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Annual Report


Academic year: 2024

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Annual Report



Table of Contents

Chairperson’s Introduction to the 2014 Annual Report ………...……..……….. Page 3

Previous Minutes of the 2014 NSW Snowsports Annual General Meeting …….………. Page 5

Finance Report - 2013-2014 – 25 March 2015 .……….……..……….……… Page 7

NSW Snowsports Bank Balance Summary as 31/10/14………. Page 9

Financial Report ……….………...………. Page 10

Financial Report Contents Page ………….……….. Page 11

NSW Snowsports 2014 Sub-Committee Reports ……… Page 39

Alpine Sub-Committee Report – Chairperson’s Annual Report ……..………. Page 40

Cross Country Sub-Committee Report - Chairman’s Annual Report ……….………. Page 43

Freestyle Moguls Sub-Committee Annual Report ……….……….. Page 46

Snowboard Sub-Committee Report – Chairman’s Annual Report …….……….. Page 48

NSW Interschools Report – Chairman’s Annual Report ………..……….. Page 49

Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation Annual Report ……... Page 53

Rob Kneller Youth Foundation Annual Report ………...……... Page 56


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 3


Chairperson’s Introduction to the 2014 Annual Report

The 2014 NSW Snowsports financial year ending 31 October 2014 has been another year of with an operating profit, and enough reserves to cover unforeseen expenses.

During 2014 NSW Snowsports continues to work effectively with our national body (SSA). NSW Snowsports together with Snowsports ACT operates under the SSA/SSO Services Agreement, which sets out the relationship between SSA and the states. Discussions will commence again with SSA in 2015 to review and discuss the relationship and roles of the States and SSA and to continue the Services Agreement. This is most important to our member athletes who are looking to develop their skills under the state athlete development pathway and move into the national pathway as they meet National Team selection criteria’s.

The Association continues to receive support from the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation with our Sport Development Program Grant of $33,000 and the Association once again expresses its appreciation for this support.

One of the major aims of NSW Snowsports is to develop and connect our NSW Snowsports community to various events, athlete pathways, and snowsports development programs. NSW Snowsports works with SSA to help develop and deliver entry level and sub-elite programs. The Association is a member of the NSWIS Joint Management Committee, which delivers the NSWIS and OWIA Winter Snowsports programs.

It is entirely run and managed by its Volunteer Board of Directors and through the hard work and dedication of its Discipline Committees, develops under-pinning athlete programs to provide athlete programs between club and elite level national programs.

David Chrystal (NSW Alpine Chair) successfully manages the joint NSWACT Alpine Program working with his ACT Snowsports colleagues. The Alpine committee works effortlessly and provides fitness testing and training sessions for athletes, encourages growth by awarding top performing interschools competitors with the NSWACT Alpine Rising Star Awards, and provides the community with the opportunity to further their skills, by conducting the only Australian accredited Alpine Officials Training Course.

David Hislop (NSW Cross-Country Chair) and his Committee are committed to the growth of cross country within the snowsports industry. NSW cross-country athletes have been performing well at all levels, with athletes being selected for both the National Teams and NSWIS scholarships. The Nordic Shelter continues to provide a great facility for cross country skiing in NSW and a very special thanks to all XC members and supporters who contribute to the Nordic Shelter and the summer XC Trails working bees which ensure the XC trails are ready for the winter season. The formation of Perisher XC, a community based organisation which focuses on promotion of recreational cross country skiing and in particular XC Week in August, has been a major success for cross country skiing in NSW and its new website http://www.perisherxcountry.org/ is the major source of cross country skiing information in NSW.

Before I leave cross country, I must make mention of Peter Ward who stood down as Chairman of the NSWXC Committee this year after 20years in this role. Peter’s contribution to the growth and success of cross country skiing in NSW cannot be given justice in one paragraph except to say that XC Skiing in NSW would not be where it is today without Peter’s stewardship and leadership over the last 20yrs. The Board of NSW Snowsports thanks Peter for his tireless efforts and wish him all the best.

The NSW Freestyle Committee under the leadership of new Chair Daniel Bosco once again organised a number of very successful mogul’s events at Perisher that attracted international athletes. They were successful in attracting the support of new sponsor Cannon for the Australian Moguls Championships and set up an equipment ordering program for specialised mogul skis for its NSWS member athletes. NSW Freestyle have been very successful with a number of NSW athletes selected to the NSWIS/OWIA Moguls program.

Under the direction of long-term NSWS Director and NSW Interschools Chair, Steve Cooper, the Interschools Committee organised another successful year of the Interschools Snowsports Championships, by attracting over 10 900 entries in its 26th year of Interschools Championships in

NSW. Thank you to the Interschools committee, schools coordinators, parents, volunteers, and students who has made this event as predominant as it is today.


The NSW Snowsports Snowboard Committee continues to run the TTR World Rookie Fest Competition which attracts international and Australian riders as well as the Australian Junior Series, the most significant junior freestyle snowboard series on the Australian calendar. The Board welcomed Stuart Davis-Meehan as the new Snowboard Chair for this year and Stuart’s involvement has continued to ensure the 4 Snowsports disciplines are all well represented and working together for the benefit of our member athletes.

The AMASDF operates through NSW Snowsports, with continued support from the NSW Interschools Committee. The Foundation continued it successful support of young and upcoming Snowsports athletes and has now awarded $151 050.00 over its 5 years of operations.

A new Committee – Rob Kneller Youth Foundation (RKYF) was formed during 2014. This Committee which was established out of a tragic accident has become a phenomenal success in supporting the local Jindabyne community and its surrounds to be able to access Snowsports programs, which of course are part of the local snowy mountains environment. Please take a minute to ready the RKYF annual report.

The NSW Snowsports Board meets 6 times a year and brings together the 4 main Snowsports disciplines of Alpine, Snowboard, Freestyle and Cross Country. To read more on the success of our NSW Snowsports and our athletes, I encourage you to read the sub-committee reports found further on within this report.

Thanks to all of our NSW athletes for their dedication and sacrifice and congratulations to all who have reached their goals during 2013-14. Thanks also to the members of the Volunteer Discipline Sub-committees for providing the opportunities and supporting the athletes through the year.

On behalf of NSW Snowsports and myself, we wish all our athletes and their families all the success for the upcoming 2015 Australian Winter Season.

And don’t forget to thank a volunteer, at every opportunity!

Toni Hulme Chairman

NSW Snowsports


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 5


Minutes of the NSW Snowsports Annual General Meeting held on 26th March 2014

Pacific Room, Sports House – 6B Figtree Rd, Sydney Olympic Park Homebush Bay Tele conference Jindabyne/Newcastle Present: Sydney:

Toni Hulme, Annette Pilat, Steve Cooper, Rosie Lappas, Rebecca Clark, Mel Johnston, Ellen Davis-Meehan, Daniel Bosco, Stuart Davis-Meehan, Meg Neuhaus, Ian Neuhaus, David Chrystal, Daniel Bosco, Lavinia Chrystal


Cathy Lambert, Peter Ward, Leslie Ludwig, Graham Power.

