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C&LWG Commercial and Legal Working Group


Academic year: 2023

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Communications Manager Perth Stadium's new name for the entire Stadium, Sports Precinct and Public Transport project.


Purpose and scope of this document

Project overview

Simultaneously with the delivery of the PCS works, the utility connections will be on the site and the Stadium Station works will commence. It recognizes that effective and well-managed stakeholder engagement is integral to the successful delivery of the project.

Project location and description

Strategic Projects within the Department of Treasury is responsible for delivering the project in partnership with the client agency, the Department of Sport and Recreation. The PCS works will comply with the environmental sensitivities of the site and will be completed by the end of 2014 before construction begins.

Project delivery roles and responsibilities

This stakeholder management plan considers the roles and responsibilities of each agency/organization involved in the implementation of the various components. The Department of Finance, Strategic Projects is the delivery agency responsible for the planning and delivery of the new Perth Stadium and Sports Precinct.

Project program and delivery timetable

During the DBFM construction period (from the end of 2014 to the end of 2017) the activity on the site will be significant. The contract for the Swan River Footbridge will be awarded in late 2014 and construction will begin in the second quarter of 2015.

Communications Planning Group (CPG)

This section sets out the roles and responsibilities of all parties who will have a role in delivering project-related communications and the interrelationship of the roles.

Department of Sport and Recreation

The Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Project Officer is responsible for supporting the Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Project Manager. Summarize minutes, issues, results of presentations and entries in the consultation database. This position reports directly to the Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Project Manager.

Department of Treasury, Strategic Projects

Any consultant/s engaged to deliver specified services will report to the Project Manager Stakeholder Engagement and Communications and must comply with the guidelines set out in this plan, the new Perth Stadium Management Committee Communications Protocol and other regulated processes and procedures.

Department of Transport

For this project, Main Roads WA (MRWA) is a subcontractor to the PTA and will be responsible for the delivery of the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge connecting East Perth to the Sports Precinct, and changes to Victoria Park Drive. In addition, MRWA has a corporate communications team that includes the Traffic Operations Center (TOC) that monitors traffic conditions on all major roads.

Department of Premier and Cabinet

New Perth Stadium Governance Agency


A competitive process will be used (except where direct engagement is permitted for low value consultants under existing panel arrangements). Unless approved under appropriate delegated authority, a competitive process will be used throughout the procurement process, in accordance with relevant procurement plans and the evaluation plans;.

Stakeholder and community engagement strategy

Engagement during the planning phase is undertaken at Inform, Consult, Involve and Collaborate levels depending on the level of influence of key stakeholders. Ensure stakeholder involvement and project approval is sustained throughout the final stages of design, construction and delivery.


The tailor-made public transport system will provide a state-of-the-art service to the district. The project respects the rights of the Aboriginal community, in particular the Whadjuk people, who are the registered native title claimants of the Burswood Peninsula and who have been consulted during the planning and delivery of the project with regard to Aboriginal heritage.

Project User Groups

The focus of this group is on the use of the Stadium as a workplace, including access and parking facilities, internal circulation, equipment storage, office space requirements for the Stadium Operator. The focus of this group is on the entire matchday experience from a fan perspective, including ticket booking, transport, entry, ticket collection, seating (comfort and viewing), catering, entertainment, technology, circulation design, facilities and exits. There is also a focus on the entire matchday experience from an accessibility perspective, including ticket booking, transport, entry, ticket collection, seating (comfort and viewing), catering, entertainment, technology, circulation design, facilities and the exit.

The focus of this group is on the needs of modern media, including match day viewing arrangements in its various sporting configurations, the design of media lounges, TV and radio studios, camera locations and technical, data and wiring requirements. The focus of this group is on providing adequate access, facilities and technology to enable police, ambulance and fire to undertake their respective activities during events.

Aboriginal engagement

Communications overview

Communication tools

That risks and problems that have the potential to affect the project and the state government are minimized. Project website – this is the primary communication tool for the project (www.perthstadium.com.au. Media contact, including identification of authorized spokespersons and other public comments from project team members, contractors and consultants (Section 4.3).

