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EDUCATION 75 Minor Theses

J. F. ATKINSON — A Discussion of ihe Distinctiveness of Hirst's Forms of Knowledge P. D. HARRISON - Panerns of Authority in the Classroom

W. J. MITHEN — The Value of Educational Activities P. RZECHORZEK - Criteria Knowledge and Teaching B. SANTAMARIA - Equality and Education


1. Attitudes and achievements of 9-11 year old children - K. B. Start.

2. Attitudes and achievements or teachers and the learning of their pupils — K. B. Start.

3. 'Time-on-task' relations with pupil learning — K. B. Start.

4. Curiosity and affective arousal — J. Barsaloux.

See also Substantial Grants Received below.

PhD Theses in Progress M. AINLEY — The Role of Curiosity in Problem-solving

I. L. BALL — Performance in Si&ssful Situations

J. McMILLAN - The Effects of Counselling on Pre- and Post-Partum Anxiety in Primiparae R. MILNE — Moral Development in Early Childhood

H. SCHOFIELD - The Relationship between Teachers' Attitudes and Pupils' Achievements M.Ed Theses in Progress

Major Theses A. BALLARD — Curiosity and Cognition in Early Adolescence M. J. BOURNE — Cognition and Spatial Relations in Mathematics

G. J. BOYLE - Delimitation of Slate and Trail Curiosity in Relation lo Stale Anxiety and Performance on a Learning Task

H. GILMOUR - Survey of Oral Reading of Grade 2 Children

A. KENNEDY - Personality Factors and Mathematics Performance in Primary School Children

J. PARKER — Aspects of Peer Group Relationships in Primary School Classes wilh a Significant Migrant Component

A. M. RIDSDALE - The Achievement of and AuiiudeTowards the Teaching of Reading in Pre- and Post-science Teachers

I. F. SH ER WELL - Learner and Instructional Variables Contributing to the Learning and Retention of Related Concepts al the Formal Levels of Attainment

R. K. WATSON — Sources and Consequences of Classroom Empathy

J. D. WHITE - Personality and Achievement in Computer-based drill and Practice for Primary School Children V. C. YULE — Literacy for Educationally Disadvantaged Children

Minor Theses

J. BECROFT - Relationships between Home Environment and Spelling Achievement of Grade 6 Pupils in Canberra

H. J. DAP1RON — Achievement of Migrant Children in Secondarv Schools B. T. DICKIE - Anxiety Scales

J. L. EVANS — Components of Test Anxiety

B.C. HESKETH - Provision of a Centralized Computing Facility for Secondary Schools in a Victorian Regional Area

R. D. HEWITT - Some Factors Contributing to the School Performance of 10 and 14 year old Migrant Children in Australia

B. HODGSON - Relieving Anxiety in Multiple Choice Examinations B. F. JACKLING — .SV.v. Sex Role Identity and Field Independence

B. JOHNSON - The Effects of Schools on the Reading Ability of Primary School Children

T. C. MATTHEWS — The Effects of Item Wording on Item Characteristics in the Slate-Trail Anxiety Inventory and the State-Trait Curiosity Inventory

M. MAYERS - The Use of the Rasch Model in Mathematics

G. MORGAN - Application of Bayesian Decision-theoretic Procedures to Criteria-referenced Texts N. A. PATEMAN — Remediating Elementary Mathematics of First Year Primary Teaching Students A. SCOTT — Motor-Sensory Therapy for Under-Achieving Children

K.J. SHARM AN - Relationship between Television Viewing Habits and Reading ofT welve Year Old Children B. W. SMITH - Investigations into "Time on Task" Concepts

M. SMITH — The Relationship between Peer Group Status and Academic Achievement in the Primary School R. 1. TINNING - Evaluation of the Status of Physical Education in a Sample of Geelong Primary Schools and an Analysis of the Constraints Affecting its Teaching

R. J. WELSH - Time on Task Study involving Grade 3 Primary School Children


1. Social differences in educational achievement — R . V . Teese.

2. Matthew Arnold: a study in culture and ideology - L. R. Johnson.

4. The concept of culture and thc English intellectual — L. R. Johnson.

5. Innovations in schools in Victoria - L. R. Johnson and P. N . Gill.

6. Australian intellectuals in the inter-war years — L. R. Johnson.

M.Ed Theses in Progress Major Theses

H. BANNISTER — An Analysis of the Development ofa Centralized Educational Bureaucracy in Victoria during the Nineteenth Century

O. FORD — A Study of Local Communities and their Schools in the Shire of Braybrook 1871-1951 J. D. GOODALL — The Application of Freire's Theory on Literary Teaching to English with particular reference to the Linguistic Aspects