Newcastle: Wendy Wilkinson

Apologies: Carl Melvey, Cliff Mason, Michael Kennedy, Dean Gosper, Mick Tynan.

Item 1. Formal meeting requirements

A quorum being in attendance, the meeting was declared open 6.54pm Item 2. Approval of Minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 27th March 2013 to be accepted as true and correct Moved: EDM Second: DC Motion carried Unanimous

Item 3. Presidents Report As per Annual Report

Item 4. Financial Report and Report of Directors and Auditors As per Annual Report

Accept Financial Report as true and correct

Moved: TH Second: AP Motion carried Unanimous Item 5. Appointment of Auditors

Alpine Country Auditors to be appointed for 2014/15

Moved: TH Second: IN Motion Carried Unanimous Item 6. Report by Chairs of Sub-Committees/Club Reports Sub-Committee/Club Reports

As per Annual Report

Accept Sub-Committee Report as true and correct Moved: IN Second: MJ Motion carried Unanimous Item 7. Report by NSWIS / SERAS Representative / AMASDF As per Annual Report

Accept NSWIS/SERAS Representative Report as true and correct Moved: IN Second: SDM Motion carried Unanimous


Item 8. Election of Officers

Two Directors have completing their 2 year term and standing for re-election, including:

• Leslie Ludwig

• David Chrystal

Wendy Wilkinson is standing down from the NSW Snowsports Board after completing 1 year of her 2 year term.

There is 1 nomination for 1 position:

• Meg Neuhaus

There are 3 nominations for 3 positions. No election will be held.

Three Sub-Committee Representatives are standing down from the NSW Snowsports Board Discipline Committees Representatives standing down are:

• Mick Tynan – Interschools Chair

• Rosie Lappas – Snowboard Chair

• Steve Cooper – Freestyle Representative

Newly appointed Discipline Committees Representatives are

• Steve Cooper – Interschools Chair

• Stuart Davis-Meehan – Snowboard Chair

• Daniel Bosco – Freestyle Representative

Toni Hulme welcomed back Leslie Ludwig and David Chrystal to the board, as well as our newly elected board members, Meg Neuhaus, Stuart Davis-Meehan and Daniel Bosco.

A special thank you to Wendy Wilkinson, Rosie Lappas, and Mick Tynan for all their hard work and dedication to the NSW Snowsports Board.

Wendy Wilkinson thanked all the board members for their support during her time as the Executive Officer and Director. Wendy had been apart of NSW Snowsports for a very long time, and has enjoyed watching the organisation grow.

Rosie Lappas also thanked the board. Since Rosie has been apart of NSW Snowsports, she has seen a lot of great changes with positive plans. Toni Hulme thanked Rosie for all of her support for insurance.

Steve Cooper extended a thanks to Mick Tynan for all of his support over the last 4 or 5 years.

Meeting closed 7.45pm


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 7


Finance Report – 2013-2014 – 25th March 2015

The 2013-2014 financial year, finishing with a terrific 2014 ski season, was a very good one for NSW Snowsports (NSWS).

First, NSWS welcomes a new Foundation – the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation, joining the Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation. The RKYF is focusing on supporting the participation of Jindabyne region school children in organized snowsports activities. In the first year Scott and Luke Kneller organized an innovative (and self- supporting) source of funds and subsidized the participation of many local school children in the Ski & Snowboard Australia Futures Program – a program that is designed to encourage organized participation in snowsports through mentoring by elite snowsports athletes at a day of fun and learning. The importance and success of the RKYF was recognized by Snowy River Shire when the brothers were given the local Young Australians Award.

Financially, (NSWS) is in a very satisfactory position at all levels, one that ensures that current and near-future obligations are met with allowance for special projects that are yet to be identified and unforeseen demands.

Comments on the General and Subcommittee accounts (see the unaudited Bank Balances spreadsheet below, figures

differ slightly due to unpresented cheques and GST, and the audited reports):

The General account (the central administrative section of NSWS) shows a balance on 31/10/14 of $57,220. This amount is higher than is normal for the time of year. A few special circumstances account for the surplus:

A Sport and Rec grant amount of $11,000 that is specifically earmarked for a governance review of the Association,

The amount of $5690 in credit card income that was later transferred to AMASDF account,

And a lower than normal payment to Rebecca Clark (NSWS Executive Officer) as a result of her maternity leave.

Bec’s leave from her NSWS role was partially covered by Cathy Lambert and Bec continued to contribute to the running of the organization, so her leave would have been barely noticed from the outside. Many thanks to Cathy, Bec (and young Lincoln).

Some of the surplus will be used in the coming year to subsidise an expanded role for Bec in the development and governance of the Association.

The surpluses of the General account and the subcommittees have been invested in a term deposit and interest-bearing accounts that have earned enough income to cover bookkeeping and auditing costs. This is a way to cover these joint costs equitably across all subcommittees that make up NSWS.

Interschools and the Cross Country Committee (XCC) have the highest turnovers and also carry the greatest risk from

poor snow seasons. Both of these committees are currently in the very comfortable situation of holding reserves enough to cover the costs that occur even if no snow falls (for one season, at least). In addition, both subcommittees have committed extra funds to special projects. Interschools has contributed to the junior development funds of all of the disciplines and XCC will fund significant upgrades to the Nordic Shelter, target programs to increase participation and fund high-level coaches for the on-snow development program.

Freestyle has an enthusiastic new committee structure that is trying innovative ways to raise funds to support junior

development and enjoying great success.

Alpine and Snowboard continue to run programs and events that provide the means to support athlete development.

All of the subcommittees run active and effective programs to support young athletes, officials and volunteers and events

of international, national, and recreational standards.


As always, many thanks to our clever and dedicated employees and contractors – Rebecca Clark (Executive Officer

NSWS), Cathy Lambert (Admin Manager, NSW Interschools), Jo Brewis (Bookkeeper), Libby Hovasapian (Auditor) and

Carmen Phillips (Interschools results).


The subcommittees are to be lauded by all who benefit from their activities. Their volunteers are constantly raising funds, creating programs and opportunities for snowsports athletes, running high level (and some just for fun) events and generally sharing their love of snowsports. If you or yours benefit from any of these activities, then be sure to thank the volunteers. Better yet, offer to help out that the next event or activity.

Leslie Ludwig

NSW Snowsports Finance Director


! ! ! ! ABN 91 001 086 399



Alpine Sub-Committee Report - Chairperson’s Annual Report 2014 Programs and Initiatives



NSW Alpine in conjunction with ACT Alpine continued again this year to name NSWACT Senior, Junior and Children’s, teams to provide recognition and support to those athletes who are performing at a high level and who meet the published State team criteria, In 2014 we had 6 Open team members, 7 State Junior team members and 21 Children who achieved selection to the Children’s team.

By way of recognition and support to State team members, NSWACT Alpine offers subsidized State team jackets, which are presented to the Children’s and Junior team members at a presentation evening and dinner in Jindabyne at the start of the southern season.

