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Academic year: 2023

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Write down the past tense and the complete participle of the verbs arise. chide crow fall freeze load cut saw see straw take write. Give the g-cneral and the detailed analysis of the following sentence—. Analyze each word in the preceding string strictly according to Morell's Scheme.


  • How is the feminine of adjectives usually formed from the masculine ? Mention the principal
  • Compare the French adjectives for good, bad, little: and the adverbs for well, badly, little
  • Give the French for (1) This man was giving this book to that lady (2) Take as much as you like
  • Write down throughout these tenses—the Impera- tive of avoir, the Imperfect Subjunctive of etre,
  • Write down the 3rd Person Plural Imperative Negative of s'en aller, the 3rd Singular Present
  • The circumference of a circle is to its diameter as 22 : 7, the earth describes a circle whose diameter
  • What would be the value of a ton of gold at
  • Reduce the circulating decimal -857142 to an equivalent vulgar fraction in its lowest terms
  • If standard gold consisting of twenty three parts of pure gold and one part of silver is worth
  • Find the square root of -0000144 to six places of decimals

The answer to each question must be fully worked out and the assignment must be submitted as part of the answer. An income of eleven million one hundred and fifty-seven thousand three hundred and twenty-one pounds is derived from a population of six million five hundred and seventy-six: how much is that from each of the inhabitants.


Upon the same base and on the same side of it

Parallelograms on the same base and between the same parallels are equal to each other. Divide a straight line into two parts so that the rectangle containing the whole and one of the parts is equal to the square on the other side.


The number a is subtracted fronr the number b;

A person starts from a certain place and walks

The area of a rectangle is found by multiplying together the length and the breadth. A person


1. What were the three occasions on which the Asiatic Greeks were conquered by a foreign

  • What were the three Persian invasions of Greece, and what were their dates ?
  • What were the most important colonies founded by Pericles ? Describe the geographical posi-
  • Who were the Exiles of Phyle ?
  • Describe the great political confederacies formed by Athens, and give the date of each
  • What was tho date and what were the conse- quences of the battle of Cnidus ? jSfu i


What is, approximately, the ordinary velocity of the wind in a gale, a storm, and a hurricane re-

What is the mean annual rainfall in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectively ? Ex-

Trace the course of the curves in the lines of Equatorial limit of fall of snow at the sea level

Give approximately the boundaries of the basins of the principal rivers exceeding two thousand

Describe the principal marine currents in the Atlantic

What is the direction of the rotation of the hurri- canes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

Mention the principal places through which the Isothermal lines of 80° in the Northern Hemi-

Where are the foci of maximum magnetic inten- sity situated, how many are there, what motions

In analyzing a verb, she mentions tense mood and voice, giving the first person present future perfect and second aorist active and perfect passive. If these tenses are not in use, then give the first person of the present future perfect and aorist in use.].

Name the seven Greek diphthongs

Explain, with an example of each, the meaning

T a t ' LitV a p a Q p t y a a a rtKovad TE iroTi'ia uiir-np OpivaKhjv ig vi\aov (ITTUKKTE rnXodi vaietv, MijXa tyvXaaaEfitvai Trarpwia Kal iXtKag flovg. .. c ) if TO'WV epyov Kal Otoim •Kpoa(piXig KaXoy T a Kovaai Cal XiyEiv fitdvaripoig, TT6XLV Trarpioav Cal Oeoiig roiig t y y t m c tropQdv, arpdTEvj.1 in-aKrov i/jfieljXriKora.

Give fully the meaning and the derivation of

Scan the first line of each of the foregoing ex- tracts

Name .three Active Verbs which use their perfect participle passive with an active sense, and three

What is meant by the Historic Present ? What is the force of postquam when used with the Per-

In Substantives of the Third Declension what ter- minations of the Nominative Singular indicate the

Name the Demonstrative Pronouns used in Latin and give instances of their ordinary employment

Give three examples in which for the English Indic- ative Mood you find 'the Subjunctive in Latin

What is the meaning and the government of these prepositions—Apud, Juxta, Penes, Prae, Praeter,

Name with examples four principal uses of the Genitive in Latin

Give the principal parts and the meanings of these verbs—acuo cedo do frango lavo pario pecto rideo

What is the technical name and what are the main rules of the verse that Virgil uses. Write down and mark the scan of the last five lines of the extract {d), noting any peculiarities therein.

