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Teachers' College Christian Fellowship

Teachers' colleges throughout Australia foster student Christian move- ments. These exist to bring to students the vital knowledge of the way in which they might have life more abundantly in Christ Jesus.

The college Christian Fellowship is inter-denominational, and extends a warm welcome to all students to attend its meetings and enjoy Christian fellowship. Meetings are held every Tuesday during the lunch recess,


and feature addresses by prominent Christian leaders, lively discussions, and challenging films.

The Fellowship offers a variety of interests to its members:

daily prayer meeting weekly Bible study group

social activities—hikes, barbecues, outings, week-end house parties annual State conference of teachers' colleges Christian Fellowship


Loyola Society

The Loyola Society is the Catholic society in the college. It exists for the spiritual welfare of its members, and aims to instil in them Christian ideas and principles, especially as applied to their work as teachers.

The group meets on Tuesday at lunch recess to hold discussions, and hear talks by the chaplain and visiting speakers. It welcomes to its meet- ings all college students, and assures them of an interesting and not un- profitable time.

Some of the activities of the group are:

annual mass in December at St. Patrick's Cathedral combined colleges week-end camp

social events—hikes, picnics, picture nights.


Students organize their own sporting program through a system of affiliated clubs which have been approved by the Student Representative Council. Each club functions under its own officials who act under the direction of the general sports secretaries (man and woman). Finance for the conduct of each club is allocated by the Finance Committee from a levy paid by all students to the S.R.C.

Sporting Activities

compulsory sport each Wednesday afternoon inter-group competitions during lunch recesses inter-college meetings at regular intervals

extra-college participation in evening and Saturday competitions.

Types of Sport

Provided that sufficient numbers wish to participate, the sports available are:

athletics golf squash

badminton gymnastics swimming

ballet hockey table tennis

baseball judo tennis

basketball rowing volleyball

creative dancing skating water polo

cricket softball weightlifting

Non-Sporting Groups

The S.R.C. gives approval to the formation of certain groups as alter- natives to sports clubs. These groups function on Wednesday afternoon under conditions similar to those which determine the operation of sports clubs. The interests of these groups are:

camera puppetry

drama sketching

excursions social service

Gilbert and Sullivan writing 42


The two major fixtures each year are the combined teachers' colleges carnivals in athletics and swimming. The participating colleges are:

Ballarat Frankston

Bendigo Geelong

Burwood Melbourne

Coburg Toorak

In addition, inter-college competitions are held in several other branches of sport. These provide opportunities for provincial and metropolitan colleges to meet socially, as well as on the sporting field.


The two principal social events of the year are the Invitation Ball in June, and the Graduation Ball in November. At these functions, college welcomes official guests from the administrative and inspectorial staffs, representatives of other teachers' colleges, and head teachers of training schools.

For more informal occasions there is a palais, organized by a college group, occurring approximately every three weeks.

Other highlights of the year are a welcome concert and a river trip, which are usually held shortly after college re-opens.

Various outings are arranged within the groups to cater for a diversity of interests. Popular choices are visits to the theatre, week-end excursions, barbecues, and group dinners.


Section 1 Definition

This organization shall be known as the Melbourne Teachers' College Student Representative Council, hereinafter to be referred to as the Council.

Section 2 Functions

The functions of the Council shall be:

(a) To make, amend, and repeal regulations concerning the extra-curri- cular activities of the student body.

(b) To make recommendations concerning the general welfare of the College.

(c) To consider, and, when necessary, to take action upon any matter laid before the Council by the Principal.

(d) To appoint standing and special committees to deal with matters allotted by the Council.

(e) To control and centralize the finance of the extra-curricular student clubs, organizations, and activities within the College.

(f) To grant awards to students for outstanding service to the College.

Section 3 Composition

The Council shall be composed of:

(a) An Executive, consisting of the following office-bearers:

(i) President (ii) Vice-President (iii) Secretary (iv) Treasurer

(v) Social Secretary


(vi) General Sports Secretary (man) (vii) Editor of Trainee and Griffin.


(b) General Members, comprising the following persons:

(i) One representative from each College group, elected by the finan- cial members of the group.

