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By Garry Womsley


A large contingent of NSW Masters athletes braved the summer heat and ventured to Bendigo in early January for the Oceania Masters Championships. Opportunities to represent one’s own country at home do not happen that often. Particularly at this time of the year when there is normally not a lot of competition on offer. Competition was held over 9 days and included all track, field, multi and out-of-stadium events.

As usual, there were some stand-out performers: - GIANNA MOGENTALE (W50): - As usual, this fantastic athlete picked up a swag of gold medals.

They were in the 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, Outdoor Pentathlon and 4 x 400m. In addition, she broke Oceania Masters Championship Records in the 60m (8.40sec), 100m (Individual) (13.4sec), 100m (Pentathlon) (13.29sec), Outdoor Pentathlon (3479 points), 400m (1:02.62) and 200m

(26.69sec). She also broke Australian Records in the Outdoor Pentathlon (3479 points) and the Long Jump (4.58m).

Gianna Mogentale (left) Julie Forster (right) Photo: by Gianna Mogentale

STUART GYNGELL (M50): - This outstanding thrower and multi-eventer seems to get better with age. He picked gold medals in the Shot Put, Hammer, Weight Pentathlon, Discus and Weight Throw. In addition, he broke Oceania Masters

Championships Records in Shot Put (Individual) (17.52m), Weight Pentathlon (4049 points), Shot Put (Pentathlon) (17.57m), Discus (Pentathlon) (46.49m), Weight Throw (Pentathlon) (16.12m), Discus (Individual) (49.65m) and Weight Throw (Individual) (18.05m). He also broke Australian Records in the Weight Pentathlon (4049 points), Shot Put (17.57m) and Discus (49.65m).

DAVID CHANTRILL (M75): - Another sprinter who has had a great season at not only Oceania level but also at State and National level. He only contested the one event at Bendigo. This was in the 200m. He not only took the Gold Medal in the M75 age category, he broke the Oceania Masters Championship Record and the Australian Record with his outstanding time of 29.89sec.

MAX McKAY (M90): - At 90 years young, this multi- eventer is one of the elder statesmen of NSW Masters Athletics. He reached his latest milestone just days before these Championships. He took home gold medals in the Hammer, Shot Put, Weight Pentathlon, Javelin and Discus. In addition, he broke Oceania Masters Championship Records in the Hammer (Individual) (18.36m), Shot Put (Individual) (5.42m), Javelin (Individual) (10.22m), Hammer (Pentathlon) (18.44m), Shot Put

(Pentathlon) (5.46m), Discus (Pentathlon)

(10.19m), Javelin (Pentathlon) (9.31m) and Discus (Individual) (11.82m). He also broke State Records

O f f i c i a l N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e N S W M a s t e r s A t h l e t i c s A s s o c i a t i o n


September, 2014


2 in the Hammer (18.44m), Weight Pentathlon (2384 points), Shot Put (5.46m) and Javelin (10.22m).

MARY THOMAS (W65): - Another thrower and multi-eventer who is ultra-consistent. Remarkably, she was the oldest in her age category at this meet.

She earned gold medals in the Discus, Javelin and Weight Pentathlon. Her score of 3651 points is an Australian Record. As she has now entered the W70 age category, we look forward to her breaking more records.

RANELL HOBSON (W40): - Another sprinter in good form over the season. She won the State Open 60m in December and took gold in the same event in Bendigo in a time of 8.25sec. This was also an Oceania Masters Championship Record.

Ranell Hobson (centre) Gold Medallist 60m Oceania Masters Bendigo Photo by Gianna Mogentale

RICARD MEIRING (M35): - This thrower from Orange is still ultra-competitive in Open

competition. He again excelled at this level. His gold medals in the Hammer (59.00m), Weight Pentathlon (3117 points) and Weight Throw (18.59m) were all Oceania Masters Championship Records.

MONTSE ROS (W35): - Another of our younger athletes who did well here. She picked up gold medals in the Pole Vault (2.50m), which was an Oceania Masters Championship Record, as well as the Triple Jump (9.37m).

Montse Ros (third from left) Gold Medallist Triple Jump Oceania Masters Bendigo

JAMIE MUSCAT (M35): - This athlete has had a go at most events over the years and has been very successful at most of them. He took gold medals in the Shot Put (12.85m), High Jump (1.45m) and Discus (43.84m). His effort in the Discus was also an Oceania Masters Championship Record.

TIM McGRATH (M50): - Another athlete who performs well at most events that he competes in.

He took gold in the Pole Vault (3.10m). This was an Oceania Masters Championship Record. He also did well in the very gruelling Decathlon (a story on this appeared in a previous edition of the Waratah).

GREG MAMALIS (M70): - He has done well at the jumps and hurdles over the years. He took gold in the Long Jump (4.24m), 80m Hurdles (17.91sec) and High Jump (1.35m). His effort in the High Jump was also an Oceania Masters Championship


LYNETTE SMITH (W40): - She continues to excel at the Throws and Jumps events. She earned gold medals in the Discus (30.78m), Javelin (31.60m) and High Jump (1.53m). Her effort in the High Jump was also an Oceania Masters Championship Record

Lynette Smith and Andrew Atkinson-

Howatt Gold Medallist Javelin Oceania Masters



3 Other gold medallists were: -

Cristine Suffolk (W40) – 5000m – 20:54.55, 8km Cross Country – 34:30

Viola Diloi (W30) – 60m – 8.64sec, 400m – 1:07.06, 200m – 28.33sec

John Wall (M65) – 60m – 8.61sec, 100m – 13.8sec Christopher Brack (M45) – 60m – 7.90sec, 100m – 12.40sec, 400m – 52.82sec, 200m – 23.84sec

Stephen Bullock (M30) – 60m – 8.10sec, Long Jump – 5.66m, Shot Put – 10.24m, Hammer – 24.12m, 110m Hurdles – 21.41sec, 100m – 13.3sec, Javelin –

32.16m, High Jump – 1.55m

Mark Johnston (M60) – Hammer 39.68m, Shot Put – 11.03m, Discus – 39.93m

Jill Taylor (W55) – Shot Put – 9.54m, Weight Pentathlon – 3141 points

Audrey Thomson (W30) – Shot Put – 9.56m, Hammer – 30.05m, Discus – 26.12m, Weight Pentathlon – 1499 points, Javelin – 15.90m, Weight Throw – 9.22m Samantha Latanis (W40) – Shot Put – 10.04m

Andrew Atkinson-Howatt (M55) – Outdoor Pentathlon – 2293 points, Javelin – 43.93m Brian Sharpe (M80) Outdoor Pentathlon – 1293 points, 800m – 4:21.8, 400m – 1:38.73

Robert Hanbury-Brown (M55) – Weight Pentathlon – 3156 points

Paula Moorhouse (W65) – 800m – 3:07.35, 400m – 1:19.42

Kathleen Cook (W75) – 100m – 18.9sec, 200m – 37.20sec

Darren Hughes (M50) – 100m – 12.3sec Mark Geddes (M40) – Javelin – 43.35m

Belinda Westcott (W30) – Long Jump – 3.85m, Outdoor Pentathlon – 1560 points, Triple Jump – 8.52m

Robyn Smith (W45) – Discus – 20.47m, High Jump – 1.19m

Robert Mason (M45) – 3000m Steeplechase – 14:59.94

Jill Taylor Gold and Silver Medallist at Oceania Masters Bendigo

Chris Brack Gold Medallist at Oceania Masters Bendigo

Audrey Thomson Gold Medallist Discuss and Hammer at Oceania Masters Bendigo

Congratulations to all of our athletes who participated. You did your state and country proud.

