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During the year the f o l l o w i n g appointments were made ( ' i n d i c a t e s previous appointment in a University of Melbourne d e p a r t m e n t ) :

* Mr J . H. Arundel in Veterinary Paraclinical Sciences

* Dr S. D. Clark in Law

* Dr B. L. Cole in Optometry

* Dr R. Cotton in Inorganic Chemistry

* Mr W. Culican in History

* Dr M . A. Denborough in Medicine (R.M.H.)

* M s M . E. Hiscock in L a w

* Dr J . A. C. Howard in Forestry

* Dr C. I. J o h n s t o n in Medicine (Austin Hospital) ' Dr P. J . Moore in Engineering

* M r P. J . Morris in Surgery (R.M.H.)

* Mr L. G. Peres in Political Science

* Dr A. E. Perry in Mechanical Engineering

* Dr M. A. Rex in Veterinary Clinical Sciences

* Mr W . R. Shepherd in Music


The f o l l o w i n g staff members, not including Professors or Readers, accepted appointment during the year or were promoted t o higher status:

Dr P. E. Adams, as an honorary Academic Associate in Surgery (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Dr E. H. Aigeltinger, as a Research Fellow in Metallurgy Dr R. C. Augusteyn, as a Lecturer in the School of Biochemistry

Dr J . E. Barry, as a Second Assistant in Paediatrics (Royal Children's Hospital) Mr J . C. Bird, as a Temporary Senior Lecturer in Commerce and Business


Mr A. J . Bradbrook, as a Senior Lecturer in the Law School

Dr K. J . Breen, as an Honorary Senior Associate in Medicine (St Vincent's Hospital)

Mr I. M. Campbell, as a Lecturer in Psychology

Mr D. T. Caridis, as a First Assistant (Fixed-Term) in Surgery (St Vincent's Hospital)

Dr.C. H. Ching, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Mathematics Dr F. D. Collins, as a Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry

Mr C. A. Coppel, as a Lecturer in East and Southeast Asian Studies Dr J . J . Cross, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Mathematics Miss P. M. Curtis, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in English

Dr A. J . F. d Apice, as an Honorary Research Fellow |n Surgery (Royal Melbourne Hosp;tal)

Dr L. A. Douglas, as a Lecturer on a continuing basis in the School of Agriculture Mr M. C. Douglas, as a First Assistant in Surgery (Austin Hospital)

Mr A. C. Dunkin, as a Senior Lecturer on a continuing basis in the: School of Agriculture

Mr G. Ellender, as a Lecturer in Conservative Dentistry Mr A. H. M. Pels, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Economics

Dr J . E. K. Galbraith, as an honorary Senior Academic Associate in Ophthalmology (Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital)

Dr R. W. Gaston, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Fine Arts

Mr W. J. Gittins, as a Temporary Lecturer in the School of Forestry Dr B. R. Grant, as a Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Biochemistry Dr J. R. J. Groves, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Mathematics Dr K. M. R. P. Gunawardana, as a Temporary Lecturer in Pathology

Mr D. J. Heilbronn, as a Temporary Lecturer in the School of Physics (R.A.A.F.


Mr A. Hodgart, as a Temporary Lecturer in Economic History Dr V. M. Holmes as a Temporary Lecturer in Psychology

Dr B. Hudson, as a Principal Research Fellow in the Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine

Dr A. H. Hughes, as a Senior Lecturer in Political Science

Dr K. O. Johnson, as a Senior Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Physiology Dr G. C. Joshi, as a Lecturer on a continuing basis in Physics Miss R. Kiss, as a Temporary Lecturer in History

Dr H. Krips, as a Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science Mrs A. Lanteri, as a Lecturer on a continuing basis in the Law School Dr K. R. Lassey, as a Research Fellow in Physics

Dr K. StG. Lawson, as a Clinical Supervisor to the Clinical School (Royal Melboune Hospital)

Mr P. M. Leaper, as a Senior Research Fellow in Criminology

Mr M. G. Lincoln, as a Senior Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Commerce and Business Administration

Dr Shui-yin Lo, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Physics

Mrs A. M. McHardy, as a Senior Lecturer (Field Studies) in Social Studies Mr J. C. McColl, as a fractional full-time Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Agricultural

Extension in Agriculture

Mr O. Mace, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Physics (R.A.A.F. Academy) Mr M. A. Marginson, as a Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry

Mr A. D. May, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Economic Geography Mr K. Mellor, as a Lecturer in Social Studies

