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The Hygiene of Infancy and Childhood. By A. DINGWALL FORDYCE, M.D., F.R.C.P. Edin. Edinburgh : E. and S.


This work, though specially designed for members of the medical profession, will be found helpful to all who have to do with children.

In it there is a systematic statement of the scientific facts of medicine as they relate to health and disease in childhood.

In the introduction are given the various subjects to be dealt with, in the five parts into which the book is divided. The first one deals with food—its composition, metabolism, and the arrangement of dietaries for the several age periods. The second discusses the question of heredity and hereditary influences. The third enters fully into the factor of environment as it concerns the child. In the fourth, the modes of bacterial infection and the resistance offered by the body to disease are treated fully, and finally, in part five, the age periods of life, from birth to adolescence, are taken and discussed in detail.

The various aspects of pediatrics have been correlated, and the book furnishes a complete treatment of the subject. It is suggestive, and will well repay perusal. Further, as the book contains a large amount of valuable information, it will serve as a handy work of reference for the busy practitioner. W. H. S.

Medical Education. By S. SQUIRE SPRIGGE, M.D. London : t3ailliere, Tindall and Cox.

A small pamphlet reviewing some problems of medical education in England. The articles have already appeared in the Lancet, of which Dr. Sprigge is editor.

Manual of Surgical Anatomy. By CHARLES R. WHITTAKER, F.R.C.S. Edin. Edinburgh : E. and S. Livingstone.

This little manual is well printed and illustrated, but its fault seems to lie in not making the surgical interest sufficiently prominent. "Too much a recapitulation of anatomy.


The Aux. Med

Dec 20, 1910 ,J New Editions.

Lippincott's New Medical Dictionary. Edited by H. W. CATTELL, M.D. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott Co. Melb. • Geo.

Robertson and Co.

America appears to be the land of medical diction, if one can judge by the number of dictionaries which are available. Here is another of handsome appearance, and so far as we have been able to test, of reliable interior. There are illustrations in the text, though these are not as strong a feature as usual in American text-books, and some of them seem to have done duty elsewhere.

Medical Directory. Sydney : F. W. Loxton.

This work is designed to fill a much needed gap, in presenting together the names and addresses of registered practitioners through- out Australasia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Straits Settle- ments. If an objection is to be made, it must be on the score of the prominence given to the advertising section. There 1s a considerable amount of useful information added in the matter of population statistics, and points of interest useful to medical men beginning practice. With the single reservation noted, which can be remedied in future editions, the Medical Directory should become a standard and popular reference book with every practitioner.

International Clinics. Edited by H. W. CATTELL. Philadelphia:

J. B. Lippincott Co. Melb.: Geo. Robertson and Co.

The general scope of this work was sketched in a notice of the first volume. The present volumes contain many short articles on a great variety of topics, by different American and European writers. Very useful as post-graduate reading for medical men who are too busy to read weekly journals.

Veto OTh't$ioxto.


Physiological Principles in Treatment. By W. LANGDON BROWN, M.A., M.D., F.R.C.S. London : Baillière, Tindall & Cox.

We have nothing but commendation for this little book. Sug- gestive, stimulating, and informative in the highest degree.

756 The Australian Medical Journal. Dec. 20, 1910•

Sick-room Cookery and Hospital Diet. By MAUDE EARLE.

London : Spottiswoode and Co. Melb.: Melville and Mullen.

An excellent compilation of recipes and sick-room diets. Should be in every home.

Pye's Elementary Bandaging and Surgical Dressing. Revised by W. H. CLAYTON GREENE, F.R.C.S. Eng., and V. Z. COPE, F.R.C.S. Eng. Bristol : John Wright and Sons Ltd.

This pocket edition of the larger book entitled " Surgical Handicraft " deserves to be popular with students and house surgeons.

Notes on Physiology. By HENRY ASHBY, M.D. Lond. London Longmans, Green and Co.

Ashby's little text-book on Physiology has long been popular with students, and the new edition leaves nothing to be desired. It is, of course, elementary, but has been brought up to the latest require- ments by the inclusion of recent work, and is adequately illustrated.

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A movement has been initiated to recognise the services rendered by Professor H. B. Allen as the President of the Eighth Australasian Medical Congress. The names appended to the circular are those of Drs. Stawell, Maudsley, A. J. Wood, and Mr. Syme.

Dr. W. Mackenzie, of Melbourne, has published a small volume on the Treatment of Infantile Paralysis, which is intended only for private circula- tion. The little book contains so much valuable and suggestive material, collected from a considerable experience of the author's own methods of dealing with such cases, and the illustrations are so numerous and well re- produced, that it is to be hoped Dr. Mackenzie will eventually give his work the chance of a wider circulation.

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OBITUARY.—It is with the deepest regret we announce the death of Dr. Mary Page Stone, which occurred on December 18 as the result of a bicycle accident. The late Dr. Stone had a distinguished University record,. and enjoyed the confidence of a large circle of patients. She also took a leading part in various philanthropic and educational movements, and was.

one of the foremost figures in the Australian community of medical women_

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Communications are acknowledged from Dr. Trinca and Mr. O. Sayce.

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