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At the meeting of the Council held on the 18th inst., a letter was received from the Secretary of the Premier, in relation to the complaints about the performance of Professor Allen's University duties. It pointed out that the outside work on which Professor Allen was engaged would soon be finished, that it was very important that Professor Allen should be able to give his time to that work, and Mr. Gillies invited the University Council to make the best possible provision for the discharge of Professor Allen's duties during his occasional absences, the salaries of any officers appointed for the purpose being charged to the Government.

After some discussion, it was resolved—" That leave of absence for one month from the 23rd March be granted to Professor Allen, and that in the meantime, the medical faculty be asked to recommend gentlemen to act as substitutes for Professor Allen, that the work of the chair may go on regularly."

It was decided to advertise, inviting applications from gentle -

men willing to undertake for one month, all or part of the duties

of Professor Allen.

The following is the result of the final Honour Examinations

Iii Medicine and Surgery :-


Pirst Class.—William Perrin Norris.

Second Class.—Thomas Murphy, Francis John Drake.

Third Class.—Edward Alan Mackay, Edward Leslie Gault.

The scholarship awarded to William Perrin Norris.


first Class.—William Perrin Norris.

Second Class.—None.

Third Class.—Edward Leslie Gault.

The scholarship awarded to William Perrin Norris.

The following gentlemen passed the examination for the degree ()f Doctor of Medicine :-

William Andrews, M.B., Ch.B. ; Reginald George Ruddle,


• 13•, Ch.B. ; Arthur Jeffreys Woods, M.B., Ch.B.

_At the Annual Commencement, the following degrees in Medicine and Surgery were conferred

B.S.—John Chalmers Baird, Gerald Eugene Cussen, Edward

"1-enrY Embley, Charles Herbert Hill, Robert Wilson Hughston, Francis Henry Langlands, Richardson Wakefield Lewers, Percy nerbert Liddle (in absentia), Edward Alan Mackay, George Frederick M'Williams, William Perrin Norris.


Henry Embley, Robert Wilson Hughston, Henry Langlands, Richardson Wakefield Lewers, George Frederick M'Williams.

M•D.—William Andrews, Reginald George Ruddle, Arthur


ffreys Wood (in absentia). Ad eundan—Richard Herbert


seph Fetherston, Edinburgh.

Vital ,itatistits.

The Government Statist's Report on the vital statistics of Melbourne and suburbs for February 1889, shows that the births 1323 children, viz., 693 boys and 630 girls, were registered.


e deaths registered numbered 940, viz., 496 males and 444 feu The births thus exceeded the deaths by 383, or 41 per

188 Australian Medical Journal. APRIL 15, 1 889 cent. To every 1000 of the population of the district, the propor - tion of births registered was 3.15, and of deaths 2.24. One hundred and forty-nine deaths, or 16 per cent. of the whole, took place in public institutions. The number of children under one year who died was 304, the total number under five years being 485.

Under the heading of miasmatic diseases, the returns show 3 falling off, as compared with January's experience, of 2 in deaths from diphtheria, of 7 in deaths from typhoid fever, and of 81 in deaths from diarrhceal diseases (simple cholera, diarrhoea, and dysentery). Deaths—chiefly of infants and young children- -

from debility, atrophy, and inanition also fell from 182 to 118, and deaths from cancer from 28 to 21 ; but deaths from phthisis increased from 72 to 76. Deaths of women in childbed numbered 6 in January and 5 in February, the proportion being 1 to every 231 births in the former, and 1 to every 265 births in the latter month.


To the Editor of the Australian Medi&el Journal.

SIR,—In reply to Dr. Pinnock's letter, which appeared in the last issue of your Journal, I am instructed by the directors of The Liquor Carnis Co. to state that a very probable explanation of the inability of Dr. Pinnock's patients either to take or retain the Liquor Carnis is, that his patients obtained some which had been sent out before the process of manufacture had been perfected.

Quite recently, the machinery required in the manufacture of Liquor Carnis has been altered and improved, and the nauseous flavour of the raw meat complained of by Dr. Pinnock's patients has been thoroughly disguised, making it now not only no t unpalatable, but quite the reverse.

The directors also wish me to state that they will be pleased to forward Dr. Pinnock a sample of Liquor Carnis for his inspection and use. The steady increase in the sales show that the prepara - tion is being more extensively used every day.

I am, Sir, Yours, &c.,


April 4, 1889. Secretary to " The Liquor Carnis Co. Ltd."

yfft al zcZ-11,4etts.

