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Academic year: 2023

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Medical Staff:- All legally qualified doctors practicing and residing in the district should be specially invited to become members of the medical staff of the dispensary. One of the medical staff selected by the patient should immediately attend outpatient accident cases if necessary. In one case, the vouchers are a card that must be obtained at the clinic, on which the visits of the health worker on call were recorded.

Girdlestone brought forward the report of the subcommittee appointed to consider the required changes to the medical law. 34; The names of the Colleges, Universities, Sz. are listed in a schedule. Gillbee, the report has been received and further consideration of the amended law has been postponed to a subsequent meeting.


34; That, in the opinion of the Society, the remuneration given to members of the medical profession for attending as witnesses in the law courts of this colony is insufficient, and it is desirable that the attention of the Government be drawn to the propriety of raising the fee from one to two guineas per diem, the amount previously paid." Thomas called attention to the fact that the rule relating to the meetings of the Society being held on the first Wednesday of each month was strictly observed. Its progress was slow but apparently natural until on the evening of the 9th, when convulsions occurred and recurred at intervals of about half an hour, but were easily controlled and shortened by the use of chloroform.

There were no more seizures, but she continued to show symptoms of cerebral congestion and nervous system irritability for two days afterwards, for which she was given Bromide or Potassium (10 granules every four hours): 12 leeches to the temples. Tracy (having previously dilated the ox with Barnes' Dilators, which proved to be most useful in the case) succeeded in effecting the child's release through Dr.'s combined internal and external method. Chloroform was absolutely essential at this stage of the case, said Dr.

The patient has been sleeping most of the day, showing only partial consciousness when awakened to take food or medicine. Examination after death.-Vessels of the brain stained with blood; two extravasations the size of a pea each, in the right hemisphere. Large amount of serum poured into the base of the brain; ventricles quite dilated with serum.

No return of the attacks, but the patient rapidly grew worse; pulse scarcely perceptible, respiration shallow and tailed, and very rapid; another enema was given but without any effect. In this case the convulsions were allowed to continue unchecked during the six hours before her admission to the hospital -, the treatment ordered by her medical assistant was simply the opening of medicine to be taken every other morning, and ' a blister on the nape of the neck. Attacks continue to recur every hour, and are characterized by almost complete cessation of respiration; extra lively countenance, great acceleration of pulse, foaming at the mouth, and a fixed and staring condition of the eyes.

Owing to the alarming state of the respiration, chloroform had not been administered for some hours previously.


A draft of potassium bromide with tincture of lavender was given, and the subsequent fit checked by chloroform. Martin concluded that the pains were fake and the convulsions were just an aggravated form of hysteria. Some sleep was now obtained, and the action of an effective warm purgative completed the cure of this case of soi disante convulsions.

As there were still no signs of labor, the patient was discharged on the 29th, and was then delivered to the hospital with no ill symptoms. Another very important change recommended in the proposal is that there should be a schedule containing the names of all licensing bodies recognized by the Board. This arrangement would relieve the Board of the abundance of thankless labor which is at present required to ascertain whether an applicant for registration has satisfied the conditions laid down in the clause defining the extent of study which the holder must have of any degree to obtain his qualification.

Another urgent change is envisaged in the provision to be made to give the Board of Directors absolute power to strike from the register the name of any person who, after due investigation, shall be found guilty of unprofessional conduct, or to erase the name, or refuse to register the name of any person deemed unworthy of registration by the General Medical Council of Great Britain. The Council's inability to act on this point is shown almost absurdly in the case of a person whose name appears in the register just published without any qualification. It sometimes happens that foreign diplomas are offered for registration that are not known to any member of the Council.

The time required for investigation necessarily occupies many months, and in order to obviate the hardship which is unavoidable in forcing an applicant to wait during that long period, it is proposed to register such persons on condition that they satisfactorily can provide evidence of the validity. of their diplomas. Some small details include the publication of the Register every six months, the charging of a fee of two guineas for registration, and a more precise definition of the.


59 90 just before injection, in short, I and those around me concluded that he was sinking fast. They continued to contract and expand, the first gaining ground, when our attention was diverted by a convulsive circling of the left arm and right leg; but the right arm and left leg were powerless, and remained so for some minutes. He continued to improve, and in half an hour he was moved to another room, where I kept him for two days.

During the injection of ammonia, a small amount of fluid was spilled into the skin around the punctured part of the syringe, caused by the instrument coagulation. In one case at least half a bottle of brandy was administered before the ammonia was injected. In the other, no breath had been given; however, in each patient it was sinking rapidly.

Doesn't the first fact contradict the statement that alcohol will restore a person from the effects of snake venom, and the latter proves that the injection of ammonia into the circulation will be restored. If those members of the profession who do not believe the efficacy of ammonia in the face of the ocular demonstration of its value by others of the same profession, will only wait a short time, until they see for themselves two such cases as that now detailed by Mornington and that from Bacchus Marsh, I think they will at once wish to be classed with the list of believers in the value of Ammonia by injection. I do not hesitate to say that in the Morning-ton case (every phase of which was witnessed by Professor Wilson of the University of Melbourne) the administration of brandy proves the utter inability of that liquid to ultimately return, while in Bacchus Marsh the Power is manifested almost like the god of ammonia over the deadly influence.

I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Medical and Surgical Society in 1840, and shook hands at the same time with Dr. , to expose the despicable proceedings of persons who delight in slandering their medical neighbors—being themselves "no great shock."


The third annual meeting of the subscribers to the Eye and Ear Institution, Spring-street, was held on the 3rd instant, the president, Dr. A meeting of the committee for the Eye and Orthopedic Institution was held on the 10th instant. Harrison, chief surgeon at the Adelaide Hospital, has resigned his appointment and has been succeeded by Dr.

The following telegram was published in the Melbourne Journals of the 13th instant:—" Belfast, February 12th. — The sittings of the District Court at Belfast commenced on Thursday, before Mr. At the annual meeting of the subscribers to the Geelong Hospital on the 26th ult., there was stated that the house surgeon Mr. She had a great pain in the region of the heart, the tongue was swollen, and it felt as if it had been pricked with a thousand needles.

A meeting of the Medical Society was held on Friday, the 11th inst., in the council room of the Melbourne Hospital, Dr. Wooldridge M.R.C.S.E., of South Yarra, was admitted to the higher degree of the Society on November 11 last. . If the signature of other fellows is sufficient to confirm the eligibility of the applicant for the fellowship.

Newspaper reporters informed the world that the blood vessels were filled with "sealing wax". At the meeting of the Melbourne Hospital Committee on the 31st ult. a letter was received from Dr. The Board of Health has approved the appointment of the following men as health officers: Mr.

A lady in Ballarat recently experienced dislocation of her lower jaw as a result of yawning during a boring sermon.


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