Mr G. J. Missen, as a Senior Lecturer in Geography

Mr B. M. Mor, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Conservative Dentistry Mr P. R. Morgan, as a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Mrs M. A. Neave, as a Lecturer on a continuing basis in the Law Schoo Mr B. Newsome, as a Senior Research Fellow in Education

Mrs S. L. Nichterlein, as a Lecturer in Education

Mr W. A. Papst, as a Research Fellow in the School of Agriculture • ' • Dr M. J. L. Rajanayagam, as a Lecturer in the Law School

Mr J. T. G. Renney, as a Second Assistant on a continuing'basis in Surgery (St Vincent's Hospital) • <

Dr J. A. Rickard, as a Lecturer on a continuingbasisin Mathematics

Mr J. R. W. Robinson, as a Temporary Lecturer in Building Economics and Quantity Surveying in the School of Architecture and Building

Mr A. B. Rudra, as a Senior Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in the School of Forestry Mrs J. F. Russell, as a Senior Associate in Medical History

Dr R. B. Scotton, as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

Dr A. M. Singer, as a Third Assistant in Surgery (St Vincent's Hospital) Dr J. Smibert, as a Part-Time First Assistant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

(Royal Women's Hospital)

Mr A. W. Smith, as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

Dr N. M. H. Smith, as a Senior Lecturer in Statistics Mrs R. Smith, as an Assistant Lecturer in Economics Mr P. D. Steele, as a Lockie Fellow in English

Mr G. F. Stening, as a First Assistant in Surgery (Austin Hospital)

Mr N. F. Streekstra, as an Assistant Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Germanic Studies Mr W. B. Strugnell, as a Lecturer (Fixed-Term) in Legal Studies

Dr V. P. Studdert, as a Lecturer (Half-Time) on a continuing basis in Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Mr N. Sullivan, as a Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology in Veterinary Paraclinical Sciences

Mr D. F. B. Tucker, as a Lecturer in Political Science

Dr A. J . Wall, as a Senior Associate in Medicine (Royal Melbourne Hospital) Dr A. S. Watson, as a Senior Research Fellow in Agricultural Economics Mr R. K. Watson, as a Lecturer in Statistics

Dr C. L. Young, as a Lecturer in Chemistry

Mr E. Ziffer, as a Temporary Lecturer in Structures in the School of Architecture and Building


During the year resignations were accepted from the following staff members, not including Professors:

Dr D. R. Aickin, First Assistant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr D. Broadribb, Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies

Mr P. L. Carbonell, Lecturer in Veterinary Paraclinical Sciences Ms F. H. Donovan, Lecturer in Social Sciences

Dr P. J. Drake, Senior Lecturer in Economics Dr H. W. Fee, Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Dr J. Gauger, Senior Lecturer Physics (R.A.A.F. Academy) Dr R. H. Hook, First Assistant in Psychiatry

Dr C. I. Johnston, Reader in Medicine at the Austin Hospital Dr I. E. Langbein, Second Assistant (Half-Time) in Radiology Dr J. H. Maloney, Senior Lecturer in Physiology

Mr J. McEwen, Lecturer in Physiology

Dr R. J. Prineas, Second Assistant in Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital Dr C. Raper, Lecturer in Pharmacology

Dr I. M. Ritchie, Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Mr W. F. Robinson, Veterinary Pathologist in the Veterinary Research Institute

M r J . P. Royle, First Assistant in Surgery, Austin Hospital Dr R. W. Selleck, School of Education


Sir Kenneth Bailey, 3 May 1972

Professor Emeritus Alexander Boyce Gibson, 2 October 1972 Miss Dorothea Coverlid, 3 August 1972

Mrs M. M. C o w l i n g , 20 June 1972 Miss Mary Davis, 15 October 1972 Mr N. E. T. Jones, 10 August 1972 Dr Paul Lafitte, 23 May 1972 Mr Michael M c G u i n n , 2 8 J u n e 1972 Mr J . R. Parris, 21 June 1972

Associate Professor W. A . Rawlinson, 21 March 1972 Mr A. (Sandy) Sanderson, 5 December 1972

Mr Ernest Seccull, 12 October 1972

Professor Emeritus Sir Samuel Wadham, 18 September 1 9 7 2


The f o l l o w i n g members of staff spent leave overseas:

M r A. B. Afterman, Senior Lecturer, Legal Studies, investigated recent company law reforms—especially securities regulation and control—in the U.S.A. and the U.K.

