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2015 / 2016 ANNUAL REPORT Family * Fun * Fitness


Academic year: 2024

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Family * Fun * Fitness


Mission Statement

‘To develop children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family and community involvement in

athletic activities’



President Iain Carlin

Steve Camilleri Greg Peterson David Baker Andrew Gosling Nadia Blake Peter Gayen

Minutes Secretary Wendy Beisiegel


Chief Executive Officer Sue Bowman

Administration Officers Kendal Sellars November 2014 - August 2015

Meg Hanna August 2015 - January 2016

Programs & Event Manager Steven Marotti June 2014 - Present

Competitions & Events Coordinator Brittany Winter March 2010 - Present

Business Services Manager Stephanie Zmegac June 2014 - Present

Communications Coordinator Meg Hanna February 2016 - Present

Centre Liaison Daniel Mikic October 2014 - June 2016

Pathways Coordinator Bridget Senyszyn December 2014 - Present


Development Officers Paul Townley October 2007 - January 2016

Hannah Shepherd February 2014 - Present

Jacob Curnow August 2015 - Present

Jordan Lambert May 2015 - Present

Steven Plowright September 2015 - Present





Greg Adams Michael Barker John Bedworth (dec’d) Wendy Beisiegel

Trevor Blight Norm Charles OAM John Crouch Guido Feltrin

Ian Goodrich Margaret Gorham (dec’d) Laurie Heath Roland Hill Alan Iversen (dec’d) Ken Jenke (dec’d) Des Leedham Alan Letcher

Lou Moyes (dec’d) Gary Mutton Greg Peterson Scott Pitts June Platt John Russell (dec’d) Pamela Sard (dec’d) Brian Sard

Terry Sloan Bruce Smith Peggy Spencer Hazel Talbot

Joan Walton Annette Williams DISTINGUISHED MERIT AWARD

Bruce Ainslie Kym Basham Gus Capogreco Steve Fairfield

Diane Feltrin Trevor Fitzsimons John Graham Steve Holland

Margaret Letcher Leonie May Jeff Page Jannette Potter

Maryke Russell Glenda Sloan Sandra Smith Ron Sullivan


Bruce Ainslie Greg Anderson Shirley Angus Angus Balfour

Steve Bannister Carol Barker Alan Barlow Jenny Barring-Hunter Egon Becker Mitch Becker Steve Borowski Derek Bowering

Wayne Broadbridge Faye Burgess Eddie Burgon Robin Burns

Malcolm Bray Sue Bywaters Ian Coburn Mary Crouch

Dorothy Coombe Kerry Doyle Mick Drewett Loralie Dunn

Rob Farmer Wal Fountain Bryon Franklin Sue Franklin

Daphne Garbett Gaynor Garnish Tony Garnish Richard Gerrard

Chris Gibbons Kylie Gibbons Judy Gladigau John Grant

Karen Grant Peter Grant Carolyn Gray John Green

Rick Halls Colleen Hargans Peter Hargans Ron Hateley Mary Hearn Andrew Heard Shirley Heath Bob Hocking

Debbie Huddleston Paul Hunter Jim Ireland Sue Jackson

Michelle James Veronica Jenkin Dave Johnston Margaret Johnson

Brian Johnstone Haley Jones Ray Kerlogue Graham Krieg

Kate Kroehn Geoff Kurtz Faye Lehmann Margaret Letcher

Gary Mansell Gordon Marshall Debbie Meich Patricia McHendrie

John McInerney David Moir Marri Moir Ernie Mullaart

Judy Mutton John Neal Laurie O’Connell Trevor Orman

Richard Philby Annette Pinnock David Pinnock Ray Pittaway

Arthur Porter Jannette Potter Denise Ratsch May Rhind

Heather Roberts Jack Roberts Barbara Schumacker Marilyn Scott

Mary Scruby Geoff Searle Robyn Sluyters-Reynolds Ray Sorenson Randall South Richard Staples Wendy Stimson Leona Stretch

Heather Thompson Doug Tilley Karen Tohver Jan Ware

Adrian Warner Ron Wasgind Viv Wilson Shirley Wright


The South Australian Little Athletics Association Inc. (SALAA) wishes to record its appreciation to the following, for their valuable assistance during Season 2014/2015.



Health Partners Registration Patches State Relay Championships Cross Country Season

Whole Kids

Age Group Patches

Under 9 - Under 12 State Carnival Tiny Tots - Under 8 State Carnival

Office for Recreation and Sport

State Government



Centre Uniform Provider



Naming right sponsors

Uniform Patches State Event Sponsor

ASICS Australia

Australian Little Athletic Championships Footwear & Uniform

Achievement Books

V - Insurance Group





I’ve been around Little Athletics for fourteen seasons now, the last four as a member of the Board of LASA. The last two years has seen massive change in our organisation. We’ve gone from manual registrations and paying

everything by cash or cheque to fully online and electronic payments. A huge leap for any organisation let alone one that consists almost exclusively of volunteers!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The relationship between LASA and Athletics SA has gone from virtually non- existent to one of intense collaboration. This season has seen more joint athletic meets, the convergence to a single group of Officials, the continued success of the Athletics Academy and historic joint meetings of the two Boards.