J. C. HOWELLS — Sociological Aspects of Curriculum Development in Religious Education M. KEANE — The Phenomenonological Perspective as a Methodology for the Social Sciences D. D. McCALLUM — Aspects of Ideological Functioning of Schools

M. J. ORR - Critical Review of Deviance Literature with Emphasis on its Relevance to the Modern Urban Secondary School Situation

P. T. TONER — Sex-Rote Conditioning in Technical Schools Curriculum Minor Theses

M. DELARGY HEALY — Teachers' Involvement in the Juvenile Justice System E. DETH RIDGE - Problems in Art Education

M. J. FAULKNER - Some Reality Constructions of Gifted Working Class 11 Year Olds in Inner Suburban Primary Schools

J. GRANT — Sociology of Educational Ideas

B. HOPKINS — 77te Role of the Primary School Teacher as seen by Teaching College Students

L. LICHTMAN — Role of Education in the Creation of New Societies: An Analysis of Durkheim. Mannheim and lllich

B. PASQUA — Institutionalization of Community Participation Projects

R. S. STEWART — Religious Development of Senior Students in Selected Single-Sex and Co-Educational Catholic Schools


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MURRAY-SMITH, S. (consulting editor) - Freedom from Prejudice: an introduction lo the Australian collection in the National Gallery of Victoria, by Brian Finemore, National Gallery of Victoria, 1977.

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GRIFFIN, P. E. and START, K. B. - Evaluation of Museum Education Services, in New Directions in Museum Education. Australian UNESCO Seminar, Adelaide, 1977.

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T H E S E S P A S S E D F O R H I G H E R D E G R E E S Master of Education

Major Theses

1. CARDELL, K. J. — Very Little Poetry. Tertiary Literature Students and the Study of Poetry: Some Case Studies

2. ECKERSALL, K. E. - A History of Aims in Printing Education in Melbourne 1870-1970 3. GARDNER. P. R. - The Philosophy of Creativity

4. PALMER, K. I. — Matthew Arnold's Perception of Culture and the Implications of that Perception for his Educational Writing

Minor Theses

5. BOYD, L. C. — Origins and Development of General Science in Victoria 1942-1962

6. BRICK, J. M. — An Analysis of Christian Socialist Thought with particular reference to Education as represented in their Journals "Politics for the People", "The Christian Socialist" and "The Journal of Association"; 1848-1852

7. BUNBURY, R. M. - Children's Understanding of Literature

8. CARNEGIE, A. B. — Continuing Education for Farmers in Victorian Agricultural Colleges 9. CLAUGHTON, W. G. - Self Overestimate and Scholastic Success

10. COOPER, M. C. - Women and Social Change

11. CROSS, R. J. — Distinguishing the Science content taken by Grade 12 students

12. ELLIOTT, R. H. - An Investigation of some Educational Implications of Holland's Theory of Vocational Choice

13. GEORGIOU, E. H. - Greek Migrant Parents' Attitudes Towards Handicap

14. MARTIN, R. A. — The Victorian Agricultural High Schools: Origins, Development and Failure, with special reference to Ballarat. Sale. Shepparton and Wangaratta Agricultural High Schools

15. MITCHELL. W. J. — Educational Leadership of Regional Directors

16. McDOUGALL, A. B. — Computer-based learning in an Australian setting: A Study of the Development and use of a Foreign Language Vocabulary Program at the University of Melbourne

17. NIELSEN, G. A. — A Comparative Study of three State Colleges of Victoria — Burwood. Frankston, Toorak 1973-1976

18. NORMAN. M. J. — Curriculum Design and Contemporary Values 19. NORTHROP, J. M. - Education in a General Sense

20. PARROTT, M. C. - Some conceptual problems in curriculum integration 21. QUIN, M. J. - The State College of Victoria

22. RAWLINGS, D. — Validation of the state-trait distinction in curiosity

23. RAWLINGS, M. L. — The effects of imputed popularity and imputed success on self-esteem and school achievement in the eighth grade

24. STUTTERD, A. B. — The nature and organization of secondary "method" programmes in teacher education: A comparison between selected institutions in Australia and England

SUBSTANTIAL GRANTS RECEIVED Grants have been received as follows: —

ERDC: A 'Think Tank' Approach to Educational Policy - K. B. Start.

ERDC: Formal and Functional Variation in Urban Children's Language - E. Dines.

ERDC: Pupil Outcome as Criteria in Educational Research - K. B. Start.

ERDC: Small Group Responses to Literature in Undirected Learning Situations — I . V. Hansen.

ERDC: Subject Choice in the Upper Secondary School in Victoria — K. Lee Dow.

ERDC and Victorian Education Department: Establishment and First Three Year of an Open Plan Design School Complex — K. B. Start.