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Students who contemplate taking this course in 1958 should consult the Secretary of Second Year Studies at the Office of the School of Education.

SУLLАВus. A study of education in the nineteenth and early twentieth cen- turies in selected European countries, U.S.A., and Australia. The development of


national systems of education in Germany, France, England, U:S.A., and a general study of ` similar developments in early N.S.W. and Victoria. Education in its relation to changing political, economic and social conditions.

Bоокs. (a) Recommended for preliminary reading:

Cubberley, E. P.—History of Education. (Houghton, Mifflin.)

Butts, R. Freeman. —A Cultural History of Education. (McGraw-Hill.) (b) Recommended for reference:

*Reimer, É. H.—Nationalism and Education Since 1789. (Macmillan.) Archer, R.

L. Secondary

Education in the Nineteenth Century. (C.U.P.) Jarman, T. L.—Landmarks in the History of Education, Chs. XI-XVIII.

(Cresset Press.)

Cubberley, E. P.—РнЫ iс Education in the United States. (Houghton, Mifflin.)

*Adamson, J. W.-English Education, 1789-1902. (C.U.P.) Curtis, S. J.—Htistory of Education in Great Britain. (U.T.P.)

Barnard, H. C' —A Short History of English Education, 1760-1944. (Univ. of London.)

Curtis, S. J., and Boultwood, M. E.-A Short History of Educational Ideas.


Edwards and Richey.—The School in the American Social Order. (Univ. of Chicago.)

Curti, 1.—Tire Growth of American Thought. (Harper.)

Percival, A. C.—The English Miss. (Harrap.) ..

Leese, J.—Personalities and Power in English Education.. (Arnold.) Findlay, J. J• Arnold of Rugby. (C.U.P.)

Connell, W. F: Matthew Arnold.. (Routledge.)

Flexner, A.-Universities. American, English, German. (О.U.P.) Paulsen, F.—German Universities. (Macmillan.) 0.Р.

Newman, J. H.—The Idea of a University. (Everyman ed.) Lowndes, G. A. N:—The Silent Social Revolution. (O.U.P.) Thomas, M. W.—Young People in Industry. (Nelson.)


F. —A

History of English Elementary Education. (Univ. of London.) Samuel, R. H., and Thomas, R. H. Education and Society in Modern Ger-

many. (Routledge.)

Linz, C. C.—The Establishment of a National System of Education in New South Wales. (M.U.P.)

Sweetman, E.—Victoria's First Public Educationist. (M.U.P.)

Sweetman, E.-The Educational Activities in Victoria of the Rt. Hon. H. C. E.

Childers. (M.U.P.)

EXAMINATION. One 3-hour paper.

All students will be expected to submit an essay at the end of the second term and this will be regarded as part of the examination.


В .

HISTORУ OF AUSTRALIAN EDUCATION Lecturers : Mr. E. L. French and Mr. A. G. Austin

A course of one lecture per week throughout the year, and, at a date to be fixed, three special seminars. At the special seminars the lecturers will be associated with a visiting-scholar who will introduce students to an important phase of the history of Australian education on which he has thrown new light.

External students will he furnished with


reading guide, a guide to the loca- tion of books, notes of all lectures, and a summary of proceedings at the Special Seminar. They will also be given the opportunity of attending an intensive course of lectures during school vacations.

SřLLАВus. School and Society in Australia from 1788 to the present day. The following themes will receive attention: the evolution of the relations between Church and State as they affect education, the building of a system of public education, the impact of liberal social opinion on educational development, the trends in educational theory and the evolution of the organization, curriculum and method of secondary education. .

Вoокs. (a) Preliminary reading for students with little knowledge of Aus- tralian history:


Greenwood, G. (ed.)-Australia: A Social and Political History. (Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1955.)

or any two of

Crawford, R. М.-Australia. (Longmans, London, 1952.)

Shaw, A. G. L.-The Economic Development of Australia. (Longmans, London, 1944.)

Palmer, H. G. and Macleod, J.-The First Hundred Years. (Longmans, 1954.) Scott, E. A Short History of Australia. (O.U.P. any ed.)

(b) Prescribed text-books:

Austin, A. G.-Portrait of a Colonial Educationist. (M.U.P., 1958.) Goodin, V. W. E. Public Education in New South Wales before 1848 in Royal

Australian Historical Society, Journal and Proceedings. Vol. XXXVI.

Parts I-IV. (History House, 8 Young St., Sydney, 1950.)

Sweetman, E.-Victoria's First Public Educationist. (A.C.E.R., Melbourne, 1939), 5/-.

Sweetman, E.-The Educational Activities in Victoria of the Rt. Hon. H. C. E.

Childers. (A.C.E.R., Melbourne, 1940), 6/6.

Wyeth, E. R. Education in Queensland. (A.C.E.R., Melbourne, 1955), 28/-.

Reeves, C.-A History of Tasmanian Education. (A.C.E.R., Melbourne, 1935), 5/-.

(c) Recommended for reference:

Allan, J. A.-The Old Model School, 1852-1904. (M.U.P., 1934.)

Anchen, J. O.-Frank Tate: His Work for Education in Victoria. (A.C.E.R., Melbourne, 1957.)

Butler, W. F. D.-The Foundation of Public Institutions for Secondary Eduсa- tion in Tasnurnia, in Royal Society of Tasmania-Papers and Proceedings.

1917. (Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart, 1917.)

Bean, C. E. W. Here, My Sоп. (Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1950.) Crane, A. R.-The Development of State-Controlled Education in New South

Wales, 1900-1922, with special reference to the work of Peter Board.

(Unpublished M.Ed. thesis, Melbourne, 1950.)

Goodman, G.-Tjre Church in Victoria during the Episcopate of the Right Reverend Charles Perry. (Seeley, London, 1892.)

Gregory, J. S.-Church and State in Victoria, 18511-72 in Historical Studies:

Australia and New Zealand, Vol. 5, No. 20. (History Dept. Univ. of Mel- bourne, 1953.)

Johnstone, S. M. History of the King's School, Parramatta. (Sands pr., Sydney, 1932.)

Linz, C. C.-The Establishment of a National System of Education in New South Wales. (M.U.P., 1938.)

Mackle, F.-The Footprints, of our Catholic Pioneers, 1839-1859. (Advocate, Melbourne, 1924.)


D. -A

History of Teacher Training in Western Australia.

(A.C.E.R., Melbourne, 1956.)

Murtagh, J. G. Australia: The Catholic Chapter. (Sheed and Ward, New York, 1946.)

Pike, Douglas-Paradise of Dissent: South Australia, 1829-1857. (Longmans, Adelaide, 1957.)

Scott, E.-A History of the University of Melbourne. (MU.?., 1936.) Skilbeck,. М. Educational Theory in New South Wales and Victoria, 1919-

1939. (Unpublished B.A. thesis, Sydney, 1954.)

Smith, S. H., and Spaull, G. T.-History of Education in New South Wales, 1788-1925. (Philip, Sydney, 1925.)

Sweetman, E., Long, C. R., and Smyth, J. A History of State Education in Victoria. (Critchley Parker pr., Melbourne, 1922.)

Victorian Institute of Educational Research-Journal of Education. Vol. 3, Nos. 1, 2 and 3. (M.U.P. pr., 1956.)

Whitington, F. T.-Augustis Short: First Bishop of Adelaide-A Chapter of Colonial Church History. (Wigg, Adelaide, 1887.)

All students will be expected to submit an essay at the end of the Third Term. This will be regarded as part of the examination.

EXAITNATION. One 3-hour paper.


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