Thanks to Adam Bishop, Joe Stevens and both Boards for supporting these initiatives.

And watch this space. We now have Little Athletics and seniors clubs talking mergers and making the One Club model come to fruition. One Sport is not just some esoteric vision; it’s really starting to happen out there. Athletics Australia has developed a fresh and vital vision for the sport for the next 10 years that will see even more exciting changes as it is implemented. I predict a great future for Athletics, if the fragmentation and mistrust that existed in the past can finally be put to bed and everyone works together for the betterment of the sport. I firmly believe that can happen.

Registrations tend to follow a 4 year cycle in line with the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. As is the trend, registrations were down 6% this year. This drop is in line with the same period in 2011-12. However numbers are still up 9% on that equivalent period. 2016-17 should see a large increase, particularly as the Olympics will be held immediately before our season begins.

This season has been the first operating under the new constitution. It has been refreshing to be able to focus more on strategy rather than operational issues. This year we also welcomed three new members, Nadia Blake, Andrew Gosling and Peter Gayen. Along with existing members Stephen Camilleri, David Baker and Greg Peterson, I would like to thank the Board for a very positive and productive season. I would also like to thank Life Member and Little Aths stalwart, Wendy Beiseigel for taking the minutes for us at each Board Meeting (plus providing all the other support to Sue and the team throughout the year).



The Board has recently developed and approved a new Strategic Plan. Unlike the wordy plans of the past, it is concise and to the point, laying out our vision, values and key pillars for the next 4 years. It’s refreshing and modern and I would encourage Centres to review the plan and develop their own strategic visions to align with that

endorsed by the Board.

From an operational perspective, Little Athletics has seen some great initiatives in the past season including new events such as the State Challenge and Whole Kids State Carnivals. Our development team delivered the LAPS program to over 40,000 primary school children. Our marketing program has been extremely successful, selling out of product before the campaign was due to be completed and will be continuing that next season. There are also plans to focus on the ‘family’ aspect of Little Athletics in our promotional materials.

This year it was SALAA’s turn to host the Australian Little Athletics Championships. Thankfully ALACs only comes around every 7 years because the effort involved in planning and running the event, whilst rewarding, is also exhausting. A big thank you to Trevor Orman, the organising committee, the officials and other volunteers for putting on what was a stunning day of competition (helped immensely by the fabulous weather!). We raised the bar and received many compliments on how spectacular the stadium looked and how smoothly things ran. And to cap it off we took home the Alan Triscott Trophy for only the second time! It will remain a highlight of my time on the Board - well done to all involved.

We couldn’t deliver these events and programs without staff. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank the extremely hard working office team, ably led by Sue Bowman. To Steven, Brittany, Stephanie, Meg and Daniel, a huge thank you for all those hours in the office, but also outside and on weekends to make the season such a success.

Leading every great team is a great leader. I’m proud to say that I was on the panel that interviewed and selected Sue Bowman for the role of CEO. At the time I said that Sue was the best candidate, and that she would challenge us both as a Board and an organisation. Sue has been the driver behind taking SALAA into the 21st century and opening us up to new and exciting opportunities. Yes, it has sometimes been challenging, but we needed a good shake up! On behalf of everyone in the Little Athletics family, thank you Sue for your passion and belief in this organisation.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners. This year we welcomed two brand new major sponsors that are extremely compatible with the Little Athletics brand. The relationship with Health Partners has been very positive for both organisations and we hope to maintain that for many years to come. Whole Kids also came on board as the age group sponsor, but have elected not to renew for the coming season. Thanks also to Blackchrome as a valued supporter and preferred supplier of apparel. Please show your support for our state sponsors and take advantage of the benefits they offer.

I would also like to thank the national sponsors in Jetstar Australia, Asics and V Insurance for their continued support of Little Athletics.



The South Australian Government provides valuable funding to Little Athletics through the Office of Recreation and Sport. ORS provides grants such as Active Club to Centres as well as project based assistance at a stage level. We are very grateful for their ongoing assistance with the Pathways program as well as new funding we were successful in obtaining for Risk Management, Volunteers and Tiny Tots initiatives next season.

Lastly, thank you to the officials, coaches, parents and athletes that are the foundation of Little Athletics. Your passion and contribution to this sport often goes un-rewarded, but it is not un-noticed. The Board cannot thank you enough for everything you do.

When I joined the Board, I had in my mind three goals that I wanted to achieve. To have sponsors that are

compatible with the ethos of the sport; to see surplus funds be reinvested in the sport before raising fees; and that there be an understanding of what constitutes a reasonable level of retained funds (and why). While I didn’t personally drive that agenda, it’s good to see that those things have come to fruition.

So we’ve come a long way, and there’s still a lot to do. I find myself at a personal cross roads. I am over-committed to so many roles, not just Little Athletics, to the point that I’m rarely ever home. You can only do that for so long before you have to take stock and ask what is most important to you. After much reflection and discussion I have decided to step down from the Board. It’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot, had a lot of fun and worked with some great people in this organisation. I will watch from the sidelines with interest as the next chapters unfold in the Little Athletics story (ok, I might occasionally pick up a rake or tape and help).

