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Accountancy Part I—A.A. & G.E. Fitzgerald Exhibition Accountancy Part I—Australian Society of Accoun-

tants Exhibition

Accountancy Part MA—Institute of Chartered Accoun- tants in Australia Exhibition

Accountancy Part MA—Charles Sindrey Prize Accountancy Part MB—The Australian Society of

Accountants Exhibition

Accountancy Part III—Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition

Accountancy—Final Year Honours—L. Brewster Exhibition

Administrative Law—John Madden Exhibition Advanced Constitutional Law—Harrison Moore


Agricultural Botany Part II—Exhibition Agricultural Chemistry—James Cuming Prize Agricultural Engineering—Final Honour Examination

— G . H. Vasey Prize

Agricultural Science—Final Year—Melbourne Cam- pus Fair—Jewish Women's Prize

Agriculture—Brunn.ng Prizes For Best Collection of Insects For Best Collection of Plants

Agriculture Part II—J. M. Higgins Exhibition Agriculture Part II—Law Somner Prize Agriculture Part III—Wrixon Exhibition

Anaesthetics—Final Year M.B., B.S.—Embley Prize Anatomy (Sub-Division HA M.B., B.S.)—


Anatomy Including Histology and Embryology (Division II M.B., B.S.)—Dwight's Prize

T. F. Ryan Prize

Animal Husbandry—Stock and Land Prize (essay) Animal Production Part II (Agriculture Course)—

Arthur Sims Scholarship

Animal Reproduction Part II—National Bank of Australasia Prize

Applied Chemistry Part I—Associated Pulp and Paper Mills Limited Award

Applied Chemistry Part II—Society of Chemical Industry of Victoria Prize

Applied Mathematics (First Year)—Dixson Scholar- ship

Applied Mathematics (Second Year)—Dixson Scholarship

Timothy James Biggs John Harold Ryan Harold Grant Lubansky John Edward Carroll Alan Scott Fotheringham Peter Brownell

Peter Brownell George Douglas Rain

Catherine Mary Sweeney (St. Hilda's)



Gregory Howard Garde (Ormond) Josephine Eyde Simmonds Neil Andrew Marshman (Queen's) Robert Bruce Freeman

Roger Gregory Campbell Not awarded

John Robert Hosking Ann Godwin Morton Robyn Claire Taylor Paul Hamilton Hemsworth Jim Tatoulis

Stephen Anthony Livesey (Newman)

Anne Christine Powell (Newman)

Susan Jane Taylor (St. Hilda's) Susan Jane Taylor (St. Hilda's) David Ean Leyonhjelm Roger Gregory Campbell Anthony Simon Turner Geoffrey George Houghton


Shared Gerard Michael McGuirk (Newman)

David Lee Kennedy (International House) Timothy Ward Secomb

(Ormond) Julie Ann Sims

Applied Mathematics (Third Year)—Dixson Scholarship

Applied Thermodynamics Part I—Wright Prize Applied Thermodynamics(of Mechanical Engineering .

I)—Dixson Scholarship Architecture

First Year—Nell Norris Scholarships—(Five)

Second Year—Neil Norris Scholarships—(Five)

The Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Prize (for General Quality in Design)

John Charles Lloyd Exhibition

Third Year—

Nell Norris Scholarships—(Five)

Fourth Year—

Nell Norris Scholarships—(Five)

Stephenson Turner Prize

Fifth Year—The James Hardie Architecture Prize Australian History—Gyles Turner Prize

Dennis Wettenhall Prize (M.A.)