This year, for the 4th consecutive year, we are also pleased to be able to provide a small cash grant, this year of $150, to each State Children’s team member in the U14s and U16s who competed interstate in the SSA Australian Children’s Championships. NSWACT Alpine also funded National Championship and interstate racing grants to Junior and Open team members of $300 and $400 respectively to provide some assistance towards the costs of travelling interstate to compete in National and interstate FIS events.

We also, again this season, paid for the race entry fees for the Open team members to the National Alpine Championships in Thredbo and Perisher.

The grant cheques to eligible State Children’s, Junior and Open team members will be presented at tonight’s Awards evening and the NSWACT Alpine Children’s team for 2015 will also be announced.

NSWACT athletes performed exceptionally well at this year’s National FIS and Children’s events and were strongly represented on the National podiums and in the National Alpine team and squad selections.

This past year, NSW Open team member and National team athlete Lavinia Chrystal represented Australia in the Sochi Winter Olympics along with Alpine teammates Greta Small, Emily Bamford, Ross Peraudo and Dominic Demschar. All competed in both Slalom and Giant Slalom disciplines, with Greta also competing in the speed events. Lavinia also won both the Slalom and Giant Slalom titles in this year’s National Championships. . Ross Peraudo won the National mens GS title.

NSWACT Open team and National team member, Sam Robertson also represented Australia in the Alpine World Junior Championships held in Jasna in Slovakia.

In Children’s racing, NSW children were also well represented in this year’s international children’s events held in Europe and in Whistler Cup in Canada. Maddison Hoffman had an exceptional result winning the U14 Slalom at Whistler. NSWACT Alpine also entered a team for the second year in the U14 Festival event at Whistler Cup, which enabled a larger number of children to experience this prestigious event. We are currently calling for expressions of interest for the 2015 Whistler event.


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 41


NSWACT Alpine Programs

NSWACT Alpine Rising Stars Awards

This NSWACT Alpine program, aims to encourage some of the top performing Interschool racers to become involved with the Race clubs and SSA racing. 9 Interschool racers from Div 4 and 5 were selected to receive a free weekend of training with a race club and free entry and assistance at Blue Cow Cup. These award winners will also be recognised at tonight’s Awards evening. We would particularly like to thank TSRC and PWSC for their assistance with this program by providing the complimentary race training weekends to Award winners. We continue to receive very positive feedback about the program with a large number of Award winners going on to join the race clubs and compete in SSA racing.


The SERAS program is open to NSW and ACT, 13 to 18 year old Snowsports athletes and provides 2 weekends of off snow, athlete development during the year. The camps, held at the Institute of Sport facilities in Canberra, provide assistance to the athletes with fitness coaching and testing as well as educational sessions on, health, goal setting, and sports psychology.

9 NSW and ACT Alpine athletes participated in the 2014 SERAS Snowsports program. Applications for the 2015 program will open in February next year.

Fitness testing and training Sessions

This year we have again worked closely with Manfred Wolscher, NSW Alpine and NAC, strength and conditioning advisor, to run a pre and post season fitness program which started in April with a two and a half day testing and strength and condition camp at the Sydney Institute of Sport facility at Narrabeen in Sydney.

The camp was attended by about 40 child and FIS age athletes and we received very positive feedback. The camp was then followed by weekly training sessions in North Sydney and in Jindabyne. The race clubs look after dry land training during the winter season.

NSW Alpine in conjunction with Manfred also organised a pre northern season testing weekend in early October. Weekly fitness training sessions are again underway in North Sydney and Jindabyne during term 4, to help prepare those who are racing in the northern season.

This year’s April camp and the weekly training sessions were offered to all participants on a subsidized basis due to contributions from the NAC, TSRC, PWSC and NSWACT Alpine


Alpine Officials training Course

The Alpine Level 1 Officials course, (the only accredited program currently being conducted in Australia), was again conducted in Sydney in June 2014 for about 25 volunteers and in Jindabyne in July for about 15 volunteers. The courses were delivered by Scott Sanderson and were offered free of charge to participants due to NSW Alpine having applied for and receiving a $1500 grant from the NSW Government Department of Sport and Recreation to assist with the funding of this program.

Member Communication

Member communication continues to be a priority and we thank NSW Snowsports Executive Officer Rebecca Clark for the excellent and regular e news updates sent out to members, which include Alpine matters. Emails notices and news were also emailed out to our broad based communication list on a regular basis.

The NSW Alpine Facebook page continues to be a great success with over 350 “friends” receiving our postings. Some of the more popular stories and photos receiving over 1500 “views”. NSW Alpine Facebook provides a full coverage of what’s happening with our alpine athletes and we encourage everyone to click on like and keep up with all that’s happening in Australian alpine racing. We will again post updates during the northern season so you can follow our athlete’s progress in Europe and North America.


NSWACT Sponsors, Supporters, and Fundraising

To provide a sound financial basis for our athlete programs and grants and to hopefully be able to expand these moving forward, NSWACT Alpine is actively seeking Sponsors, Donors, and Supporters for our 2015 programs. In 2014, the subcommittee looking after this, secured support from TSRC, PWSC and Candlelight Lodge Thredbo. We are very appreciative of the financial support and assistance provided by these 3 organisations and look forward to working with them again in 2015.

An Australian Sports Foundation Project also operates to enable donations to be made tax effectively.

This year we also ran the first NSW Alpine Thin Air Fun Run event at Lake Crackenback. About 50 children and 10 adults participated in the inaugural event, which involves participants completing a 2km, or 4km run around the lake. We would like to thank Ski Japan and Peak Performance as our sponsors for the race and also Committee member Jenny Neill who lead the event organising committee. We hope to hold the event again next year with a broader range of children and adults competing.

NSW Alpine End of Season Awards evening

This year’s presentation evening will follow this meeting and we extend our congratulations in advance, to all this year’s award winners.

In closing, I would like to thank the NSW Alpine Committee members along with the numerous parent volunteers who gave of their time and energies during the year to assist with the running of various Alpine programs, events and races. The sport couldn’t function as effectively without your collective efforts.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank retiring Alpine Committee member Felicity Coates who is stepping down after almost a decade on the committee. During that time Felicity has contributed significantly across a range of areas including in particular, the children’s TAP program which ran for over a decade and more recently with various other children’s team activities.

Greg Lewis is also retiring after 6 years on the committee about 4 years of which were as Secretary to both the NSW Alpine and NSWACT Alpine committees. Greg’s involvement and contribution to the sport in both NSW and nationally achieved a number significant changes and improvements. His knowledge and skills will be indeed missed.

Angus Thompson will also be standing down as Treasurer this year however we are pleased that he will be able to continue on as a committee member and assist the incoming Treasurer.

I am also standing down as Chair this year after six years in the role, however I will continue my involvement with the committee for the coming 12 months to assist the incoming Chair and committee members with a smooth handover.