The full results can be found at: - http://www.oceaniamastersathletics.org/champ_res.html

Jamie Muscat, Oceania Masters Bendigo Photo: by Andrew Atkinson-Howatt

Gianna Mongentale &

Max McKay at Oceania Masters Bendigo Photo by Gianna Mogentale



By Jill Taylor


Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, and one of the largest cities in the European Union.

The city covers an area of 525 square kms within the city limits. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with its unification on 17 November 1873 of Buda on the west bank, with Pest, on the east bank. Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with an extensive World Heritage Site which includes the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Heroes' Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second-oldest metro line in the world. It has 80 geothermal springs, the world's largest thermal water cave system, the second largest synagogue, and third largest Parliament building. The city attracts about 4.3 million tourists a year, making it the 25th most popular city in the world to visit.

And for an intrepid bunch of NSWMA athletes, in March this year was the site of the WMA World Indoor Championships!

RESULTS: WMA World Masters Indoor Championships, Budapest, Hungary 19-25 March 2014

Ranell Hobson W40 60m Heat 1st 8.23, Semi 1st 8.25, Final 3rd 8.13;

4x200m relay 8th 1:57.66

Lajos Joni M55 Hammer 8th 44.21m

Shot 12th 10.49m Discus 14th 30.96m Kriszta Kovacs W40 1500m Final 7th 5:02.89;

8k m Cross Country 8th 33:26.70;

4x200m relay 8th 1:57.66 Lenore Lambert W40 4x200m relay 8th 1:57.66 Caroline Layt W45 Shot Put 7th 10.93m;

Discus 8th 29.55m;

Weight Throw 9th 11.67m Hammer 11th 32.81 4x200m relay 6th 2:00.02

Neville McIntyre M70 60m Heat 1st 8.65, Semi 1st 8.66, Final 1st 8.60;

200m Heat 1st 29.17, Semi 1st 28.64, Final 1st 28.56;

400m Heat 2nd 1:12.36, Final 2nd 1:07.26;

4x200m (M65) 6th 1:58.54

Gianna Mogentale W50 60m Heat 1st 8.21, Semi 8.30, Final 2nd 8.22;

200m Heat 27.59q, Semi 27.54q, Final 6th 27.66;

400m Heat 1st 1:03.64, Final 1st 1:02.20;

4x200m relay (W45) 6th 2:00.02

Paula Moorhouse W65 400m heat 2nd 1:17.57, Final 2nd 1:15.94;

800m final 3rd 3:06.73;

1500m final 3rd 6.33.37;

4x200m relay 2nd 2:07.39


5 Janet Naylon W45 4x200m relay 6th 2:00.02

60m P 25th 9.27 Long Jump 15th 4.04m Stuart Paterson M55 800m P 21st 2:39;60

1500m P 20th 5:38.82

Sally Stagles (for GBR) W50 60m Hurdles Heat 9.66q, Final 2nd 9.69;

High Jump 5th 1.36

Robyn Suttor W55 60m Heat 9.22q, Final 6th 9.13;

200m Heat 31.09q, Semi 31.04q, Final 4th 30.76;

400m Heat 69.99q, Final 4th 70.08;

60m Hurdles Heat 10.53q, Final 5th 10.69;

4x200m relay (W45) 6th 2:00.02 Jill Taylor W55 Weight Throw 4th 11.36m;

Hammer 4th 36.31m Shot Put 6th 9.71m;

Discus 6th 28.00m;

Mary Thomas W65 Discus 3rd 23.86;

Javelin 5th 23.49m;

Hammer 5th 28.33m Shot Put 9th 9.49m Weight Throw 12th 8.42m John Fienieg M55 60m Prelims 31st 8.68s

Indoor Pentathlon 60m Hurdles 22nd 12.19s 463 Long Jump 22nd 4.30m 510 Shot Put 18th 8.25m 515 High Jump 14th 1.48m 636 1000m 17th 3:58.56 486 Final result 17th 2610 Wayne Marriott M55 (M59) 60m Prelims 38th 9.00s

200m Prelims 43rd 29.54s 60m Hurdles Prelims 17th 12.27s Long Jump 16th 4.12m

Indoor Pentathlon 60m Hurdles 21st 11.93s 502 Long Jump 17th 4.63m 602 Shot Put 25th 6.32m 368 High Jump 23rd 1.21m 374 1000m 19th 4:16.57 366 Final result 23rd 2212

4x200m relay (M40) 9th 1:48.59 (Australian National Open-age Indoor Record) Krzysztof Wardecki M45 (M45) 60m Prelims 7.60q, Semis 16th 7.67s

200m Prelims 24.10q, Semis 9th 24.46s 400m Prelims 55.15q, Semis 15th 55.44s 60m Hurdles Prelims, 10.25q, Final 6th 10.12s




Novice Championships – Ramsgate – Saturday, 12


April, 2014

Despite being an Open event, this race is always well represented by Masters Age athletes. In the 10km men’s race, our first member home was Keith Bateman who finished 7th overall in an outstanding time of 35:06.18. The ageless Dennis Wylie was next home in a time of 38:19.48. Our third member to finish was the consistent Michael Doggett who finished in a good time of 39:02.64. Our top ten finishers are as follows: -

1) KEITH BATEMAN (7) – 35:06.18 2) DENNIS WYLIE (22) – 38:19.48 3) MICHAEL DOGGETT (26) – 39:02.64 4) IAN ROSE (31) – 40:45.65

5) DON MATHEWSON (35) – 43:05.48 6) WITOLD KRAJEWSKI (40) – 44:07.59 7) JOHN WALTON (41) – 45:10.28 8) DENNIS WILLIAMS (50) – 47:30.36 9) STEVE NAPPER (53) – 49:12.51 10) DOUG BARRETT (57) – 51:05.91

