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Appendix F – Community Consultation Plan &


Academic year: 2023

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Given the scale of the project, and the proximity of an established residential area to the south, it is recognized that the remedial works will be closely scrutinized by the community and may cause some concern among residents. This DRAFT Community Management Strategy ('GBS') has therefore been prepared to ensure that residents are fully informed about the project and provided with various mediums to obtain information. Establish website Wasterock Pty Ltd Website A link to the website will be available on the City of Swan and Shire of Kalamunda websites.

Complaint Logging Register Wasterock Pty Ltd Various complaints that can be registered online, by email, phone or post. Establish an incident register Wasterock Pty Ltd Miscellaneous incident register must be maintained and available online for public review. Notice of completion Wasterock Pty Ltd Newspaper/website Information that recovery is complete Review of community consultation strategy.

Invite comments on the CCS Wasterock Pty Ltd Newspaper / Website Community invited to submit comments on. The purpose of the Remediation Management Plan is to actively manage all environmental and social incidents. If corrective actions are required, they will be implemented within an agreed time frame commensurate with the nature and scope of the required corrective action.

Additional environmental awareness training of the workforce regarding the procedures to be followed for environmental incidents or complaints;.


Existing Improvements


Community Stakeholders

Consultation Strategy

Specialist members of the project team will attend the public meeting, present on particular aspects as needed and then be available to answer questions from stakeholders. At this point, Strategists will contact the DEC and update the remediation strategy if necessary. Alternatively, if after the initial consultation (i.e. factsheet and advertisements) it becomes clear that there are certain groups or residents' associations with similar issues, smaller meetings with specific stakeholder groups will be considered.

Again, these meetings will be represented by members of the project team who will address any issues raised by. Feedback from these meetings will be documented and used to improve the remediation strategy prior to filing. Again, at this point, Strategen will liaise with DEC and update the remediation strategy if necessary.

A written and online update summarizing the results of the consultations will be available after the public meeting or ad hoc small stakeholder group meeting. Once DEC approves the remediation strategy, an update will be posted online and provided to all points of contact in the community. Once the remedial work begins, periodic updates will be posted online and to community contact points on a regular basis (eg every 3 months) highlighting the progress of the remedial work and expected timeframes.

All complaints will be forwarded to Strategists and Hazelland Pty Ltd who will register the complaints, take the necessary action and respond to all complainants. Community feedback will be sought when the final notice of completion is sent to stakeholders.

Consultation Program

For this reason the community liaison officer for Wasterock recently visited the area to identify the main concerns of. The trucks currently using Adelaide Road have nothing to do with our company or the repair site. This testing indicates that the groundwater quality at the site is similar to water quality throughout the general area and is considered clean of site contamination.

Work will continue to the center of the landfill, maintaining an embankment between Adelaide Street and the process area for noise, wind and dust control and visual shielding. The construction of the public space will start in the winter of the 2nd working year and will be completed in the 3rd year. Couldn't get in touch with any of the businesses or property owners on the north side of Adelaide Street other than Borrello's.

He does not want her to continue, will object as he does not believe it can be safely done 220 Ade St Not Home (Left Card x 2). General safety, noise, truck traffic (old lady, not good). no number) 224 Ade St Health concerns, contaminated waste being dumped along the road and mainly truck traffic in Adelaide as it is already a problem. Not happy it's light industrial and doesn't want the road to be used as truck access 232 Ade St Not Home (Left Card x 2).

Ade St Concerned about what is buried, asbestos especially with the easterly winds, dust, truck traffic, suggested that constant monitoring is needed and an independent authority to monitor the works around the clock. Mostly traffic and trucks Tenant (would not give name) 274 Ade St Prefers it to stay as is Truck traffic and noise bothers Lauren Michelini. Ade St Lots of concerns, spreading pollution, asbestos control, vibrations, trucks, noise, noise from generator to water pumping.

I am writing in relation to the above which adjoins my property, Lot 3 Adelaide Street, Hazelmere. In addition to the risk of fire, we also encounter pests that reproduce at the landfill. I believe that rehabilitating the property would greatly benefit everyone in its vicinity and that it is fortunate that the current owners have the means to transform an unusable piece of land that poses a threat to those in its immediate vicinity is a valuable asset to the area.

Figure 1 Local Location
Figure 1 Local Location


Figure 1 Local Location
Figure 2 Site Plan


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