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T H E S E S P A S S E D F O R H I G H E R D E G R E E S Master of Engineering Science 1. CLIFT, T. R. - 77ie Hydraulics of Bay Irrigation - A Field Study 2. JOYCE, P. F. - The Choice of Access Mode to a Rail Interchange 3. KENT, M. J. - Optimal Location of Modal Interchanges

4. LONGLEY, T. S. - Determination of Recharge in a Combined Aquifer Using Numerical Methods 5. MARTIN, T. C. - Behaviour of a Flexible Wall Subjected to Incremental Excavation

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10. TURNBULL, D. A. - A Self Locking Joint for Steel Structures

11. Wl LSDON, J. - Regional Groundwater Flow Modelling by the Finite Element Method with Application to the Murray Valley Irrigation Area of Victoria

T H E S E S I N P R O G R E S S PhD Theses in Progress

N. R. BACZYNSKl — Application of Physical Modelling Techniques to the Assessment of Ground Stability Around Mine Openings

W. E. BAMFORD - Some Geomechanical Studies for Tunnelling Projects

R. C. BASSETT — A Methodology for Generating Transport/Land use Structures for New Urban Areas L. J. BREN — Numeric Description of Some Hydrologic Processes on a Smalt Forested Catchment H. P. BROWN - Attitudes in Behavioural Modelling - a Study in Modal Choice

I. J. CHANDLER — Transfer of Preslress in Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete A. J. GABRIC — Investigation of Buoyant Plume Distribution

S. GOLDSTEIN — An Investigation in Moment Distribution of Non Prismatic Members and its Application lo Flat Slab Analysis

A. HANAOR - An Aspect of Space Truss Behaviour

N. HARITOS — Wave Spectra and Energy Transfer to Dynamic Structural Response P. H. JOWETT - Effect of Ultrasonic Waves on Soil and Seeds

M. KENT - 77ie Measurement of Public Transport Accessibility and its Effect on Car Ownership M. MURRAY - The Control of Thermal and Shrinkage Cracking in Reinforced Concrete J. P. PATHAK — Dewatering of Crops by Thermal and Mechanical Treatment T. A. PATTON — Transport and Residential Location in Western Cities I. D. RICHARDS - An Optimization of Rural Rail Goods Movement G. SCOTT — Investigation of Imperfections in Stiffened Steel Plate Structures J. STYLES — Foundation Performance in Deep Sea Sediments

J. D. THOMAS — Temperature Measurement in Bridge Decks A. G. THOMPSON - Slab Foundations on Clay Subgrade C. B. UBER — Road Traffic Aspects of Gap and Lag Acceptance R. J. VASS — Simulation of Water Quality in a River System

J. WASHUSEN — Investigation into Stress Strain Time Behaviour in Rocks R.J. WESCOTT - Lateral Stability of Trusses

B. J. WILLIAMS - A Systems Study Involving the Water Environment of Westernport Bay

M.EngSc Theses in Progess N. AGELIDIS - Ortholropic Steel Plate in Multi Storey Buildings A. ALTMANN — Urban Hydrology and Sediment Transport J. APELBAUM — Ground Traffic Generation at Airports J. ATTARD - Hillerborgs Strip Method of Design of R. C. Slabs V. BECK — Repealed Uplift and Shear Loading on Steel Roofing A. BENNETT - Response of Structures to Impact Loading A. J. BETHUNE - Behaviour of Very Soft Silts and Clays I. BOLAND — Shear Friction Analogy (Concrete) G. COOK - Brittle Type Instability of HSFGB Joints B. COULTHARD — Design of Space Frameworks B. CRAWFORD - Fogging for Frost Prevention P. M. DIGHT - Pipeline Flotation

M. J. DOWN — Pneumatic Grain Cleaning in Combine Harvesters J. R. DUNNE — The Evaluation of Rural Highway Locations S. A. FACHRI - Alternative Industrial Roof Structure

L. FAIRHURST - Moment Rotation Characteristics of R.C. Beams H. A. FRIEND - Behaviour of Rock Socketed Piles

L. GOTTLIEB - Vibration Cutting of Coal

W. R. GRAYSON — Non Linear Analysis of Structural Systems of Steel and Concrete B. M. GREGG — Space Structures

M. E. LANGDON - Wind Effects on Structures

K. K. LO — Fatigue Behaviour of Shear Connectors in a Steel and Concrete Composite Structure B. P. McNAMEE — Dynamic Response of Marine Structures

S. J. MILLS — Dissolved Oxygen in the LaTrobe River

J. MOODY — The Effect of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings on Bridge Dynamics A. O'MEAGHER — Behaviour of Space Trusses in the Inelastic Range

M. D. O'ROURKE — An Analysis of the Operating Costs of the Melbourne Suburban Railway Network M. PATRICK - Large Scale Nonlinear Finite Element Analysts

J. P. PIPER - Vibration of Tension Piles

J. A. PORTER - Trip Generation Characteristics of Parks and Recreation Facilities in Urban Areas W. L. PUMP — In situ strength of a residual fissured clay

P. R. SEAMER — The Temporal Stability of Trip Generation Relationships D. SHEEHAN — Watershed Modelling with Particular Attention to Sediment D. M. SMITH — Selection of Flexible Pavement Materials

R. M. STAMPBACH - Effects of Wind on Structures C. K. TANG — Properties of Prepacked Concrete J. A. TAYLOR — Design of Joints in Timber Structures J. L. VANDERMOLEN — Corrosion of Reinforcement in Concrete

L. W. WALKER - Quantity and Quality of Stormwater Runoff from a Cattle Feedlol K. WATTERS - Progressive Failure in Stiffened Plate Structures

P. J. WATTS — Evapotranspiration from an Agricultural Catchment N. B. WELLINGTON - Watershed Hydrology and Sediment Transport

P. D. WHITE — Evaluation ofa Repealed Loading Triaxial Machine as an Indicator of Base Course Material Performance

Y. S. WOO — Fatigue Behaviour of Composite Construction of Concrete and Stiffened Plate P. J. YTTRUP - Consolidation Characteristics of Hydraulic Fill

C. ZOPPOU — Computer Simulation of Transport and Sedimentation Processes Overland and in Rivers.

M.AgrSc Theses in Progress

N. CHANMEESR1 - The Role of Stem Diameter for Shallow Flow of Water through Vegetation E. M. P. B. EKANAYAKE - Simple Method of Estimating Potential Evaporation

M. J. WILLIAMSON - Estimation of a Degree of Cell Rupture in Lucerne Leaves Macerated by Extrusion M.AppISc Theses in Progress

R. CRAIGIE - Groundwater Hydrology

J. W. GRAVES - The Potential Market for Limited Range Automobiles A. E. PARISH — Simulation of Traffic Flows at a T-intersection

SUBSTANTIAL GRANTS RECEIVED Grants have been received as follows: —

Australian Engineering and Building Industries Research Association Limited: Thermal and Shrinkage Cracking in Reinforced Concrete.

Australian Research Grants Committee: Rational Behaviour of Air Chambers.

Australian Welding Research Association: Fatigue Behaviour of Welded Stud Connectors.

Australian Wool Corporation: Musheep Program on Wool Harvesting.

Australian Water Resources Council: Australian Water Resources (Cattle Feedlots).

Australian Water Resources Council: Australian Water Resources (Soil Moisture).

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan: Dewatering of Forage by Thermal and Mechanical Means.

Wheat Industry Research Council: Pneumatic Grain Cleaning Device for a Wheat Header Harvester.

Wheat Industry Research Council: Systems Analysis of Engineering Operations in Wheat Production.