The full results are available at www.nswathletics.org.au

In the women’s 7km race, the very consistent Jane Boyd was our first member home in a very good time of 29:18. Linda Gard, who is coming back to some good form this season, was next home in a time of 29:18. Third home was another athlete who won’t be wearied by age Rosemary Roediger who finished in 30:02 and beat home athletes more than half her age. Full list of finishers as follows: -

1) JANE BOYD (11) – 29:18 2) LINDA GARD (13) – 29:40

3) ROSEMARY ROEDIGER (16) – 30:02 4) ANNE HARRISON (21) – 30:40 5) LARISSA STANLEY (22) – 30:54 6) CAROLINE YARNELL (29) – 33:02 7) JAQUELINE WALTON (39) – 41:07

Sydney 10 – Homebush – Saturday, 3rd May, 2014

This event is getting more popular every year with all ages. With a less congested start and a new finish, the race is now even more attractive. Athletes also like the relatively flat course. Peter Costello was our first member home in a time of 31:58. He was 21st overall and 1st in the M40 age category. His time was also a new M40 State Record. Nicholas Bellemore who did so well in the distance events in Hobart, was next home in a good time of 32:30. Our third

member home was Richard Palmer who finished in a time of 34:38. He was also 2nd in the M45 age

category. Our first female home was Belinda Martin who finished in a time of 34:50. She placed 1st in the W40 age category. Robyn Basman, who finished in a time of 38:56, broke the State Record in the W55 age category. Our sub-40 minute finishers are as follows:


1) PETER COSTELLO (21) – 31:58 – 1st in M40 age category (New M40 State Record)

2) NICHOLAS BELLEMORE (26) – 32:30

3) RICHARD PALMER (64) – 34:38 – 2nd in M45 age category

4) BELINDA MARTIN (7) – 34:50 – 1st in W40 age category

5) GARY HOWARD (92) – 35:36 6) SIMON WHITE (119) – 36:23

7) JOSE CAVALHO (128) – 36:41 – 2nd in M55 age category

8) MICHAEL DOGGETT (149) – 37:21

9) RON SCHWEBEL (154) – 37:29 – 1st in M60 age category

10) DENNIS WYLIE (156) – 37:36 – 2nd in M60 age category

11) ROBYN BASMAN (35) – 38:56 – 1st in W55 age category (New W55 State Record)

12) IAN ROSE (194) – 39:11

13) NICK TERRANOVA (200) – 39:17 The full results are available at




NSW Team Walks Championships – Sunday, 25th May, 2014 – Glendenning

The first of the Walks championships of the season saw four of our members take part. All took part in the gruelling 10km event. First home was Ian

Jessurun who finished in a time of 53:38. He also won the M45-54 age category. The ageless Jim Seymon continued his outstanding form from summer to finish in a time of 1:05.47. He won the M65+ age category. John West continued his consistent form in finishing in a time of 1:12.54 and placed 2nd in the M55-64 age category. The very enthusiastic Judy Brown again added to her substantial medal

collection with her win in the W55-64 age category.

She finished in a time of 1:23.53. Full results as follows: -

1) IAN JESSURUN – 53:38 – 1st in M45-54 age category

2) JIM SEYMON – 1:05.47 – 1st in M65+ age category

3) JOHN WEST – 1:12.54 – 2nd in M55-64 age category

4) JUDY BROWN – 1:23.53 – 1st in W55-64 age category

NSW Long Course Cross Country Championships – Saturday, 21st June, 2014 – Nowra

This event is not for the faint hearted. The undulating course really sorts athletes out. Men up to 54 years of age compete in the 12km race while the 55+ men do 8km. Women up to 54 years of age compete in the 8km race while the 55+ women do 6km. In the 12km Men’s event, Peter Costello was again our first finisher. He placed 9th overall in a very good time of 41:18. He was closely followed by Nick Bellemore who placed 10th overall in a time of 41:41. Michael Doggett was again our 3rd member to finish in a time of 49:00. Our top 5 finishers were: -

1) PETER COSTELLO – 41:18 (9) – 1st in M40 age category

2) NICK BELLEMORE – 41:41 (10) 3) MICHAEL DOGGETT – 49:00 (34) 4) BARRY MAYO – 49:43 (39) 5) BRAD SHARPE – 54:54 (58)

In the Men’s 8km race, Jose Cavahlo continued his great form to win the race outright and his age category in a very fast time of 31:09. He was followed by the M60 age category winner Ron Schwebel who wasn’t far behind in a time of 32:46. The very talented Nick Terranova was next to finish in a time of 33:25. Our top 5 finishers as follows: -

1) JOSE CAVAHLO – 31:09 – 1st in M55 age category

2) RON SCHWEBEL – 32:46 – 1st in M60 age category

3) NICK TERRANOVA – 33:25 4) IAN ROSE – 33:28

5) FRANK SCORZELLI – 34:57 – 1st in M65 age category

In the women’s 8km race, Belinda Martin was again our first member home. She finished in a time of 31:29 taking out the W40 age category. Next home was Nancy Newsome who finished in a time of 34:39.

She placed 2nd in the W45 age category. Cristine Suffolk, who lives locally, was our 3rd member home in a time of 35:10. She placed 3rd in the W40 age category. Our top 5 finishers are as follows: -

1) BELINDA MARTIN – 31:29 (6) – 1st in W40 age category

2) NANCY NEWSOME – 34:39 (16) – 2nd in W45 age category

3) CRISTINE SUFFOLK – 35:10 (20) – 3rd in W40 age category

4) JANE BOYD – 35:40 (21) – 1st in W50 age category

5) LINDA GARD – 35:48 (22) – 3rd in W45 age category

In the women’s 6km race, Robyn Basman was again well in front of everybody else. She finished in a time of 24:39 and took out the W55 age category.

Rosemary Roediger took out the W60 age category in a very good time was 27:07. Our third member home was the very consistent Karen Petley in a time of 27:21. She placed 2nd in the W55 age category. Our top 5 finishers were as follows: -

1) ROBYN BASMAN – 24:39 – 1st in W55 age category



By Robyn Baseman

2) ROSEMARY ROEDIGER – 27:07 – 1st in W60 age category

3) KAREN PETLEY – 27:21 – 2nd in W55 age category

4) DEBORAH DRENNAN – 29:59 5) GINA JESSOP – 30:17

The full results are available at www.nswathletics.org.au

Short Walks Championships – Sunday, 22nd June, 2014 – Narrellan

All five of our member’s grabbed medals in the State Short Walks (5km) Championships held at Narrellan.

