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Academic year: 2023

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Crawford for the following account of the specimens of hydatid disease in the Museum of the Medical College Hospital, Calcutta. 4.-In the right lobe of the liver, a tumor about three niches long by one inch wide, situated at the posterior margin. 8.-Apparently the liver of a child, almost entirely 11' has a tumor of the size of the adult fist, located in the right 163e.

9.—A piece of liver with an alveolar structure, within which is a cavity the size of a walnut. There are some specimens of hydatids in the pathological department of the Oxford University Museum. Leto, in Wodonga, where the child's parents were visiting with theirs.

In addition, the age of the child (barely 2 years) indicated that his sturdiness was almost impossible. Such was the history and investigation of the case — the former vague, improbable and absolutely worthless/. If any good result were to be obtained, a pathological section of the Society should be created.

The management of the case and the style of the paper reflected great credit on Dr.

Table showing the number of cases of Hydatid Disease treated  in the K. K. Krankenhaus, Vienna, during the eleven  years, 1874 to 1884, inclusive :-
Table showing the number of cases of Hydatid Disease treated in the K. K. Krankenhaus, Vienna, during the eleven years, 1874 to 1884, inclusive :-


It extended from near the gray matter on the extreme outer border inward to the near vicinity of the 1,. In parts the edges of the growth were fairly defined, but for the most part they gradually merged into the surrounding nervous tissue. Most of the cells were elongated, with delicate processes, which joined the plexus of fibrils.

The trachea and bronchi contained blood-stained mucus, and the mucosa of the trachea and bronchi was injected. She gave the following history: “About 8 months ago she suffered from vertigo, especially while walking, and also had pains of an intermittent character on the right side of the head, towards the top. The pain has gradually become more constant and severe, and at the present time is almost constant, and is still confined to the right side of the head, but is felt over a larger area than before.

The pain now also shoots to the back of the neck; the vomiting is less frequent than before; the vertigo still persists, but is more pronounced. At the autopsy, an irregular oval-lobed tumor viaa was found partially embedded in the substance of the cerebellum, eroding the anterior and inner part of the lower right hemisphere. The dimensions of the growth were 2.5 cm from front to back and over 2.5 cm from side to side.

At autopsy, a large abscess was found occupying most of the central and anterior part of the left hemisphere of the brain. There was mild left ventricular hypertrophy; the bases of the lungs were compressed; the kidneys were large, subgranular, moderately firm. Heart sounds are quite normal; breath sounds hidden by the stertor;. there is no swelling of any part of the body; sweating freely.

There was muscle twitching with stiffness, almost entirely confined to the left side of the body. The right side of the body and the right limbs remained rigid during the paroxysm, and showed very little, if any, convulsive movements. He now had fits almost every few minutes, one paroxysm seeming to pass into another, and at intervals he was deeply comatose; dry jerks are still limited to the left side of the body. and brown, his pulse was weaker and he died at 3 am.


The university and hospital were in complete agreement, the government would be more likely to listen. This is especially true for the most important class, which is shoulder dislocations. An Esmarch bandage is then applied, stopping just at the distal border of the part to be anesthetized.

The infections should be made a short distance above the edge of the Esmarch's bandage, immediately after its application. It was decided that the Council should meet on Monday next for the consideration of the whole question. At a meeting of the Senate, on the 23rd ul., a proposal sent by the Council, for the creation of a Chair of Biology, was accepted.

What is known about the influence of the nervous system on the blood circulation 1 3. Describe the bony and membranous labyrinth, excluding the cochlea. Introduced into the system to produce constitutional effects I show the relative advantages of the various methods. Describe the changes that occur in the mucous membrane of the uterus during pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of poisoning after a bite from one of Victoria's venomous snakes. In the committee meeting of the 23rd, the chairman reported that the treasurer had given an unfavorable answer to the committee deputation who had been waiting for him to request an increased grant for the hospital. It was rather vaguely decided that the number of patients should be reduced as much as possible at the discretion of the medical director.

2nd And as a result an increased risk of spreading the disease in the hospital. At the meeting, on the 6th inst., it was reported that the Treasurer had appropriated a further sum of £500 for the maintenance of the institution for the current financial year. With reference to the proposed removal of the hospital the following report was received from the sub-committee.

Cox was certified as a specialist in the treatment of diseases of the ear and throat. There were twelve sessions during the year, three of which were for consideration of the law on dentistry, which was not adopted.


Table showing the number of cases of Hydatid Disease treated  in the K. K. Krankenhaus, Vienna, during the eleven  years, 1874 to 1884, inclusive :-


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