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Academic year: 2023

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Ina because of the ether or alcohol, but because of the dilution of the chloroform, for it is generally given by the open method, and the. The only way, according to him, is to produce extreme extension of the head of the spine. Oxalic acid, which is used to clean straw hats, was found in other parts of the house.

Each lateral ventricle of the brain contained about half an ounce of clear fluid. Jamieson, and also with the librarian's permission, my sincere thanks to both of them. In the Transactions of the Pathological Society of London I find cases of plastic bronchitis recorded in Vol. VI.

Acetic acid caused expansion and partial dissolution of the lamins, but had no apparent effect on the blood cells. 2--61-z-d and one inch long, and contained a single nucleus, and were often observed free in the field of the microscope.

A bright zone, consisting of structureless fibrils or larninsel comparatively few in number, slightly undulating in their course ,

The close resemblance between successively expectorated casts tends to show that they are always formed in the same bronchi and bronchioles. The casts are of a greyish-white colour, either hollow or massive in the centre, cast in a bronchus of the third or fourth diameter, of rather tough consistency. They do not take any of the following stains—methyl-aniline, fuchsin, aniline-blue, gentianoviclet, picro-carmine, and logwood.

They are distributed throughout the membrane, but are most easily detected in that transparent substance which forms the basis of the Sub-layer. In stained leukocytes they are very difficult to detect, but, on a convenient turn of the micrometer, their bright, glittering color appears. Fagge, discussing the microscopic anatomy of the tubes, speaks of the occasional observation of Charcot's crystals.

Charcot's crystals are sharp rhomboidal formations, very different in size, some just visible, others traverse almost the entire microscopic field. They are closely related to the so-called "ptomen". It may be suggested that the corpuscles seen in my preparations are artificial products, but this is easily dispelled by their being seen in sections unprepared d. 165 As to the bright scarlet corpuscles I am at a loss as to what to suggest, except they are micro chefs.

They are neither inicrocytes, nor nucleoli, nor detritus, because if they were, they would lose their stain every time they shed it, but they don't. They are quite distinct from detritus, as shown by their different color and reaction to light. Considering the molds as complete formations, they consist of three different elements, formed into tubes and telescoping into each other, two of these tubes themselves consisting of more delicate.

I cannot enter into the discussion and application of the related facts; suffice it to say that his discoveries clearly and conclusively prove that the mere presence of bacteria and micrococci in the living tissue does not cause the leukocytes to extravasate, but that it is a chemical compound, the product of their being and life, which force to attract leukocytes.


In the absence of a post-mortem examination► the exact nature of the disease must be uncertain, and so also the condition of the valves, which led to the relatively sudden fatal termination. Death probably occurred earlier than it would have if the mitral valve had been the principal seat of the disease, instead of the aorta. The impaired vitality of the nursing mother would also lend its influence towards the same end.

BALLS-HEADLEY drew attention to the fact that the patient was dieting and that during lactation there is an excess of fibrin and water in the blood. Ulceration probably took place in the valves, although he could not give a reason for it. There was no probable infection, and there was no definite indication of the existence of embolism.

BARRETT said that for a long time he had great difficulty in making a satisfactory examination of the nano. With the oxygen-hydrogen light he employed, he could easily examine the anterior half or two-thirds of the nasal cavities, but he found the examination of the posterior third unsatisfactory. MAUDSLEY thought that the introduction of the large mirror, after the use of cocaine, was a point in advance, especially when one remembers the small mirrors formerly used for posterior rhinoscopy.

With the oxygen-hydrogen light, 414 this method of examination, he felt sure that very few morbid conditions of the nose or naso-pharynx could escape the examiner. PRESIDENT AND LORD,—The least said the soonest departed, as to the introduction. I was quite conscious in the afternoon, but owing to my previous boisterous conduct, and the.

Four cases came under my notice; in the third and fourth I examined articles of diet and the urine.


The patient was brought to the end of the table to allow me to stand between his legs. On passing my hand into the bowel, I found the colon almost empty, as were several loops of small bowel, which, being traced, led to the obstruction. Iodophorin was powdered and dry salicylic wool was applied and secured with long and wide strips of plaster.

Ienc as ; was quite relieved, as was shown by raising it a little, when the contents flowed by; slimy coat healthy ; no other obstacle was present; a mesenteric gland was in the center of the band. None of these were prominent symptoms here. Also, regarding statistics, I think the mortality rate is given too low, as many failed cases were not reported.


The issue of the liability of specialists to abuse their position is a delicate one. JOINT ASSEMBLY OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF VICTORIA AND OF THE VICTORIAN BRANCH OF THE BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION—. APPROVAL OF THE CHANGING MEDICAL BILL. This amendment has now been completed and the. members of the two associations were called upon to endorse, amend or reject the amendments made.

Almost all observers of recent times there is a complete unanimity of opinion, that it almost does not interfere at all in the development of various forms of microorganisms. There is no unpleasant smell; it does not dull the feel of the operator's hands, or the edge of his instruments. It is worth recording the explanation given of the pathology of eczema and its relation to erythema.

At the board meeting on the 19th, a report was received from the medical supervisor that from At the board meeting, which took place on the 2nd inst., dr. Lewellin reported that the Melbourne Council. The university appointed dr. Moore, one of the Assistant Lecturer Surgeons at the Hospital, to act as locum tenens for Professor Allen.

A preliminary meeting of the gentlemen interested in providing greater hospital accommodation for the sick poor of the coin' township was held on Thursday, April 11th, at the town hall, in the nucleus of the presidency of the Rev. Resolutions were passed that the meeting was convinced of the need to provide additional hospital accommodation for Melbourne and its suburbs and to appoint a working committee to prepare proposals. It was decided to invite the clergy of all denominations and many leading citizens to participate in order to make the movement a success.

At the meeting of the Committee held on the 15th alt. was held, is a report by the Honorary Medical Staff on the. Amu sellor and Council of the University, and which was referred to the Committee of the Hospital, was by Mrs. The communication was received, and consideration postponed until the next monthly meeting of the Committee.


Pinnock's letter, which appeared in the last number of your Journal, I was instructed by the directors of The Liquor Carnis Co. Recently, the machinery required in the manufacture of Liquor Carnis has been altered and improved, and the mixed, raw meaty odor complained of by Dr. Eng., has been appointed Acting Health Officer for the Port of Port Phillip, and Superintendent of.

The main toast of the evening was the chief guest's health by suggesting that Dr. Bowen had always taken as a member of the medical profession in this city, and for the considerable services he had rendered the physician. Society, not least of which is his acquisition from the government of the country where the Society's hall is situated.

Bowen was also entertained by his fellow members of the Paris Exhibition Commission over lunch at Scott's Hotel. Pasteur's representatives to the Queensland Government, on the protection of livestock against pneumonia, state that they have so far been unable to isolate and cultivate the microbes of pneumonia, but have attempted to overcome the difficulty by inoculating the virus obtained from diseased lungs. The question of whether the subcutaneous fluid inoculated into the tails of the animals would protect the thorn against a second attack had been satisfactorily answered by the experiments, and it was also shown that the virus could be stored for at least 30 days.

An ordinary meeting of the Commission was then held for the purpose of collecting the evidence from Professor Kernot and Mr. Black, the Surveyor General, as to the most preferred sewage system for the metropolis and the steps to be taken to prevent the Pollution of the Yan Yean water supply. Rose said he intended to take as much interest as possible in the affairs of the p°cl.

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