Ian Jessurun was again in outstanding form and finished in a time of 25:45. Our second member home was again Jim Seymon. He won the M65+ age category with a great time of 32:36. John West, who is also an outstanding thrower and cyclist, was our third member home in a time of 36:40. He placed second in the M55-64 age category in a time of 36:40. Robert Connors (37:50) took out 2nd in the M65+ age category while Judy Brown (41:02) took out the W55-64 age category. Full results as follows: -

1) IAN JESSURUN – 25:45 – 1st in M45-54 age category

2) JIM SEYMON – 32:36 – 1st in M65+ age category

3) JOHN WEST – 36:40 – 2nd in M55-64 age category

4) ROBERT CONNORS – 37:50 – 2nd in M65+ age category

5) JUDY BROWN – 41:02 – 1st in W55-64 age category

The Gold Coast Marathon Weekend 2014 July 5-6 Southern Cross University 10km

The Saturday morning weather was fairly mild, with a slight sprinkle of rain, clearing to a beautiful winter’s day. The excitement of the race started to build, with the usual familiar faces up the front. When the gun fired, at 6.30am, people from the back surged forward and I felt a tug on my elbow as people started to stumble, a concertina effect. I heard, elbows, foreheads knees thud falling on to the asphalt. Ouch!! Not a good start for some, but I narrowly escaped this with a shudder. None the less it plays on your mind, when you think of more crowded races and how people surge at the start, unfortunately taking out casualties. So on with the race.

The 2013/2014 NSWMA and ANSW masters distance runner of the year Peter Costello, was first NSWMA member over the line, breaking the NSW state NSWMA record of 31:31, breaking David Tonges 10km 2011 record of 32:44.

Here is Peter’s account of the race:

“I found the event to be friendly and very well organised. The 10K is over a flat, fast course but with enough turns, rises for it to remain interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by the GC weather that

weekend. I was not expecting it to be too different

from Sydney temperatures, but with a higher

humidity it felt quite a bit warmer. It made getting up

& warming up for that extra early 6.30am race start much more bearable and conditions remained cool enough for good racing.

I got out well from the start and ran on the front of a tight chase group of about dozen runners from about the 1km to 7km mark, using the group at my back to keep my pace honest. The race was led by the eventual top 4 (Mitch Brown, Ben Moreau, Riley Cocks & Jackson Elliott) with a couple of other

competitors in between us (the chase group) and the front runners. A few of the chase group got through me around the 8km mark and whilst I was feeling quite strong I could not manage pick up the pace to go with them. They ended up filling the finishing positions from 6th to 10th. I ended up in 11th place in 31:31. Not a bad time, a course record for my age group and a new NSW State age group record, but a little slower than I thought I was capable of.

It had been a quick trip up to the GC on Friday afternoon with my brother, David, who also ran well in the 10K. After a leisurely post-race brunch/lunch with training mates we headed back to Sydney that afternoon, promising ourselves that next year we will


9 make a long weekend of it & perhaps (for me) a crack at a fast half marathon.”

Belinda Martin came 3rd female overall, first in her W40-44 age group with a time of 35:27, which is a state record, breaking Jo Cowans long standing 1996 record of 36:16.

I myself had downgraded from the half marathon due to a recent anaesthetic and 2 weeks off with a

swollen ankle after the NSW State relays. Something always seems to hamper my efforts to run the race I want to on the Gold Coast. Last year I sprained my ankle 2 weeks out from the race and the year before that I was coming back from injury, so paced my sister, to a PB. This year I still hoped to run a sub 40 10km. Clearly, I had expected too much of myself and had positive split the 2nd part of the race, missing Rosemary Roedigers’ 2010 course record 2010 of 40:31 and came in at 40:39. I had nothing left to give in the last few km, toughing it out severely, however I did manage to win my age category W55-59.

Steve Napper ran 47:25, 47:15 net time 5th in his M65-69 age group, running even splits. Steve Whelan was there running to pace a friend, but had planned to race following day in the Half marathon along with NSWMA members Ron Schwebel, Naina Jerath and Brian Mackie.

Asics Half Marathon

Ron was the first of our members crossing the line.

He considered his recent times in recent

half marathons to be poor, so the main take from Gold Coast would be a good finish and hopefully sub for 84. He said “This was the best pace I could do in the first half. A little fade left me with a 84:34” giving him 2nd in the M60-64 age category. “My recovery has been great and I felt fresh for the Harbour 10, just 7 days later” where he came 1st in his age category M60-69 with 37:47.

Brian my husband’s official time was 1.38.13 coming 15th in the M55-59. Brian thought his time was a bit slow, and was hoping to run faster but he was happy enough with his result.

Steve Whelan ran 1.33.02 official time, net time 1.32.47. Steve’s account of his Gold Coast experience is written in a separate article.

Naina Jerath has recently been increasing in her weekly mileage and said her results reflected that...”nothing worth mentioning”, she said with a smile “Maybe one day” Still she managed a

respectable 1.32.39, 1.32.27, coming 6th in F45-49.

Naina loves going up for the Gold Coast marathon weekend not only for the lovely weather but also the great company....meeting friends racing and not. She thought the event was as usual, smooth flowing and there wasn't any panic with bag drops and pickups.

She thought the start for the half was slow and took a while to get going.

Naina also mentioned that the expo..same old same old...needs new things...interactive stuff

happening...and some of the deals weren't that great.

She thought the atmosphere during the run was good with people yelling, dancing and cheering. The course is fast and flat and so people come to try to run PB's. Also it is a good opportunity to watch the 10km on the Saturday, and the Full marathon after the half too with lots of viewing spots; however she thought they could do with another coffee stand, as the one there was very crowded. It would save having to cross the main road via limited thoroughfares to get to Australia Fair shopping

centre and missing viewing part of the Full marathon.

The results come out very quickly though there was a lot of internet congestion on the day and they

stopped the full results for a while.

Something about the Full marathon which I have never run one myself but share Naina’s joy,

“fantastic to see people and friends doing their first marathon and succeeding, the smiles, the tears…”

With the Gold Coast marathon, all runners have their names on their bib, so spectators can give them that extra encouragement the finish. Unfortunately there were no NSWMA members running the full marathon this year. Perhaps some takers for 2015? Back to training…




Congratulations to all our winners:

MARCUS TOOLEY AWARDS 30-39 - Audrey Thomson 40-49 - Rodney Watson 50-59 - Wendy Hord 60-69 - Paula Moorhouse 70-79 - Nick Bastas


Female - Julie Forster


Female - Mary Thomas

THROWER OF THE YEAR Male – Stuart Gyngell Female – Mary Thomas


Female – Montse Ros


Female – Robyn Basman


Female – Robyn Basman

SPRINTER OF THE YEAR Male – Neville McIntyre Female – Gianna Mogentale

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR - Stephen Bullock Johnson & James Trophy (TPs) - Caroline Layt The President's Award - Garry Womsley

Best at Country Championships Male – Stuart Gyngell

Female – Gianna Mogentale Best at State Titles

Male – David Chantrill Female – Gianna Mogentale



MASTERS SPRINTS/HURDLES ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Nominees: Jackie Bezuidenhout, Neville McIntyre and Gianna Mogentale

