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The following gentlemen registered their qualifications at the last meeting of the Medical Board : Thomas Henderson, Melbourne, M.D., Philadelphia, 1870; Joseph Francis Bond, South Yarra, L.A.H.D., 1858.

The following names were erased from the Register : T. R. Nason, deceased;

J. N. S. Shrapnel, left the colony. Additional qualification registered : James Barrett, M.B., Sydney, 1871.

Mr. Andrew S. Gray. M.R.C.S., of Collins-street east, has been appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Sandridge Volunteer Artillery Corps.

Dr. Neild has been appointed by the Board of Education, Physician to the Training Institution established by the Board.

Dr. Wilkie having resigned the position of Honorary Physician to the Melbourne Hospital, a vacancy for an Assistant-Physician, as arranged by the charter of incorporation, has occurred. Three candidates have declared themselves for this appointment, namely, Dr. Neild, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Hardy.

The election will take place on the 26th.

Dr. W. C. Rees, Resident Surgeon of the Alfred Hospital, has sent in his resignation to the Committee who have advertised for applications from candidates for the appointment.

Mr. Frederick George Rose, M.R.C.S. and L.S.A., has been appointed public Vaccinator for the district of Clunes.

The subjoined correspondence was recently made public :

Melbourne, 26th June, 1871.

"The Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Council of the University of Melbourne,—Gentlemen,—On applying for ad eundem degrees in the University of Melbourne in November last, we forwarded along with the application, in accordance with the University statutes, our degrees as bachelors of medicine. After the receipt of your refusal to admit us, we applied to the University for the return of our degrees. On the 21st inst., we received the remains of these documents in a state of such disgraceful mutilation, as to render it impossible for us ever again to present them in their present state before any public body. We have, therefore, to request that you will inform us why our degrees have been mutilated ; and we have also to request that you will have these documents reinstated in the condi- tion in which they were when we entrusted them to the authorities of your University.—We have the honor to remain, your obedient servants, GEORGE


"The University of Melbourne, 29th June, 1871, Gentlemen,—Your letter of the 26th inst., complaining of injury having been done to your diplomas, was read at the meeting of the council held on Monday last. The council referred to me for information on the subject, and I stated that if your diplomas were injured while in my possession I could only account for it by the supposition that mice may have got into the drawer in which the diplomas were kept and caused the injuries complained of. The council have desired me in reply to your letter to make this explanation to you. I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your obedient servant, E. F. A'BECKETT,

Registrar. To Messrs. F. Lloyd and G. Moore."

At the parade of the East Melbourne Artillery Corps on the evening of the 8th inst, a Challenge Cup, to be shot for by the Corps, was given by Dr. Tracy, the Assistant-Surgeon to this Company. The presentation was made by Miss Tracy, whose health was drunk on the occasion with proper military enthusiasm.

1871.] Local Topics. 287

Dr. Robinson, who for thirteen years has practised successfully at Clunes was entertained at a public dinner on the 15th of last month, on the occasion of his leaving the colony. The principal residents in Clunes were present, and great good feeling prevailed. Dr. Robinson was presented on the occasion with a gold snuff-box and diamond ring ; also, with an address by the members of the Ladies' Benevolent Society. Dr. Robinson appears to have accomplished, during his residence in Clunes, the not always associated advantages of good fortune and many friends.

At the meeting of the Benevolent Asylum Committee on the 10th inst., the chairman produced a return of the cost of maintenance per head at certain charitable institutions during 1870, showing as follows :—

Name of Institution.

Average number of


Cost'per head for maintenance.

Melbourne Benevolent Asylum ... ... 544 20 17 3 Ballarat Benevolent Asylum ..• ••• 216 23 11 9 Geelong Benevolent Asylum and Hospital 184 35 9 5 Bendigo Benevolent Asylum ... ... 201 23 15 9 Ovens Benevolent Asylum ... ... 44 24 0 6 Melbourne Hospital ... ... ••. 348 69 12 2 Ballarat Hospital ... ••• ••• ••• 102 66 5 8 Bendigo Hospital ... ... ... ... 103 56 16 0 Byneton Hospital... ... ... 40 65 10 3 Ararat Hospital ... ••• ... 34 48 1 10

By the last mail Profegor Halford received from Simla the thanks of the Government of India, for his paper on the treatment of snake-bite. The Governor-General in Council, considering the subject of great general interest, had determined to have the pamphlet reprinted for distribution to medical officers in different parts of India.

