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About five years ago, he consulted a doctor because of pain in the right side of the chest. The lower part of the bandage was also divided so that it could be turned under the perineum. The smallness of the risk, as evidenced by Volkmann's list of seventy cases without death.

On the fourth (fourth) day after this, a roseolar rash with well-defined itching broke out over the groin and sides of the abdomen. This rash disappeared on the 21st, and as the tumor did not return, the patient was discharged on the 25th of the same month. Day, who had been one of the oldest and most respected members of the Society.

Day had been not only an ornament to the profession, but a most useful member of the Society. During the year, the Association's expenses were closely examined: significant cuts were made; and is. Thirteen meetings of the Commission were held during the year: the participation of the members was as follows: - Mr.

The inadequate accommodation of the books now in the possession of the Association during the past year has materially hindered the development of the library.


It is our sincere hope that the funds of the Furnishing Fund will be such in the coming year as to enable adequate preparation to be made for the safe keeping of the books now in possession. The Society includes most of the profession in and around Melbourne, and the number of international members is increasing. For many years, we have often had an unpleasant awareness of the need for legislation that would properly regulate the relationship between the medical profession and the public.

The reports of the works of these charities are among the most interesting news of the moment, and the past year has provided many topics for comment. I congratulate the Victorian Branch of the British Medical Association on the safe passage of its first year of existence. It is no doubt a pleasing testimony to the strength of the profession here, that it can support two such organizations as the Medical Society and the Branch Association.

It is interesting to us to know that the ranks of our profession are now largely, if not chiefly, recruited from graduates of the University of Melbourne. The School of Medicine is the most flourishing of the departments of that educational center, and its annual growth is very noticeable. Many of the gentlemen who have completed their medical education there have occupied prominent positions in the profession, so incidentally, I take it, as testifying to the efficiency of the teachers chosen by the Council.

The treatment of the insane is also a much neglected branch of medicine in this part of the world. From the old land come many notes of the wonderful energy and progressive spirit which characterize our brethren there. Manson, too, continuing his work in the same direction, has been enabled to offer a plausible explanation of many of the phenomena of malarial fever.

Macewen's statistics of the results of antiseptic osteotomy in deformities of the lower limbs are most gratifying and encouraging. The list of obituaries of the year is packed with some of the most distinguished names in the profession; Among those who were called from work, we can mention dr. This year, as you have been informed by the circular recently received, it is proposed to hold the Seventh Session of the International Medical Congress in Great Britain and.

With the committee I have worked in harmony, and with every member of the company I have had pleasant relations. I am proud of the honor I have enjoyed, and the memory of that honor will always be with me among the most treasured of my memories.


The university will be heavily dependent on the government, which may be able to prescribe its curriculum, and our hospitals should be prepared to find political candidates among their directors. In some cases it may be admitted that a little government agency is necessary, but at present there is a danger of excessive interference. Until we have our own body in Parliament, we must expect that our interests, which are really the interests of the public, will be neglected or misrepresented, and it is the duty of each one of us to take advantage of the opportunity now offered in East Melbourne to have that the need.

Turning to the more immediate needs of the profession, we are glad to note the establishment of a Medical Board at the Melbourne Hospital to supplement the work of laymen, and we hope to see the valuable results of its labors. The hospital suffers greatly as a field of scientific research in comparison with other institutions elsewhere, and it is only with the thorough co-operation of the lay and professional elements that this institution will become not only an excellent charitable institution, but a school. of medicine and surgery, which can contribute something to the progress of science. We regret to have to record in this issue of our paper the death of two distinguished members of our profession.

Mousse, the popular surgeon at Beechworth Hospital, was accidentally drowned while sailing at Sandgate Bay in Queensland; and more recently our old and tried friend, Dr. The tribute which the President of the Medical Association gave to his memory at the annual meeting expresses the feelings which are generally entertained throughout the profession, and in our next mentioned an account of Dr.


Patients' lives may depend on the speedy execution of these requests and it is unacceptable that any alleged or actual breach of the rules by honorary staff prevents a sick person in urgent need of assistance from receiving the emergency supplies ordered by the attending medical officer. The display of blunders and red tape in this case is very painful and we hope that the lessons it teaches the authorities will not be ignored.


The only evidence of clumsiness and violence was the fact that during the experiments of Dr. Moffatt to turn around, the patient screamed that she was being murdered, which was evidence of a very unreliable nature. As to the charge of negligence, all the statements before us show that the defendant was imprudent, and perhaps reprehensible, but not criminal; the blame lies largely with the patient's friends; but Dr.

Moffatt apparently displayed a lack of discretion and consideration for the family's feelings that put him in bad standing with the jury. However, this is not enough to establish a basis for a manslaughter conviction and we believe that the efforts being made to obtain a vacating of the conviction will be rewarded with success.


Explanation of these statistics is given by a historical and critical review of the sanitary laws of Moses. A comparison between different places is only possible if the number of deaths in infants under one year of age is calculated on the basis of the number of births in the same period. Malnutrition is best prevented by breast-feeding babies, but the benefit would come from proper control of milk supply.

The cooperation of the profession should be expected with confidence, and an attempt to obstruct or avoid it should be treated as socially shameful and even criminal. The author draws attention to the progress in medicine and yet the ignoring of the medical profession in the design of hospitals. Wilson believes that much of today's sanitation effort is in the wrong direction because too much attention is being given to what is known as sanitary improvement instead of isolation.

He generally prefers ether, and it seems to be the practice in the large hospitals now to use ether alone or mixed with chloroform. At the Clinic, a paper was read about stretching the facial nerve for spasms in the facial muscles. At another meeting of the Medico-Chirurgical Society, an elaborate paper was read by Dr.

The use of the acid in the recommended form does not interfere with, nor is it intended to replace, the use of constitutional and internal remedies. She was taken into labor on the morning of June 28 last and sent for Dr. Moffat, whose residence was close by. It is proposed to present a petition for remission of part of the sentence, and this petition will be signed by all the doctors.

At a special meeting of Melbourne Hospital medical staff held on the 17th end of the year, the following resolutions were passed unanimously: from the emergency room from 9am. The senior resident medical officer must be a legally qualified physician and is elected by the board of directors on the recommendation of the medical staff.

The resident medical officers are elected by the board of directors on the recommendation of the. Mousse.- On the 19th ult., in Sandgate, Brisbane, Queensland, Antoine Mouss4, BA, Doctor of Medicine from the University of France, 11 years resident surgeon of Ovens District Hospital, Beechworth, drowned.


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