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Academic year: 2023



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That the City take the necessary steps to stop the deviation of the proposed Henley Brook Avenue where it adjoins Murray Road. The council is aware of the financial pressures facing our community and will give due consideration to the impact an increase in interest rates will have on ratepayers. The municipality assesses requests for street trees based on the suitability of the site, appropriate species and budget.

Typically, the city discourages planting trees under power lines because of the limited growth of the trees and the high cost of maintenance due to frequent pruning. Should the council receive requests directly from residents of the listed properties, they will be considered as part of the forthcoming planting program. This report examines the implications and effects of the urban roofing of the city and the findings will be presented to the Council.

Residents are able to make requests for infrastructure in specific locations that the Municipality will consider contrary to the principles of STOP. Motion 11. Council did not support the motions and therefore the City has proceeded with the implementation of the Midland Oval Redevelopment Master Plan as approved by Council on April 11, 2018. The City of Swan acknowledges that it has a number of different opinions and views regarding the Project of New Crossing.

The City is currently in the process of designing and implementing the Public Open Space (POS) within the New Junction development - which in turn has included community consultation. Today, the Department of Local Government said it had reviewed the case to determine whether the actions taken by the City of Swan complied with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act). A spokeswoman for the department said that while the review identified some areas for improvement in the city's community engagement and communications, it found that the city had complied with the requirements of the law and related regulations.

That the City of Swan requests the return of the train from the town of Bassendean which was once located in Midland. That the City of Swan enforces the collection of shopping trolleys littering the Midland Gate area. The City will support the Hyper Youth team in whatever decision they make regarding the format of the event in 2019, which will be guided in part by public feedback.

The City of Swan must take due account of the natural environment in accordance with Part 10 of Local Planning Scheme No. A bond for the value of the vegetation being cleared must be deposited with the City of Swan until such time as the vegetation is restored. An independent third party with expert knowledge and experience in the field of natural vegetation assessed the program as successful. It was written in recognition of the city's tree canopy erosion in the city due to development and related land clearing.

Various sections of the Local Government Act 1995 and provisions of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996.



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Q1 What method or metric does the City of Mijellma determine the state of a nature reserve?. T2 With 41% of nature reserves within the city either "degraded" or "completely degraded", what is the city's plan to address this issue?. Q2 Has the city investigated more sustainable options for its heavy vehicle fleet, with a view to reducing emissions.

A2 The general manager advised the city to always think about more environmentally friendly options and that this area is always under review. Q2 Does the City still own Lot 4 The Avenue or has ownership passed to the de Mol Group. Q1 Would the City provide bins at Harvey Norman and Spud Shed sites in Midland (similar to what is available at Midland Home).

Q1 Will the City of Swan take over the management of the Railway Workshop area from the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority in January 2019. A1 The City is in discussion with the MRA on this matter, but there is no date yet for the handover to the City. set. Q2 Is there any information the City has that has not been released to the public as part of the filing period.

Funding for city support for activation projects through Place Management has not been reduced. For the City of Swan to provide a separate profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet for Midland Oval Development to show expenditure and income. Due to the City of Swan's failure to comply with the Local Government Act and its disregard for residents and ratepayers, the meeting has no confidence in the Council and Mayor of the City of Swan who have supported the current design and business plan for the new junction.

If it is not included in the Local Planning Scheme, the City of Swan is initiating an amendment to ensure that the inclusion of trees is part of consideration for off-street parking approvals. That the City of Swan seeks to achieve the objectives set out in Livable Neighborhoods, in relation to public open space and green public open space, in Midland. That the City of Swan require the landowners of vacant land forming an access declaration to Midland to beautify this land within a period of two years.

That the Town of Swan consider purchasing the Houghton Winery to relocate and house the Swan Valley Visitor Center rather than build a new Visitor Center. This particularly relates to Development Applications which would adversely affect listed threatened fauna and flora and their habitat within the City of Swan.



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