A case was tried in the County Court, Melbourne, on the 22nd ult., in which a labourer, named Macnamara, sought to recover £250 damages from Dr. Edward Hunt for alleged malpraxis, in the treatment of a fracture of the thumb. Nothing could be clearer than that the defendant had treated the case perfectly skilfully, and there was good reason to believe that this was one of those numerous cases of attempted extortion, to which medical men are subject. This view of the case was favoured by the fact of the plaintiff having got £30 from a medical man in Queensland, as compensa- tion for some similar difficulty with a finger. The judge very properly gave a verdict for the defendant with costs.

A writ was issued on the 16th ult. at the Supreme Court, against Mr. John Blair, surgeon, at the suit of William Clarson and Caroline Clarson, his wife, to recover £2,000 damages for alleged slander, libel, and defamation of character.

Dr. W. H. Embling, of Ballarat, was the successful competitor for the prize offered by the Scott Centenary Committee for the best poem on

The Genius of Sir Walter Scott."

The following letter lately appeared in The Warwick Argus, a Queensland journal : " Some time last year I noticed in the newspapers an account of the death of a young girl from poison by strychnine, at Inglewood, and again I noticed the death of a young woman at Leyburn from the same cause ; and from this I suppose that it is not generally known that oil is an antidote. It is quite common on stations where strychnine is used for the destruction of native dogs, that the domestic and useful dogs get poisoned ; but on every occasion where I have given oil to the poisoned animal, the dog has recovered, though in some instances, after having had several fits, and

288 Notices to Correspondents. [Sept.

to all appearance beyond recovery before the oil bad been given. Once, two dogs got poisoned here at the same time, one had sulphate of zinc, the other got oil given. The one that got the oil recovered, and the other died.

I am so confident of the cure by oil, that I think I am only doing my duty by letting it be known through your paper, that a gill of salad oil poured down the throat, if not too late in the application, is enough for a dog, and ought to be tried on a man."

A " Self-supporting Infirmary for Diseases of the Throat, Chest, Eye and Ear," has been opened at 39 Russell-street. Mr. John Wilkins, F.R.C.S., has been appointed Honorary Surgeon, and Captain Amsinck, RS., Honorary Secretary.

We regret to hear that Mr. Penfold, Assistant-Surgeon to the Bendigo Hospital, Sandhurst, lately met with a serious accident by being thrown from his horse. He experienced a considerable shock and the right clavicle was fractured.

A meeting of the Medical Association took place on the 8th; inst. in the Board-Room of the Melbourne Hospital, Dr. Moore in the chair. The President read a paper on "(Edematous Inflammation of the Larynx."

Dr. Rohner the ex-coroner of Chiltern, whose eccentricities some time ago attracted attention, has been giving lectures on Spiritism.



the 13th August, at Victoria-street, Hothani, the wife of S. G. Burke, M.R.C.S. and L.K.Q.C.P.L, late Surgeon R.N., of a son.


the 29th August, at Grey-street, St. Kilda, the wife of F. T. Van Hemert, M.R.C.S. and L.S,A., of a son.



the 28th August, at Snake Valley, Carngham, :Thomas Robert Nation, M.R.C.S., aged 31.



Communications have been received from the following gentlemen : Mr. Ellison (S.A.), Dr. Jamieson, Dr. Wigg, Mr. Blair, Dr. Mackin, Mr.

Girdltstone, Mr. Gillbee, Dr. Rees, Mr. Ford, Mr. T. R. Wilson, " A Constant Reader," Mr. Pincott, Dr. Burke.

The following publications have been received : " The Lancet," for June 17, 24, July 48 ; " The Medical Press and Circular," for June 14. 21, 28, July 5 ; " The British Medical Journal," for July 8 ; " The New York Medical Record," for June 15 ; " The Doctor," for June 1; " The European Mail," for July 14 ; " The Westminster Review," for July ; " A Simple History and Record of Experiments on the Effects of Reptile Venom,"

by Deputy Inspector-General, J. Macbeth ; " The New South Wales Medical Gazette," for September; "The he Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal," for JulY and August ; "The Medical Record," for May 1,15, June 1, July 1, Aug. 1 ; " Patents and Patentees," vol. iv., by William Henry Archer.

A CONSTANT READER.—An aqueous solution of Chloral Hydrate would be sure to decompose after a time, more especially if exposed to the light.

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