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2015 NSW SNOWSPORTS - Annual Report


Academic year: 2024

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One of the main goals of NSW Snowsports is to develop and connect our NSW Snowsports community with various events, athlete routes and snow sports development programs. A new NSW Snowsports Snowboard Committee has taken the reigns in NSW under the control of Rob Dickson (Chairman) and Cathy Lambert (Treasurer). Both have a passion for snowboarding in NSW and NSW Snowsports is very excited to have them on board.

To review the Minutes from the previous Annual General Meeting of Snowsports NSW held on 25 March 2015. David Chrystal steps down from the NSW Snowsports Board having completed 1 year of his 2 year term. A special thanks to Peter Ward and Annette Pilat for all their hard work and dedication to the NSW Snowsports Board.


The implementation of the Sapphire One system will provide the opportunity to simplify accounting procedures, improve financial governance and provide real-time financial information to Directors and sub-committees of the Association. There are aspects of the program that will be of great help to Bec (NSWS Executive Officer). Alpine and Snowboard continue to run programs and develop new events and activities to support the development of athletes and sports.

All sub-committees run active and effective programs in support of young athletes, officials and volunteers and events of international, national and recreational standards.





Thank you to both schools for making the locations available for the courses. With no government funding received this year, these courses were endorsed solely by NSW Alpine. A vital link in our alpine community and we would especially like to thank NSW Snowsports Executive Officer Rebecca Clark for her expertise in maintaining the NSW Alpine section of the NSW Snowsports website. We would like to thank Thredbo Ski Racing Club, Lake Crackenback Resort, Richard & Ero Spanos for their generous donations to NSW Alpine.

NSW Alpine offers donors the opportunity to make tax deductible donations to NSW Alpine directly through the Australian Sports Foundation – donations can be made directly online. NSW Alpine also runs fundraising initiatives which included the second Thin Air Fun Run - at Lake Crackenback in early July. As always, much work is required to ensure that NSW Alpine continues to effectively support alpine athletes in NSW through the previously mentioned program initiatives.

As most here know, NSW Alpine combines with ACT Snowsports to operate the athlete programs under the NSWACT Alpine banner – it always takes two to make a partnership, so thanks to Rupert Winkler from ACT for his contribution to NSWACT Alpine. Gabi Robertson has served on the NSW Alpine Committee since 2010 – we thank her for her contribution particularly to the development of the sponsorship program initiated by Phil Coates in 2013. I would like to thank the committee for their support this year - it was a pleasure to work with you continuing the good work of our predecessors to support our alpine athletes as they each progress through the sport.

I am stepping down from chairing the NSW Alpine Committee to make way for some new faces and some familiar plus new ideas, but will remain on the committee next year to help the incoming chair with the transition. Thanks to my wife Lavinia for her support including hosting committee meetings and editing the NSW Alpine Facebook page.


We also have NSW Snowboard athletes currently training and competing throughout Canada, USA and Europe for the Northern 2015/16 winter. We wish them all the best for the upcoming events and training throughout the season.


Paul Livissianos stepped down to take on the role of NSW Judges co-ordinator in 2015 and did an outstanding job. The efforts of a number of parents who supported the new NSW Freestyle Committee throughout the year with event support, fundraising and organization cannot, as always, be underestimated. NSW Freestyle again worked with Canon as our title sponsor for the NSW Junior Mogul Series & 2015.

The NSW Freestyle Committee would like to extend its warm thanks to the NSW Snowsports Interschool Committee for their extremely hard work and generosity in 2015. The NSW Freestyle Committee would also like to extend its warm thanks to the Amelia McGuiness Foundation for their support of NSW Freestyle Athletes. NSW Freestyle currently has approximately $50,000 accumulated in its account which will be used to host events, purchase new equipment and run training programs.

For 2016 we will look towards securing Canon as a main sponsor, continue our fundraising activities and apply for grants to help fund the events. We have now also created an ASF project for NSW Freestyle which we hope to use over the next season. We will propose the inclusion of Slopestyle on the second day of the Thredbo event.

It is confirmed that we will see many International Olympic teams competing, including all the top Canadian, French and American representatives. NSW Freestyle will also be looking at purchasing new equipment to improve the quality of our competitions in NSW.