Requests for briefings and presentations provided by project team members to update public and key stakeholders (Section 4.7.8 and Appendix 3).

Project identity and style guide

Media management

Where appropriate, project communications staff from nPS, PTA, DPC and MRWA will contribute to the program of media opportunities and events. Where a major announcement relates to infrastructure provided by another agency, department or utility, the announcement may be made by the Prime Minister and/or relevant portfolio minister(s). Media inquiries will typically be received by the Minister's Media Adviser or DSR as client agency.

All requests for media/public comment should be directed in the first instance to the DSR Project Manager Stakeholder Engagement & Communications. They will determine the appropriate agency and/or project team member to provide a quote/comment.

Complaints and enquiries

An agreement has been reached with the Transperth call center to operate an information line through which general complaints and inquiries can be dealt with. The call center operates 18 hours a day from Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. All inquiries that cannot be answered by call center staff are sent to DSR to respond directly via email.

The call center produces monthly reports containing statistics on the number and nature of calls received during that period in a format suitable for inclusion in general communications reports. During the construction phase, the protocol for handling complaints and questions will remain as used for the PCS works.

Consultation database and management system

The project information line number will be posted on the project website, newsletters, project updates, signage, billboards, etc.

Ministerial and Parliamentary questions

Community engagement channels (suggested)

Project factsheets and/or FAQs on key elements of the project – these will be updated as needed and available on the website. The Project Officer, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications will post a link to the press release on the nPS website. The Project Officer, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications will post an image related to the NPS with a caption directing users back to the NPS website.

All such requests must be made in writing using an Information Request Form and must be evaluated and managed by the Project Manager's Stakeholder Engagement and Communications. The nPS Stakeholder Engagement and Communications team will manage the image library documenting the project in a visual format including the planning and delivery of the new Perth Stadium project.

Issue management strategy and protocols

Community education will need to begin well in advance of the stadium's completion so that the general public can understand the access restrictions related to car use and how the public transportation system and pedestrian access will work. The development and implementation of community education will be the joint responsibility of the nPS and PTA stakeholder engagement and communication groups. A number of risks associated with the construction of a new stadium in Perth have been identified and mitigation strategies have been identified.

The Project Manager Stakeholder Engagement and Communication is part of the quarterly risk assessment workshop for the entire project. They may also require input and involvement from other members of the project team and CPG, and may be escalated to the Minister of Sports and Recreation and the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Incident reporting

Emergency response

Monitoring, reporting and evaluation


Issue/risk management contact list

Briefing Request Form

Site Visit Request Form

Event Request Form (to follow)

Stakeholder list

For any contact with these stakeholders, please contact the 'Primary Internal Contact' directly in the first instance. WA Planning Commission Through Strategic Projects Sandra McLeish Department of Aboriginal Affairs Through Strategic Projects Sandra McLeish. Swan River Trust Through Strategic Projects Sandra McLeish Water Corporation Through Strategic Projects Bruce Cunningham.

Calendar of key project milestones for communications purposes

Project Working Groups during preparation of the RFP document

His primary responsibility was the development of all aspects of the Project Terms of Reference, Technical Terms of Reference and Schedule of Accommodation for inclusion in Volume 2 of the RFP. It will be responsible for the development of the Construction Management Plan, Site Plans, Design Development Plan and a series of other schedules for inclusion in the draft project agreement. This group was already involved in most aspects of the planning process, including the functional brief, master planning and business modelling.

The Area and User Access Working Group will be responsible for defining the output specifications and minimum requirements for the sports area. The Commercial and Legal Working Group is responsible for developing the commercial aspects of the RFP document.

Web camera locations

Editorial guidelines

If used at the start of a sentence, in most cases it will be "The new Perth Stadium". The new Perth Stadium and Sports Precinct  "Perth, Stadium and Sports Precinct" is in all caps. Perth Major Stadium or Burswood Stadium X Should not be used at any time New Perth Stadium Project Team  "Project Team" in capitals.

Make sure the works are referenced as "part of the new Perth stadium and sports precinct". DBFM Contractor or Project Co  Used to refer to the prospective contractor who will design, build, part finance and maintain the new Perth stadium and sports precinct.


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