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1. Colloid and surface chemistry — Prof. T. W. Healy.

2. Picosecond spectroscopy - Dr R. Cooper, Dr P. J. Thistlethwaite.

3. Pulse radiolysis of gases — Dr R. Cooper.

4. Photochemistry of tryptophan and related molecules - Dr P. J. Thistlethwaite.

i . Valence theory - Dr R. D. Harcourt.

6. Thermodynamic properties of liquid mixtures - Dr C. L. Young.

7. Electrochemistry and measurement of activity coefficients - Dr P. T. McTigue.

8. Effect of pressure on equilibria and rates of reaction in solution - Dr R. D. Alexander.

9. Fluorescence studies on polyelectrolytes - Dr F. E. Treloar.

10. Thermoluminescence dating of South-East Asian pottery - Dr F. E. Treloar.

11. Spectroscopic studies of solutes in liquid hydrogen fluoride — Dr C. G. Barraclough.

12. Rate studies on some organic substitution reaciions — Dr A. A. Humffray.


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T H E S E S P A S S E D FOR H I G H E R D E G R E E S Doctor of Philosophy

1. SCOLLARY, C. E. — Non-Empirical Valence Electron Calculations on Croup V Halides and Transition Metal Pi Complexes

2. GRIESER, F. - Radiolylic Excitation of Cases

3. PITT, M. G. — Physical and Photochemistry of Conjugated Nitramines Master of Science

I. HURLE, R. L. — Theoretical Predictions of Phase Behaviour in Binary Mixtures T H E S E S IN P R O G R E S S

PhD Theses in Progress R. L. BRUCE — Electrophilic Substitution of Naphthalene H. E. IMBERGER - Oxidation of Organic Sulphides

D. J. KEW — Vibrational Spectra of some Transition Metal Compounds J. RALSTON — Heavy Metal Ion Activation of Zinc Sulphide .1. A. ROPER — Electronic Excitation in Electron Irradiated Gases B. A. SCHAEFER — 77re Mechanism of Formation of Ions in Flames

MSc Theses in Progress J. T. FRAYNE — A Spectroscopic Study of Ion Solvation in Mixed Solvents .1. S. LYONS - Studies of Monodispersed Sols

L. S. TOCZYLKIN - Phase Behaviour of Binary Mixtures

S U B S T A N T I A L G R A N T S R E C E I V E D Grants have been received as follows: —

ARGC: Excitation Processes in Electron Irradiated Gases.

ARGC: Nanosecond Pulse Radiolysis Study of Gaseous OH Radicals.

ARGC: Kinetics of Adsorption at thc Solid-Liquid Interface.

ARGC: The Coagulation of Dispersed Colloids in Water by Aluminium Salts.

ARGC: Time-Resolved Fluorescence Studies of Conformational Transitions in Synthetic Polyelectrolytes.