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itie All members of the Union are invited to make fullest use of the facil-



s Offered by the Union. Their attention is directed to the fact that the eion is a club, owing its present premises and equipment very largely, to generosity and enthusiasm of past members. For its continued success, s dеPendent on the recognition by all those who make use of the build- g of a due sense of responsibility toward Union property.


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The Cafeteria: "The Caf"- is the hub of the Union, which all students should frequent at least once a day. Situated on the ground floor at the west end of the building, the Cat. opens at 9.30 each morning except Sun- days. It closes at 7.30 p.m. Light refreshments are served throughout the day with hot meals at midday and in the evening. On Saturdays there is no service after noon.

The Eиffеt: "The Buff" is situated on the first floor, directly above the Caf. It opens at 9.30 and serves hot meals at lunch-time, together with morning and afternoon teas. It is closed in the evenings.

The Union Annene: This is a separate building situated between the Union and the Botany School. It was originally established to ease the congestion in the Union. Light refreshments are obtainable on week days from 10.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

The General Dining Room: This is situated on the ground floor, on the north side, alongside the cafeteria. Luncheon is served in this room on week days for any who desire to have waiting service. The General dining room is for the use of both staff and students.

The Private Einihіg Room; A suite of rooms on the first floor in the north-west corner of the Union buildings includes a Reception Room with dignified appointments and accommodation for 60 persons. The Dining room is available to clubs and societies for special luncheons and dinners and also for suppers and sherry parties.

The Rowden White Library: The Library i.s on the first floor at the south-east corner of the buildings. Academic work is prohibited in the library, which is essentially a "browsing" library. It is non-technical in character, and contains sections devoted to fiction, plays, biography, period- icals and works of a similar "light" nature.


Carnegie Gramophone, The Carnegie Gramophone is situated in the гusic Room at the eastern extremity of the building, on the first floor. A collection of records is to be found in the Rowden White Library. The ree- Ords may be borrowed for use in the Music Room on application to the Librarian by qualified persons, i.e., those who have passed a technician's course, which is held early in first term.

A booking must be made at the Union office for the use of the gramo- phone. Bookings may be made in advance, for which no charge is made.

The Music Room is open to all students. Priority in booking the Music Room after б p.m. (at the Rowden White Library) is given to evening students.



Art Gallery

The Gallery, a bequest to the Union, is situated above the Union theatre and is reached by stairs on either side of the stage of the Theatre.

It contains a fine collection of original works by many of Australia's em- iuent artists. It is open on week days from 11 am. to 4.30 p.m.

teen's Cloak and Locker Rooms

Cloak room services are free to members of the Union. For a small fee (Э/) a locker may be rented for the year. This enables members to eave Property in the cloak room for any period (within the academic year) and also facilitates quicker service. Individual lockers in other buildings are also obtainable at a fee of 97- per year. Applications for lockers should De made at the cloak room.

Women's Cloak Room

Ordinary services are provided without charge. Locker charges are II" to 01- per year, of which 5/- is refunded on surrender of key. Appli- cations for lockers should be made at the Union Olfice.


Hot and cold showers are available for members. Towels will be sup- Plied by the cloak room attendants for a small charge.


There are four tables in the Billiard Roam (on the ground floor, East ling) which is open for play from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on week days, and from lQ a.m. to 11,.30 a.m. on Saturday. A charge of бd. per table is made for 20 minutes play. Women are not allowed in the Billiard Room.


There is a Chess Room open to all members of the Union next door to the Rowden White Library on the first floor. Chessmen are obtainable from

e Library on application to the Librarian.



A sitting room on the first floor of the centre block is set aside for the


se of men members during the day. After 5 p.m. it may be used by both men and women and is usually the scene of evening meetings arranged by


s and societies.

mens Ldunge

A sitting room on the north side on the first floor of the centre block


set aside for the use of women members during the day, although it may used by both men and women in the evening. A smaller room along- side is reserved exclusively fer the use of women graduate members.