It would take pages for me to thank everyone I have met on this journey; however I want to make a special mention. Greg Peterson was one of the very first people I met in Little Aths. Greg is the Guru! So many times he has been a great source of knowledge and advice. He has the patience of a saint, the knowledge of an

encyclopaedia and an immense passion for Athletics. The hours he puts in and sacrifices he makes for this sport are simply astounding and we have a lot to thank Greg for. I am personally very much indebted to you Greg. Thank you.

On that note, that’s a wrap. I’ve enjoyed my time on the Board and I wish you all every success in the future. See you out on the track.

As always, my final message is this – remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about the kids!



It has been a very busy year for us here in the office. The roll out of new programs, welcoming two new sponsors and working closely with our external stakeholders has kept us very much on our toes.

We have also had quite a challenging time with the IMG database which has caused frustration for all concerned on the operational side, whether it has been here in our office or at centre level. After much discussion and

collaboration with various Centres, our Board has endorsed us to work with a new provider to tailor a suitable database for use here in SA. It is our intention to role this new database out slowly and methodically over the coming months with a goal of being transitioned over by early next year.

During the season, SALAA also completed extensive research on members through the Membership Survey, and Centres through the Health Checks. This research will be vital in creating a new strategic vision for next year, as we look to build our membership and retention rates of athletes, coaches and officials.

Our work with ASA and the Office of Recreation and Sport in respect to the new focus of a one sport model has been very exciting and challenging at the same time. I am very pleased with the progress that has been achieved in such a short space of time. Much of the hard work has been led by Bridget Senyszyn, joint Pathways Coordinator.

We are very fortunate to have Bridget working in this space. We would not have achieved the results we have today without her enthusiasm and drive to make change. I can assure the Little Athletics Community that we are very much working with the best interest of the Athletes going forward. We will be methodical and transparent in our approach and have every intention of working closely with each Centre as we progress.

I have to once again say that I am extremely blessed with an amazing team of staff. The energy and commitment that is put in from these individuals is second to none.

To top this off I have to say to my Board, “Thank you” you are one of the most passionate and proactive Boards I have ever had the privilege to serve. I have never seen a harder working and more committed group of people in my working life. It is very reassuring that we have this level of commitment at the helm of our organisation. Finally to Iain Carlin, I will personally miss you very much. You have been a dynamic, yet humble President and amazing support to me and the rest of the Board over the past year. You will go down in history as one of the best Presidents this Association has ever seen. Thank you for steering us in a great new direction.

There has been some great new initiatives and continuation of current programs throughout the year. We look forward to a very bright future in the sport of Little Athletics.

The Program & Events team for the 2015/2016 season consisted of Steven Marotti (Program & Events Manager), Brittany Winter (Events Coordinator) and Greg Peterson (Competition Director). This season was by far one of the busiest seasons to date, but the team were certainly proud of what they were able to achieve! There was the creation of new programs such as the SA Athletics Academy, Tiny Tots Program and a September-October School Holiday Clinic, and there was also the inclusion of 3 new events to the season calendar to provide greater state competition opportunities for athletes of all ages. The organisation also had the privilege of hosting the Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC) in Adelaide on Sunday, April 24th 2016. It was fantastic for everyone to be involved in delivering a national event that is only held in Adelaide every 7 years.




The LAPS program is one of the organisations major marketing campaigns to promote and introduce Little Athletics to children from primary schools and kindergartens/preschools. In 2015, Little Athletics SA set a target of seeing 40,000 children throughout the year, after achieving 23,518 children in 2014. Through the wonderful efforts of our Development Officers, they successfully achieved the set target by seeing a total of 42,481 children. This included visits to 142 primary schools and 58 kindergartens throughout South Australia.


The Academy consolidated the Little Athletics Squad LA and Star Squads, and the Athletics SA Youth Academy into a single development stream, consisting of the Bronze, Silver, Gold and the Target Talent Program (TTP) squads. A total of 103 athletes were registered with the Bronze, Silver or Gold Squads, as well as 35 athletes within the TTP squad. The program ran monthly for 9 months.

Athletics SA and Little Athletics SA were fortunate to receive a $3,300 grant from the Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS), to financially and professionally support four young and developing coaches, to be mentored and assist the key coaches within the Academy.

The SA Athletics Academy has received significant assistance and encouragement from the ORS and the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI), who supported the pilot with staff members and equipment for the initial fitness testing sessions, as well as psychology, nutrition and physiotherapy presenters for the theory sessions.

Many thanks are extended to the Academy coaches, as well as the athletes within the Academy for a successful pilot year. In 2016, the Academy will be reviewed and expanded, with new implementations to ensure both organisations are continually supporting the development of junior athletes within South Australia.


The Tiny Tots Program was a newly established program in 2015. It was a 7-week introductory and developmental program for 3-5 year old children, which was conducted in the lead up to the start of the 2015/2016 track and field season. The primary aim of the program was to develop the children’s fundamental movement skills (i.e. running, jumping, and throwing), whilst showcasing the sport of Little Athletics.