Winner: Gianna Mogentale


Nominees: Shaun Fletcher, Montse Ros and Clay Tompkins

Winner: Clay Tompkins


Nominees: Stuart Gyngell, Ricard Meiring and Mary Thomas

Winner: Stuart Gyngell

MASTERS MIDDLE DISTANCE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Nominees: Robyn Basman, Peter Costello and Dennis Wylie

Winner: Peter Costello


Nominees: Heather Lee, Robert Osborne and Jim Seymon

Winner: Heather Lee

MASTERS CROSS COUNTRY ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Nominees: Jose Carvalho, Peter Costello and Dennis Wylie

Winner: Peter Costello


Nominees: Robyn Basman, Peter Costello and Dennis Wylie

Winner: Peter Costello



By Ron Schwebel

Chasing Cliffy

When Cliff Young became famous for winning the first Sydney to Melbourne Race, I became a big fan just like the rest of the population. After a few years of running I was attracted to ultra- marathon events, for an extra challenge provided.

I then noticed that Cliffy had quite a few Australian age records for distances and times. Such as 24 hours, 100 miles, 200km etc.

These all started from the 60-64 age group. I was able to break a few, soft, age records in the 55 -59 age group, but the thought of beating one of Cliffy’s records was an added incentive after turning 60.

All of his records were beyond my ability, except the 50km track.

Possibly it was an intermediate time in a longer race, or maybe he never achieved his potential in this category, as there are many. The target was his 50km track record of 3:54:42. In waiting for a suitable race, I thought I should try to beat the Road 50k record of 3:56:41, held by Bruce Renwick.

My first attempt was Canberra Marathon April 2013. After a period of fatigue and slow running, the best I could do was 3:59. With a 2012 marathon of 3:08, I should be doing better!

For Canberra 2014, I was not so fatigued from ultras. I had been concentrating on shorter events, with a lot of racing. So my only long runs of the year were 20k and 30k. I finished in 3:52:11, so a new Australian Road Record for M60- 64. (Pending ratification)That was satisfying, but I knew I could go better with more suitable training.

I then entered the Sri Chimnoy 12 hour race at Blacktown track in June. My aim was to stop at 50k, hopefully breaking Cliffy’s record. I was in good shape. The first 2 hours went well, but at 30k I slowed, then a few km later my legs were shattered, so I pulled out.

I still don’t know what happened, but the next week I trained really well! Ironically, this year the International body, reformed the record system to amalgamate the road, track and indoor records to just one for each distance/time.

So I actually broke Cliffy’s (track) record at Canberra, as my time will hopefully be recognised as the Australian M60 50k record.

Another twist was that, as a member of the Born to Run team in 2012, I was nick named “Cliffy”

as I was about his age when he came to prominence.



Steve Whelan’s Coast Experience

Please note no pacers were required in this story, no water, Endura or Gu's consumed either.

Where to start…..

Had an awesome race in the GC half in 2013 just under 88, so thought with being in a new age category in 2014 and it being my 10th GC Half that I could really have a good run again and break 88 again.

Then things started going wrong, January I fell over on a trail run and ripped a lot of skin off my knee and shin, this severely curtailed my training for two months. When I did get back to training I was 5kgs over my normal weight and pretty unfit.

In March I decided to jumpstart my training and entered the NSW Mountain running champs at Orange “it was only 11km, how hard can it be?” Answer “really hard when you are unfit”. Last 3kms were agony and had me

contemplating my sanity.

April I went on a cruise in the South Pacific, quite enjoyed it, did some runs on board, did some runs on shore and also did some treadmill running.

Early May, I ran the Sydney 10, my target was 45 minutes, came home strong and finished in just under 44.30, pretty happy, with that in mind I figured with 8 weeks training I should be able to manage 95 minutes at GC and set my sights on that.

The last 8 weeks of training, really went by in a blur, I have no idea where they went or the 6 months to end of June tbh. I did manage to ramp up my KMs and ended up doing Jan 78kms

Feb 93kms Mar 155kms Apr 182kms May 243kms Jun 290kms

Total for 6 months 1041kms.

As my speed was completely lacking I decided on a new training plan and went on longer runs on flatter courses than normal to try and simulate race conditions.

I did 6 long runs just over 20kms and knew that reaching the finish line should not be a problem, so only issue was to be how fast I could run.

As race day approached, the questions were coming from everyone, what time are you going to run? I answered that I would be happy with 95 figuring that I could run 4.30 for the distance, I also said that my best possible time would be 92.

As I was leaving home my wife told me that her uncle who has been suffering from cancer was very ill and not likely to live much longer and asked me to dedicate the run to

him. He was inducted into the 10 year club for Half Marathons back in 2001, so I was happy to do this one for him in my 10th year.

I drove from Sydney on Thursday night stopping for some short naps, dropped into Byron for breakfast and realised the race will be in a couple of days. Nerves were starting to build.

Checked into accommodation in Southport, 2.4km from Start line could not be better.

Went to Expo, picked up numbers and looked around, not so many of the stars wandering around as in the past.

Went to bed and slept like a baby until I had to get up at 5am one of the team was doing the 10km on Saturday morning and I had volunteered to pace a friend in the 10km also.

Got to start line with no issues, found my friend and determined race strategy… get to finish line at all costs.

Pacing went ok, friend is 115kgs so he was not likely to break 30 minutes for the 10km so we instituted a run walk strategy that worked very well, and he made it to the finish in 73 minutes and was very happy.

That left the rest of the day to wander around and keep ourselves amused. Had dinner at Southport SLSC with about 20 others and a few others were scattered around the room.

Bed was reasonably early for early half marathon start.

4am wake up, and I use the term lightly, eventually head out into the dark and make our way to the start line, bit harder to get close to the front this year but not too bad.

Still very dark at 6am and gun goes off. Not sure until now what pace I was going to be running instead leaving it to my legs to dictate.

Ran first km in 4.28, little bit of traffic, but not too bad, tried to make it up in 2nd km and did 4.21, then backed off to 4.29 then 4.27, then started a string of kms in a very small window of 4.19 to 4.24 up to the 18km where I did a 4.28 into Marine Parade, then it was back to business with a 4.24, 4.22, 4.07 and the balance in the sprint to the finish line was 3.47 pace. Final net time was 92.47, so goal well and truly met. As I hit 7km I thought I am on 93 minute pace so was comfortable that any fade would still leave me a bit too spare, passed 14km and again thought still on 93 pace.

I was very happy how I was pacing during the run first 10km 44.10, 2nd 10km 44.08, felt I needed to call upon some help from my Wife’s uncle at the 16km mark and I believe he came through for me.