Biblical Studies Part I—The National Council of Jewish Women (Victorian Section) Prize

Biblical Studies Part II—The National Council of Jewish Women( Victorian Section) Prize

Biochemistry (Sub-Division II A M.B., B.S.)—


Biochemistry (Division II M.B., B.S.)—Exhibition Biochemistry—Second Year—Exhibition



• Shared Peter Robert Brain (Queen's) Andrew Patrick Leung

. . . , „ . >Shared (International House)

Garrey Leigh Robins Kevin Michael Winch

Peter Donald McFadden (Ormond) Stephen Cameron Ashton (Ormond) Harry Charalambous

Howard Wilson Raggatt Peter Charles Murray Hendrik Koning

Chuah Suat Hong, Ruby (University Women's College)

Elizabeth Agnes Vines (Janet Clarke Hall)

Charles Russell Freedman Valentine Ross Clark Gregory James McCall James Barry Reid - Philip Stanley, Trengove


Michael Nicholas Wozniak Elizabeth Agnes Vines (Janet Clarke


Charles Russell Freedman

Merrin Gwenyth James ^Shared (Janet Clarke Hall)

Constantine Bahramis David Anthony Hampton Bridget King

Gregory Vincent Murphy Bruce Edward Trethowan William George Barlow Jonathan Leigh Duggan David John Napier Michael, Bialek Mark Roger Fay Edwin Paul Smith Graham Howard Jasper Tay Cheng Hsian Ross Allan Peacock

David John Edward Potts ~\

Jacqueline Denise >Shared Templeton J To be advised

To be advised

Anne Christine Powell (St. Mary's) Timothy John Cunningham (Trinity) Beryl Florence Vinson


\ Shared

Biochemistry Part II (Agricultural Course)—The James Cuming Prize

Biochemistry Part II—Dunlop Rubber Company Exhibition

Biology—Australian Society for Microbiology Scholarship

Biology—J. F. W. Payne Exhibition Zoology Section—Baldwin Spencer Prize

Biology (Division I M.B., B.S.)—W. H. Swanton Exhibition

Biology (Division I M.B., B.S.)—Zoology Section—

Baldwin Spencer Prize

Botany (Second Year)—E. F. Millar Exhibition Botany (Third Year)—Exhibition

Botany—Brunning P r i z e s - First Brunning Prize Second Brunning Prize

Botany—First Howitt Natural History Scholarship Botany—MacBain Research Scholarship Building Course—

Fourth Year—Nonporite Pty Ltd Prize

Business Administration Unit 1 (Organizational Behaviour)—Shell Exhibition

Business Administration Unit 2 (Business Planning and Control)—Institute of Personnel Management Exhibition

Chemical Engineering (Third Year)—Union Carbide Australia Ltd Prize

Chemical Engineering—Final Honour Examination—

Petroleum Refineries (Australia) Pty Ltd Prize Chemistry (Engineering Course)—Exhibition Chemistry (Division I M.B., B.S.)—Exhibition Chemistry Part I—

Dwight's Prize Exhibition

Chemistry Part MA—Dixson Scholarship Chemistry (Second Year)—Shell Exhibition Chemistry Part III—Dixson Scholarship Chemistry Part III—Fred Walker Scholarship Chemistry—Union Carbide Australia Ltd—

Scholarship Prizes (2)

Chemistry—C.S.R. Chemicals Prize

Chemistry—James Cuming Memorial Scholarships—

Major Minor

Chemistry—Fourth Year—Riseborough Prize

Roger Gregory Campbell Margaret Lorraine Britz

Keith Raymond Thulborn (Queen's) Eve Veronika Elizabeth Kovacs Keith Raymond Thulborn (Queen's) Michael Clifford Woodward

(International House) Ian William Tamme Jill Fancourt Moore Robyn Jennifer Debney Gillian Margaret Edwards

(International House) Heather Kathryn Powell Ian James Robertson Lawrence Brian Dooley Graeme Norman MacRaild David Stuart Ross Anne Freidin



Michael John Gloster

Lachlan Robert McLean (Ormond) Russell Geoffrey Gillespie Ooi Aik Min

Michael Clifford Woodward (International House) Eve Veronika Elizabeth Kovacs David Lee Kennedy

(International House)

Ian Thomas Nisbet >• Shared Timothy Ward Secomb


Phillip Geoffrey Pitman Antonio Frank Patti (Newman) Pauline June Stiglich Kerry Martin Bone Robert Ian Feigin Michael Stanley Moignard