A total of 83 children participated in the program at 9 different sessions and locations around metropolitan Adelaide. Of the 83 children, 70 had never participated in Little Athletics before. The feedback received from parents was very positive and by the conclusion of the program, almost 50% of the Tiny Tots Program participants registered with a Little Athletics centre for the 2015/2016 season. Even though the program had the potential to grow further, we are directing this focus into a new Tiny Tots coaching resource for Centres.


For the first time, Little Athletics SA had a holiday clinic in the September-October school holidays break. Our Holiday Fun Clinic was all about the participants experiencing the wonderful track and field events that Little Athletics offers through fun game-based activities. We had two sessions offered – one for U6-U8’s and another for U9-U13’s. Overall, we had 113 children participate in the clinics.

The yearly Little Athletics SA January clinic was combined with Athletics SA for 2016. The Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Development Clinic was provided for U6-U8’s and U9-U18’s, with coaching delivered by some of South Australia’s best up and coming coaches. The athletes were even fortunate enough to have a guest appearance from young South Australian Pole Vault sensation, Kurtis Marschall, who give up his own time to discuss his experiences from Little Athletics to Senior Athletics, and his aim to qualify for the 2016 Rio or 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Overall, we had 148 athletes participate in the clinics.





The Cross Country season consisted of eleven Centres each volunteering to host a weekly meet throughout the months of May to July. Numbers were consistently high at each meet, which contributed to an increased number of athletes who competed at the Championship Event – hosted by Hills Little Athletics Centre at Heathfield High School Oval. We congratulate Tea Tree Gully Little Athletics Centre who won both the boys and girls Champion Centre shields.


Prior to the start of the season, Little Athletics SA announced that Country Centres would be determined as those that are more than 75km from Adelaide. So following this revised structure and name change, it was released that only the four Country regions would participate in this structured interclub event, allowing for athletes to compete locally, against other athletes in their region.


This event provides all athletes with an opportunity to compete and achieve personal best results at SA

Athletics Stadium in their favourite events. It was one of the Associations most successful events of the season with a great number of athletes involved from all age groups. Thank you to all the Centre volunteers who assisted our officials in ensuring the athletic events ran smoothly and on time throughout the day.


The State Carnivals for Tiny Tots to Under 8’s and Under 9 to Under 12’s were two of our newly established events.

These events catered for athletes in the younger age groups so they could be introduced to the track in a relaxed environment. They also were able to enjoy the carnival activities with face painting and a bouncy castle after they finished their athletic events. The TT to U8 carnival, held in December, gave the young athletes a chance to participate in a rotation of events, with more of a coaching focus, as opposed to performance based. The second carnival held in February for U9 to U12 athletes, allowed them to compete at the stadium in a range of track and field events in preparation for the upcoming State Individual Championships.


To further strengthen our relationship with Athletics SA, it was agreed that the Multi-Event Championships were to be conducted over two days in mid-January and become our first ever joint Championship event held at the SA Athletics Stadium. Although there were challenges internally with differences in age groups and technical rules and specifications for the athletes within the joint age groups, to the general public, the event seemed seamless! A total of 652 athletes between the Under 9 to Under 18 age group completed in the joint Multi Event Championships over the two days in January 2016.

Some examples of the positive feedback from the Championship Event so far have been around how great the event looked, with so many extra participants involved. It was also great to see many of the younger athletes watching the older athletes compete.



As this team based event continues to create Centre camaraderie, athletes worked together to achieve and support their respective Centre. This season 31 Centres were represented, with a total of 560 teams entered in the

Championships. Henley Districts won both the Pam Sard Champion Centre Trophy and the Lou Moyes most Improved Centre Trophy, whilst the March Past Trophy was won by Mid Coast. Thank you to Health Partners for their wonderful involvement on the day and we look forward to their continued involvement in this event for the next couple of years.


A new State event, open to athletes in the Under 9 to Under 15 age groups, provided 232 athletes, competing in a total of 843 events, with a chance to compete in a State event at SA Athletics Stadium. The event received great feedback from all involved following its first year, and we certainly look forward to building on the event for next season.


The event commenced a day earlier on the Friday night to allow the Walk events to be the sole focus, with the rest of the athletic events occurring on the Saturday and Sunday. This pinnacle Championship event saw 846 athletes qualify and participate in 2,553 events over the weekend. We congratulate both Male and Female Athletes of the Meet, Jadyn Elsworthy (Hills) and Zoe Palmer (Golden Grove) on their performances.

Throughout the season, we continued to build our relationship with SAPSASA and assist them in providing officials for the SAPSASA Cross Country Championships and State Track & Field Championships. SAPSASA have been an excellent support of Little Athletics SA and we will continue to work with them closely.

Little Athletics SA events rely on the support of officials and volunteers to ensure events run smoothly so the athletes can have an enjoyable experience. Thank you to all those who gave up their time to assist at our events as without you, the events can’t run! Also, we wish to acknowledge the athletes and their families, coaches, club administrators, and all other stakeholders for their support.




