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The Government Statist's Report on the Vital Statistics of Melbourne and suburbs for December shows that the births of 788 children, viz., 404 boys and 384 girls, were registered during the month. In the month of November 776 births were registered, or 12 fewer than in the month under review. The births were 128 above the average of the previous nine years, but only 54 above that average, if allowance be made for the increase of population. The deaths registered in December numbered 607, viz., 325 of males, and 282 of females


the births thus exceeded the


by 181.

The deaths

outnumbered those in November by 156, and




of December during the previous ten

years by 81.


however, allowance

be made for the increase of population, they

will be



have exceeded the average of those ten



15 only.



1000 of the population the proportion

of births registered was

2.70, and of deaths registered 2.08. An

increase took place in

all the


of diseases during the month

under notice.


principle increases,

however, occurred in deaths

from dysentery

and diarrhoea, which rose from 53 to 90 ; in

those from phthisis, which rose

from 43


70 ; and in those

from atrophy

and debility,

which rose

from 25 to 49. Four deaths

took place in



1 death of


mother to every 197 children

born alive.


highest temperature



shade recorded at the Melbourne Observatory

during the





the 29th ; and the lowest


46.2° on


4th. The


temperature of the the month

(63.4°) was nearly


a degree

above the average.

Ninety-nine deaths,

or 16 per


of the whole, took place in public

institutions, viz. :-55

in the Melbourne Hospital, 9 in the Alfred Hospital, 1 in


Homoeopathic Hospital, 3 in the Children's








in the Immi- grants' Home, 10

in the Benevolent



in the Yarra Bend Lunatic

Asylum, 3 in the

Metropolitan Lunatic Asylum, 5 in the Austin Hospital, 1


the Melbourne Gaol, and 1 in the Infant Asylum.

During the

week ending

12th January, 192 births and 143.


were registered.


the total deaths,

60 or 41.9 per cent.

were of children

under the age of



of whom 51, or

35.6 per

cent did not attain one year.

PEB. 15, 1884 Australian Medical Journal. 93 During the week ending 19th January, 175 births and 127 deaths were registered. Of the total deaths, 59 or 46.4 per cent.

were of children under the age of three years, of whom 46, or 36.2 per cent. were under one year.

During the week ending 26th January, 159 births and 118 deaths were registered. Of the total deaths, 58, or 49.2 per cent., Were of children under the age of three years ; 46, or 39 per cent.

being under 1 year.

During the week ending 2nd February, 250 births and 118 deaths were registered. Of the total deaths, 47 or 39.8 per cent., Were of children under three years ; 42, or 35.6 per cent., being under one year.

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At the Meeting of the Council, on the 4th inst., plans for the

•extension of the Medical School buildings were presented by


Reed, the architect of the University. The final decision was postponed for fourteen days.

It was reported that his Excellency the Governor had held a visitation, and had given his decision in favour of the Senate in the matter of the disputed prizes and scholarships.

On the motion of Dr. Mackay, a committee was appointed to consider the judgment delivered at the late visitation.

In the absence of Dr. Morrison, Professor Irving moved the desirability of appointing lecturers on clinical medicine and clinical surgery for the ensuing academic year. This was agreed to, and the medical faculty was requested to report to the Council as soon as possible on the duties which shall be required by these officers, with a view to advertise for candidates.

It was decided to invite applications for the post of examiner in materia medica, now made vacant by the absence of Dr. J. P. Ryan from the colony.

The time-tables for the University Matriculation and Ordinary Examinations, to be held on the 3rd of next month, are posted.

For the Matriculation Examination 30 entries have been received,

and for the Ordinary Examination 194, divided as follows :- Arts, 41 ; laws, 13 ; medicine, 69 ; engineering, 18 ; articled clerks, 53. The Honor Examinations will not take place until after the publication of the results of the Ordinary Examinations, about the middle of March.