Dr K. A. Amos, Senior Lecturer, School of Physics, attended the 1972 Gordon Research Conference in Nuclear Structure at Tilton, N e w Hampshire, U.S.A.

M s L. A r n o l d , Senior Lecturer, Social Studies, studied methods of qualitative assessment of welfare needs and of social w o r k intervention in the U.S.A., Canada, England, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel and South Africa and later established a field study base in Melbourne for o n - g o i n g work.

Professor H. D. A t t w o o d , Pathology, Austin Hospital, attended five conferences in Europe.

Dr J . Bagg, Senior Lecturer, Industrial Science, conducted research into the basic mechanism and applications of ion-selective electrodes, at the State University of N e w York, Buffalo, U.S.A.

Dr R. G. Beilharz, Senior Lecturer, School of Agriculture, conducted research work in the 'Lorenz' section of the Max-Planck-Institute of Animal Behaviour, West Germany. One result of this study will be the development at Melbourne of a practical breeding programme incorporating behaviour traits, for guide dogs for the blind.

Dr Margaret B l a c k w o o d , Senior Lecturer, Botany School, visited universities and institutes in Malaysia, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, the U.K. and U.S.A.

studying research in plant and human cytogenetics.

Professor J . B o w m a n , Middle Eastern Studies, studied Syriac manuscripts in Lebanon, Egypt and England. Professor Bowman spent the last six months of his leave at Shiraz in Iran, translating the works of a 10th century A. D. Palestinian al-Muqaddasi and exploring an ancient Persian Christian church and monastery.

Dr T. R. Bradley, Reader, Physiology, was engaged in research work involving attempts to identify differences in cell surfaces using radioactivity labelled plant lectin preparations in the Department of Transformation Studies, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

Professor M. N. Brearley, Mathematics, R.A.A.F. Academy, visited U.S. service academies before taking up appointment as an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Physics of University College, London.

Dr P. R. Carnegie. Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry, conducted cancer research at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Mr J . S. Can, Senior Lecturer, Mining, attended the Fourth World Dredging Conference held in New Orleans. Mr Carr presented a paper on Some Aspects of Gold Dredging in New Zealand—In Retrospect, and later visited various mineral processing operations, universities and laboratories in the U.S.A.

Ms Nanette Carroll, Senior Technical Officer, Ophthalmology, visited ophthal- mology centres in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Dr C. H. Chambers, Senior Lecturer, Anatomy, attended the 4th International Congress of Phlebology at Lucerne and studied methods of teaching radiographic anatomy in the U.K.

Mr B. A. Christie, Lecturer, Veterinary Clinical Science, accepted a United States Government training grant to train in transplantation biology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr D. M. Danks, Reader, Genetics, attended the 5th Conference on the Clinical Delineation of Birth Defects (National Foundation—March of Dimes) at Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, U.S.A. Dr Danks presented a paper to the con- ference and also visited laboratories in Canada and the U.S.A. Working on phenylalanine hydrozylase, on copper metabolism, and on identification of inborn errors of metabolism.

Professor A. F. Davies, Political Science, continued his psychoanalytic education working in the London Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Professor B. M. Davies, Psychiatry, attended the 5th World Congress of Psychi- atry in Mexico City and presented two papers. He also visited psychiatric research centres in North America and later spent some months in London as a Senior Commonwealth Medical Fellow.

Professor A. E. Doyle, Medicine, Austin Hospital, attended an international meeting in Bombay on pharmacological and clinical treatments of diseases of cardiovascular system.

Dr D. Grishin, Russian Language and Literature, supervised the organization and later opened an international symposium of research workers in the life and works of F. M. Dostoevsky.

Dr N. D. Grishin, Senior Tutor, Russian Language.and Literature, studied new methods in the teaching of Russian developed in the U.S.S.R., Western Europe and America. Dr Grishin also studied primary, unpublished materials on the life and work of A. P. Chekhov found in Leningrad and Moscow libraries.

Mr B. D. Guerin, Senior Lecturer, Metallurgy, studied methods of analysis for determining the platinum group metals at the National Institute for Metallurgy, Johannesburg.

Ms Mary E. Hiscock, Senior Lecturer, Law School, completed her part in the writing of the 10 volumes of'the credit and security project covering the legal constraints on development financing in South'-East Asia sponsored by the

Law Association for Asia and the Western Pacific and the Asian Development Bank.