During the year, the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme developed by both Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia was released, and adopted by both South Australian state organisations. The scheme provides one seamless and transparent pathway for all athletics officials, regardless of their affiliation with either Little Athletics SA or Athletics SA, from Tiny Tots right through to the international level.

An inaugural joint officials meeting was held during the year, to discuss how both organisations can successfully support our officials into the new scheme. Since the rollout of the new joint scheme, two Level 1 practical officials’

seminars and a Walks seminar were held for 32 participants.

In the coming year, both organisations will continue to work together to support officials, as they adapt and progress into the new joint scheme, as well as encouraging more athletes and volunteers to undertake officiating education and accreditation. This will be a significant area of focus in 2016 for the pathways area.

The coming season will bring new and unique challenges to the area of Pathways, as well as maintaining the enthusiasm and impetus already underway. Above all, the main focus will be to encourage participation and competition, ensuring we are able to satisfy an ever-increasing demand for volunteers and officials, to ensure our athletes continue to enjoy athletics... ‘in a fun and inclusive environment, for life’.


The past 12 months have been a rather progressive year for Coaching within Little Athletics SA, with exactly 100 participants completing the new Introduction to Coaching Course (ITCC). 7 courses were held within this period; 5 in metropolitan Adelaide, and 3 in the regional areas of Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and Naracoorte. 27 Little Athletics Centres were represented in these courses.

There is still significant growth possible with the ITCC in the coming year, as well as the pathway for participants to continue on their coaching with the Athletics Australia framework. Feedback from the ITCC has been extremely positive, with many wanting to now further their coaching accreditation and development.



METRO CENTRES GIRLS BOYS 2015 / 16 2014 / 15

Adelaide Eagles 103 100 203 227

Barossa Valley 57 68 125 156

Campbelltown 67 48 115 87

Eastern Districts 144 168 312 287

Elizabeth 37 32 69 63

Enfield 61 79 140 176

Flinders 38 59 97 133

Gawler 45 58 103 122

Golden Grove 104 125 229 221

Hallett Cove 83 107 190 202

Henley Districts 156 162 318 359

Hills 112 126 238 273

Ingle Farm 34 29 63 97

Lyndoch & Districts 56 68 124 135

Magill 93 104 197 188

Mid Coast 85 85 170 188

Mt Barker 78 83 161 191

Munno Para 39 50 89 83

Noarlunga 56 62 118 129

Plympton 65 86 151 175

Reynella East 47 71 118 174

Salisbury 28 40 68 77

Salisbury East 48 79 127 165

South Coast 68 85 153 184

Southern Districts 125 132 257 254

Southern Hills 103 114 217 191

Strathalbyn & Districts 20 30 50 -

Tea Tree Gully 112 103 215 264

Torrens Valley 31 44 75 88

West Lakes 154 171 325 318

Woodville 75 104 179 199

METRO TOTAL 2,324 2,672 4,996 4342


COUNTRY CENTRES GIRLS BOYS 2015 / 16 2014 / 15

Adelaide Plains 6 5 11 14

Bordertown 37 34 71 42

Broken Hill 19 19 38 -

Central Eyre - Wudinna 22 17 39 50

CYP Maitland 32 16 48 50

Far West - Ceduna 36 47 83 82

Limestone Coast 19 30 49 53

Mannum 11 14 25 40

Mid North - Clare 40 43 83 75

Mildura & Districts 86 115 201 186

Millicent 31 27 58 72

Mount Gambier 103 113 216 200

Murray Bridge 30 31 61 80

Naracoorte 52 65 117 114

NYP Kadina 52 71 123 153

Penola 59 61 120 110

Port Augusta 61 66 127 142

Port Lincoln 33 35 68 48

Roxby Downs 36 45 81 -

Riverland - Barmera - Loxton

20 40

34 13

54 53

82 57

SYP Minlaton 33 23 56 65

Tennant Creek 11 10 21 57

Waikerie 26 31 57 52

Whyalla 32 32 64 82

Country Total 927 997 1,924 1,994




On Sunday the 24th of April 2016 the South Australian Little Athletics Association participated in the ASICS Australian Little Athletics Championships which were held at SA Athletics Stadium in Adelaide.

The team that was selected to represent our state comprised of 26 under 13 athletes & 6 under 15 athletes that were chosen from a performance based criteria which would give South Australia the best possible chance in converting performances into points.

2016 State Team representatives consisted of:


TJ Afungia (HD), Sophie Barr (TTG), Ernie Brown (P), Max Coorey (HD), Joe Cross (ED), Lucy Doney (ED), Sam Dukalskis (MtG), Molly Farmer (HD), Claire Ferguson (TTG), Jack Gibbins (G), Noah Goldie (ED), Kurt Gonzales (MB), James Hackett (SH), Olivia Hastings (SD), Tate Manning (BV), Tamsyn Murdoch (GG), Lexi Panagiotidis (HD), Madeline Roos (En), Aidan Ross (F), Olivia Sandery (ED), Hailey Siebert (WL), Jarman Sigal (SD), Talisha Skein (GG), Jesse Temme (ED), Kane Viska (SD) and Jade Walas (SE)


Lachlan Burrows (F), Quillen Economou (Wv), Lucy Elsworthy (BV), Drae Hopkins (NYP), Noah Miles (M) and Ruby Sulicich (SD)

On behalf of the State Team personnel, we extend our appreciation to the SALAA Board of Directors for the opportunity to be part of a successful 2016 South Australian Track & Field State Team.