MEDICAL BOARD OF VICTORIA.—The following gentlemen have registered their qualifications :—Frederick Miller Johnson, East Melbourne, M.B. et Ch AL 1886, M.D. Edin. 1888; George Bothwell Douglas Macdonald, M.B. et Ch. M. Aberd. 1887 ; Thomas Washington Bagshaw, Birkenhead, England, M.D. Camb. 1885 ; John Adam Swindells, Melbourne,

•R.C.S. Eng. 1879 ; Charles Peyton Moreton, Melbourne, M.R.C.S. Eng.

264 , L.S.A. Lond. 1867; John Adams, East Melbourne, L. et L. Mid.

.". O.1) . et R.C.S. Edin. 1888, L.F.P.S. Glas. 1888 ; Frederick John Pacey, alaeebpng, L. et L. Mid. R.C.P. et R.C.S. Edin. 1888, L.F.P.S. Glas. 1888;

Sorge Lockwood Layeock, Melbourne, M.B. et Ch. M. Edin. 1876 ; Edward henry Embley, North Fitzroy, M.B. et Ch. B. Melb. 1889 ; Thomas Warren, Melbourne, L. et L. Mid. R.C.P. et R.C.S. Edin. 1888, L.F.P.S. Glas. 1888 ; L eurY Lawrence, Malvern, M.R.C.S. Eng. 1850, L.S.A. Lond. 1850, Lond. 1867 ; Arthur Septimus Lawrence, Malvern, M.B. et Ch. M.

1888 ; Richardson Wakefield Lewers, Eaglehawk, M.B. et Ch. B.

Melb. 1889 ; Francis Henry Langlands, Richmond, M.B. et Ch. B. Melb.

1889 ; Alexander Corry, Mount Egerton, M.D., M.A.O., R. Univ. Irel. 1885.



ditional qualifications registered :—No. 793, Walter Balls-Headley, Mel- : 4111e, F.R.C.P. Lond. 1888 ; No. 807, Robert D. Pinnock, Ballarat, M.D.

as. 1888 ; No 1418, Horace F. Hayes, Caulfield, Ch. B. Melb. 1887, trl

7;11 .C- S. Eng. 1888 ; No. 1290, William Andrews, Melbourne, Ch. B. 1888,

•I). 1 889, Melb. ; No. 1508, Gerald E. Cussen, Carlton, Ch. B. Melb. 1888 ; O. 1428, Conway M. Macknight, Melbourne, Ch. B. Melb. 1888. Names of deceased medical practitioners erased from the register :—No. 240, William ,,

Morris, L.S.A. ; No. 167, Eustace J. Walshe, M.R.C.S. Eng. ; No. 172, Berkeley W. Hutchinson, M.R.C.S. Eng. ; No. 1034, Alexander M‘Lean, M.B. ; 1‘63• 1283, Robert Gilbert, M.B.; No. 325, Henry H. Woolhouse, M.R.C.S.


FIEALra OFFICERS.--The following appointments have been confirmed :—

hlie of Numurkah, Western Riding—Charles Drinkwater, 7.1.R. C. S., to act daring the absence on leave for three months of John Johnstone, M.B.; 11 W


1:°11gh of Tarnagulla—George Bothwell Douglas Macdonald, M.B.. vice p °ert Gilbert, M.B., deceased ; Shire of Wodonga—John Hugh Mackenzie,

•it•C•S., vice William C. Woods, M.D., left the district ; Town of Brunswick 0 110bert Talbot, M.D., re-appointed ; Shire of Arapiles—William Joseph


EaM.B. ; Shire of Bannockburn—Thomas Culbertson Hope, M.B., vice ace J. Walshe, M.R.C.S., deceased ; Shire of Buln Buln—Sidney Adolphus Bernays, M.R.C.S., vice John F. Cobb, M.R.C.S., resigned ; Shire 151.f Leigh—William Joseph Alleine Moss, M.B., vice James B. Donaldson, left the district ; Shire of Bairnsdale—Francis Alexander Bennett, ALL, temporarily during illness of Dr. Duncan ; Borough of Dunolly—

°11n Frederick William Manson, M.B., vice John A. Sutherland, L.R.C.P.



h e district ; Shire of Goulburn —Robert George Reid, L.R.C.P., vice M'Connochie, M.D.

3.011n Dunbar Tweeddale, R.N., M.R.C.S. Eng., has been appointed Acting Health Officer for the Port of Port Phillip, and superintendent of the


arantine Station, Point Nepean, during the absence on leave of Joh ellrY Browning, M.D.