(International House) John Kingston Volkman Tan Han Tin (St. Hilda's)

Heidrun Ingeborg Steinki Geoffrey Ian Milgate Robert Frederick Jung


Dixson Research Scholarship Professor Kernot Research Scholarship Chinese Part I—Australian-Asian Association Prize Chinese—Final Examination in Arts—

R. G. Wilson Scholarship Civil Engineering Part I—

Section (a)—A. T. Danks Exhibition Fluid Mechanics Section—

W. M. McPherson Exhibition

Civil Engineering—Final Honour Examination—

Argus Scholarship

Civil Engineering—John and Ann Gibson Prize Civil Engineering—

B.B.R. Prize (Pre-stressed Concrete) Civil Engineering (Steel Design)—

Australian Institute of Steel Construction—

Senior Prize Junior Prize Civil Engineering—

Institute of Engineers (Australia) Prize Classical and Comparative Philology and Logic—

Wyselaskie Scholarship

Classical Studies—Final Examination in Arts—

R. G. Wilson Scholarship Commerce (Degree with Honours)—

Final Examination—William Noall and Son Prize Commerce—

A. C. Morley Prize

Paton Advertising Service Exhibition Commercial Law Part I—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Commercial Law Part MA—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Comparative Law—Jessie Leggatt Scholarship Conflict of Laws—Jenks Exhibition

Conservative Dentistry B—

Pedodontics Prize

James Monahan Lewis Prize in Periodontology Australian Society for Periodontology Prize Mervyn Townsend Memorial Prize Conservative Dentistry—Final Year B.D.Sc.—

Frances Gray Prize

Constitutional History—Dwight's Prize Constitutional Law—

General Motors-Holdern's Pty Ltd Exhibition Criminal Law—J. R. Maguire Exhibition Criminology A—Exhibition

Criminology B—Exhibition Criminology C—Exhibition

Dental Anatomy—The E. B. Nicholls Prize

• Shared Roger John O'Halloran

(Newman) )-Shared Zev Sztajer

Peter Julian Kissane Ross Alexander Woods Monica Rose Heath Walter Goode Dennis John Eastwood George Alfred Kuczera Edwin John Rogers (Trinity) Bruce Stephen Butler Martin Howard Murray

Edwin John Rogers (Trinity) John Alexander Forrest Ronald Charles Bassett David Theunis Runia (Queen's) David Theunis Runia (Queen's) Peter Brownell



Rodney Graham Sims Tricia Laraine Beck John Edward Carroll Maurice Bevan Harold Grant Lubansky Paul Desmond McSweeney Gregory Howard Garde (Ormond) Ian James Aitken

Maurice Naftal Ian James Ronchi

James Christopher Sfetcopoulos Robert Andrew Pollock John McLaren Emmerson

(International House) Francis Noel Brody Damien John Cremean John Patrick Field (Ormond) Kenneth Charles Paul Sinclair^!



Diane Wieneke

George Montgomery Clarke Joseph Michael McMahon William Ronald Sheldon


Dental Prosthetics A—T. C. Adamson Memorial Prize Dental Prosthetics B—Tuckfield and Shepherd Prize Dental Prosthetics—Final Year B.D.Sc.—

W. J . Tuckfield Prize Dental Science—

Bertha Bennett Scholarship Ernest Joske Memorial Prize John Miffe Scholarships—

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year

Dutch Part I—Exhibition Dutch Part II—Exhibition Economic Geography Part I—

Francis J . Wright Exhibition Economic Geography Part HA—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economic History A—Exhibition

Economic History B—

Katharine Woodruff Memorial Exhibition Economic Studies Part I (Applied Science)—