(ii) One nominee of the Principal.

(iii) Two members of the staff (one man and one woman), (iv) General Sports Secretary (woman).

Section 4 Elections

(a) During the last full month of the academic year, or on the nearest practicable date, financial members of the student body shall elect the executive members of the Council, as set forth in Section 3(a), for the following year, and the General Sports Secretary (woman).

(b) If the President is a man, the Vice-President shall be a woman and vice-versa.

(c) No student shall be nominated for an executive position on the Council unless it is considered by the Principal that that student has a reasonable chance of returning to College for the ensuing year.

(d) If any vacancy occurs on the Council at any time subsequent to the annual elections such vacancy shall be filled by an extraordinary election, held at the earliest practicable date, to be fixed by Council.

If the vacancy occurs within six months of the annual elections, nom- inations for any such positions, and voting thereon, shall be restricted to the student groups originally concerned.

(e) Elections laid down in Sections 4(a) and 4(d) shall be conducted by secret ballot, and by preferential voting.

(f) At the beginning of each year one staff representative shall be elected to Council, at a meeting of the staff concerned, for a period of two years. A man and a woman shall be elected on alternate years.

(g) Representatives of College groups shall be elected within one month of the commencement of each group's College year.

(h) The Council, at its first full meeting, shall elect from among its members the following:

(i) Assistant Secretary (ii) Assistant Treasurer (iii) Returning Officer

(iv) Victorian Federation of Tertiary Students' Representative.

(i) The Council at its first full meeting shall elect two Sub-Editors of Trainee and Griffin.

(j) Nominations for all student elections shall be received not earlier than three weeks prior to the election date, and shall be closed not later than one week before the election date.

(k) If a vacancy occurs on any committee, the Council shall have the power to fill the vacancy at the earliest practicable date.

Section 5 Procedure

(a) All constitutional amendments, and all matters involving a general levy, other than that stated in section 5(d), shall be passed by a three-fifths majority of the student body, after a meeting convened to discuss the said amendment or levy; and no more than two weeks shall elapse before the vote is taken.


(b) A motion of want of confidence in the Council may be proposed if a petition signed by one-third of the College students seeks a general meeting of the student body. If the motion is carried, the whole Council shall resign. New elections shall be held within two weeks of this resignation.

(c) Voting in the circumstances stated in sections 5(a) and 5(b) shall be by secret ballot and by preferential voting.

(d) The Council shall levy an annual subscription on College students;

and this subscription shall be paid at the commencement of the academic year.

(e) No decision of the Council shall be valid, unless ratified by the Principal. The Principal may veto any decision of the Council. No matter thus vetoed may be raised again for one month.

(f) There shall be an annual meeting of the whole College in the last full month of the College year, or on the nearest satisfactory date, at which the out-going Council shall present its annual report and audited balance-sheet.

The auditor shall be appointed each year by the Council.

(g) Council regulations shall be examined by the Executive at the be- ginning of each year. Proposed amendments shall be submitted for examination to the first full meeting of the Council.


Section I Meetings

(a) The Council shall meet at least once a month while College is in session. The President may call special meetings of the Council when necessary, or on the receipt of a petition from one-third of the members of the Council. All meetings shall be open to all students but they shall not have voting power.

(b) The President may, at any time, call an assembly of the whole student body to discuss matters of importance.

(c) A member absent without adequate reason from a meeting of the Council or a standing committee on which he (or she) serves, shall thereby render his seat vacant. Any vacancy so arising shall be filled by an election in the group concerned within fourteen days.

(d) Not less than one-third of the Council members shall constitute a quorum.

(e) The business of each meeting shall be reported to the College groups by their representatives.

Section 2 Committees


(a) The Council shall appoint, from among its members, a standing committee to be called the Finance Committee, which shall be com- posed of:

(i) President, who shall be chairman (ii) Treasurer

(iii) Assistant Secretary (iv) Assistant Treasurer

(v) In addition, two men members and women members, who are second or third year students.

(vi) A staff member in an advisory capacity.


