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A. E. Ferguson,

М.Е.Е., A.M.I.E.Aust., M.I.E.E., S.M.I.R.E.E.Aust.







J. C.

McCutchan, B.E.E., M.Eng.Sc., A.M.I.E.E., A.M.I.E.Aust.


F. Hewitt, B.Sc., I.E., A.M.I.R.E.E.Aust.



. Potter,

B.Sc., M.App.Sc., F.R.M.T.C., A.M.LR.E.E.Aust.




J. S. Packer,



Lecturer in

Power System Analysis:

D. Р. Davies, M.Sc.


F.I.E.E., A.M.I.Mech.E., M.I.E.Aust.




Treloar, B.E.




Lecturer in English:


Dow, A.B. (Harv.)

Lecturer in


W. Lippert,


(Berlin) Lecturer in Hi


h Voltage:




М.Е.Е., M.I.É.Aust.

List of Subjects for Electrical


551 Chemistry (Engineering course) 552 Engineering part I

553-1 Engineering Mathematics part I 554-1 Physics part I (Engineering course) SECOND YEAR

555-1 Applied Thermodynamics part I 591-1 Electrical Engineering part I 558-1 'Engineering Design part I 553-2 Engineering Mathematics part II 559 Engineering Materials

560-1 Mechanics of Solids part I 554-2 'Physics part II (Engineering course) THIRD YEAR

577-1 Discussion Sessions part I 491-2 Electrical Engineering part IIE 591-3 Electrical Engineering part IIP 592 Electrical Engineering Design 566-3 Engineering Mathematics part IITA 593 Engineering Materials IIE 563-3 Fluid Mechanics C FOURTH YEAR'

577-2 Discussion Sessions part II 591-4 Electrical Engineering part III

together with either

13 Z-3 Business Administration 3 (Business Decisions) and of Business Administration:

гзг-1 Organizational Behaviour 132-2 Business Planning and Control

or the unit

220-8 Economics C8 (Industrial Relations)

Note: This latter unit may not be taken by candidates who have been credited with unit C8 in subject 2zo for the Bachelor of Commerce degree.

or 553.4 Engineering Mathematics part IV

Note: Candidates may be permitted to take Engineering Mathematics part IV in lieu of Business Administration but only with the approval of the head of the department.

§ (On leave.)

3 The examinations in these subjects will be for Pass only.

2 Students enrolling for Fourth Year Electrical Engineering in rgбS are required to take a preliminary course in Fortran Programming beginning on 4 March.

Engineering Course

one of the following units


List of Subjects for Block Exemption Course (Technical College Diploma entry)


566-z Engineering Mathematics part IIB 554-a 'Physics part lI (Engineering course) 553-3 Engineering Mathematics part IIIt 59z Electrical Engineering Design 563-3 Fluid Mechanics C

591-2 Electrical Engineering part IIE FOURTH YEAR course as for ordinary course.

Examination in this subject is for pass only.

t If Statistics has been passed in the Diploma course otherwise Engineering Mathematics IIIA must be

taken. - -- - - -


The course is planned to teach and develop the knowledge and qualities that are needed for a young person who sees his or her future career in engineering industry.

It has been designed to provide the basic academic training in mathematical and physical.

sciences, followed by study of the particular fields of interest to an industrial engineer.

These are industrial electronics, industrial management, automatic control, metal cutting and forming, plant purchase and layout, design of various products, work study and operational research.

The first two years of the course are the same as for many other branches of engineer. ing (civil, mechanical, etc.) and the third year has a lot in common with the mechanical engineering course. After this, some specialized subjects are covered.

The degree was introduced in the University in 1960, to start to satisfy the heavy industrial call for young men and women interested in greater productivity in Australian secondary industry, young people who wished to play a constructive part in such problems as controlling rising costs, increasing exports, increasing living standards and applying and developing existing management and production techniques. It will be well known that industrial engineering has been for many years a popular and vital course in the leading universities in the U.S.A., and that this has led to the rapid and efficient development of industry in that country.

Very briefly, to give an indication of some of the detailed work of the course the following matters are covered in a reasonable way in the time available : Method of calculation of wages, industrial relations and development of unions, production control and planning, time and motion study, plant layout, personnel selection, cost analysis, maintenance of capital plant, tool and machine design and human engineering.

On completion of the course, undergraduates receive the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering. There are no separate courses for Pass & Honours and results of the final examinations determine the class of the degree awarded.


For the М.Eng.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees. Selected subjects, of interest to the student and to industry, are available for research and there are, at present, no formal lectures or course- work; the student does his research in close collaboration with, and under the wing of, a qualified supervisor. Only those students with an honours degree are normally accepted for further study.


Young people who feel that they may have an interest in this field are advised to read carefully the description of Mechanical Engineering given in the following pages, par- ticularly in regard to the early years of the course.


Graduates from the degree course in Industrial Engineering at the University of Mеl- boиmе are granted full exemption from the examination requirements of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, for acceptance as Chartered Mechanical Engineers, hence. the Industrial Engineer achieves the dual recognition as an Industrial Engineer and also as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, subject to the necessary experience.

The Melbourne degree in Industrial Engineering exempts from the full examination requirements of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, and the Institution of Production Engineers.

Teaching Staff See Department of Mechanical Engineering.


List of Subjects for Industrial Engineering Course


551 Chemistry (Engineering course) 55Z Engineering part I

553-1 Engineering Mathematics part I 554-1 Physics. part I (Engineering course) SECOND YEAR

555-1 Applied Thermodynamics part I 556-1 Dynamics of Machines part I 557-1 Electrical Engineering part IA 558-1 'Engineering Design part I 553-2 Engineering Mathematics part II 559 Engineering Materials

56o-1 Mechanics of Solids part I

554-г 'Physics part II (Engineering course) THIRD YEAR

6o1 Data Processing and Computers

бог Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics 607 Electrical Engineering part IIC 558-z Engineering Design part II 566-3 Engineering Mathematics part IIIA

6o-z Mechanics of Solids part II боз-1 Production Engineering part I FOURTH YEAR

558-3 Engineering Design part III 615 Human Engineering 605 Industrial Management Ьо3-г Production Engineering part II 604 Industrial Engineering

List of Subjects for Block Exemption Course

(Technical College Diploma Entry) THIRD YEAR

бо1 Data Processing and Computers 6o7' Electrical Engineering part II(C) or 602 Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics

558-2 Engineering Design part II 66-z 'Engineering Mathematics part II(B) 566-3 Engineering Mathematics part IIIA 56o-z Mechanics of Solids part II боз-1 Production. Engineering part I FOURTH YEAR course as for ordinary degree.