A meeting of the Medical Board of Victoria was held on the 1st inst., at the Government offices. Present :—Drs. Youl (in the chair), Fetherston, Blair, and Barker. The undermentioned gentlemen attended, produced their diplomas, and were registered as follows :—Herbert Maxwell Curtayne, Cheltenham, No. 1,119, M.R.C.S. Eng. 1881; Moritz Herdegen, Hamilton,.

No. 1,120, States Examination, 20th August, 1880, M.D. Munich 1884 William Henry Johnstone, Clifton Hill, No. 1,121, L. M. Univ. Dublin 1874„

L. Ch. Univ. Dublin 1874; John de Conroy Young, Baimsdale, No. 1,122,.

L.F.P.S. Glas. 1858, L.R.C.P. Edin. 1872.

The following gentlemen have been appointed officers of health :- Hamilton, W. E. Le Fanu Hearn, M.B. ; Alexandra, C. F. Lethbridge, surgeon ; Buln Buln, J. F. Cobb, surgeon ; Glenelg, Charles Smith, M.D.

Tambo, James Duncan, M.B. ; Warragul, J. F. Cobb, surgeon ; Wannon, J. Crawford, surgeon ; Stratford, Alexander McLean, M.B., vice W. Forbes, M.R.C.S., resigned.

The appointments of the undermentioned gentlemen as health officers have also been approved and confirmed: Boroughs—Eaglehawk, J. J. Thom, M.D. ; Sebastopol, Richard Bunce, surgeon. Shires—Berwick, T. Elmes, surgeon Dungaree, J. F. Usher, M.D. ; Cranbourne, T. Elmes, surgeon ; Dandenong, ;,

H. 0. Moore, M.B. ; Darebin, W. C. Williamson, M.B. ; East Loddon, Alexander Adams, M.B. ; Glenlyon, T. H. Hutchinson, L.S.A. ; Korong, P. MacVean, M.B. ; Mornington, F. L. Hooper, surgeon ; Swan Hill, William Gregory, M.D. ; Yackandandah, A. Muller, M.D.

The following appointments have been gazetted :—Medical Department.- Surgeon-Major John Fulton, M.D., to be principal medical officer, with relative rank of lieutenant-colonel. To be surgeon-majors with relative rank of Majors—Surgeon-Major David Boswell Reid, Surgeon-Major William Bone,, M.D. ; Surgeon-Major Andrew Lexton Gray, Surgeon-Major Gerald Henry Fetherstone, M.D. ;

Surgeon-Major Robert Robertson. To be surgeons with relative rank of captain—Surgeon James Patrick Ryan, Surgeon Edwin Hinchcliff, M.D. ; Surgeon Charles Snodgrass Ryan, M.B. ; Surgeon Robert.

Denham Pinnock, M.B. Valentine Edward Browne. ; Surgeon James George Beaney, M.D. ; Surgeon With a view to ascertaining the practicability of boarding-out some of the.

harmless lunatic patients, the Chief Secretary recently addressed communi- cations on the subject to the superintendents of the respective asylums,

15, 1884 Australian Medical Journal. 95, and requested to be informed in each case how many patients there were, cleanly in their habits, docile, and able to appreciate the treatment they received. The answers tend to show that there is no probability of the boarding-out system being adopted in connection with the lunatic asylums.

The superintendents state that if they had under their charge persons of the character indicated by the Chief Secretary, they would at once recommend their dismissal from the institutions ; but they add that there are many imbeciles whom they would be glad to see boarded out.

The monthly meeting of the Pharmacy Board of Victoria was held on the 14th inst. at the offices of the Board, 100 Collins-street. The newly-elected members, Messrs. H. T. Tompsitt and A. J. Owen, were introduced. The first business was the election of president and treasurer. On the motion of Mr. Henry Brind, Mr. C. R. Blackett was re-appointed president, and Mr.

George Lewis was re-appointed treasurer. A resolution was passed approving of the syllabus of the College of Pharmacy for the session of 1884. The lectures for this course will commence on the 24th March.

