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Whitley College 2005


Whitley College is situated on land in Royal Parade owned by the Baptist Union of Victoria and reserved by it for the establishment and conduct of a College affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

In 1955 the Assembly of the Baptist Union decided to establish an affiliated college of the University as a centenary project of the Union and the foundation stone was laid in the centenary year 1962. The College was opened on 27 February 1965 by the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. Sir Robert Menzies, KT. It is named after Dr William T. Whitley who established the first Baptist Theological College in Australia in 1891. The College continues to provide theological education and theological students may be resident members of the College.

The initial circular building housed 105 male students but in 1972 with the opening of an additional wing, the College became co-educational. The College now accommodates 130 students and 13 tutors / residential assistants.

Whitley College is governed by a Council under the control of the Baptist Union of Victoria. It is open for residence to students of the University of Melbourne of all religious persuasions. A limited number of students may become non- residents of the College.


Rev. Dr. Geoff Pound, BA Auckland MA Auckland BD DMin Southern DTheol MCD Acting Warden (Head of Residential College)

Rev. Dr. Geoff Pound, B A Auckland MA Auckland BD DMin Southern DTheol MCD Dean (Head of Theological College)

Rev. Dr. Frank D Rees, MA BD ThM PhD DipEd Academic Director

Ms Caroline Spencer,BA/BBus Swinburne,BA(Uons) Melb. MA Qld. MA Melb. PhD Melb.

Directors of Pastoral Care/Acting Deputy Wardens

Mr Mark Cheeseman, BSc Monash BEng Monash BTh BCV ThM Regent Ms Stacey Cheeseman, BA LaTrobe Dip. Ed. Monash MCS Regent Librarian

Ms Kerrie Hunter, BSc, GDipLib&InfoStud AALIA Residential Tutors


Chloe Groom, BA/LLB (Hons) Melb. CELTA LaTrobe Biochemistry/Biology

Catherine Osborne, BSc (Hons) Melb.


Simon Lang, BSc Melb.


Katie Lang, BEd BA (Human Movement) Deakin Information Technology

Yaniv Bemstien, BCompSc Melb. BAppSc. (Hons) RMIT Physics

David Vine, BSc (Hons) Monash

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Non-Residential Tutors Arts

Brendan Coates Medicine

Nicole Campbell Psychology

Ruth Drackford Theological Faculty

Mark G Brett, BA MDiv PhD Keith D Dyer, BA BTh DTh Simon Holt, Btheol, MTheol, PhD Colin Hunter, BTh Mmin DipEE Ross O Langmead, MA BD MEd DTh Ken R Manley, BA DPhil

Marita R Munro, BA BD MTh DipEd Geoff Pound, MA BD Dmin, DTheol Frank D Rees, MA BD ThM PhD DipEd Visiting Theological Faculty

Mark Cheeseman, BSc, BEng, Bth, ThM

Darren Cronshaw, BA, DipEd,MIitt, AdvDipMin, Btheol(Hons),TheolM Andrew Curtis, BA, BD, MTheol, DipEd, PhD

Lyn Dyer, BA, DipEd DipEdPsych BTheol Terry C Falla, BD MA PhD

David Fuller, Bth, MA(Theol) Alan Kreider, BA, AM, PhD

Bill Leng, BEng(Hons), BD, MA (Hons) Susan McDonald, BA,BTheol

Nathan Nettleton, BTheol(Hons)

Bruce Newnham, BTheol, DipEdu,DipElectEng.MA(Theol), AdvDipMissiolStudies Graham Roberts, BA(Accountancy),GradDipEd,BTheol(Hons)

Bruce Rumbold, Msc, PhD, BD (Hons), PhD Rainer Schack, BD, TheolM, DipMin Jillian Stewart, MA, BD, TPTC

Peter Thompson, Mmin, BBehaviouralSci Geoff Webb, DipTeach, Bed, BD, DTheol Val Webb, BA, BSc, PhD

Christopher White, BTheol, MA, FIA

Gordon Wild, Btheol, AdvDipMin, DipYthWk Geoff Wraight, BTheol, TheolM



Registration Fee (payable on application for admission) $25 Enrolment Fee (1st years, payable on admission) $200 Annual Fee for Residence $ 12,560

Bond (reclaimable if no dues outstanding) $419

Student Club Fees $200 Fees entitle students to board, lodgings and tuition for the College academic year of 30 weeks. The College academic

year is based on that of the University of Melbourne. For authorised residence at other times of the year students are charged at $41 per day, or a flat fee of $200 per week.


Scholarships are available for graduates and undergraduates. Academic scholarships worth 10% of the fees are awarded each year on the results of the Victorian Certificate of Education. Similar scholarships are available to students already in attendance at the University, on the basis of their results in University examinations. Senior Scholarships are available to graduates and honours students, music and auxiliary scholarships are available to all residents. Bursaries are available to students in circumstances of financial hardship, discounts to students with a sibling already in College.