Cathy Lambert and Bruce Smith STATE TEAM COACHES

Jane Sternagel and Daniel Mikic STATE TEAM MANAGERS

Brittany Winter




In the lead up to the ASICS Australian Little Athletics Championships, athletes were expected to attend compulsory training sessions and participate in a range of activities, developed to assist them individually but help them work together as a team. It was wonderful to see that by the final team training session on Sunday 17th April, everyone was focused and excited for the challenge ahead.

On Thursday 21st of April, the team arrived at SA Athletics Stadium for a light training session before travelling directly to the hotel, where athletes were assigned rooms and got changed for dinner at Glenelg. The next day, athletes were divided into four groups, led by a State Team Coach or Manager, as they competed in the ‘Amazing race around Adelaide’, exploring the central markets, participating in a range of challenges and locating various landmarks.

After a busy day Saturday, the athletes spent the morning at the movies followed by lunch at a nearby café. The team then travelled to SA Athletics Stadium for Facilities and Track familiarisation scheduled to commence at 3.15pm. From the track, athletes got ready for a team meal at Fasta Pasta, where they fuelled up, before arriving back at the hotel for one final team meeting.

An early start to the morning of competition, had the team eating breakfast at 6.00am, before travelling by bus to the track for the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 ASICS Australian Athletics Championship. The day went extremely well with all management fulfilling their duties and athletes achieving fantastic results, while also making sure to support their fellow teammates when they could. The championships concluded with a wonderful closing ceremony, followed by an after competition function for athletes and their families, to celebrate the successes of the day.

Completing another successful ASICS Australian Little Athletics Championships with a total of eight medals (1 Gold, 4 Silver, and 3 Bronze) and many Personal Best performances achieved, we could not be prouder of each athlete and how they conducted themselves.




The South Australian Little Athletics Association presents its financial report for the 2015/16 season.

This season marks the culmination of a three year strategy to utilise Association resources to invest in the future of little athletics in South Australia. The goal of this strategy was to increase participation numbers which was achieved this season with a 10% growth in athlete numbers over a four year comparison period.

The revamped state events also resulted in an increase in competitors at SA Athletics Stadium.

Improvements in the delivery of athlete development initiatives also resulted in increased participation in development clinics and the launch of the Coaching Athletics Program for Primary Schools (CAPPS) in South Australia.

The introduction of our first fundraising program has offset some of the costs of the current year which will allow for future investment in an inclusion program for para-athletes to even further drive participation numbers and we are grateful to those that have supported this cause.

This growth could not have been achieved without incurring costs to professionally run the association to support the fantastic work of our volunteers.

This season also saw the Association contribute to the successful hosting of the Australian Little Athletics Championships in South Australia.

We look forward to the 2016/17 season which will build on the achievements of this season and see

further improvements in athlete development programs, state competitions and member support balanced with financial responsibility to secure the financial future of the Association.