The Central Board of Health has resolved that, unless the health authorities.

at Adelaide provide for a proper medical inspection at their port, the Board Will feel it their duty to instruct the health officers of the port of Melbourne to refuse clearances inwards to all vessels from South Australian ports until they shall have been examined at our quarantine ground. The Board has also decided to record its emphatic disapproval of the proposal to inoculate rabbits with tubercle, on the ground that it would not be effective, and might be dangerous to other animals, and possibly to the public health.

Among the passengers by the " Garonne," from London, were Dr..

T. L. McMillan and Dr. F. D. Bird.

At the adjourned annual meeting of the contributors to the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, at the Atheneum, Collins-street, a ballot was taken for the election of an honorary physician for the ensuing year. There were four Candidates, and Dr. V. E. Brown, M.B., was chosen to fill,the position.

The Tuberculosis Board has been hearing evidence from a number of veterinary surgeons on the subjects which it has been appointed to consider.

The evidence has been taken in private and a resume supplied to the press.

There is concurrence of opinion that the disease is hereditary and contagious, and that it is increasing in this colony.

An order by the Governor in Council was issued on the 14th inst.

directing that " whereas the disease known as typhoid fever is now prevalent in several towns in Victoria, and it is expedient that the Central Board of Health should be enabled to enforce any regulations that may appear to be necessary for preventing the spread of the said disease," the provisions of the Public Health Act 1883, for the prevention of epidemic, endemic, and Contagious diseases, shall be put in force. By the 76th clause of the act the medical practitioner in attendance at any house where there is a person suffering from a malignant infectious disease is directed to furnish the occupier of the house with a certificate, which will enable him to report the existence of the disease to the local board within twenty-four hours of his receiving the certificate. The Central Board of Health, on being duly informed of the fact, will then have power, with the sanction of the Governor in Council, to take such steps as may be deemed necessary, by isolating the house, for example, to prevent the spread of the disease.—Argus.

The arrangements for carrying on calf-lymph vaccination, at the Royal Park, have been causing a great deal of discussion. A lengthy correspond- ence on the subject has been published in the Argus, which shows that Mr.

Graham Mitchell has practically been carrying on vaccination according to his own fashion, and for his own profit. Mr. Mitchell, in fact, ignored the

<Central Board. He refused to take any instructions whatever, and persisted in conducting the depot in his own way, notwithstanding that the requests of the Board were backed up by the authority of the Chief Secretary. The patience of the Board having been at last exhausted, it submitted to the 'Chief Secretary the following minute :—" That inasmuch as Mr. Graham Mitchell will not comply with the direct orders of the Government, and persists in a course of action which renders ineffective the object which the State had in view in the establishment of the depot, the Board has no other course than to recommend that his services be dispensed with." This recommendation was adopted by the Chief Secretary, and Mr. Mitchell was required to vacate the premises, and as he has not done so, steps have been Aitken to eject him.


ALSOP.—On the 12th inst., at Bonsai, Upper Hawthorn, the wife of T. 0. Fabian .Alsop, M.B., C.M., M.R.C.S., of a daughter.


the 29th ult., at Ararat, Mrs. Ed. H. B. Barker, of a daughter, stillborn.



the 31st ult, at St. Mark's Church, Fitzroy, by the Rev. R. Barlow, Thomas Hewlett, surgeon, to Millicent, relict of the late John Fitts.


t., at Beaufort, Elizabeth, only daughter of Dr. Croker, of

at his residence, King-street, West Melbourne, J. F. Grace,

at Wellington street, St. Kilda, George Arthur, infant son

In addition to the usual exchanges, English and American, we have to acknowledge receipt of Vol. IV. of the " Index Catalogue of

the Surgeon General's Library " (U.S.) and " Hydatid Disease," by John Davies Thomas, M.D., F.R.C.S., Adelaide. Dr. J. F. Anderson's paper will appear in next number.

CROKER.—On the 10th ins Beaufort, aged 28 years.

GRACE.—On the 23rd ult., M.D., aged 63.

PEIPERS.—On the 22nd ult.,

,of Fr. Peipers, M.D.