(b) The function of the Finance Committee shall be to advise and make recommendations to the Council on the expenditure of Council funds.


(a) The Council shall appoint a Social Committee which shall be com- posed of:

(i) Social Secretary, who shall be chairman, (ii) One man and one woman.

(b) The function of the Social Committee shall be to make recommen- dations to the Council on the conduct of the College social activities.


(a) At the beginning of each College year, the Executive shall recom- mend to the Council a committee for determining College awards.

This committee shall be representative of all phases of College activities, and shall be submitted for approval to the Council at its

second meeting in the year.

(b) The Committee shall be composed of:

(i) General Sports Secretary (man), who shall be independent chair- man and convener

(ii) General Sports Secretary (woman), who shall be Vice-Chairman (iii) Twelve other members, of whom no more than three shall be staff


(c) A quorum for a meeting of the College Awards Committee shall be eight, and the chairman may invite any student or member of staff to attend in an advisory capacity.

(d) The Awards Committee shall consider recommendations received from the officials of each club or organization as set out in section 3(a) of Council Regulations. If deemed necessary the committee may add names to, or delete names from, the list, and refer the recom- mendations back to the organization concerned, before coming to a decision.

(e) The Executive must finally approve all awards to be made.

The awards shall be:

(1) Colour (2) Club Award.

(f) Awards will be considered under the following terms:

(1) Colour

A colour may be granted to a player or participant who, as a representative of College in any sport, has shown outstanding ability.

(2) Club Award

A member of any club or society affiliated with the Council, who has given outstanding service in organization throughout the year, may be granted a club award. Also, a club award may be granted to a player or participant for outstanding performance as a member of:

(i) a non-sporting club,

(ii) a sporting club not engaged in competition.

(g) The holder of a colour shall be ineligible for a club award.

(h) The colour shall be a green and gold striped bar to be worn across the top of the blazer pocket.


(i) All awards shall be accompanied by certificates and shall be announced at assembly in the last two weeks of the academic year.


(a) The Service Awards Committee shall comprise the following mem- bers:

(i) Principal or his representative on the Council (ii) Two staff representatives on the Council (iii) The Executive of the Council.

(b) The award shall be called the Service Award and shall be given for outstanding service to the College in extra-curricular activities.

(c) All awards shall be accompanied by certificates and shall be announced at assembly in the last two weeks of the academic year.

(d) The service award shall be crossed laurel leaves worn below the College badge on the blazer pocket.

Section 3 College Activities


Clubs and societies, constituted according to the following requirements, may be financed from the Council funds.

(a) The officers of the clubs and societies, to be elected not later than one calendar month after the commencement of the academic year, shall be:

(i) President (ii) Vice-President

(One of these shall be a staff member.) (iii) Secretary

(iv) Treasurer

(These shall be students.)

(b) The composition of each committee shall be determined by the needs of the individual clubs and societies.

(c) Clubs and societies seeking finance shall submit a detailed claim to the Council.

(d) Clubs and societies are responsible for their own equipment. This equipment shall be checked at the end of each year, or at the com- pletion of each particular season, and an inventory of the equipment and its condition submitted to the General Sports Secretary (man).

(e) At the end of the academic year each club or society shall elect an interim secretary, whose duties will be:

To receive the inventory of equipment from the retiring secretary.

To watch over the interests of the Club until the next committee is appointed.

(f) Any member representing the College in:

the first team of any sport Inter-College Athletics Carnival Inter-College Swimming Carnival

shall be entitled to wear the appropriate insignia.


The method of dividing students into competitive groups for the Inter- College competitions shall be decided each year by the Council.



(a) Trainee and Griffin are recognized by the Council as the official organs of the College.

(b) The publications staff shall consist of:

(i) Editor

(ii) Two Sub-Editors

who shall be elected as in Section 4(i) of the constitution.

(c) These publications shall be financed from grants approved by the Council.

Section 4 Finance

(a) Each club or society receiving finance from the Council shall present a balance-sheet to the Finance Committee when required.

(b) The Council must approve the purchase of all equipment. The official order form must be used and no financial responsibility will be taken for any goods not ordered in this manner.