gained the First Award in the competition for the Win- throp Hall and other buildings for the University of Western Australia.

A hearty welcome was extended to the visiting members from Geelong and Bendigo, and Mr. J. A. Laird (F.) responded for Geelong and Mr. G. D. Garvin (F.) for Bendigo.

During the evening an attractive and much appreciated musical programme was provided and the Social Committee is to be congratulated upon the success of the Dinner. (A flash- light photograph was taken and a photo-engraving appears in this issue of the, Journal.)