Write down three English words accented on the last syllable but three, and name six words the

Explain, by instances, the usual meaning conveyed by a compound noun, the relation of the several

What are the principal component elements of English ? At what periods and from what causes

Give Whately's divisions of Proposition, and shew the principle on which each is based. Give an

Explain by constructing a division tree containing at least four consecutive divisions what is the meaning of Summum Genus, Infima Species, Differentia, Coordinate Species. Also give the etymology and meaning of the following words, as stated by Craik—Kerchief,.

Also give the etymology and meaning of the following, words as stated by Craik—Kerchief,

What is the metre of the Julius Caesar ? What are the main licences allowed in it ? Quote lines

Give the substance of Craik's notes on the deriva- tion meaning and government of the verb owe,

Mention three words now obsolete, and three con- structions now unusual w r hich you find in the

Construct a simple instance of the argument from examples. Supply the steps on which its abso-

What are the two principal requirements of style ? State briefly how each may be attained

To what class of Arguments would you refer Testimony and why ?

If none of these premises are certain, what is the value of the conclusion?

Translate (with brief explanatory notes if you judge them necessary) three of the following—

Translate (cum brevibus explicationibus, si opus videtur) tria ex sequentibus. a) Cervus equum in pugnam cum communibus herbis meliorem induxit, donec minor ille diu in pugna opes deprecatus frenoque retorsit. principes Batavorum convocatis tribus ad convivium in solitudinibus luci publici retulit.

Describe an isosceles triangle having each of the . angles at the base double of the third angle

If tho sides of a triangle or the sides produced are cut proportionally the straight line which

If an angle of a triangle is bisected by a straight line which likewise cuts the base the rectangle

If a solid angle is contained by three plane angles any two. of them are greater than the third

If the faces of a square pyramid are equilateral triangles shew that the height of the pyramid is

A weight hangs by a thin cord which is wrapped round a horizontal cylinder one foot six inches in

The tangent of an angle is -75 find the sine and the cosine of the angle

Prove the formula

Shew that the sides of any triangle are to one another as the sines of the opposite angles

Find the lowest common multiple of

Find the square root of

Find x from the equation

Find a; from the equation

Investigate an expression for the sum of n terms of a series of numbers in arithmetic progression when the first term and the common difference are known.


  • Define the term "Differential Coefficient" and from' your definition investigate the differential
  • Differentiate log — — tan ' (a + b cos x) x
  • If A and B are the greatest and the least values assumed by f " (x) while x changes from a to
  • State distinctly the conditions which must be satis- fied by the values of x which make u a maximum
  • State Kepler's Laws and the inferences deduced from them severally by Newton as to the mecha-

Given the base and vertical angle of a triangle .. find the equation with the locus of the vertex. Find the locus of the intersections of the tangents to the hyperbola with the perpendiculars drawn to them from the focus.


Give some examples of Empyrical and of Rational Formulae for compounds, showing that there may

Mention Kepler's laws and the inferences derived from them separately by Newton with respect to the mecha- separately by Newton from them the mechanical conditions under which the planets move in their orbits.

If several oxides of a given element exist, which of them would have the greatest electronegative

Explain the nature of the following compounds, (1) Double chlorides, (2) Chlorosulphides,

What are the general characters and principal modifications of form and structural details of the roots of plants. Montague's life, and one of the proudest days in the history of the British Parliament."—lb.

How does Adam Smith explain and illustrate the origin of coined money ?

State the circumstances in the policy of Europe which, according to Adam Smith, have occasioned

What does Adam Smith describe as the peculiar merits of the Scotch Banking System ?

What is the classification of contracts ordinarily adopted with reference to evidence ? Give an

Write out the 17th Section of the Statute of Frauds

Distinguish between an executed and an executory consideration

What is the provision in the landlord's and tenant's bylaws regarding the transfer, assignment or assignment of tenancy. State fully the law of Victoria in respect of the cases where executions bind the country.

