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HE R.V.I.A. appeal to its members for donations towards the building of "The Shrine of Remem- brance" was opened by the President at the Insti- tute Annual Dinner on Tuesday, September 6th.

In opening the fund, Mr. Oakley expressed the sincere hope of the Council that Institute members would give strong support to the appeal for the memorial, which would be a worthy symbol of the State's gratitude to those who offered their services in the Great War. Upon bronze tablets in the inner shrine would be inscribed the name of every soldier in Victoria who took part in the war, with special panels for the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice. When completed the memorial would be one of the finest in the world, and would be an inspiration for future generations. The foundation stone of the memorial would be laid next Armistice day by the Governor.

It would be most inspiring to the public if the architectural profession gave the lead in the appeal for funds and he was con- vinced that the appeal would receive widespread support from every section of the community. (Applause.)

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Mr. Oakley announced that Mr. J. S. Murdoch had offered to start the list with a donation of £25 and that he (the Presi- dent) would be glad to receive other gifts from members.

The following members gave notice of their intention to subscribe the sums enumerated hereunder :-

Mr. J. S. Murdoch ... £25 0 0 Mr. P. A. Oakley ... 25 0 0 Mr: W. A. M. Blackett ... 25 0 0 Mr. K. A. Henderson ... 25 0 0 Mr. S. W. Smith ... ... 25 0 0

Mr. C. A. Ogg ... 25 0 0

Mr. C: E. Serpell 25 0 0

Mr. W. R. Butler 25 0 0

Mr. M. W. Martin 25 0 0

Mr. F. B. Tompkins 25 0 0

Mr. R. H. Alsop 25 0 0

Mr. P. B. Hudson ... 25 0 0 Mr. J. H. Wardrop ... 25 0 0 Mr. T. J. Buchan ... 12 10 0 Mr. J. A. Laird ... 12 10 0 Mr. A. W. Purnell ... 10 0 0 Mr. L. J. Reed ... 10 0 0 Mr. E. W. Corder ... 10 0 0 Mr. H. J. Mackennal 10 0 0 Mr. M. R. Barlow ... 10 0 0 Mr. F. G. B. Hawkins 10 0 0 Mr. L. M. Perrott ... 10 0 0 Mr. H. Desbrowe-Annear 10 0 0

Mr. R. B. Hamilton 10 0 0

Mr. N. Barnet ... 10 0 0

Mr. C. M. M. Dare 10 0 0

Mr. A. H. Walkley 10 0 0

Mr. L. F. Irwin ... 10 0 0

Mr. C. R. Carleton 10 0 0

Mr. J. W. Wright 5 0 0

Mr. W. F. Williams ... 0 10 0 '£495 10 0

Victorian *national War Memorial.

Donations since to hand:

Mr. L. R. Williams ... ... 1 1 0 Mr. W. M. Campbell ... 1 1 0

£497 12 0

The organisation of the National War Memorial Committee provides that donations may be spread in equal sums over a period of five years. It is therefore possible for members to signify the amount of their gifts now, and arrangements will be made for the collecting of the yearly instalments at 12 monthly periods.

Arrangements have been made with the War Memorial Committee that all gifts by Institute members, in addition to ap- pearing in the Journal, will be announced in the daily press in enumerated form under the heading of the R.V.I.A. A record of every gift towards the building of the memorial will be lodged in the crypt of the shrine when it is completed.

The Council appeals to members to give the memorial their practical support and to forward donations to the Secretary of the Institute as soon as possible. A progressive list of contri- butions will be published in each issue of the Journal.

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The Council desires to draw members' attention to a valu- able suggestion advanced by Mr. T. J. Buchan (F.) at the last Council meeting. A number of cases have recently come under notice in which members, when inviting tenders for work in country districts, have stated that plans were available for in- spection at timber yards, shops, etc.

Mr. Buchan pointed out that it would be of great benefit to members when calling for tenders if they were to communicate with an Institute member located in the district concerned with a request that prospective tenderers be permitted to inspect plans at his office. The Council heartily endorses this suggestion and feels sure that such a reciprocal arrangement would be much appreciated.

Mr. Buchan states that his firm would be happy to assist any Institute member in this manner when tenders are invited for work in the Geelong district.


The Council has been advised that under the amended Con- stitution of the Working Men's College, the Institute is entitled to nominate a member upon the College Council.

At a recent meeting of the Council, Mr. Leighton F. Irwin was appointed to the office. In making the appointment, Coun- cil members made highly complimentary references to Mr.

Irwin's work in connection with educational matters and it was felt that he would be a most worthy representative of the Insti- tute at the College.


Lime and Hydrated Lime

Mr. Frederick Sale, A.R.I.B.A., A.R.V.I.A., has been appoin- ted by the Council to represent the Institute on the Victorian Committee of the Australian Commonwealth Engineering Stan- dards' Association in connection with this subject.


ALLIED SOCIETIES' CLUB Note to Members of the R.V.I.A.

Your Council feels that in common with the other Institutes associated with the Allied Societies' Trust, we share in the re- sponsibility of making the Collins Place property a success. The Club which occupies the upper floors is an essential feature of the undertaking. If, however, the Club is to perform its part towards enabling the scheme as a whole to pay, it must have 400 to 500 members, and at present the total is only 170.

The Club has made an excellent start; the premises have been well fitted and furnished ; a club license has been trans- ferred to the premises without any capital expenditure ; lunches, billiards, cards, and all the amenities of club life are being catered for. All that is wanted to ensure success is a sufficient membership roll.

We therefore ask you, if you have not already joined up with the Club, and if you can see your way clear to do so, to sign the membership application herewith. If, however, you are already a member, will you endeavour to use the application form by getting one member to sign up and post to the Club Secretary? In all probability prospective members are to be found either in your own office, or in those of others with whom you are intimate. The entrance fee is V. 1s., and the annual Subscription £3 3s. ; for Country Members (beyond 25 miles from the Club) the entrance fee is £1 1s.,, and the annual sub- scription £1 1s.

The Secretary,

Fitzroy and East Melbourne Bowling Club, 55 Collins Place, Melbourne.

Dear Sir,

Will you please propose me as a member of your Club.

I am a member of the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects.

My address is

Yours faithfully,

137 [Board