I.C.I.A.N.Z. Award

Economic Studies Part II (Applied Science)—

Ford of Australia Award

Economics—Final Examination in Arts—

Dwight Final Examination Prize Economics A—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics B—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics CI—(International Economics)—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics C2—(Economic Development)—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics C3—(Economics of the Firm)—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics C4—(Welfare Economics)—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics C5—(Public Finance)—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics C6—(Banking and Finance)—

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Economics C7—(Labour Economics)—

Shell Exhibition

Economics C8—(Industrial Relations)—

Shell Exhibition

Economics C9—(Agricultural Economics)—

Francis J . Wright Exhibition

Economics CI 0—(Comparative Economic Systems)—

Francis J . Wright Exhibition

• Shared Nandor Edward Steidler

Adrian John Byrne

Hendrik Bayly Kroone (Ridley) Robert Allan Jackson John Andrew Carroll Jennifer Clair Sicklemore William Ronald Sheldon Gerard David Condon Not awarded John Andrew Carroll

(Newman) James Christopher


Margaretha van der Schalk Margaret Louise van Rees Robin Jay Edwards "\ „ .

> Shared Ian Francis Lucas (Trinity) J John Kenneth Pilbeam

Malcolm James Kennedy Maxwell Ian Haycroft (Trinity) Not awarded

Peter Russell Curtis Not awarded

George Dalidakis ^1 „ ,

° , „ . . , , . >Shared Tan Seng Tee (Ridley) J David Keith Payes

Stephen Edward Marantelli Robert James Poulton Stephen Edward Marantelli Not awarded

Not awarded

George William John Thomas Arnold Richard Clarke Arthur Stanley Cox Not awarded

Economics C (Honours)—

Australian Finance Conference Prize Education

First Year—

Hugh Childers Memorial Prize

Dwight's Prize

Second Year—

Harold Cohen Prize M.Ed. Thesis—

Freda Cohen Prize

Electrical Engineering—Final Year—

Cable Makers Australia Pty Ltd Prize

Electrical Engineering—Final Honour Examination- Dixson Scholarship

Electrical Engineering Part 1—Dixson Scholarship Electrical Engineering Part I I —

John Monash Exhibition Electrical Engineering (Third Year)—

C. G. H. McDonald Memorial Prize Electronic Data Processing—I.B.M. Exhibition Engineering—Second Year B.E. (Mining)—

Norman Westmore Memorial Prize Engineering Part II (Agriculture Course)—

Dixson Scholarship Engineering Design Part I I —

Petroleum Refineries (Australia) Pty Ltd Prize

Engineering Design (Final Year B.E.(Mech.))- Wright Prize

Engineering Materials—Exhibition Engineering Mathematics Part I—Exhibition Engineering Mathematics Part I I —

Gordon Hunt Memorial Prize Engineering Mathematics Part IMA—

Dixson Scholarship

Engineering Mathematics Part IV—

Stephen Bell Prize English—

Enid Derham Prize for Poetry

Professor Morris Prize in Literary Criticism

John Edward Carroll Michael Joseph Gallery David Keith Payes

- Shared



• Shared

• Shared

• Shared Carla Coruzzi

Ian Edwin Dickson Milutin Jankovic Graham Bailie Ray Wendy Ziersch Josine Louise Allison

Russell Owen Hart Judith Anne Leah

Karyn Russel Moon Jennifer Marie Seddon

(Janet Clarke Hall) Marjorie Jessie Smith Winsley Stuart Grant Margaret Joan Rich Ian Linton Ball Margaret Mary Coady To be advised Arthur Richard Newton

Maxwell Roland Jennings (Queen's) John Anderson Carew Voumard John Anderson Carew Voumard Steven Jacob Rothfield

John Stephen Nitschke (Queen's) Simon Wilfred Ransome

Rohan Graham Hodges (Ormond)

William Koutsoheras Peter Donald McFadden


Glendower Henry Jones Ross Gordon Juniper


Dennis John Eastwood Howard Doddrell


• Shared

Andrew Gordon Michelmore (Ormond) George Alfred Kuczera

Michael John Sculley Denis Keith Warne John Daniel Cash John Henry Hodgens



English Language and Literature—Final Examination in Arts—Dwight Final Examination Prize English Literature IV—