The Nordic lodge is a thriving hub when it's buzzing with youngsters enjoying their time in the snow. Nordic Shelter is once again able to receive tax-deductible donations through the Australian Sports Foundation. ASF is only one funding route for the Nordic Shelter and a number of fundraising activities continue regularly to pay for the normal running costs of the Nordic Shelter, which is located nearby.

As shown in the financial report, the Nordic Shelter Operating Fund is in a very healthy position going into 2016, but this also includes emergency reserves. We would like to ask users of the Nordic Shelter to continue their much appreciated donations via the yellow coin machines. The experiment with storage for skis and boots was very successful and will generate a sustainable income for the Nordic Shelter.

I would like to thank Adrian Blake for running the Nordic Shelter this past season. He was always helpful when help was asked and was guaranteed to always be ready to help with a smile. The Nordic shelter remains the focal point for the sport of XC skiing and recreational skiers and with increasing patronage, guidelines for the use of the Nordic shelter have been introduced and we expect the cross-country skiing community to support these guidelines and be considerate of their colleagues. users so that we can all enjoy the facility. The Infrastructure Working Committee has developed a Master Management and Development Plan for the summer maintenance of the trail system, which must be submitted to the NPWS.

Working holidays for both the Nordic Shelter and the trails at Perisher are continuing to be held on the first weekends of February, March, April and May. We also get strong support from members of the Canberra Cross Country Ski Club at every bee working alongside the Canberra Alpine Club in Perisher who provide accommodation.


The NSW Interschools Snow Sports Management Team is a collective of 6 Teachers who are representatives of the stakeholders. The success of the Interschool Events is dependent on the Committee and support team who give enormous amounts of their time, skills and abilities throughout the season, in a voluntary capacity. The Interschool Committee operates under the sub-committee by-laws of the NSW Snow Sports Association, with due reference to the previous schools' specific by-laws.

The NSW Interschools Risk Management Policy is available on the About Interschools page of the website at http://nswinterschools.com.au and covers 10 identified areas. A copy of the 2015 Rules can be downloaded at http://nswinterschools.com.au Volunteer Course Officials. For the second year, Perisher provided financial support for the disciplines through either individual athlete scholarships or junior snow sports programs and/or events, as part of the inter-school hosting agreement.

ACT Interschools provides financial support to help with website hosting and maintenance costs. Secondary Boys – The Scots College / Secondary Girls – Jindabyne Central School Primary Boys – The Scots College / Primary Girls – Jindabyne Central School. We thank the Southern NSW Westpac Region and the Jindabyne Westpac Branch for their involvement and support of the Interschools events.

We thank Phil Jacombs and The Lodge Board for their strong support of Interschools Events. We thank Anne Haight and Steve Nelson for their commitment and support to Interschool's events.



After a successful and fun morning of racing, participants were invited to the Pub from 4pm for the presentation of the Amelia Time Trial, which this year was held in conjunction with the NSW Interschools presentations. In particular we would like to thank The Perisher Resort & Persher Race Club for their great efforts with the racecourse and continued support of AMASDF, the NSW Snowsports committee and NSW Interschools – especially Rebecca Clark, along with Cathy Lambert, Wendy Olsen, Steve Cooper. Both Cross Country Day and the Amelia Memorial Race Day succeeded in encouraging people of all ages and abilities to participate in snow sports events, thus fulfilling one of the Foundation's mandates which is to promote people to leading an active, engaged and healthy lifestyle.

Subaru Australia has continued its successful partnership with the AMASDF for another year by supplying the latest range-topping luxury Subaru Outback diesel to Amelia's parents, Cathy and Sam McGuiness. The Outback's panels feature AMASDF logos, giving both the Foundation and Subaru great exposure to the snow sports community in particular, and the wider community in general. Thanks to the ASF who have a dedicated AMASDF online donation page and project profile page.

In determining the grant recipients for 2015/2016, the committee considered the performance levels of the individual; the potential for performance over the next twelve months; and the quality of the application. The AMASDF emphasized to successful athletes that they must be a well-rounded individual, who could appreciate the importance of a good education and an awareness of the continued support of family and friends while training and competing in Australia and abroad. Thank you to the NSW Freestyle Committee who have matched all scholarships awarded to AMASDF Freestyle recipients.

Congratulations to all of the above scholarship recipients, and the AMASDF committee wishes them all the best in their training and competitions during the year ahead. Finally, a THANK YOU from Amelia's family, friends and supporters to everyone involved in the AMASDF.






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