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T H E S I S P A S S E D F O R H I G H E R D E G R E E Doctor of Philosophy

KEOGH. E. J. — Regulation of Testicular Function

T H E S E S IN P R O G R E S S PhD Theses in Progress A. P. BENDRUPS - Functions of the caudate nucleus

R. S. CARSON — The endocrine control of follicular maturation A. F. FREEMAN — Transduction mechanisms of tactile mechanoreceptors R. D. HOOLEY — Endocrine control of lactation in the ewe

K. HUDSON — The effect of hormones on atherosclerosis in the rabbit H. A. JONAS — Control of secretion of FSH and GnRH in the ewe

J. R. PHILLIPS — Perception of stationary tactile panerns- neural and psychophysical mechanisms D. K. ROGERS — Hippocampus and caudate nucleus: Influences on Medial thalamus

R. D. TELFORD — Studies in human power and capacity

M.Sc Theses in Progress

A. BROWN — The influence ofthe embryo on the production and release of prostaglandin F; by the ovine uterus E. J. BROWN — Adrenocortical steroids in the ovine foetus

I. DAVIDSON — Neural mechanisms of texture perception

I . G I L L A M — Tachyphylaxis of exercise induced asthma (Jointly supervised by Dept. Thoracic Med. Royal Childrens Hospilal)

G. LAMB — Neural patterns evoked by moving patterns on the skin N. VAKAKIS - Uptake of remnants by isolated hepatocytes

SUBSTANTIAL GRANTS RECEIVED Grants have been received as follows: —

Australian Equine Research Fund: Reproductive endocrine studies in the mare.

Australian Kidney Fund: Morphological and micropuncture study of glomerular membrane permeability in experimental amnionucleoside nephrosis.

Australian Meat Industry Research Committee: The regulation of follicular development in the ovary ofthe ewe.

Australian Pig Industry Research Committee: Reproduction in Pigs: Development of an early immunological pregnancy test in sows.

Australian Research Grants Committee: The hormonal mechanisms in the recognition of pregnancy in the sheep.

Australian Wool Research Trust Fund.

(1) Physiology of Circulating Hormones in the Ewe.

(2) Physiology and Pathology of Clover Disease (3) Endocrine Control of Lactation in the Ewe.

Ford Foundation: Hypothalamic mechanisms and gonadotrophins.


National Health & Medical Research Council:

(1) Neural determinants of somatic sensation in the primate (2) Physiology of renin angiotensin

(3) Relation between intrarenal control of filtration rale and body fluid homeostasis (4) Conversion of essential fatty acids to prostaglandins in thc arterial wall (5) Formation and metabolism of chylomicron remnant particles.

National Heart Foundation of Australia: Peripheral autonomic control of thc cardiovascular system.