The Percival Serle Prize English Literature—

Shakespeare Scholarship

English Part I—John Sanderson Exhibition

English Language Part II and English Literature Part I I — Edward Stevens Exhibition

Alexander Sutherland Prize

English Literature II—The Percival Serle Prize English and History—Combined Course Final

Examination in Arts—Kathleen Fitzpatrick Exhibition English and Political Science—Final Examination

in Arts—Percival Serle Prize English and Latin—Study of Poetry—

H. B. Higgins Scholarship Equity—Supreme Court Exhibition

Executors and Trustees—John Madden Exhibition Family Law—Wright Prize

Fine Arts—Final Examination in Arts—

Dwight Final Examination Prize Forensic Medicine—

The Crawford Mollison Prize Forestry and Forest Products—

Victorian Sawmillers' Association Exhibition Forestry (Third Year)—Walter Massy-Greene Prize French Language and Literature—

Dwight Final Examination Prize French Part I—Baillieu Exhibition

French Part 111—Mrs William Smith Exhibition Geography—Final Examination in Arts—

Dwight Final Examination Prize Geology (Agriculture Course)—

W. H. Ferguson Memorial Prize Geology (First Year)—Argus Exhibition Geology (Second Year)—Exhibition Geology (Third Year)—Exhibition Geology—

Third Howitt Natural History Scholarship German Part I—Exhibition

German Part III—Exhibition

Germanic Studies—W. T. Mollison Scholarship German—

Wyselaskie Scholarship in Modern Languages Germanic Studies—Final Examination in Arts—

R. G. Wilson Scholarship

Greek Part I—H. B. Higgins Exhibition Greek Part II—Douglas Howard Exhibition History 1A—

Marion Boothby Exhibition •

Ross Auburn Gillett Andrew Lucian Lynch Ross Auburn Gillett Andrew Lucian Lynch John Milton Goddard John Douglas Goodall John Anthony Rogers


Shared Shared



Paul Bingham Paul Bingham

Jane Margaret Cowcher Geoffrey Tout-Smith (Ormond) John Daniel Cash

Not awarded Francis Noel Brody

David Mark Brudenell Derham (Ormond)

Rachelle Ann Lewitan Not awarded

Margot Jean Bailie \ Andrew Henry Kaye J Graeme Leslie Hammer Stuart David Ord Rae Segan

Jennifer Anne Skelton

Marie Georgette Claudine Caliste Mary Lynn Crooks ~|

Beatrice Ruth Fincher >Shared (Janet Clarke Hall) J Alison Mcintosh Rose

Trevor Milton Blake (Queen's) Sarah Anne Reeckman

(Janet Clarke Hall) Not awarded

Anthony Heber Green \ „ , Franco Lombard! J Margot Anne Heath

Margaret Elizabeth Adeney (Janet Clarke Hall) Cheryl Margaret Verheijden Cheryl Margaret Verheijden Cheryl Margaret Verheijden Timothy Brian O'Shaughnessy Mary Mylonas

Susan Coralie Kenny '

Rosemary Merlo Prize History 1 B—Exhibition History 1C—


Rosemary Merlo Prize History 3C—Felix Raab Prize

History—Part I Final Examination in Arts—

R. G. Wilson Scholarship History—Final Examination in Arts—

Dwight Final Examination Prize History—Final Examination in Arts—

Margaret Kiddle Prize—Essay History—Bowen Prize

History and Philosophy of Science—Final Examination in Arts—Dwight Final Examination Prize

History of Australian Education (Subjects in the Area of)—Sir Isaac Pitman Prize

History of Economic Thought—

Ian Purves Macneil Memorial Exhibition Ian Purves Macneil Memorial Book Prize ' Indian Studies A—

Australia-India Society of Victoria Prize Indian Studies B—

Australian-Asian Association of Victoria Prize Indonesian and Malayan Studies Part I—