The elation in reaching the finish line and hearing the spotter calling out my name and saying Steve Whelan 10th Half Marathon, see you in 2024 for 20th was very


13 intense, all I wanted to do was sit down and rest. Met up with a few friends straight away and that lifted me up again.

After a short rest and meeting up with some others from the team, we decided to go to the bridge at 33km and cheer on some of the marathoners. It is a great spot to watch your friends going through as you get to see them twice in hopefully a short space of time. I know I have pretty much said that I don’t ever want to run a marathon, but seeing people of all shapes and sizes going through gives me at least a small belief that at some point I could have a go now don’t go and get excited, I am not going to go into a full under prepared, as I have seen the effects of that, but one day you never know.

After catching up with friends after the finish of the marathon it was back to unit and a well-earned spa. Then time to drop two of the crew to the airport.

Legs feeling quite good and had a quiet dinner down near Cavill Ave, and then early to bed.

Monday morning went for 6km run or shuffle if the truth be known.

Packed car and then headed back home, no real problems with legs, so very happy with preparation and race

execution. Arrived home at 8pm, and happy to see whole family, then back to the daily grind with work the next day.

And yes the plan is to get back to the half next year and do a time under 90 minutes.

Thanks to all the CR’s who have contacted me and encouraged me in my goal, also to my club mates at Hills Athletics, who nursed me through some painful runs in March April and May when things were not going so well, also to the small group of runners that I run with regularly in the 10km plus runs, they are the reason why I was able to make it to the finish. Special mention to my Sunday Morning run partner Naina, who got me doing the 20km runs.

Biggest thanks to the whole family especially Tracey Whelan for allowing me the time to go and run.

I don’t enter many fun runs or races anymore but the GC half and other races have a great atmosphere so I would recommend to all that they consider entering next year, so start training now.

Postscript, on the Sunday afternoon of the race, I received word that my wife’s uncle passed away quietly, RIP Harry.

Wedding Announcement!

Audrey Thomson and Jamie Muscat

Would welcome any of the NSW Masters athletes to attend their Wedding Ceremony on Friday Nov 14, 2014.

Light food and refreshments will be served afterwards in the Parishioners Hall.

St Martins Anglican Church 9B Arnold Street Killara, NSW, 2071

Time: 11:45am

Other Events

AMA Winter Throws Championships October 3-6, Masson Field Canberra Pan Pacific Masters Games, November 1-3, Gold Coast

NSW Relay Championships, November 15-16, SOPAC

AMA Half-marathon Championships, January 11 2015, Claremont Tasmania State Masters Titles, February 21-22 2015, SOPAC

NSWMA Throws Pentathlon Championships, March 7 2015, venue TBA AMA National Championships, April 3-6 2015, Bankstown

Check our website at: www.nswmastersathletics.org.au



From the outgoing President:

In light of the immense workload coming up with organizing hosting this event, I elected not to stand again as President for the upcoming season, but to concentrate on the role of Convenor of the LOC for the 2015 AMA National Championships as my priority, and took on the lesser role of Vice President on the 2014 Committee.

I’m excited with the Committee line up we now have, and am really looking forward to working with the new lineup, under the esteemed leadership of the Big Guy Stuart Gyngell 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the committee members over the past two years. And also to the many NSWMA members who have given me so much support and encouragement as I took on the role of President to the best of my abilities over the past 2 seasons….thank you so much, it has been greatly appreciated, and I do hope that I will continue to have that level of support as we work towards our National Championship hosting in 2015.

Looking forward to another great season ahead  Jill

From the Incoming President:

Welcome to the newest edition of the Waratah. As you will have no doubt noticed I am the new President of NSWMA. Having performed an admirable job as President of NSWMA for the past several years, Jill Taylor has stepped aside from this role in order to focus on organising what we hope to be one of the best and most

memorable Masters Nationals on record.

As your new President, I look forward to leading the new NSWMA Committee in providing the same quality of service and support to the athletes that you have come to expect over these past years.

It would be remiss of me not to thank the outgoing members of last year’s

Committee. Without their hard work last year, and in previous years, NSW Masters Athletics would not have functioned so well. In particular, Garry Womsley did an exceptional job in the role of Secretary and his contribution will be sorely missed.

There are several new faces on the 2014-2015 Committee with a good mixture of experience and youthful exuberance. We welcome back Mark Johnston in the role of Secretary to provide the experience and Audrey Thomson and Jamie Muscat (our two soon-to-be-weds) to provide the exuberance. We also welcome Peter Murray as our new Records Officer. Please be patient and gentle with him as he learns the ropes of an often difficult task.

The coming year offers significant challenges for NSW Masters Athletics. As many of you will have heard there are moves afoot at both the International and National level for Masters Athletics to come under the auspices of the major controlling bodies of the sport – i.e. the IAAF and AA. Memorandums of Understanding have been created in order to move this process along. It is inevitable that this will trickle down to us at the State level.

It will be the major focus of the Committee over the next few years to ensure that, if this does happen, that Masters Athletics does not just get lost in the mix but that our culture and identity, our unique competitions



and our records are maintained. Now is the time for discussion on what Masters Athletics might look like under this new model and I encourage every athlete to think carefully on this and share your views with members of the Committee over the coming months.

The other major focus of this season is Masters Nationals that we are hosting at Easter time in 2015 at Bankstown. Planning is under way and we are looking forward to a great Nationals. However, although NSW boasts one of the largest contingent of Masters athletes, a lot of the preparation work is being done by only a few people. There is still a significant number of roles that need to be filled in order for this event to be successfully staged without causing major burnout to those already involved. I know that it is easy to use the excuse that we are all busy people with not a lot of spare time but remember that those already involved are also busy people too. The adage that “many hands make light work” is very true in this instance and I ask you to contact Jill Taylor as soon as possible to discuss the role that you can play in staging these Nationals.

Finally, the summer season is almost upon us. By the time you receive this edition of Waratah, online

registration for NSWMA should be well and truly open. I encourage you to get registered as soon as possible – especially those of you who are considering breaking records as you must be a NSWMA registered athlete prior to breaking the record for it to be admissible as a Masters record.

I look forward to hearing and reading about your efforts in the field and on the track (a bit of thrower’s bias there in the wording!) Please keep the rest of us informed about how you are going and the best way to do that is through the NSW Masters Facebook page. If you are not already on it, I encourage you to get on Facebook, find our page and send of a membership request.

Good luck, try and stay free from injury (hah!) and, most of all, enjoy the journey and the friendships that Masters Athletics provides!


2015 AMA Nationals – The Crest Bankstown - Fri 3 – Mon 6 April

We will need an incredible amount of help in the next 12 months in order to stage an AMA National Championship in Sydney that we will all be proud of.

Please consider being on one of our sub-committees, or helping out over the actual event (like filling and distributing registration packs, manning our information or merchandise

booths, or with any of the many little but important jobs we will have to do!) Please register your Intent to Assist by emailing our Secretary Mark Johnston

as soon as possible on [email protected] THANKS!