D r R. W. Home, Senior Lecturer, History and Philosophy of Science, attended the 13th International Congress of the History of Science in M o s c o w and then visited libraries and universities in Sweden, Germany, U.K. and the U.S.A.

D r I. J . Hopkins, First Assistant, Paediatrics, attended the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology at St Louis, Missouri, and studied advances in clinical paediatric neurology in the U.S.A. and the U.K. Dr Hopkins was also Visiting Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Kentucky Medical Centre.

Professor V. D. Hopper, Physics (R.A.A.F. A c a d e m y ) , discussed w i t h scientists in the U.S.A. and the U.K. developments in upper atmosphere and astronomical studies using balloons.

M r K. H u m b l e , Senior Lecturer, Conservatorium of Music, visited universities in the U.S.A., in particular the University of California, San Diego, to study and try t o evaluate the applications of the computer t o musical activities.

D r C. I. J o h n s t o n , First Assistant, Medicine, Austin Hospital, mounted a detailed research project at Oxford o n the biosynthesis transport and storage of the posterior pituitary hormones. He also visited the London University Medical School where computers are used in the teaching of the medical undergraduate curriculum.

D r I. H. Jones, First Assistant, Psychiatry, presented a paper to the 5th World Congress of Psychiatry in Mexico City and later visited psychiatric centres in London, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

M r L . J . Jones, Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, inquired into the scope and methods of teaching graphics and engineering drawing in universities, colleges and schools in Canada, U.S.A., U.K. and Mexico.

D r D. E. Kennedy, Reader, History, w o r k e d in London and Oxford mainly preparing drafts for a book on the Elizabethan and Jacobean Church in England.

M i s s J . St. C. Kerr, Reader, A c c o u n t i n g , studied recent developments in accounting at the London School of Economics and U.K. and U.S.A. universities.

D r C. W. Lang/ey, Lecturer, Psychology, reviewed new information on the basic ' g r o w t h ' concepts of differentiation and integration, and their usage in psychology in the U.S.A. and England.

D r R. W. Le Maitre, Senior Lecturer, School of Geology, conducted research into igneous rock analysis and taught in the Department of Geology at Oxford.

D r D. J . de L'Horne, Lecturer, Psychiatry, Royal Melbourne Hospital, visited the U.S.A. and the U.K. He investigated methods of teaching behavioural sciences and met people involved in behaviour therapy and in clinical and research work in neuropsychology.

D r M . A . McCloskey, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy, wrote o n aesthetics and attended philosophical conferences and meetings in Greece, Spain, the U.K.

and Ireland.

M s L J . McConchie, Lecturer, Physical Education, studied developments in areas of movement participation in Great Britain and Scandinavia.

D r D. A . McCredie, First Assistant, Paediatrics, attended the 2 n d International Symposium of Paediatric N e p h r o l o g y in Paris and the 13th International Congress of Paediatrics in Vienna.

Dr H . A . M c i n t o s h , Senior Lecturer, Department of Conservative Dentistry, taught and conducted experiments in the Department of Oral Pathology of the Dental Institute, London Hospital Medical College.

Dr J . S. McKenzie, Senior Lecturer, Physiology, presented current research results to the 25th International Congress of Physiologists at M u n i c h and t o the 4th International Conference on Regulation of Food and Water Intake at Cambridge.

D r N. D. McLachlan, Reader, History, spent his leave in L o n d o n and Derby working on a projected biography of Sir Robert W. Horton ( 1 7 8 4 - 1 8 4 1 ) , a Canningite politician and Governor of Ceylon ( 1 8 3 1 - 3 8 ) .

M s Sophie M a j , Senior Demonstrator in Engineering Materials, Metallurgy, participated in research into the properties of glass and carbon reinforced plastics at Birmingham University.

Dr D. S. Mansell, Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering, and M r K. Sharpe, Assistant Lecturer, Statistics, attended a conference in Hong Kong on the applications of statistics and probability t o soil and structural engineering.

D r G. D. Marshall, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy, investigated new developments in semantics and methodology, and rewrote part of a projected w o r k o n A c t i o n a n d the Will at Oxford.

Dr T. J . Martin, Second Assistant, Medicine, Austin Hospital, attended the 4th International Congress of Endocrinology in Washington D.C, and presented a paper.

M r J . R. C. Martyn, Senior Lecturer, Classical Studies, conducted research into Roman satire at the British Museum and in the Institute of Classical Studies in London.