Annette Pilat, Chair, NSW Alpine 25th October 2014


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 43


Cross Country Sub-Committee Report - Chairman’s Annual Report Athlete Report

NSW athletes performed well at all levels and it is pleasing to see the newer members of our squad and team performing at high levels in their age groups, both at home and overseas. Results of most domestic races can be found on the AUS XC and Perisher Cross Country (PXC) websites. Listed below are the national team selections.

Callum Watson – World Championship Team Aimee Watson - World Championship Team

Jackson Bursill – WU23 C’ships, and World Championship Team Matthew Bull – National Junior Team

Liam Burton – National Junior Team Gabrielle Hawkins – National Junior Team Damon Morton – National Junior Team Darcie Morton – National Junior Team Hamish Roberts – National Junior Team

We are proud of the achievements attained by each of the athletes, they have all made significant sacrifices. A special note must be made for Callum’s remarkable recovery from his punctured lung sustained during a National Ski race in August.

Athlete Management Group (AMG)

Michael Bull, the Athlete Management Group manager has once again given a lot of his free time organizing dry land training camps on a regular basis in Sydney and at least 2 combined camps in Jindabyne and Charlottes Pass. If we are to increase the number of skiers at the base level we need to have programs in place that provides the incentive for athletes to join. Toni Hulme and Michael also organized 2 SSA Futures Camps, one in Sydney, and one at Perisher. We target Interschool competitors who have done well and invite them to participate in the camps, hoping they might enjoy the experience and want to continue with XC as a sport. The Futures program is an initiative of SSA and we are very grateful to have access to it.

I would like to thank the members of the Athlete Management Group who have assisted Michael with the training program for the last 12 months. There has been a large contingent of helpers who have built up a strong group. Geraldine Blanch needs a special mention for tireless work developing and maintaining the Team App, and putting up with late forms and payments amongst other inconveniences. The AMG have taken the bold decision to employ a coach to develop a 5-year program. We have been lucky to find Petr Jakl, who comes with experience with both coaching athletes and developing coaches. This is a first for us and all involved must be congratulated. We have access to high level coaches and support staff for our programs and I would like to thank Petr Jakl and Alasdair Tutt, particularly. We were also lucky to have Andrew Murphy as strength and conditioning coach at the Sydney training sessions – we are fortunate to have someone of his caliber available for our athletes.


There were the usual events run from the shelter this year including 4 National selection races, 2 Interschool events (1 State and 1 National) and the Nordic Shelter was busting at the seams on many occasions.

Particular thanks must go to Graeme Power and Adrian Blake for continuous assistance. The 2014 XC Interschools events at Perisher were another highlight of the season. For a few days before the state competition in August, and the Nationals in September, the trails were teaming with many of the schools competing at the State event. The Nordic Shelter is a thriving hub when it is buzzing with juniors enjoying their time on snow.



Before the state Interschool events Meredith Kirton and her fundraising committee transformed the Nordic Shelter into a Korean Noodle house, for a fun “Noodle Night”. Before the nationals “Afternoon Strudle” was served. These events were fun and have raised funds, which are now being used to book group accommodation for the NSW state squad to race in Victoria; truly a fantastic initiative, which will have long- term benefits.

Nordic Shelter

We are still fundraising on a regular basis to pay for normal running costs of The Nordic Shelter, which are in the vicinity of $15,000/yr. As can be seen from the finance report the Nordic Shelter Operating Fund is in a very healthy position going into 2015. We plan to install more ski/boot storage areas where we can over the summer. The experiment with storage for skis and boots last season was very successful and will provide sustainable income for the Nordic Shelter. We plan to upgrade the mens and womens toilet areas, the old kitchen and repaint the outside decking areas – time permitting. I would like to thank Leslie Ludwig and Peter Ward for managing the Nordic Shelter this past season. There are always calls for assistance and both Peter and Leslie will always be there with a smile to help. Over the years they have managed the building extensions, and have created not just a building but also a fantastic supportive community around it.


Perisher X-Country is now into it’s 3rd year of operations and following the inaugural AGM on the 9/11/2014 is formally part of NSWXC. All committee positions were filled which included election of 3 Work Committee conveners for the three key areas of Website, Marketing, and Infrastructure – Trails and Structures. Work is steadily being progressed in all 3 areas with the prime goal being to increase participation rates in XC skiing within Perisher Valley and the surrounding areas. Increasing participation rates is seen as a key to growing all activities associated with XC skiing, which includes the sport of XC skiing.

The Website work committee is not content with maintaining the existing excellent site (www.PerisherXCountry.Org) but looking at making continuous improvements.

The Marketing work committee has produced high quality promotional materials with the goal to attract new skiers. A key strategy is to reach out to active people e.g. MTB, ers etc with the message “ Take Your Love of Sport to New Heights”. Perisher X-Country is having promotional activities at major MTBing events pre winter.

Other initiatives is promoting 2, “Come & Try” days on the 4th and 19th of July, along with the promoting XC Ski Week in early August.

The Infrastructure work committee is in the middle of producing a Master Management and Development plan for the summer grooming of the trails system, to be submitted to the NPWS before the 2015 Winter.

Wayne Pethybridge is to be congratulated for his single mindedness, wrangling many issues into the common goal of promoting XC skiing at Perisher.

Trail and Nordic Shelter Work Parties

Work parties for both the Nordic Shelter and the trails at Perisher are continuing to be held on the first weekends of February, March, April, and May. We continue to receive strong support from the NPWS with trail development and we are eternally grateful for that support. We also receive strong support from members of the Canberra Cross Country Ski Club at each working bee. The Canberra Alpine Club at Perisher provides free accommodation. The weekends end up being a very social affair as well as achieving positive


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 45


diversions on the Porcupine Link. The Paddy’s link in particular introduces a longer contoured variation to the original trail.

Luke the groomer did a fantastic job this year and his skills and knowledge enable him to provide quality trails for all users. The NPWS were extremely supportive, and managed the budget effectively for us to have enough grooming on any given day considering the expected numbers of skiers using the trails. The Ginzu proved invaluable once again despite periods of time when it was not available due to mechanical problems.

We were able to use the mid size m/c, the Rollba, more often this year and it was just the answer in providing duel classic tracks for the National Sprint events in late July. It got the thumbs up from the Estonian TD, Robert Peets.

Financial Report

A separate report has been prepared by our tireless treasure Leslie Ludwig. It is important to say that through Leslies’ efforts we are in a comfortable financial position. We have been able to use this position to fund ongoing self-funding initiatives, such as our 5 yr coaching program with Petr Jakl. Leslie must be thanked not just for maintaining strong finances, but for nurturing such a supportive community spirit.

In closing I would like to thank Peter Ward for his nearly 20 years of wonderful stewardship. I must also thank the members of the NSW XCC for their combined efforts during the past 12 months, and for their understanding helping me in my role. It is a pleasure to work with you all and I am confident we will provide the opportunities for athletes and recreational skiers to have fun with cross country skiing – at whatever level they choose.