190 A u8traliun MeeLcal Journal. APRIL 15, 1889

PUBLIC VACCINATORS.—The following appointments have been made:-

Nathalia—Charles Drinkwater, M.R.C.S.E., vice John Johnston, M.B. whose resignation has been accepted ; Wangaratta—Edward John McCardel, 1V•D. , vice Archibald M. Macfarlane, M.B., whose resignation has been accepted ; Gisborne—Ulick Arthur Daly, M.B., vice G. H. Salter, M.R.C.S., whose resignation has been accepted ; South Yarra—Charles Louis Lempriere, 1 4•13' (acting) during the absence on leave of Henry Wooldridge, M.R.C.S. ; Strat - ford —James Alexander Reid, M.D., vice Alexander M'Lean, M.B., deceased ; Tarnagulla — George Bothwell Douglas Macdonald, M.B., vice Robert Gilbert, M.B., deceased.

HOSPITALS FOR THE INSANE.—The resignation of William L. Mullen, M• 13 •'

Ch. B., as Junior Medical Officer, Hospitals for the Insane, has been accepted;

Henry Augustus Samson, M.B. Melb., Senior Medical Officer, Kew Asyluis , has been appointed Acting Medical Superintendent Kew Asylum, during th e absence on leave of J. V. McCreery, L.R.C.S.I.

CERTIFYING MEDICAL PRACTITIONER.—The following appointment has been

made :—North Eastern District—Edward John M‘Cardel, M.D., of Wa il- garatta, vice A. M. Macfarlane, M.B., resigned.

On the morning of the 23rd ult., Mrs. Reid, wife of Dr. Reid, of Sale, W as found dead in her bed. She retired at the usual hour on the previous night, and when found in the morning was quite dead, with a bottle of chloroform in her hand and a handkerchief over her face. The deceased lady, who was nea r her confinement, was in the habit of taking chloroform to induce sleep, an d : on this occasion she had evidently been overcome before she was able to Ps' the stopper in the bottle. Dr. Reid was absent in Melbourne at the time.


of the 8th inst., read a paper before the local branch of the Australia n Natives' Association on the advisableness of a hospital being establishe d in Williamstown, for the purpose of relieving the metropolitan institution s

of the numerous cases from Government workshops at Williamstown and Newport, and from the shipping. A discussion ensued, in which Drs' Honman, Molyneux, Figg, Goldie, and Bryant joined in support. Dr. Fig g, remarked, as chairman of the A. T. Clark Memorial Committee, the fund of which reached a sum of £600, that there was a decided disposition to Wa al the whole amount over towards the construction of a local hospital.

Dr' Honman said that he thought a very suitable site could be obtained fro°, the Victorian Rifle Association. On the motion of Dr. Honman, seconde d by Dr. Maclean, it was resolved that steps be taken towards the erection of 0 hospital in Williamstown.

Dr. Aubrey Bowen, who has been appointed one of the Victoria n Commissioners for the Paris Exhibition, and is proceeding to Europe by the outgoing mail steamer, was entertained on Tuesday evening, April 9, at dinner, at the French Club by the Medical Society of Victoria, with which he has been connected for more than 20 years, variously as Hon. Secretalt President, and Treasurer. The chair was occupied by Dr. Balls-Headley' President of the Society, and the vice-chair by Dr. Neild, one of th e ex-Presidents. The principal toast of the evening was the health of chief guest, in proposing which Dr. Balls-Headley referred to the big" thf position Dr. Bowen had always taken as a member of the medical professio 0 in this city, and to the substantial services he had rendered to the Medical

Society, not the least of those being his obtainment from the Government of the land upon which the hall of the Society stands. Dr. Bowen having replied in feeling terms, other toasts and speeches followed, and the company separated about 11 o'clock, after wishing Dr. Bowen a pleasant voyage, an agreeable visit, and a speedy return to this colony. Dr. Bowen was also entertained at luncheon at Scott's Hotel by his fellow members of the Paris Exhibition Commission. Mr. G. D. Langridge, M.L.A., proposed the health of the guest in a highly eulogistic speech.

The report presented by M. Pasteur's representatives to the Queensland Government, on the protection of cattle against pleuro-pneumonia, states that thus far they have been unable to isolate and cultivate the microbes of pleuro-pneumonia, but they have endeavoured to surmount the difficulty by the inoculation of the virus obtained from diseased lungs. This virus placed under the skin developes oedema at the point of inoculation, and this, if inoculated in the cattles' tails, would prevent the pleuro. The report j'acernmends, in connection with the production of the virus, that calves, and not cattle too old or too thin, should be inoculated with the virus from the i lung, under the skin of the thoracic walls about the shoulder. The Part inoculated gradually swells, and the calf dies in thirty days, yielding

!a°11g1-1 lymph to inoculate 1500 calves. The question as to whether the subcutaneous liquid inoculated in the tails of the animals would protect thorn against a second attack had been satisfactorily answered by the experiments, and it was also demonstrated that the virus could be preserved at least for 30 days. The services of Drs. Germont and Loir in connection

11,411 the pleuro-pneumonia experiments have been recognised by the Go

v ernment by the payment of an honorarium of ,500 to each.