D r Russell A. Meares, First Assistant, Psychiatry and Medicine, Austin Hospital, examined the relationship between communal structure and mental health at a commune in San Francisco. Dr Meares also attended a meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Boston, U.S.A., and a meeting o n social psychiatry in Israel.

D r R . A . Melick, First Assistant and Reader, Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital, assisted in studies of the uptake by bone of plasma proteins at the Medical Research Council Bone Research Laboratory at the Churchill Hospital at Oxford.

Dr Melick also developed a project of his o w n studying the role of serum proteins in bone matrix formation.

Dr Nancy Mil/is, Reader, Microbiology, attended the 4th International Fermenta- tion Conference held in Kyoto.

Dr N. Mirza, Senior Lecturer, Middle Eastern Studies, visited universities in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A. t o study teaching methods and course structures, Arab social and cultural history, as well as collect material on ethical and religious minorities in the Arab w o r l d .

Professor C. E. Moorhouse, Electrical Engineering, was a member of a tripartite mission of review of a U.N.E.S.C.O. project to help La Universidad Cat6lica Madre y Maestra develop its engineering courses.

M r P. J . Morris, Reader, Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital, attended the 5th Brook Lodge Immunology Symposium in the U.S.A. and the 5th International Histocompatability Workshop in France.

Dr S. Murray-Smith, Senior Lecturer, Education, travelled to universities and colleges in Germany, the U.K. and Canada investigating varied aspects of secondary and tertiary education in these countries.

Dr J . P. Nieuwenhuysen, Economics, was a visiting Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh and later worked as an Economic Adviser to the British Government's Department of Trade and Industry in London.

Dr G. I. Opat, Senior Lecturer, Physics, was a research associate at Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, near Oxford.

D r J . Patterson, Reader, Mechanical Engineering, studied postgraduate engineer- ing courses at the Universities of Birmingham, Bath, London, Sussex and Belfast.

Professor A. J . Pittard, Microbiology, conducted experiments involving the problem of stabilising and purifying one of the isofunctional DAHP synthetase enzymes of Escherichia colli at L'lnstitut Pasteur, Paris.

Dr R. J. Prineas, Second Assistant, Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital, visited centres in the U.S.A. and Europe concerned with the registration of chronic disease; particularly of cardiovascular disease.

Dr B. G. Radden, Reader, Dental Science and Surgery, was visiting Professor of Oral Pathology in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.

Dr U. Radok, Reader-in-Charge, Meteorology, visited glaciological centres in Europe to collect data for, and report on, his current work on the dynamics and thermodynamics of glaciers and ice sheets. He also took part in the International Commission on Snow and Ice (ICSI) of U.N.E.S.C.O. in Paris and in a technical symposium of the International Glaciological Society in Cambridge.

Mr K. A. Rasmussen, Senior Lecturer, Town and Regional Planning, studied current town planning developments in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

MrS. Ray, Reader and Head of Indian Studies, was a visiting Associate Professor in South Asian History at the University of California at Santa Barbara during the first part of study leave. Mr Ray spent the second part of his leave as a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study at Simla.

Dr J . A. Rickard, Lecturer, Mathematics, attended the 15th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics held at Moscow University.

Mr R. T. Ridley, Lecturer, History, investigated historical source materials in Rome and London.

Mr I. G. Robertson, Senior Lecturer, History, traced developments in adminis- trative and governmental thinking at the Papal Curia in the second half of the 15th century, working mainly in the Vatican Library and archives.

Mr J. P. Royle, First Assistant, Surgery, attended the 24th Congress of the Societe Internationale de Chirurgie and the 10th Congress of the International Cardiovascular Society.

Ms Eva Ruff, Lecturer, Germanic Studies, studied modern methods of teaching German as a foreign language primarily at the Goethe Institute in Munich.

Ms Delys Sargeant, Lecturer, Social Studies, attended an International Sym- posium on Sex Education in Tel Aviv, Israel, and presented papers on Some Aspects of Sex Education in Australia. Ms Sargeant later investigated teaching facilities and techniques in the U.K., particularly in the Open University.

Mr J . P. Sarumpaet, Senior Lecturer, East and Southeast Asian studies, visited various Indonesian university centres and then took up a four-month Leverhulme Visiting Fellowship at the University of Malaya.

Dr R. L. Sharwood, Warden, Trinity College, investigated new developments in student housing in England and continued research into historical projects.

Professor B. M. Spicer, Physics, was a National Science Foundation Senior