David Hislop

Chair NSW XC Committee 2.03.15


Freestyle Moguls Sub-Committee Annual Report

The NSW Freestyle Mogul Snowsports community had a very successful 2014 Domestic Winter Season. Our appreciation goes to the NSW Resorts and our sponsors for their support of Freestyle Mogul events, through:

• The NSW / ACT Australian Interschool’s Snowsports Series – 10 days of competition at Regional, State &

National Level, held at both Perisher and Thredbo ski resorts.

• The Canon NSW Junior Mogul Series competition at Perisher. This was the biggest and best junior mogul competition ever held in NSW to date. Approximately 80 kids contested 2 days of Single and Dual mogul competitions.

• The Australian Freestyle Moguls Championships – 2 x Continental Cup Single Mogul events for Australian and International Open & Junior athletes held at Perisher. Australia's top mogul skiers - members of the OWIA & NSWIS National teams as well the Perisher Winter Sports Club and TBR mogul teams competed, together with a large number of International teams and athletes from the USA, Japan, Korea & Canada on Australia's World Cup mogul’s course – ‘Toppa’s Dream’.

Also training on Toppa’s Dream this domestic season were the Canadian women’s world cup mogul team including the 2014 Sochi, Russia women’s gold and silver medalists Justine & Chloe DuFour-Lapointe.

Resort Appreciation

• Perisher continued their strong support of the Australian Freestyle Mogul Championships together with their long-term investment in the future of the sport with a world standard moguls course at ‘Toppa’s Dream’ Blue Cow Mountain as well early season training facilities on Brumby T-bar area which included a moguls course, jump site and absorption tank.

• Thredbo are also to be commended for providing a full time mogul training facility (Interschool’s standard).

Mike Haid was employed by Thredbo to maintain the mogul training facility on a run now designated for specific mogul’s training for the local devo program and the NSW Interschool’s mogul competitions.

• Thredbo successfully operated a junior mogul team for the very first time with 8 athletes.

• Perisher Winter Sports Club mogul program operated successfully with over 50 athletes in the program, an outstanding effort thanks to the head coach and manager of the program peter McNiel.

Coach, Manager & Judges Appreciation

• Our vote of thanks are extended to the fantastic contributions made by Australia’s world-class coaching staff > Peter McNiel, Steve Desovich, Peter Topalovic & Jerry Grossi, who were ably supported by Kate Blamey, Georgie Chapman-Leel, Eliza Graham, Sean Andrews, Alex Cassilles, Josh Himbury & James Radney.

• An additional vote of thanks to Sally Tabone and Toppa for their work in developing and organizing the annual SSA Futures Moguls Talent ID Camp, which links in with the NSW Junior Moguls Event.

• In the absence of Paul Livissianos who is away on extended leave, Katie Blamey stepped up to take over the NSW Judges coordinator’s role and did a tremendous job, Katie continues to shine in her role as a FIS qualified Judge and requires more support in the future for ongoing experience and training. A very worthwhile long-term investment. Many thanks to Katie for her efforts this domestic season.

Parent Appreciation


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 47


Sponsors Appreciation

• NSW Freestyle secured Canon as our major sponsor for the 2014 NSW Junior Mogul Series & the Australian Mogul Championships through direct financial support and product.

• SSA – Ski and Snowboard Australia waivered all FIS sanction fees for the Super Continental Cup competition.

• Suzuki as major sponsor of the Australian Snowsports Series

• The Man Hotel who supported numerous avenues including food and drinks at the bottom of the course for direct fundraising as well accommodation for sponsors and officials.

• Thuggies clothing brand for the great outerwear.

• The Mogul Skiing Academy.

• Bolle Australia.

• Acumen Intellectual Property.

Other Business/ 2015 domestic season planning

• The NSW Junior Mogul Series competition will run again next year in Perisher and we are in negotiations for a second Junior Mogul Series event to be run in Thredbo. This will mean 2 x single & 2 x Dual mogul competitions and will enhance NSW junior development mogul competitions.

• NSW Freestyle would like to run a FIS TD Clinic next year around the National Mogul championships, we kindly request the services of Walt Hiltner in this instance as we have numerous new parents very interested in getting qualified.

• NSWIS Freestyle would also like to enhance the judging qualifications in particular for Katie Blamey, Paul Livissianos and our new judges, we are hopeful that a negotiation can be made between the SSAFC and NSW for shared costs associated. Details forthcoming.

• NSW Freestyle will also look to purchasing new equipment to improve the quality of our competitions in NSW.

Daniel Bosco, Peter Topalovic, Peter McNiel, Georgie Leel.

NSW Freestyle Snowsports Committee


Snowboard Sub-Committee Report – Chairman’s Annual Report

NSW Snowboard, the Snowboard Sub-Committee of NSW Snowsports continued to focus on organising and conducting 2 national junior events again this year.

The Burton Australian Junior Series (AJS) is the premier junior snowboarding participation event in Australia. It was again held in Perisher in August offering events in slopestyle, halfpipe, and boardercross with each discipline event attracting over 70 junior athletes.

The NSW Snowboard Committee is grateful to all our valued AJS sponsors who have continued to support and help develop the growth of junior snowboarding in Australia and in particular Burton, our naming rights sponsor, for their ongoing support. Thanks also to Perisher Resort, POW Board Store, Moutainwatch.com, Monster Skate Park and Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA). Huge thanks also the Chad Collier for his efforts without which the event would not happen.

Thanks also to our judges Adam Beggs, Charlie Steinbacher and Jess Rich.

The Australian stop of the World Rookie Tour, the Australian Rookie Fest was held at Thredbo in August. The event attracted some 25 athletes, including 2 from New Zealand and their American Coach. It was the 5th time the event has been held in Australia.

A big thank you to our judges Adam Beggs, Ben Mates and Charlie Steinbacher.

Thanks also to our sponsors Red Bull, Adrenaline Boardstore (Canberra), Monster SkatePark and Semantics.

A big welcome also to our new sponsors Volkl. It is great to have them on board. Thanks also to the World Snowboard Federation, NSW Snowsports, Ski and Snowboard Australia and Thredbo for their ongoing support of the event.

NSW Snowsports continues to exist due to the hard work and commitment of the Committee, so thanks to you all: Ellen Davis-Meehan, Darren Hughes, Peter Baff, Chad Collier, Sandra Fitch, Paul Colby, Rob Fortune, Cathy Lambert and Darren Crisp.

Stuart Davis-Meehan Chairperson


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 49


NSW Interschools Report – Chairman’s Annual Report The Events

The 2014 Interschools events included;

Subaru QLD Championships

Travelplan Ski Northern NSW Championships Travelplan Ski Sydney Championships

Subaru ACT-Southern NSW Championships

Westpac NSW & ACT Cross County Championships Subaru NSW State Championships

Subaru Australian Championships

The 2014 events attracted 10,902 competitor entries from 238 NSW, 32 ACT, and 15 QLD Schools. These entry numbers makes Interschools Snowsports one of the single biggest sporting events in Australia at any level.

The Championships offer seven different event disciplines: Alpine, Skier cross, Freestyle Moguls, Snowboard Giant Slalom, Snowboard Cross, and Cross-Country Relay and Freestyle.