By Garry Womsley


A look at who’s broken what


Our throwers and distance runners have shown some excellent form so far this winter season which has resulted in a number of State Records & an Australian Record being broken. The Sydney 10 and State Long Distance Championships have already been run with the Short Course, Half Marathon and Marathon coming up within the next few months so there are still some opportunities for our distance runners to break more records. With the Athletics Wollongong

Throwers Winter Competition being held on a regular basis, our throwers now have plenty of opportunities to break records not only in the individual throwing events but in the Heavy Weight Pentathlon and Heavy Weight throws as well. NSWMA has been very innovative in introducing State Records in these events and our throwers who participate in the competition really appreciate the extra opportunities it provides.

In the Sydney 10 which incorporates the State 10km Road championships, Peter Costello (M40), Abdon Ulloa (M75) and Robyn Basman (W55) broke the previous State Records in their respective age

categories. This was an outstanding effort by all three athletes.

In Wollongong in May, Samantha Latanis (W40) and Gavin Murray (M60) broke State Records in the 56lb Weight while Mary Thomas (W65), Gavin Murray (M60) and Samantha Latanis (W40) broke State Records in the 100lb Weight. In addition, Samantha Latanis broke the Australian Record in the 100lb

Weight. After this competition, Mary Thomas moved up to the W70 age category and it was inevitable that she would break more records after passing this milestone. We didn’t have to wait long!

In Wollongong in June, Mary Thomas broke W70 State Records in the 56lb Weight, 12lb Weight and Heavy Weight Pentathlon. Other State Records broken at the same meet were by David Ross (M60 Heavy Weight Pentathlon), Samantha Latanis (W40 Heavy Weight Pentathlon) and Stuart Gyngell (M50 56lb Weight).

Congratulations to all of our members who have broken records recently. Full details of the records broken recently are as follows: -

3/5/2014 – Sydney 10 (10km State Road Championships)

M40 State Record – Peter Costello – time: - 31min 58sec – subject to receipt of record application.

M75 State Record – Abdon Ulloa – time: - 53min 13sec W55 State Record – Robyn Basman – time: - 38min 56sec 10/5/2014 – AW Throwers Winter Competition

W40 State Record – Samantha Latanis – 56lb Weight – 4.16m M60 State Record – Gavin Murray – 56lb Weight – 6.05m W65 State Record – Mary Thomas – 100lb Weight – 1.18m M60 State Record – Gavin Murray – 100lb Weight – 2.56m

W40 State & Australian Record – Samantha Latanis – 100lb Weight – 2.33m 7/6/2014 – AW Throwers Winter Competition

W70 State Record – Mary Thomas – 56lb Weight – 2.19m W70 State Record – Mary Thomas – 12lb Weight – 10.62m

M60 State Record – David Ross – Heavy Weight Pentathlon – 2885 points W70 State Record – Mary Thomas – Heavy Weight Pentathlon – 3680 points W40 State Record – Samantha Latanis – Heavy Weight Pentathlon – 3481 points M50 State Record – Stuart Gyngell – 56lb Weight – 8.31m





Patrick McCumstie M75


Position Name Phone Official email

President Stuart Gyngell 0415 249 088 [email protected] Vice President Jill Taylor 0409 607 384

Secretary Mark Johnston 0419 914 915 [email protected] Treasurer/Public Officer Anatoly Kirievsky 0413 710 216 [email protected] Registrar Audrey Thomson 0434 233 514 [email protected] Records Peter Murray 0416 216 771 [email protected] Uniforms Belinda Westcott 0438 278 360 [email protected] Website Janie Carter 0408 699 185 [email protected] Waratah Editor Margaret Walker [email protected]

Track Rep Chris Brack 0412 211 660

Field Rep Jamie Muscat 0438 636 617

Walks Rep

Distance Rep Garry Womsley 0459 436 660

LOC Convenor Jill Taylor 0409 607 384 [email protected]

It’s time to pay your Association registration fee!

This year when you go online to pay your fees, you’ll notice a change:

Please note that this season ANSW is passing along to members the cost of the 4.4% administration fee charged by the IMG system to process online credit card payments for registration. This means that online memberships will be slightly more expensive than paper (between $0.50 - $2.26).

Please check the NSWMA website for details and take this into account when determining your preferred method of payment.


There’s a manual form on Page 23 or you can download one from our website



Pix from around the tracks:

Gianna Mogentale WMACI Budapest Photo: by Kip Hobson

W45 4x200m Relay WMACI Budapest, Australian W45 indoor record holders Carolyn Layt, Janet Naylon, Gianna Mogentale and Robyn Suttor Photo: by Stuart Paterson

Ranell Hobson & Gianna Mogentale WMACI Budapest Photo: by Kip Hobson

Jill Taylor with a new friend

WMACI Budapest Photo: Mary Thomas

Neville McIntyre WMACI Budapest Photo: by Kip Hobson

Krista Kovacs, Ranell Hobson, Lenore Lambert WMACI Budapest Photo: by Kip Hobson




NSW Long Walks Championships – Sunday, 27th July, 2014 – Narrellan

Five of our members contested the NSW Long Walks Championships at Narrellan. In the Masters 15km event, Ian Jessurun was the fastest male with a very good time of 1:22:35. He won the M45-54 age category. Jim Seymon (1:44:59) and John West (1:47.72) also won their respective age categories. Our only female competitor was Judy Brown who finished in a time of 2:10:45. She won the W55-64 age category. The remarkable Robert Osborne contested the Open 30km event and added another Open State medal to his collection with a third placing in a time of 3:41:04. Full results as follows: -

15km: -

1) IAN JESSURUN – 1:22:35 (1st in M45-54 Age Category) 2) JIM SEYMON – 1:44:59 (1st in M65+ Age Category) 3) JOHN WEST – 1:47:72 (1st in M55-64 Age Category) 4) JUDY BROWN – 2:10:45 (1st in W55-64 Age Category) 30km:-

1) ROBERT OSBORNE – 3:41:04 (3rd in M Open Category)

NSW Short Course Cross Country Championships – Saturday, 2nd August, 2014 – Upjohn Park

The 100th running of this event was conducted in cool but sunny conditions at Upjohn Park, Dundas. The winding and undulating course is challenging for all athletes. The 35-54 men contested the 7.5km race (3 laps) with Peter Costello (M40-44) being the fastest with a great time 24:04. The 55+ men contested the 5km race with Dennis Wylie (M60-64) being the fastest member with a great time of 19:06. Both Peter and Dennis won their respective age categories. In the women’s race which was 5km for all ages, Belinda Martin (W40-44) was outstanding in finishing in a very impressive time of 18:49. She not only won her age category, she was also the fastest 35+ female. The full results are available at www.nswathletics.org.au

NSW Half Marathon Championships – Sunday, 7th September, 2014 – Lake Gillawarna, Georges Hall The State Half Marathon Championships were again held at the very pleasant but hilly course at Lake Gillawarna, Georges Hall. There was again a healthy contingent of NSWMA members at the event. Peter Costello (M35-44) has been in great form all season and was again the first NSWMA member home in a great time of 1:13:14. Belinda Martin (W35-44) was the first female home in another good time of 1:18:52. They also both won their respective age categories. The full results are available at www.nswathletics.org.au

HUGE Congratulations to the following who placed 1


in their age group:

M40-49 Peter Costello (11


) F50-59 Robyn Basman (708


) M50-59 Keith Bateman (45


) M70-79 Brian Sharp (9098



And well done to all our members who competed!