Further information and application forms may be obtained from The Warden, Whitley College, 271 Royal Parade, Parkville 3052.

email: [email protected] website: http://www.whitley.unimelb.edu.au

Arrangements can be made for visitors to inspect the College.

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Ridley College


Ridley College was founded in 1910, and from the outset has undertaken both university student residence and theological education. Throughout its history it has preserved this dual character. While Anglican in foundation, Ridley has always been home to students of any faith or none. Ridley now attracts students from all over Australia, and from a wide variety of international backgrounds.

The beginnings of the College were humble. A boarding house, called "Norwood" (which may still be seen opposite Janet Clarke Hall) was rented, and became a College housing five students. The College developed, however, and soon a property called "Kooringa" further down Sydney Road was purchased (now alas demolished to make way for a motel), and the College was set up on what was expected to be its final site. It continued to grow, however, and

"Kooringa" had to be sold in order to move to a larger site where the College is now located on the comer of Walker Street and The Avenue. At first there was ample accommodation in the large house, "Cumnock", but as the College grew other buildings were erected.

In order to strengthen the traditional links between the College and the University of Melbourne in 1965 application was made to the University Council for affiliation. The College began 1966 as one of the University of Melbourne's affiliated Colleges. In 1972 Ridley became co-residential, the first College at the University of Melbourne to do so.


President of the Council

The Most Revd Peter Watson, BEc Sydney ThL(Hons) ACT DipTh Moore Warden

Dr Evonne Paddison, BA UNE BD MCD MLitt UNE PhD Sydney DipTG Sydney DipRE MCD Dean

Rev Rod Morris, BEc ANU BTh(Hons) ACT MEd UTS DipHispStud Granada GradDipAdultEd UTS Assistant Dean

Mrs Alison McDonald, BA MEd Melb BEd LaTrobe MAPsS Director of Studies

Mrs Colleen Arnold-Moore, BA(Hons) Melb BTh MTh(candidate) ACT Senior Academic in Residence

Dr Tim Arnold-Moore, BSc(Hons) LLB Melb PhD RMIT LMusA Assistant Chaplains/ Residential Tutors

Ms Maria Brand, BAPsych Melb GDipB&M ACT MDiv(candidate) ACT

Ms Anita Niranjan, BSc (Hons) Sydney MA Melb BSc(Hons) £/ivWDipBS(Hons) Moore Mr David Spencer, BAppSc Deakin MDiv(candidate) ACT

Senior Academic Fellows

Professor Graeme Clark, AO MB MS PhD HonMD Sydney HonMD Hannover FRCS FRACS Professor Emeritus Allan Day, BSc MSc MBBS MD Adel DPhil Oxford DSc Melb BTh ACT Professor Ian Harper, BEc Qld MEc PhD ANU

Dr Audrey Grant, BA DipEd PhD Melb Dr Bruce Langtry, BA PhD Sydney

Professor Timothy McCormack, LLB Tasmania PhD Monash

Residential Tutors Arts

Ms Maria Brand, BAPsych Melb GdipB&M ACT MDiv(candidate) ACT Ms Anita Niranjan, BSc(Hons) Sydney MA Melb BA DipBS(Hons) Moore Law/Computer Science

Dr Tim Arnold-Moore, BSc(Hons) LLB Melb PhD RMIT LMusA Pharmacy

Mr Lawrence Meng, BFormSc Monash BPhysio(candidate) Melb Mr Benjamin Roberts, BSc(Hons) Canterbury PhD(candidate) Monash Science

Mr Chris Adams, BSc MAppliedSc(candidate) RMIT Mr David Spencer, BAppSc Melb MDiv(candidate) ACT Ms Olivia Tan, BSc(Hons) (candidate) Melb

Non-Residential Tutors Arts

Ms Felicity Jensz, BA(Hons) MA(candidate) Melb Mr Hideaki Sakurai, BA(Hons) Tokyo GradDipEd Monash Economics/Commerce

Mr Andrew Parker, BComm(candidate) Melb Engineering

Mr Richard McAvoy, BEng RMIT Information Technology

Dr Thomas Conway, BSc(Hons) PhD Melb Medicine

Ms Stella Sarlos, BMedSc BMed (candidate) PhD (candidate) Melb Pharmacy/Physiology

Ms Shaunagh Darroch, BSc MPharm Monash Science

Dr Thomas Conway, BSc(Hons) PhD Melb Ms Philippa Griffin, 4th year BSc/BA Melb Business Manager

Mr Darren Waterworth, BBus(Acc) Phillip Institute ASA Personal Assistant to Warden & Administration Manager

Mrs Sue Abbott Receptionist

Miss Natalie Brough Property Manager

Mr Jim Fisher Librarian

Ms Ruth Millard, BA(Hons) Melb. DipEd Latrobe BTh ^CrGDipInfServ RMIT Assistant Librarian

Ms Joy Healey, BA Latrobe GDipLib UNSW MA BCV