The NSW Interschools Management Committee

The NSW Interschools Snowsports Management Team, a collective of 6 Teachers who are representatives of the stakeholders, is the governing body that organises and conducts the Interschools events. The 2014 members were: Steve Cooper, Donna Baker, Kerri Pinkerton, Peter Slater, Mick Tynan and Ngaire Musto.

The success of the Interschools Events is dependent upon the Committee and support team who give enormously of their time, skills, & abilities throughout the season, in a voluntary capacity.

All members of the Management Committee have active working portfolios of event responsibility, and meet twice a year - prior to, and after the events, along with daily electronic communication, conversation, and decision-making processes.

NSW Interschools employs full time staff members: State Manager - Wendy Olsen, and Administration Manager – Cathy Lambert, to facilitate the organisation and management of the events, together with the overall Management Team. NSW Interschools also employs Rebecca Clark to undertake duties year round along with her role as NSW Snowsports Executive Officer. Thank you to Carmen Phillips for working at events this season while Wendy Olsen was on maternity leave.

Our Objective

NSW Interschools Snowsports is operated on a not-for-profit basis, with a proportion of any additional funds being directed by the Committee Executive to junior athlete development programs and individuals across all of the Snowsports disciplines, through evidence-based application. This includes an extensive involvement in the Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation (AMASDF).

Camps and Awards

Camps: Every year Interschools joins with NSW Snowsports, NSWIS, SSA, OWI and the Perisher Resort, to invite approx. 20 young moguls’ athletes, selected from the regional Interschools moguls competitions, to attend an intensive training camp. Our thanks to all the supporters that make this annual camp a successful one, with specific thank you to Peter Topalovic.

Awards: Our thanks go to the NSW Alpine for their significant efforts to reward and encourage young athletes via the NSW / ACT Awards of Excellence, in particular the work of the NSW Alpine Chairperson – Annette Pilat.



In 2014, NSW Interschools generated a profit of $97,510.00 from an income of $492,255.00, and an expenditure of $394,745.00.

By-Laws / Management Committee appointments / Committee Roles, Responsibilities, Requirements The Interschools Committee operates under the sub-committee by-laws of the NSW SA, with due reference to the previous schools specific by-laws. Vacant committee management positions are open to interested parents / teachers / community members through a six to eight week electronic pre-induction process.

Prospective management committee members are required to accept full responsibility for at least one major organisational role, and shadow at least one and preferably two other portfolios of responsibility throughout the year in a full-time capacity. Committee positions are reviewed and re-appointed on a yearly basis, by the whole committee.

Committee members are required to work voluntarily on-snow through holiday and weekend periods, and attend no less than 75% of all event days (approx. 13 out of 21 event days). The average day on-snow commences no later than 6.00am, and finishes at approx. 9.00pm each evening.

On-snow accommodation is provided in a multi-share environment, which often includes numerous members of the respective race departments. Individual committee expenses related to Interschools event attendance and organisation, are reimbursed through a receipts-only process.

Champion Schools

Congratulations to our 2014 Champion Regional, State, and National Schools.

Northern Region:

Category 1 Secondary Boys – The Kings School / Girls – Frensham Category 2 Secondary Boys - Barker / Girls – Tara

Category 1 Primary Boys – Newport Public School / Girls – Pymble Ladies College

Category 2 Primary Boys – Australian International Academy / Girls – Lugarno Public School Sydney Region:

Category 1 Secondary Boys – The Scots College / Girls – Redlands

Category 2 Secondary Boys – St Ignatius Riverview / Girls – Ravenswood Category 1 Primary Boys - The Scots College / Girls – Redlands

Category 2 Primary Boys – Neutral Bay Public School / Girls – Ravenswood NSW State Event:

Secondary Boys – The Scots College / Girls – Snowy Mountains Grammar Primary Boys – The Scots College / Primary Girls – Jindabyne Central School Australian Event:

Secondary Boys – The Scots College / Girls – St Catherines VIC / Co-Ed. – Snowy Mountains Grammar Primary Boys – The Scots College / Primary Girls – Canberra Girls Grammar School ACT / Co-Ed. – Jindabyne Central School



NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 51


Public Address Systems

The use of public address systems on-snow again proved to be highly beneficial in the promotion of Interschools, our sponsors, our website, resort services, general event information, and most importantly, the skiers/boarders on-course and the schools they come from.

Participation / Marketing

Interschools participation rates continued to grow across all Regions and in all events. Regular newsletters were emailed out to School Coordinators and parents, and proved to be a powerful tool in providing up-to-date information and promotion of our sponsors.

Publicity / Promotion

The publicity and promotion of Interschools Snowsports Events was both State-wide and snowsports specific.

In 2014, we developed and distributed an A3 promotional poster. Quarter-page ads to thank the sponsors, were published in each winter edition of the Snowy Times (June / July / August / September), along with an editorial piece.

Regional Interschools Boundaries in NSW

All new schools joining the competition for the first time continue to be placed in the Northern Region, as we would like to increase entries into the Northern event to balance numbers and the level of competition. This system has worked well in the last 10 years.

Resort Agreements

All parties were pleased with the management and organisation of the 2014 events. The numbers and financial benefit that the events bring to the resorts; the introduction of new initiatives; the positive work between the committee, the respective race departments, and the resorts’ senior management groups, was to be applauded.

Interschools appreciate the strong support and assistance of both Perisher and Thredbo Kosciusko Management Teams and Race Departments in running the Interschools events.

In 2014, Perisher also provided $10,000.00 worth of both financial support and product support, that was directly targeted at Junior Snowsports Athlete development through the NSW Discipline Committees.

Risk Management and Policies

The NSW Interschools Risk Management Policy is available on the About Interschools page of the website at http://nswinterschools.com.au, and covers 10 identified areas. No major accidents were recorded in this year’s events. A risk assessment was detailed for each event, as per the NSW Snowsports Risk Assessment Policy.

Wendy Olsen, Cathy Lambert, and Rebecca Clark have completed Working With Children Checks.

Rule changes / additions in 2014

A copy of the 2014 Rules can be downloaded at http://nswinterschools.com.au Volunteer Course Officials

Schools were notified by E Newsletters of course official placements prior to the event, whilst the course officials could also access appointments via the website. All volunteers must be commended for their efforts and support throughout 2014. Volunteer training sessions were conducted by NSW Interschools Events Manager - Donna Baker, at Perisher and Thredbo prior to the regional events.


Sponsor Overview

Interschools received financial, product, and service support from a variety of sponsors in 2014, and we thank them all for their on-going generosity.

Subaru All 4 The Driver: (Financial / Product / Service) – Subaru provides vehicles to NSW/ACT Interschools (3), and $15,000 in financial support for the respective NSW & VIC State Events, plus $10,000.00 for the Australian Event, when hosted in NSW. We thank Subaru Australia for their on-going support financial and product support.

Travelplan Ski Australia: (Financial / Product) – Travelplan Ski provided $18,000 in financial support. We thank Toby Withers for their ongoing involvement and support of the Interschools events.

