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Open Entrance Scholarships: Awarded on the basis of results in the best four subjects (including English Expression if one of best four) at the Higher School Certificate examination In four or more subjects. How- ever, one adjustment is made in respect of additional subjects taken and account is taken of whether a student is repeating the examination.

Applicants up to 30 years of age.

Later Year Scholarships: Awarded to undergraduates on the basis of their entire academic record. Applicants should normally have completed the equivalent of at least one year of full-time study in an approved university course. Applicants up to 30 years of age.

Mature Age Scholarships: Awarded either on results obtained in the Higher School Certificate examination or, If the applicant has already commenced an approved university course, on his academic record in the course. In the latter case he should have completed the equivalent of at least one full-time year of the university course. Applicants over 30 and under 40 years of age.

Only a small number of awards are made each year.

BENEFITS: All compulsory fees. Full-time students may be granted a living allowance subject to a means test.

APPLICATIONS: Applications close on 30 September each year.

All enquiries should be addressed to:

The Regional Director,

Department of Education and Science, 450 St Kilda Road,

Melbourne, Vic. 3004.


Available to males only who were educated at State Elementary. State Secondary or Technical Schools. There ia a means test for applicants, and scholarships are not available for Theology, Music, Arts or Education.

There is an age limit of 18% years for boys from High Schools and 20% years for boys from Technical Colleges.

BENEFITS All studies and registration fees will be paid.

A living allowance will be paid.

ENQUIRIES The Secretary, Dafydd Lewis Trust,

c/o The Trustees, Executors and Agency Co. Ltd., 401 Collins Street,

Melbourne, Vic. 3000.

в 33


BENEFITS A grant of 8150 per annum.

Open only to members of the Australian Armed Forces (or their descen- dants) who served overseas during the war of 1939/45. Closing date 30 September.

ENQUIRIES The Secretary,

The Gowrie Scholarship Trust Fund, Box E5, St James,

Sydney, N.S.W. 2001.


Loans up to $500 may be made to students pursuing courses satisfac- torily. A guarantor able and willing to guarantee the repayment of the loan must be provided.


Accounts Branch, Room 406, Raymond Priestley Building, University of Melbourne,

Parkville, Vic. 3052.

or from Faculty Secretary.


Holders of studentships are required to enter into an agreement to teach with the Education Department for three years after completion of course. Service for one year is required if studentship assistance has been given for one year only (e.g., to enable holder to undertake Dip.Ed.) BENEFITS All studies and registration fees. Living allowance. Special rates for undergraduates and graduates not previously assisted.

ENQUIRIES The Secretary, Education Department, (Teacher Education Division), 480 Collins Street,

Melbourne, Vic. 3000.


Grants are made by the Professorial Board on the advice of its Standing Research Committee and the heads of the departments concerned.

Commonwealth Postgraduate Awards

These awards are currently $2,600 per annum and applications close with the Secretary for Graduate Studies on 31 October each year. Awards are normally for two years for MSC or three years for PhD or up to four years for combined MSc/PhD candidature. A limited number of awards are available for MSc by course work.

Further details are available from the Secretary for Graduate Studies.

Research Awards

The University of Melbourne grants to students a limited number of research scholarships from its own resources. Where an award is made, 34


scholars are expected to devote their whole time to research except for such tutoring and demonstrating work as is approved by the head of the appropriate department.

Research scholarships (some known as Williams Scholarships) are awarded to graduates who have shown marked ability for research and who are undertaking further research training, as Master degree or PhD candidates. Research scholarships may be renewed annually for a period not exceeding three years.


The value is 82,000 per annum plus fees.

Research Fellowships

The University of Melbourne has established five research fellowships, not more than two of which may be senior iellowships. The senior fellowships have the status and salary of a senior lecturer and the fellowships the status and salary of a lecturer. Fellowships may be held for one or two years. Travelling allowance is made for a fellow appointed from overseas.

Fellowships will be advertised as they become vacant.

Travelling Research Scho1aгahipa

Two travelling research scholarships' are offered in two years out of every three to enable a graduate who shows first-rate capacity for research to undertake approved work at an overseas university, or other suitable Institution. The value of the scholarship, which is normally awarded for three years, is 43,200 per annum.


All persons conducting research in the University, whether under research awards or otherwise, are required to submit, by the end of February in each year, reports on their research during the preceding twelve months to the heads of their departments, together with a list of their research publications during the period. Heads of departments also submit depart- mental research reports, which are published in the annual University of Melbourne Research Report.


Applications for research awards and grants must be made on a form designed for the purpose (and available at the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies). Applications must be lodged with the Secretary for Graduate Studies before 19 December. In general, research awards are made as from 1 March.

Further information may be obtained from the Secretary for Graduate Studies.


The following table gives a summary of awards other than those described above which are available to Science students at entrance, undergraduate, final examination and postgraduate leveis. More precise information con- cerning these awards may be obtained from Appendix 3 In the Calendar or from the person or Calendar regulation Indicated In the table.

• The Aitchison Travelling Scholarship and the Mуеr Scholarship, which ere together worth

$3,200, are also available for research abroad. The combined scholarship Is also offered for three years, but only in two out of every three years.


Title and Approximate Value

Calendar Reference or Information Source Field


Nots: Values of awards as shown below are approximate only.

ENTRANCE Field Title and Approximate


Calendar Reference or Information Source Unrestricted


Senior Government Scholarships

$80 p.a.

Free Places Tuition fees

N.U.A.U.s. Aboriginal Scholarships Dick Bursaries

8100 Moran Bursaries


Rest Home Bursary

$100 p.a.

War Bursaries Tuition fees Edwin Nonus Smith



Students' Loan Fund (up to $500 p.a.) Commonwealth Forestry

Scholarships Tuition fees

The Secretary, Education Department, Treasury Place, East Melbourne The Secretary, Education Department, Treasury Place, Melbourne.

Vic. 3002

Accounts Department Accounts Department Accounts Department Accounts Department - Accounts Department Accounts Department

Science Faculty Office or Accounts Branch The Director-General, Forestry and Timber

Bureau, Canberra, A.C.T.

Optometry Details are shown in Chapter 7


Unrestricted Agricultural

Chemistry Applied Mathe-

matics (first year)

Aitchison Scholarships

$140 each James Curing Prize


Dixon Scholarship


Accounts Department R.ß.28 R.8.13.2


Applied Mathe- matics (second year)

Biochemistry (second year) Biochemistry

(third year) Biology Botany (later

years) Botany (second

year) Botany (third

year) Chemistry (first


Chemistry (second year) Chemistry (third

year) Engineering

Part I