Australia’s No.1 Supporter Kip Hobson

WMACI Budapest Photo: by Janet Naylon

Paula Moorhouse W65 800m WMACI Budapest Photo: by Stuart Paterson

Robyn Suttor and Gianna Mogentale in the W45 4x200m Relay WMACI Budapest Photo: by Stuart Paterson

Mary Thomas (left) Oceania Masters Bendigo Photo: by Gianna Mogentale

John Wall (centre) Oceania Masters Bendigo Photo: by Gianna Mogentale

Julie Forster, Gianna Mogentale, Lynda Douglass Oceania Masters Bendigo Photo: by Gianna Mogentale

Far left: Belinda Westcott 1st & far right: Maria Cimino Gold Gold Gold for throwers L-R Samantha Latanis, Audrey 2nd – 4 x 100m relay, Thomson, Jill Taylor at Oceania Masters Bendigo - selfie Oceania Masters Bendigo Photo: by Gianna Mogentale



LOC PROGRESS REPORT - AMA Nationals 2015 Sydney

LOCATION: The Crest, Bankstown DATES: Fri Apr 3 to Mon Apr 6 SPECIAL EVENTS:

Thur: Registration open and Opening Event

Sat: Athlete/Coaches Forum, Officials Thank You BBQ Sun: Awards Dinner

REGISTRATION: will be located in the main foyer of the Crest Athletics Complex, and will be open from noon on Thursday Apr 2. We are working on an anticipated 700 athletes registering.

Our OPENING EVENT will take place on that day at the Track, from 6 - 7pm. Everyone is

welcome to attend.

TECHNICAL AND OFFICIALS: We have been working closely the past few months with ANSW staff, who will be handing the majority of sourcing officials and running the technical side of the event.

There will be an INFORMATION BOOTH set up for the event, complete with a phone charging facility.

INFO EXPO: We are converting the Little Athletics club room into an EXPO area for the duration of the Championships. As well as approaching OMA and WMA to display for their upcoming events, we are also inviting representatives from the health and sports industries to display and sell products (eg magnesium recovery and heat packs).

There will be an area set aside solely for use by the officials during the Championships, and we will be putting on a THANK YOU BBQ for those officiating on the Saturday night.

We are working closely with Bankstown Athletics Club on our catering requirements. In addition to a small amount of canteen carb food (pies, etc)



there will be healthy options such as made-on-site sandwiches and wraps, fruit and muffins, bbq, as well as a gourmet coffee truck and a gelato van.

AWARDS DINNER: will be held on Sunday April 5th in the magnificent Ballroom of the Bankstown Sports Club.

A delicious Buffet dinner will be served, and tickets will be $50pp. There will be a raffle and lucky door prizes.

Our REGISTRATION ENTRY SITE will be open by the end of October, and the manual entry form will be in the AMA Handbook.

We are currently finalizing the merchandise which will be on offer, and we are planning a nice range which will include a range of shirts, hand towels and bucket hats.

We are also close to locking in massage therapists, an engraver and an official photographer for the event, and to finalizing our medals design, and our official event logo.

We are excited about hosting the AMA National Championships in our state next year, and

look forward to welcoming you all to NSW.



New South Wales Masters Athletics Inc Membership Form for season Oct 1, 2014 - Sep 30, 2015

Personal Information Full Name

Street No and Name Suburb and Postcode Home phone

Mobile phone Email address

Date of Birth Male or Female

Have any of the above details changed since last year? Yes/No

New Member or Renewal If New, how did you hear about us?

Are you joining another

ANSW Club as well? Yes /No If Yes, which Club?

Registration Fees for 01/10/2014 to 30/09/2015

Association Membership select this only if you wish to join us as the State body (eg you are already a member of an ANSW Club, or

are not joining another Club at all) Paper Fee Tick your

selection NSWMA Association Member only

(note – if you register online this amount will be $40.00 + IMG processing fee) $ 40.00 Club Membership – select this only if you are joining NSWMA as

your main Club, and have not joined another ANSW Club Paper Fee Tick your selection ANSW Registration incl NSWMA Association - Open Athlete

(note – if you register online this amount will be $165.00 + IMG process fee) $170.00 ANSW Registration incl NSWMA Association - Age Concession

(60+ or with Pensioner or Senior card)

(note – if you register online this amount will be $125.00 + IMGprocess fee)


Waratah Magazine


please tick your preference:

Via Email Via post

Declaration : I agree to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the New South Wales Masters Athletics Inc (NSWMA). I also agree to advise the NSWMA Registrar of any changes to the details provided here as soon as practicable.

Date: Signature:

Payment by Cheque or Money Order, made out to “NSWMA Inc”

Post to: The Registrar NSWMA, 124 Bradfield Road, Lindfield NSW 2070 Office Use Only: Financial to:



Vale Vic Townsend

It is with sadness we report the passing of Gordon (Vic) Townsend, life member and former president of our club. Vic was one of the founding fathers of masters’ athletics in NSW back in the 1970s. Vic was a keen walker, a frequent winner of walks in state titles and still holds the NSW M70 20km walk record. He passed away after lunch, Monday 8th September, 2014. He was in his 95th year. For those who did not know Vic he was a World Masters Racewalking Champion in his 60s but more importantly he was a softly spoken genuine gentleman and a wonderful warm, caring thoughtful human being.

Vale Janette Turner

It is also with sadness we report the passing of Janette Turner, a long-time member of our club who has been living in Queensland for some years. Janette was on the committee as uniforms officer for several years along with partner Fred who was vice president at the time. Janette was a silver medallist at the British Veteran Athletics Titles in the 400m in 1999 and was a tireless worker on behalf of the Club. Our thoughts are with Fred at this time of loss.

The Waratah is the official journal of NSWMA Inc. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this journal are not necessarily those of the NSWMA committee and office bearers. Letters to the editor should preferably be emailed to [email protected]. NSWMA reserves the right not to publish any letter not deemed in the best interests of the association.


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