Perisher and Thredbo Ski Resorts: (Financial / Service / Product) – Perisher provided $10,000.00 in financial support in 2014 via Individual scholarships offering season passes and winter sports club training.

The resorts also provide an extensive range of services that support our endeavors, including the provision of on-snow accommodation and meals for the committee where needed, operational space, meeting rooms, equipment hire where needed, and free ticketing for all course volunteers and committee members.

Westpac: (Financial/Product) – Westpac provided $5,000.00 in financial support. We thank the Southern NSW Westpac Region and the Jindabyne Westpac Branch for their involvement and support of the Interschools events.

Sun Peaks Resort: (Financial / Service / Product) – Tourism Sun Peaks Canada provided $CAN5,000.00 in financial support. We thank Colin Brost for his involvement and support of the Interschools events.

“The Lodge” at Smiggins: (Service) - The Lodge at Smiggins provides $12,000.00 worth of product/service support in accommodation + dinner/bed/breakfast annually for Interschools Gold Sponsors. We thank Phil Jacombs and The Lodge Board for their strong support of the Interschools Events.

Event Supplies: (Financial / Product) – The Event Supplies Snowsports company provided large amounts of discounted products and services to NSW Interschools Snowsports that facilitated an improved marketing presentation to our collective clients.

Karbon: (Product) – Karbon came on board as a sponsor in 2014, providing staff and committee uniforms at discounted costs.

Carve: (Product) - Carve provided a variety of sunglasses for Interschools competitors and committee members.

NSW Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation: (Financial/Service) – The Department provided a

$30,000 grant to the NSW Snowsports Association in 2014 for the operation of the Association. As a sub- committee of the Association, Interschools indirectly receives benefit through this grant.

Yours Sincerely,

Steve Cooper Chair - NSW Interschools Snowsports

26th November 2014


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 53


Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation Annual Report In 2010 the Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation (AMASDF) was established following the tragic death of passionate skier, 16 year old Amelia McGuiness, who was a keen sportswoman and an annual competitor at the Interschool’s Snowsports competitions.

The AMASDF is recognized throughout the snowsports community for its support of young aspiring snowsports athletes from 10 to 19 years of age who are pursing their dream to represent Australia internationally. Through its snowsports events the AMASDF also encourages people of all ages and abilities to pursue an active, engaged and healthy lifestyle. The AMASDF events are open to anyone - abled and disabled snowsports enthusiasts of all ages - who would like to participate in a Skier Cross, Alpine or Cross Country timed event under competition conditions but without any pressure and in a fun and supportive environment.

2014 Events

6th July – AMASDF Cross Country Day at Perisher Resort

After the success of this event last year, the AMASDF ran a Cross Country event at the Nordic Trails at Perisher Resort on Sunday 6th July.

50 young skiers participated in the Amelia McGuiness Cross Country ski day, and for many it was an opportunity to try XC racing for the first time. The morning started with a time trial, and after lunch skiers were paired for relays with each team consisting of one stronger skier and one beginner to keep the race as even as possible.

Amelia McGuiness Scholarship holder, 16yr old Tess Bradford, came first in the female time trial and second overall partnered with 8yr old Heli Laajoki in the relay. “The relay with Heli was great. She was so cute and tried so hard and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Tess Bradford.

The top male time was by Year 12 student Hamish Roberts, who is also an Amelia McGuiness Scholarship holder. Hamish loved that all the younger children got to experience what a real race is like, saying, “my favourite thing about the day is that everyone gets to race together and they are equal in the handicap.”

Miff Page from the Amelia Foundation and Amelia’s mother, Cathy McGuiness, both attended the race day and commented that, “it was so great to see the younger children being supported by the more experienced athletes and there is a genuine feeling of camaraderie and friendship amongst the XC community”.

A big thank you to Leslie Ludwig and Peter Ward for their initiative and commitment to this event and the support of the NSW XC Committee members for their assistance in making the day a great success.

27th August – Amelia McGuiness Memorial Time Trial at Thredbo

The 5th Memorial Time Trial was held at Thredbo on Wednesday 27th August.

On a clear winter day, 200 skiers and snowboarders ranging in age from 4 to 70 years old competed in the 5th Memorial Time Trial. This year at Thredbo only Alpine was offered to participants who either skied or snowboarded down two quick courses, Rossi 1 & Rossi 2.

The event ran smoothly and participants of all abilities and age had a great time.

The day concluded with a presentation of medals by Amelia’s parents, Sam & Cathy McGuiness, to the fastest skiers in each age category, along with some much appreciated encouragement awards for the younger participants. The medal presentation was followed by a lively fundraising auction in the Keller Bar.


A huge thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who helped make the 5th Memorial Time a very successful event. In particular we’d like to thank The Kosciuszko Thredbo Resort and Adam Hosie & the Thredbo Race Club for their great efforts with the race course and continued support of AMASDF, the Interschools crew – Steve Cooper, Donna Baker, Rebecca Clark, Cathy Lambert and Wendy Olsen - the ASF, Gyles form Regatta Sports for providing branded merchandise, Westpac for their ongoing assistance and support and Event Supplies for the awesome bibs they have donated each year.

And last but not least, all the volunteers on course, including Geoff Greentree and his team of helpers from SMGS, all the volunteers at registration and at the presentation and all the companies and individuals that continue to support by way of product, donations and time, who help make this a very enjoyable and successful event.

Both the Cross Country day at Perisher and the Memorial Time Trial at Thredbo were a great success and the funds raised enabled the Foundation to award $15,500 in scholarships across the following snowsports disciplines:

Alpine / SX - $6000 (13 recipients), XC/Biathlon - $2600 (6 recipients), Freestyle - $2600 (10 recipients), Snowboard - $3850 (13 recipients), DWA - $500 (1 rec.)

Support SUBARU

Subaru Australia has continued its successful association with the AMASDF for another year by supplying the latest top of the range, luxury Subaru Outback diesel to Amelia’s parents, Cathy & Sam McGuiness. The Outback’s panels have eye-catching AMASDF logos on them which gives the both Foundation and Subaru some great exposure to the snowsports community in particular, and the wider community in general.


In September 2014 the ASF introduced a link for online donations. The AMASDF is now automatically set up with its own unique online donation page. In addition to this, the ASF has also created a project profile page specifically for the AMASDF.

Both of the online donation link and the AMASDF profile page link can be used in the Foundation’s emails, social media, online and printed material to drive traffic to the Foundation making it easier for donors to donate.

In addition, the ASF has also implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which has meant there are some changes to project processes, in particular:

· how donations are processed

· how your donors will receive their receipts

· how the ASF will provide regular reports on donations Donation and receipting processes

The ASF is encouraging the AMASDF to refer donors to our project page on the ASF website to make their donations online. The process is very user friendly with a major benefit being that donors will receive an automated receipt for tax purposes via email as soon as their donation is processed.

