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Australian Medical Journal: (February, 1877)


Academic year: 2023

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At the fimbriated extremity of the left fallopian tube, a cyst containing a fetus of about three months' gestation was placed. BOWEN provided some details of the land temporarily granted to the Society at the corner of Brunswick Street and Albert Street. Von Recklinghausen's successful inoculation of diphtheria material into the cornea of ​​rabbits was one of the most illuminating observations concerning the etiology of infectious diseases.

SO the phlogistic poison, which attaches to the coccos vegetation, does not penetrate the corneal tissue. The same mechanical barriers to the entry and spread of the noxious irritation appear to exist in the cornea of ​​the rabbit. Leplastrier, father of the patient, about the treatment of whom a complaint had been lodged against Mr.

Wilder, with the request to be informed of the date on which the adjourned annual meeting would take place. The secretary is instructed to reply that it is not the intention of the committee to hold an adjourned meeting. Williams, the secretary, admitted that the consultation book was not recognized as one of the hospital's books.

They therefore recommend assigning the pharmacy to accommodate such cases and submitting plans for changes.'. I looked through the old consultation book and found no record of Robert Berth's case. , showed even the imperfect books available to the committee.

Beveridge's letter in today's Argus, a statement so corroborative of the accounts given to Mr. They had almost all been improved off the face of the earth by other signs of civilization.

This must have been smallpox, as many of the old people now have their faces, which suffered from the disease in childhood. 34; During the discussions it was fully understood that the disease had been among these tribes, but I never remember seeing a young person marked who belonged to either tribe. I suppose there was hardly anyone in the colony forty years ago who did not see 'traces' of the disease, or what was thought to be such.

Even the ultimate fate of the patient seems never to have been known or forgotten by Mr. Curr.



As expected, he found that the action of Duboisia myoporoides was not much different from that of the Pituri ( Duboisia Hopwoodii ), with this particular difference, that the former dilates the pupil much more strongly, the dilation, when experimented on a cat, lasts for two days, the amount applied contains the power of one grain of the herb.


China, from Sydney, was discharged on January 31st, and brought on to Melbourne by the steamer Williams. Sparling deposed in the condition in which he found the woman, and from what he saw and what appeared at the autopsy, he had no doubt that peritonitis was the direct result of the injuries sustained during the operation. Kerr's evidence for the prisoner was also taken, which was to show that peritonitis - said to be the cause of death - could be the result of prolonged labor independently of any wounds to the peritoneum.

Hallett and Nicholson were also called for the defence, his Honor charging the jury at length, strongly condemning the prisoner, yet exhorting the jury to consider very carefully the points of the case which future issues in an appeal of great interest to consider. An inquest was held at the Melbourne Hospital on February 17 on the body of a man killed by lightning. Heffernan's account of the autopsy was as follows:—"On removing the scalp I found a clot of blood about an inch square over the right forehead.

At the front of the right hemisphere of the brain below the membrane, and corresponding to the bruise on the forehead, there was a thin layer of semi-liquid blood over an area of ​​21 inches. There was a diamond-shaped fracture of the right orbital plate of the frontal bone, but not opposite the external bruise or internal area of ​​blood. The right side of the heart was full of dark liquid blood, and the left side was contracted.

The Castleneaine Representative of January 31st, had the following:-"The annual meeting of the contributors was held at Sandhurst Hospital last night, and, judging from the six columns of report in the Independent, a very noisy and unmanageable meeting. It was considerably less welfare-seeking." of the establishment than a strong party for Miss Laland on the one hand and Dr, Hinchcliff on the other. Personalities of the wildest character indulged, and the most insolent intrusions into private affairs. of Miss Laland allowed.

At last, when all were exhausted and hoarse from speaking, a very lame and impotent conclusion was reached—for the whole committee was re-elected, the report was taken up and approved, and everything remains in the status quo." 30 ; Medical and Surgical Journal of Canada for December ; Remarks on the Treatment of the Congenital Clubfoot Infant ; Legislation and Communicable Diseases, by J. Second and Third Annual Reports of the Secretary of State of the State of Michigan, relating to Births , Marriages and Deaths; Transactions of the State Medical Society of Michigan for the Medical Register of Victoria for 1877; Annual Report for 1876 of the Melbourne Retreat for the Cure of the Insane; Ballarat Hospital Report for 1876; British Medical Journal for November.


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