The Australian-Asian Association Prize Industrial Engineering—Final Year—

W. Julian King Prize

Industrial Law—Robert Craig Exhibition Industrial Management—D. J . M. Rankin Prize Industrial Materials—Steel Industry Award International Law—

Bailey Exhibition

Introduction to Engineering—

H. B. Howard Smith Exhibition

Italian Language and Literature—Final Examination in Arts—R. G. Wilson Scholarship

Italian Part I—

Doctor Santoro Prize History of Literature Prize Jurisprudence—Hearn Exhibition Land Contracts—

General Motors-Holden's Pty Ltd Exhibition Supreme Court Exhibition

Latin Part I—John Grice Exhibition Latin Part II—Douglas Howard Exhibition Laws—LL.B. with Honours—

E. J . B. Nunn Scholarship Supreme Court Prize The Sir George Paton Prize

Anna Brennan Memorial Prize Legal History—Dwight's Prize

Ross Mark Millar (Trinity) Paul Bernard Thornton-Smith Gregory Ross Hocking Guy Arnold Daw Boanas Not awarded

Elizabeth Joan Gallagher \Q h

Ross Allan Peacock J Adrian Howe

John Nicholas Irwin Dawes Michael Francis Harold Christine Duncan Ian Stanley Walker Kelvin John Rowley Terence Edward Clarke Susan Patricia Ellerton Roma Mary Goodyear O'Neill Christine Pitt

Charles Tseng (International House) Simon David Wynn

Charles Tseng (International House) Arthur Alfred Birch

Graham Vincent Sherry "1 David Leslie Truex J Nick Agelidis

Not awarded Joseph Gioscio Lois Amy Dennis

Paul Desmond McSweeney Judith Roslyn Manley Judith Roslyn Manley (Janet Clarke Hall)

Kenneth Stuart Marshman (Queen's) Not awarded

Simon David Wynn Simon David Wynn Harry Cooper

Graeme Alexander Reece Johnson

Patricia Sonia Bellon Bryan Andrew Keon-Cohen



Legal Persons—Robert Craig Exhibition Legal Process—

Sir George Turner Exhibition Legal Process and Criminal Law—

Harry Emmerton Scholarship Marketing—

Commercial Travellers' Association Exhibition Mathematical Statistics—

Dwight Final Examination Prize Mathematics—Final Examination—

Wyselaskie Scholarship

Mathematics—Professor Nanson Prize

Mechanical Engineering—Final Honours Examination- Rennie Memorial Prize

Dixson Scholarship A. G. M. Michell Prize Mechanics of Solids Part I—

Herbert Brookes Exhibition

Medical Psychology (Division II M.B., B.S.)—

Geigy Prize

Medicine—Division IV (Sixth Year) M.B., B.S.—

Keith Levi Memorial Scholarship

Robert Gartly Healy Scholarship

Clinical Dermatology—Herman Lawrence Prizes—

First Second Paediatrics—

Carnation Award Grieve Memorial Prize The Mead Johnson Prize Clinical Medicine—Jamieson Prize

Occupational Medicine—Edgar Rouse Prizes—

First Second

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics—

Upjohn Prize

Medical Officers of Health, Section of A.M.A. Prize Medieval French Language and Literature—

Mary Taylor Scholarship

Mercantile Law—Supreme Court Exhibition Metallurgical Engineering—Final Honour

Examination—Dixson Scholarship Metallurgy (Second Year)—

Dixson Scholarship

Simon David Wynn John McLaren Emmerson

(International House) Not awarded

Christopher Raymond Larcombe Paul David Feigin

Douglas David Grant "]

Michael David Hamer >Shared (Trinity) J Richard Francis Dillon

Peter Greig Williams Peter Greig Williams Jonathan Hugh Watmuff Christopher Laurence Sasadeusz Ron Elisha "\ _.