The Sanitary Commission met on March 19, to finally consider the progress report which is shortly to be presented. The proceedings were conducted in private. An ordinary sitting of the Commission was subsequently held for the purpose of taking the evidence of Professor Kernot an d Mr. A. Black, the surveyor-general, as to the most preferable system of sewerage for the metropolis, and the steps necessary to be taken to prevent the Pollution of the Yan Yean water supply.

The Central Board of Health, at its meeting on the 5th inst., resolved that exhumation should not be permitted, except to serve the ends of justice, in eases where the patient had died from typhoid fever, erysipelas, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and typhus fever. Mr. Coppin resigned his seat on the Board,


Consequence of having lost his seat in the Legislative Assembly

Rose said that he intended to take as much interest in the affairs of the p° cl. as previously, and would attend the House and instruct Members of


nament on the subject.


at Ardeonnell, Moonee Ponds, the wife of J. Campbell, M.D., CAMPBELL—On the 4th inst.,

Of .son.


CADEN.—On the 19th nit.

40Walo.—On the 17th ult., t tlys —On the 8th inst., tialleiter.

, at Port Melbourne, the wife of Dr. Cuscaden, of a daughter.

at North Fitzroy, the wife of G. T. Howard, M.D., of a son.

the wife of W. V. Jakins, physician, Collins-street, of a


Australian. Medical Journal. APRIL 15, 1859

MacomBox.—On the Sth ult., at 7 BrunsWick-street, Fitzroy, the wife of W. Macgibben' M.D., of a daughter.

Moouu.—On the 17th ult., at Hotham-street, East Melbourne, the wife of W. Moore , M.D., Ch. M., Spring-street, of a daughter. SKINNER.—On the 31st ult., at Beechworth, the wife of Dr. Skinner, of a daughter.

VANCE.—On the 6th inst., at the Bungalow, Bacchus Marsh, the wife of Dr. Noel Vanc e' of a son.

WHITAKER.—On the 29th ult., at Ettrick House, Victoria-street, North Melbourne, the wife of J. Whitaker, M.D., R.N., of a daughter.


BARKER—MANTON.—On the 4th ult., at St. Mary's Caulfield, by special licence, by the Rev. H. B. Macartney, Gertrude Evelyn, fourth daughter of F. J. Manton, of Tenalb a, Domain-street, South Yarra, to Walter Herbert Barker, M.R.C.P., L.R.C.P., B.A. Cantab , M.A., Melb., of Kew, eldest son of Samuel Barker, M.D., of Brighton, England. GOODALL—DOUGHARTY.—On the 5th ult., at the Presbyterian Church, Elsternwick, by the Rev. Joseph Hay, Charles Edwin Goodall, M.B., Ch. B., son of John Goodall, J.P” of Stradbrook, St. Kilda, to Ada Jessie, youngest daughter of J. G. Dougharty, of Elwood 1 -1010, Elsternwick.

KEOGH — HEWLETT.—On the 4th ult., Arthur G. Keogh, M.B., C. M., son of Edmun d Keogh, Alma-road, St. Kilda, to Edith Louise, only daughter of Thomas Hewlett, M.B.C S• Nicholson-street, Fitzroy.

LONG—FITZHARDINGE.—On the 5th ult., at Stoneleigh, Wagga Wagga, by the Ven: Archdeacon Pownall, B.D., Dr. St. Clair A. Long, of Wagga Wagga, son of the late MaJ .°' General J. Long, C.G., Ireland, to Katherine Helen, only daughter of H.

B. Fitt' bardinge, Esq., solicitor, Wagga Wagga.

BOOSLI—Gow.A.N. —On the 7th ult., at St. George's Church, Malvern, by the Rev. Ca ll Chase, assisted by the Rev. C. J. Godby, M.A., Robert James Loosli, M.B., Ch. B•, ° Camberwell, to Agnes Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late John D. Gowan, of Toorak.


WLEAN.—On the 14th ult., at the residence of Mr. Jno. Ross, pharmacist, Sale, of typhoid fever, Alexander M'Lean, M.A., M.B., Ch. M., aged 31 years. WOOLHOUSE.—On the 30th January, on board the R.M.S. Parramatta, Henry fle rc°

Woolhouse, M.R.C.S.E., son of the late Captain Woolhouse, H.bI. 44th Regiment, aged 62.

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