Donors can still complete the existing donation form for the AMASDF and forward them to the ASF for


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 55


The unique AMASDF online donation page can be accessed via this link http://asf.org.au/donate/?projectID=1665.

The AMASDF project profile page can be accessed via this link http://asf.org.au/project/amelia-mcguiness- australian-snowsports-development-foundation/.

AMASDF Scholarships

Our AMASDF committee is dedicated to identifying athletes that have the required attributes to make it as an elite athlete in this highly competitive sport. These decisions are often made with the advice and support of NSW Snowsports Discipline Committees, Head Coaches, and Olympians. In our fifth year of operation, the Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation (AMASDF) received 88 applications requesting assistance from young athletes from NSW, ACT, and QLD.

In determining the grant recipients for 2014/15, the committee reflected upon the individual’s performance levels; the potential for achievement over the next 12 months; and the quality of the application. We identified the athletes deserving our assistance with their record of achievement, dedication to their chosen discipline, and commitment to their overall development.

Overall, the Amelia McGuiness Australian Snowsports Development Foundation allocated $15,550 in scholarships across the following snowsports disciplines to 43 athletes:-

Alpine / SX - $6000 (13 recipients), XC/Biathlon - $2600 (6 recipients), Freestyle - $2600 (10 recipients) Snowboard - $3850 (13 recipients), DWA - $500 (1 rec.)

The 2014 AMASDF Scholarship Holders are:

Jack Adams / Lara Agnew / Matilda Coates / Theodore Coates / Samantha Gual / Logan Hanckel / Finn Sadler / Antonia Murphy / Joey Steggall / Zara Gardiner / Charlotte Murphy / Letitia Murphy / Felix Zylinski / Hamish Roberts / Matthew Bull / Sabrina Howell / Lilly Boland / Declan Burke / Damon Morton / Emma Bosco / Mitchell Breitfuss / Maddison Everingham / Jack Kitto / William Martin / Ethan Topalovic / Phoebe Tudhope / Cameron Waddell / Georgia Wood / Cooper Woods / Matthew Thomas / Adam Lambert / Georgia Baff / Matthew Cox / Alex Dickson / Genea Guy / Bryn Nicholas / India Shinn-Rees / Tom Harveyson / Max Mandl / Lewis Kennedy- Hunt / Christina Taylor / Zahra Kell / Ben Tudhope

In the 5 years since the Foundation was established the committee has awarded $151,050 in Snowsports Scholarships. This has been achieved by the ongoing support of individuals and the business community.

AMASDF Scholarship Recipients in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Team

The AMASDF was very proud to support the following athletes who were selected to represent Australia at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics:-

Ben Tudhope – Paralympian, Snowboard Cross - a 14 year old who was placed an outstanding 10th in the Men’s Para Snowboard Cross

Greta Small – Alpine - finished in an impressive 12th place in the Ladies Super Combined Slalom Matthew Graham - Freestyle - an incredible 7th place in the Men’s Moguls

Lucy Glanville – Cross Country

Brittany Cox – Freestyle - an exceptional 5th place in the Ladies Moguls Nicole Parks – Freestyle

Belle Brockhoff – Snowboard Cross Jarryd Hughes – Snowboard Cross

The AMASDF congratulates all the above participants for their outstanding efforts at Sochi.


An enormous thank you to Miff Page who is stepping down from the AMASDF after five years. Miff was instrumental in setting up the Foundation and thanks to her wealth of knowledge, tenacity, and hard work; she has helped make the AMASDF the successful foundation it is today. Her support has been very much appreciated by all those on the committee, the event organisers and hosts, and Amelia’s family.


Rob Kneller Youth Foundation Annual Report

The Rob Kneller youth foundation was established in January 2014 by Scott and Luke Kneller in loving memory of their late father.

Rob Kneller was an iconic figure in the Jindabyne community, infamous for his generosity and charismatic qualities. Rob was a snowsports enthusiast at heart and it was his love for skiing that saw him move to Jindabyne and ultimately starts a family there. The Rob Kneller Youth Foundation aims to continue Rob’s legacy and increase the opportunities for the youth of Jindabyne to participate and excel in snowsports.



Debearding Anton


At the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, Anton Grimus generously volunteered to shave his beard to raise money for the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation. The campaign raised just over $10,000 and provided the foundation an opportunity to develop its ideas.

Jindabyne Disc Golf Course


In May 2014 the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation embarked on establishing a Jindabyne Disc golf course. The course was well received during the winter months and provided various avenues to generate revenue for the foundation. Tee signs were erected and advertising space sold to local business for a period of 12 months for

$1000 + GST per hole. All nine advertising spaces were sold, one being in exchange for the metal signposts.

The success of the course has also lead to a second source of income for the foundation. Discs are purchased by the foundation and sold at the Ripcurl store in Jindabyne. 100% of proceeds are donated to the RKYF. Discs can only be purchased in Jindabyne at the Ripcurl store. This has allowed the foundation to control the price of discs and ensure all profits are returned to the foundation.

Olympic Team Gear


In August, Scott sold a few Olympic team items at the annual Interclub race in Thredbo. The sales raised almost $2000.00



RKYF Operated events


The RKYF held the ‘Ride with Russ’ and ‘Ride with Chumpy’ days during the season. These events were free of charge and exclusive to local kids enrolled full time at either JCS or SMGS. In order to control numbers we also placed age limits on both events. The events were well received and included prizes for all participants.

These events were incredibly demanding from an administrative point of view and will not continue in 2015.

Ski and Snowboard futures programs


NSW Snowsports 2014 Annual Report - Page 57


NSW Snowsports Clubs Annual Report

NSW Snowsports (NSWS) have a total of 17 Member Clubs. These clubs range from Private Member Club’s, Accommodation Club’s, School Club’s and Ski Racing Club’s. Club memberships range from 300 to 3000 members. Each Club holds an on-snow event each season at either Thredbo or Perisher, in which NSW Snowsports supports via our insurance.


Membership with the provision of insurance is the most visible connection between the Clubs and NSW Snowsports. It is an important connection, as it is a service that NSWS can provide to clubs through supporting their snow related activities and, at the same time, helps NSWS obtain the insurance it requires for its many events and activities. Insurance is one of NSW Snowsports single most important projects and we thank all participating clubs for their support. If your club isn’t participating, please consider joining in.

On-snow Activities

On-snow interaction between Clubs and NSW Snowsports tends to be centred around the more traditional skiing disciplines, namely Alpine and Cross Country.

NSWS Cross Country is Perisher Range-based due to the XC trails available at Perisher and works closely with the community based Perisher X-Country to support a number of clubs with XC events during the winter season. Most of these are citizen events with long, colourful histories. NSWXC is pleased to be able to provide personnel, skidoo support, equipment, timing, courses, and the facilities of the Nordic Shelter. The clubs, and SLOPES, are wonderful supporters of the Shelter and cross-country skiing in NSW.


NSW Snowsports continues to promote historical events of our clubs and the snowsports industry, through our support of the Perisher and Thredbo Historical Societies by linking websites and moving forward in preserving and consolidating archives.



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