. . . >Shared Marion Lustig /

Angas William Fife Hamer

(Trinity) ^-Shared Jim Tatoulis

Angas William Fife Hamer

(Trinity) ^ Shared Jim Tatoulis

\ ,

Anthony Lawrence Cunningham Elizabeth Alison Elliott

Lynnette Davies

Angas William Fife Hamer ^ Shared

(Trinity) J Jim Tatoulis

Jim Tatoulis

Robert Francis Ventura Mario De Luise (Newman) Carl Mark Blecher

Mario De Luise (Newman) "|

Angas William Fife Hamer >Shared (Trinity) J Julia Margaret Knight

(Janet Clarke Hall) Mary Catherine Jeanne Flintott Peter William Stawell (Trinity) Not awarded

Timothy Richard Hughes (Ormond)

Christy St. John Lowe ^-Shared David Alexander McKenzie


Metallurgy Part ME—Exhibition

Microbiology (Agriculture Course)—Exhibition Microbiology 201—ASM Prize

Microbiology 301—Exhibition

Microbiology and Epidemiology (Division III M.B., B.S.)—Ramsay Prize

Ramsay Prize (Austin Hospital)

Middle Eastern Studies—Final Examination in Arts—

R. G. Wilson Scholarship

Middle Eastern Studies A—The National Council of Jewish Women (Victorian Section) Prize Mining Engineering—Final Honour Examination—

George Lansell Scholarship Mining Engineering—Second Year—

Norman Westmore Memorial Prize Mining Part I—George Lansell Exhibition Modern Government A—Exhibition Music—

First Year Diploma in Music and Concert Diploma in Music—Ormond Exhibitions (3)

First Year Bachelor of Music—

Ormond Exhibitions (3)

Second Year Bachelor of Music Ormond Exhibition

Accompanying on the Pianoforte—

Maude Harrington Prize Lady Turner Prizes

Male Female

Instrumental Music—Wright Prize

Bertha Jorgenson Exhibition for Violin Playing Pianoforte Playing—Allan Award

Obstetrics and Gynaecology—Fulton Scholarship Obstetrics—Robert Gartly Healy Scholarship Clinical Gynaecology—Hubert Sydney Jacobs Prize Neo-Natal Paediatrics—Kate Campbell Prize Clinical Obstetrics—Sir Alfred Rowden White Prize Ophthalmology—

Australian College of Ophthalmologists' Prize Optometry—3rd Year—

A. B. Colechin Memorial Exhibition Lewis R. Slade Exhibition Optometry—4th Year—

Arthur Cocks & Co. Exhibition Howard S. Bell Memorial Prize

Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery—Final Year B.D.Sc.—

William Leslie Elvins Prize

Otolaryngology—Hedley F. Summons Prize Pathology—Division III M.B., B.S.—

Walter and Eliza Hall Exhibition Pharmacology (Science)—

Merck Sharp and Dohme Prize

Philip Christopher Noble Roger Gregory Campbell Not awarded

Alan James Grant

Prudence Ann Hill (Janet Clarke Hall).

Anita Patricia Bourke Erica Camilla Diana Frank.

To be advised Michael Edward Pekin John Stephen Nitschke Keith John Elvish Kosmas Tsokhas

Not awarded Elizabeth Mary Glab Andrew Stewart Blackburn Peter James Anderson Margaret Jean Penny Aurora Marina Muratti

I Shared

J (2)

Betty Melnik Not awarded Not awarded Elizabeth Mary Glab Lynley Margaret Carrington Alison Barnden

Angas William Fife Hamer (Trinity) Angas William Fife Hamer (Trinity) Wilma Margaret Beswick John Douglas Roydhouse Angas William Fife Hamer (Trinity) Not awarded

Margaret Lois Coventry Margaret Lois Coventry Glenda Joan Snibson Suzanne Clare Trewin Robert Hamilton French Margaret Rosemary Zacharin Prudence Ann Hill

(Janet Clarke Hall) ^Shared Trevor Liam McClinlock Kyle^

Elizabeth Lynne Conway • Myfanwy Law