Men's Graduate Room

the This is situated on the ground floor of the north west wing, and is for use of men graduates. It is occasionally used as an evening meeting Ńe orn of Clubs and Societies.

wspар г Room

The daily newspapers may be read by members in the room on the first В? near the stairs leading to the Buffet.



A seCond floor on the centre block is used as a roof garden fer the qv e f ente of members ог

finder ordinary circumstances members are prohibited by the Union


riles from consuming alcoholic drinks anywhere in the Union th se. For special functions, however, Clubs and Societies or ar er groups of members who engage the Private Dining Room of other rooms for their exclusive use may on application to the Warden

✓ the Union, be granted permission to have beer or wine served by the li lion Stewards. The Club or group must arrange for the purchase of such four as is permitted by the Warden, and must have it delivered twenty- be hours in advance to the resident steward. No additional liquor shall be brought into the Union House by members or their guests.



The Union will take telephone messages for members. These messages are displayed on the notice boards in the various cloak-rooms.

Telephone numbers are : --Student Enquiries, FJ4048 ; Box Office, FJ4048; Resident Steward Рl5628; S.R.C., FJ6513; Union Ufce, F0484 Ext.


Extension numbers for other internal calls are :--The Warden, 243;

The Secretary, 242; S.R.C., 366; Farrago, 368; The Catering Manager, 365;

The Theatre Manager, 302; Cloak Room, 438.

There are five public telephones on the ground floor next to the Bil- liard Room, and alongside the Box Office. Another public phone is situ- ated in the Billiard Room, and there is one outside the Bank.


Members may have letters and other articles addressed to them at the Union. Inward mails are placed in alphabetical letter boxes in the Men's Cloak Room and the Women's Locker Room. These boxes may also be used direct by members for intra-University communications. Members should regularly look in the box of their own initial for letters and messages.

Lost and Found

The Union Office is situated an the ground floor of the building at the south east wing. Applications for lockers in the Women's cloak room.

for Union membership cards, for Union badges should be directed to the ofce. In addition bookings for Commencement Balls and productions in the Union Theatre may be made at Union Office when the Box afFce is closed.

Complaints & Suggestions

Any member, finding it necessary to make a complaint about any of the facilities, should do so in person or by writing to the Warden. Sug- gestions will be welcomed.

Union Management

The management of the Union is vested in the Union Board. The Board is established by the constitution of the Union, and is given complete power in the administration of the affairs of the Union. It is composed of representatives of the University staff, of the graduates and of the student body. The degree of student responsibility which has developed is evi- denced in the control which is reposed in the students as members of the Board.

The Union Board for 1950

The Chairman, Professor I. R. Maxwell; the Vice-Chancellor, Sir John Medley; the Hon. Treasurer, Mr. R. P. Temby; the Warden of the Union, Mr. R. R. P. Barbour; Representative of Professorial Board, Professor I. R.

Maxwell; Staff Representatives, Assoc. Professor H. H. Dunkin, Assoc. Pro- fessor K. Fitzpatrick ; Graduates' Representative, Dr. G. Weigall ; President S.R.C, Mr. A. W. Jarman; Representatives elected by the S.R.C., Miss Anne Gilfedder, Miss Margaret Hodgson, Mr. J. J. Gayly, Mr. I. J. Greenwood, Mr.

G. R. Lees, Mr. E. D. Lloyd, Mr. A. B. Newman, Mr. L. H. S. Thompson; Co- opted members, The Very Rev. J. M. Murphy, Mr. M. Brown, Mr. A. J. South- well; the Secretary, Miss E. C. Cameron.

The Permanent Officers of the Union

The Warden, Mr. R. R. P. Barbour; the Secretary, Miss E. C. Cameron, the Catering Manager, Mr. Carswell; the Theatre Manager, Mr. Desmond Connor; the Head Steward, Mr. G. S. Duke.