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Australian Medical Journal: (February, 1884)


Academic year: 2023

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On my first visit he asked me what I thought of the wards and the treatment they used. I said that the cold atmosphere of the ward had the same effect, as the child's throat has become extra susceptible because of the steam. The entire neck, covered by membrane, must be carefully and firmly washed.

I only used an infusion of green leaves and the steam that comes from it. The subjects of the disease are generally men in the prime of life and in vigorous physical health. It consists of an apparent loss of adequate control of the muscles of the tongue and lips.

It was right not to open the capsule because of the risk of severe bleeding. At a meeting of the members of this Branch, held in the hall of the Royal Society, on September 13, the following matters were transacted.


The other case was that of a man who was thrown from a spring cart onto the front of his shoulder, and who appeared to have sustained a fracture of the surgical neck of the scapula. The signs were extension of the arm with flexion of the elbow, displacement of the head of the humerus, which was felt in the armpit;. crepitation, and easy recovery of the shape of the shoulder, but immediate repetition of the displacement. Rudall doubts the existence of fracture of the neck of the scapula, of which no preparation was to be found in any museum.

A number of interesting pathological specimens were exhibited and Dr. Gardner presented a patient on whom he had performed a lumbar colotomy for rectal cancer. Under the care of Mr. About twelve months ago a more frequent puerperium than usual began to be noticed, followed by pain after the end of the act, and also by a dull aching pain in the groin and in the lumbar regions. With the passage of a sound, a stone was felt on the right side of the bladder neck - its surface was rough and gave a clear ring when struck.

He did not notice the swelling in the right iliac fossa until about four months later and about this time the legs began to swell and become oedematous. The tumors gradually increased in size, and caused great edema of the lower limbs by their pressure. Both tumors continued to enlarge, and breathing became rather difficult - the abdomen was always distended and tympanic.

An intervertebral substance and most of the vertebral body were almost completely destroyed. There were old membranous adhesions over both lungs and calcified nodules over the surface, especially of the lower lobes. The spleen weighed 261 oz., and was amyloid, as were the villi and intestinal vessels.

STATISTICS OF PATENT MEDICINE.— The Chemist and Druggist cites a table supplied by the Board of Inland Revenue which presents the striking fact that in twenty years the sales of single packets of patent medicines in Great Britain have increased from 6,661,657 to 18,457,999, in 20 years.


In many respects they resemble the inmates of benevolent asylums, and can be housed and cared for almost as they are. If boarded up, or separately provided for, the present asylums would be large enough to meet the needs of those cases which require special care with a view to cure, and at the same time he might accomplish some savings. Stupid children, in fully civilized communities, are now carefully subjected to educational training, with a view to making the best of their weak faculties, and, if possible, to enable them to be something more better than a burden on society.

Left behind as prisoners of ordinary mixed facilities, they are only more and more mistreated; and the only hope for them is to be placed in a special institution, with carefully selected and well-qualified officers. And finally, there is the old question of disagreement, on which the Medical Association expressed itself very clearly a few months ago, namely the mode of appointment of guards and other servants. We have no hesitation in saying that it is as important as in the railways and civil service that these appointments are no longer in the hands of politicians.

The asylums have been happy hunting grounds for the needy friends of parliamentary supporters of governments, and the scandal must end. He fears that this and other abuses can only be finally and completely cured when the institutions are removed from the control of the then First Secretary and placed under the administration of a permanent insane committee. It should be clear that there are enough subjects to attract the sincere attention of a royal commission, and that attention cannot be given to them too quickly.

But, if the deliberations are to have any value, and the decisions to receive or deserve consideration, the members of the Commission must be chosen very carefully. 79 but outside the legislature the selection should not be determined by any other considerations than that of qualification for the position. Medical men must be there, if the whole affair is not to prove a mere fiasco; and, as far as possible, some acquaintance with the insane and their needs is essential; while professional prestige and reputation should have great weight in the choice.

We therefore hope, now that the Railway and Civil Service Commissioners have been appointed, to hear that the Government will take steps to have this second Commission nominated.


A few months ago, the Medical Society alerted the Board of Pharmacy to advertisements by Beach and another registered pharmaceutical chemist. Journal, October 1883) we can add that at the meeting of the Berlin Physiological Society on November 11, 2010, since they were not present in all other forms of pneumonia, he considered that cocci are characteristic of true large-scale pneumonia.

On all questions concerning the chemistry of the blood and its life changes, Bergmann is a recognized authority. The essential advantage obtained by transfusion consists in the restoration of tone to the relaxed walls of blood vessels, by the mechanical support of the fluid transplanted. Bergmann thus definitely states that the benefit, in the way of saving life, which followed transfusion was in spite of, rather than because of, the use of blood.

In the inflamed web of the frog's foot, Genzmer has observed the effects of discharge of blood on the stasis, emigration of white corpuscles, etc., caused by the previous application of a hot needle or lunar etching. Arloing has investigated the effects of hemorrhage in the case of the donkey, and records his conclusions according to the effects produced (1) on the blood pressure. Treatment of these conditions resulted in improvement of all symptoms and disappearance of the cough.

The report of the medical superintendent was submitted and said: "Of the 3,683 patients admitted to the hospital, 553 died. No doubtful case was allowed to pass without careful examination, and great improvements were made in the sanitary arrangements of the hospital. It was decided to leave the matter in the hands of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Honorary Staff and the Medical Superintendent.

The subcommittee appointed at the previous meeting to confer with the members of the hon. Annand be asked to take charge of the outpatients who are treated by Dr. the increase in expenditure on medical comfort, alcoholic stimulants and medicines before 1883.


It was reported that His Excellency the Governor had conducted a visitation and given his decision in favor of the Senate in the matter of the disputed awards and grants. The Honor exams will only take place after the announcement of the results of the Ordinary Exams, around mid-March. A meeting of the Medical Council of Victoria was held at the 1st Inst., in the Government Offices.

The appointments of the undermentioned gentlemen as officers of health are also approved and confirmed : Boroughs-Eaglehawk, J. The answers tend to show that there is no probability of the boarding system being adopted in connection with lunatic asylums. The supervisors declare that if they had under their responsibility persons of the character indicated by the Chief Secretary, they would immediately recommend their dismissal from the institutions; but they add that there are many fools who would be glad to see them ridden out.

The monthly meeting of the Board of Pharmacy of Victoria was held on the 14th. A resolution was adopted approving the syllabus of the College of Pharmacy for the session of 1884. The Board also decided to register its strong disapproval of the proposal to vaccinate rabbits against tuberculosis , on the grounds that it would not be effective and could be dangerous to other animals, and possibly to public health.

At the adjourned annual meeting of the contributors to the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, at the Atheneum, Collins-street, a ballot was cast for the election of an honorary doctor for the ensuing year. The Central Board of Health, having been duly informed of the fact, shall then have power, with the sanction of the Governor in Council, to take such steps as may be judged necessary, isolating the house, for example, to prevent the spread . of sickness.—Argus. He refused to take any instructions and continued to run the depot in his own way, despite the Board's demands being backed by the authority of the Chief Secretary.

Since the patience of the Board was finally exhausted, he submitted the following minutes to the 'Chief Secretary': - "As far as Mr.


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EGRYN JUNES said he agreed that the present system of election of Honorary Medical Officers to the Melbourne Hospital is unsatisfactory, but he submitted that the proposed scheme of

1872.] Letters from Home; 251 part of China, and is said to be comparatively a new disease, and that it was only known about fifty years ago there for the first time." In spite of