2016 2015

Note $ $



Affiliation Fees 3,564 3,109

Conference Levies 6,286 5,527

Donations 14,935 68

Equipment Hire Services 2,691 2,500

Interest 9,258 22,294

Other Income 4,288 -

Registration Fees 300,909 284,080

Grants 50,000 30,000

Grants - Temporary Change Room 16,002 17,540

LAA Funding 32,000 19,195

Sponsorship 60,500 46,579



Commission 11,421 17,993

Fundraising 305,503 -

LAA Funding 30,795 -

Sponsorship - 7,500



Achievement Award Sales - 3,081

ALAC Program Book Sales 455 -

ALAC Uniform Subsidy 3,277 -

Canteen Proceeds 4,486 8,300

Nomination Fees 58,599 30,273

Merchandise Sales 1,886 1,318

State Team Levies 23,273 31,432

Grants - 50,000

LAA Funding 46,644 -

Sponsorship - 15,000



AIS Camp - 10,350

Athletics Academy Fees 11,730 4,472

Holiday Development Clinic Fee 14,369 9,759

Introduction to Coaching Fees 4,209 -

Officials Course Fees 786 -

Paid Coaching Fees 4,605 -

LAPS Programme Services 50,975 30,576

Tiny Tots Program Fees 5,627 -

Grants 3,000 -

LAA Funding 25,000 25,000

Sponsorship 1,500 7,500



TOTAL INCOME 1,108,574 683,446


2016 2015

Note $ $


Age Group Tags & LAA Tickets 3,720 2,605

Audit Fees 4,000 7,450

Bank Charges & Merchant Fees 494 357

Board & General Office Exp 7,153 6,777

Centre Awards & Travel Grants 6,242 954

Computer Software & Maintenace 5,178 2,251

Conference 12,779 21,630

Depreciation 21,834 24,553

Electricity 2,028 1,977

Fringe Benefits Tax 1,668 1,955

Human Resource Expense 2,841 2,452

Insurance & Levies - LAA 83,628 87,373

Legal Costs 1,500 -

Memberships & Subscriptions 300 3,223

Minor Equipment 960 -

Motor Vehicle Expenses 1,693 670

Online Registration Fees 13,417 12,058

Photocopier Maintenance - 2,558

Postage & Freight 2,675 2,467

Registration & Result Books 6,183 7,131

Registration Numbers 6,375 6,350

Rental of Office 12,003 9,891

Repairs, Maint. & Cleaning 2,844 1,038

Research & Consultants 14,231 30,000

Stationery & Printing 6,415 3,673

Sundry 1,121 651

Telephone & Internet 6,870 5,564

Temporary Change Room Costs 16,002 17,540

Travel & Accommodation 14,230 5,599

Uniforms 1,211 1,058

Salaries & Wages 314,734 162,096

Superannuation 28,664 15,349

Staff Training 3,272 4,098

Staff Leave 15,317 8,299

Workcover 2,170 1,207

Work, Health & Safety 1,800 -



Advertising 25,707 29,013

Fundraising 249,915 -

Promotional 1,304 2,612

Sponsor Proposal & Recognition 61 85

Stationary & Printing 660 -

Sundry 77 -

Research & Consultants 3,035 -

Salaries & Wages 9,779 -

Superannuation 866 -

WorkCover 66 -




2016 2015

Note $ $



Bus Hire - 2,091

ALA Championships 51,989 71

Achievement Award Scheme - 2,916

Centre Awards & Travel Grants - 2,400

Catering 5,649 -

Certificates 2,627 2,684

First Aid 2,338 1,798

Medals, Badges & Trophies 10,961 13,146

Minor Equipment 1,397 287

Photographs / Photo finish 1,375 -

Repairs & Consumables 633 -

Stationary & Printing 1,878 1,065

Security Services 378 4,158

Stadium Hire 25,483 27,355

State Team 23,657 3,653

Sundry 6,339 9,996

Travel & Accommodation 396 27,742

Uniforms 1,358 5,339

Wages & Salaries 2,938 -

Superannuation 462 -

Staff Training 81 320

WorkCover 349 -



AIS Camp - 10,350

Athletics Academy 9,632 4,661

Centre Awards & Travel Grants - 500

Holiday Development Clinic 3,856 3,404

Introduction to Coaching 4,550 3,145

Officials Costs 3,099 789

Tiny Tots Program 5,692 -

Minor Equipment 1,197 485

Motor Vehicle Allowance 6,234 3,300

Motor Vehicle Expenses 3,779 3,859

Sundry 164 -

Travel & Accommodation 3,416 4,189

Uniforms 262 -

Wages & Salaries 59,332 81,878

Superannuation 6,160 7,843

Staff Training 919 2,957

Workcover 868 771



TOTAL EXPENDITURE 1,166,470 725,716

OPERATING SURPLUS / (DEFICIT) (57,896) (42,270)

Retained surplus at the beginning of the financial year 557,120 599,390 Retained Surplus at the end of the financial year 499,224 557,120 The accompanying notes from part of this financial report.


2016 2015

Note $ $


Cash and Cash Equivalents 2 518,893 622,755

Receivables 52,964 1,267

Inventories 3 23,412 1,369

Other 589 3,306

TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS 595,858 628,697


Plant and Equipment 4 100,044 104,764


TOTAL ASSETS 695,902 733,461


Payables 5 68,157 19,279

Grants Received in Advance 6 15,490 17,540

Fees Received in Advance 7 22,144 -

Provisions 8 29,086 13,768



Grants Received in Advance 6 61,801 125,754


TOTAL LIABILITIES 196,678 176,341

NET ASSETS 499,224 557,120


Retained Surplus 499,224 557,120

TOTAL MEMBERS FUNDS 499,224 557,120

The accompanying notes form part of this financial report.



This financial report is a special purpose financial report prepared in order to satisfy the financial reporting requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 and Regulations of South Australia.

The Board has determined that the association is not a reporting entity.

The financial report has been prepared on an accrual basis and is based on historical costs unless otherwise stated in the notes.

The following material accounting policies, which are consistent with the previous period unless otherwise stated, have been adopted in the preparation of this financial report.

a. Income Tax

The association is a sporting body for taxation purposes and has been granted an exemption from income tax by the Commissioner of Taxation under Division 50 of the ITAA 1997.

b. Revenue and Other Income

Revenue from fees and levies are recognised when the registration, affiliation or entry is received.

Revenue from sponsorships is recognised when the association obtains control over the right to receive cash or other assets under the terms of the sponsorship agreement.

Revenue from grants, funding and donations are recognised when the association obtains control over the funds, it is probable that the economic benefits gained from the funds will flow to the association and the amount can be measured reliably. If conditions are attached to the funds before the association obtains control, the recognition of the funds as income will be deferred until the conditions are satisfied.

Revenue from the sale of goods and provision of services is recognised when the goods and services, including fundraising, are delivered or provided complete.

Interest revenue is recognised when the right to receive the interest is established.

Commissions and canteen revenue are recognised when received.

Revenue and other income is measured at the fair value of the consideration received or receivable.

All revenue is stated net of the amount of goods and services tax.

c. Plant and Equipment

Plant and equipment are carried at cost, less accumulated depreciation and any accumulated impairment losses. In the event the carrying amount is greater than the estimated recoverable amount the carrying amount is written down to the estimated recoverable amount and the impairment loss is recognised as an expense. A formal assessment of recoverable amount is made when there are indicators that an asset may be impaired. Recoverable amount is higher of the assets fair value less cost of disposal and its value in use.

The depreciable amount of all fixed assets are depreciated over the useful lives of the assets to the association commencing from the time the asset is held ready for use. The assets' residual values and useful lives are reviewed, and adjusted if necessary at the end of each reporting period.

From 1 May 2012, sporting and non-sporting equipment has been depreciated. The previous treatment was to capitalise initial purchases, and expense replacements in the year of purchase.

Gains or losses on disposal of plant and equipment is determined by comparing the net proceeds with the carrying value and are recognised in income or expenditure when the item is derecognised.

d. Payables

Trade creditors and accruals represent the liability outstanding at the end of the reporting period for goods and services received that remain unpaid.

e. Employee Benefit Provisions

Provision is recognised when the association has a legal or constructive obligation as a result of past events. Provisions recognised represent the best estimate of the amounts required to settle the obligation at the end of the reporting period.

Provision is made for the association's liability for employee benefits arising from services rendered by employees to the end of the reporting period.

Employee benefit provision have been measured at the amounts expected to be paid when the liability is settled. These amounts are disclosed as current liability as the association does not have an unconditional right to defer settlement of the liability beyond 12 months of the end of the financial year, even if it is not expected that the liability will be settled within the next year.



f. Goods and Services Tax

Revenues, expenses and assets are recognised net of the amount of GST, except where the amount of GST is not recoverable from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Receivables and Payables are stated inclusive of the amount of GST receivable or payable. The net amount of GST recoverable from, or payable to, the ATO is included with other receivable or payables in the Balance Sheet.

2016 2015


Cash at Bank 518,893 172,755

Term Deposits - 450,000



Promotional Stock 6,488 224

Development Officer Stock 1,422 1,145

Fundraising Goods 15,502 -



Office Equipment - at Cost 53,199 43,725

Less accumulated depreciation (34,072) (28,776)



Office Furniture & Fittings - at Cost 21,740 21,740

Less accumulated depreciation (18,929) (18,226)



Motor Vehicles - at Costs 63,009 63,009

Less accumulated depreciation (23,324) (13,403)



Sporting Equipment - at Cost 27,920 26,197

Less accumulated depreciation (11,942) (9,116)



Non-Sporting Equipment - at Cost 36,659 30,742

Less accumulated depreciation (14,216) (11,128)



Total Plant and Equipment 100,044 104,764


Trade Creditors 40,363 11,153

Accruals 27,794 8,126




Temporary Changeroom 15,490 17,540

Non Current

Temporary Changeroom 61,801 75,754

Permanent Changeroom - 50,000



Total Government Grants Received in Advance 77,291 143,294


Academy Fees 22,144 -



Annual Leave 25,577 10,978

Long Service Leave 3,509 2,790




In relation to the independent audit for the year ended 30 April20i. 6, to the best of my

knowledge and belief there have been no contraventions of any applicable code of professional



AUDITOR'S INDEPENDENCE DECLARATION To the Members of South Australian Little Athletics Inc.

Tel: 0881792800 Fax: 0881792885

WWW. pitcher. comau enquiries@pitchersa. comau

Pitcher Partners Is an association of Independent firms Adelaide I Brisbane I Melbourne I Newcastle Perth Sydney

Adelaide SA 5001 Australia



Date: I July 2016




We have audited the accompanying financial report, being a special purpose financial report, of South Australian Little Athletics Association Inc. , which comprises the Balance Sheet as at 30 April20i. 6, the Income and Expenditure Statement for the Year then ended, and notes comprising a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information.

Responsibility of Those Chorged with Governonce

The members of the Committee is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial report and have determined that the basis of preparation described in Note I to the financial report is appropriate to meet the requirements of Associations Incorporation Act (SA) 1,985 and is appropriate to

meet the needs of the members.

Tel: 0881792800 Fax: 088179288S WWW. pitcher. coin au enquiries@pitchersa. comau



ABN 40 290 914982

Adelaide SA 5001 Australia

The Committee's responsibility also includes such internal control as the members of the Committee determine is necessary to enable the preparation and fair presentation of a financial report that is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Auditor's Responsibility

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the financial report based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards. Those standards require that we comply with relevant ethical requirements relating to audit engagements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial report is free from material misstatement.

An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial report. The procedures selected depend on the auditor's judgement, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial report, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the association's preparation and fair presentation of the financial report in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the association's internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by the Committee, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial report.

We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.

Pitcher Partners SA Pty Ltd ABN 36/12219735

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation =, an I'dep. ridenl menbe, I



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