Mention the circumstances under which a court of equity will decree the specific performance of a

A gives a bond to B to secure the payment of a sum of money due from him to B. B loses the

A purchase is made by a father in the name of his son, who is otherwise unprovided for. Does

When will lapse of time be allowed to be a bar to a cestui que trust claiming relief against his

From the'terms of a will it is clear that a trust was intended to be created; but no valid trust

Is there any difference between the liability of trustees and that of executors, where all the

Obtain the specific gravity of the substance marked G. Qualitatively analyze any of the powders marked x respectively. 34; Cathartic," and give a general description of the mode of action of that class of remedies.


  • Describe the under surface of the base of the skull, the radius, lower jaw, and second row of carpal
  • Describe the knee-joint and the mode by which the scapula is attached to other parts of the body
  • Describe the first layer of muscles on the front of the forearm and the first layer of those on the
  • With what bones of the skull and face is the sphenoid bone connected, what fissures are left
  • Describe a typical vertebra from each region of the spine
  • Describe the first layer of muscles of the perinaeum
  • Describe the ligaments of the ankle-joint and those which connect the first two cervical verte-

Give the origin, course, relationships, branches and anastomoses of the ulnar, ilio-lumbar and supra-scapular arteries. Describe the deep extensor muscles at the back of the forearm, and the arterial anastomoses surrounding the elbow and knee joints.


Why does the skin absorb? What substances are readily absorbed, what with difficulty or not at all ?


  • In severe injuries of the extremities, when mortifi- cation is threatening, what symptoms would
  • What are the chief signs indicating the commence- ment of traumatic tetanus ?
  • Describe the formation and progress of a true aneurism when not interfered with
  • Describe the appearance of hydrocele in its earliest and advanced stages, its diagnosis from hernia

Give its relation in position to each of the other parts contained within that cavity. Notice the pathology of dysentery, and give details of the treatment to be followed in the different stages of the disease, giving prescriptions for medicines and directions for diet and general regimen.


  • Diagnose between Typhoid and Typhus Fevers;
  • Notice the pathology of Dysentery, and detail the treatment to be pursued in the different stages of
  • Describe the treatment to be adopted during an attack of Apoplexy, and also subsequently when
  • What circumstances, symptoms, and physical signs would lead you to infer the presence of Thoracic

Describe the symptoms and physical signs of hydrothorax, the causes that cause it, and the treatment that should be taken. What are the symptoms and post-mortem phenomena in poisoning with caustic potash or soda; and what are the tests of these alkalies.


  • Plot the following .portion of a survey to the scale ajjVir-

1 6 From A

  • Compute the area of the enclosure in the last question
  • Translate into idiomatic English—
  • State Grimm's law. Shew how the influence of an initial sibilant has modified it in many cases
  • Discuss the derivation of the following dyav
  • What are the dates 'severally of .ZEschylus, Sophocles and Euripides ? What are the special
  • Contrast generally the forms of words employed by Homer with those found in old Attic

Ania dagiti Metriko a depekto dagiti sumaganad a linia— .. a T p a r b g VEpif KpvaraXXoTrrjya Sid iropov vi\inXoKpiip,voig rovg Xtwpyovg b \ f i d a a i dSajxavTivwv SEOJXWV i v appi'iKrot. Pagsasaritaan ti nagtaudan ti sumaganad a diav doXXi^g ipiviig i)vliraTrE Bvfiog VEoyiXXbg'ovXog ipiXo- yad))g -)(paivtiv.


  • The earliest local nomenclature in England is Celtic
  • What are the principal letter changes which have been made from the earliest known form of Eng-
  • Trace and explain the etymology of these words—
  • And of these local-names—Adelaide Dunkeld Kirby Lancaster Melbourne Sandwich Skipton Stratford •
  • Translate the following passage, and so far as you can explain the inflections occurring in it—
  • Express (cos 6) in a series of cosines of multiples of B. -
  • From one of the angular points of.a regular poly- gon of n sides straight lines are drawn to each of
  • Shew that if a cone is cut by a plane the curve of section is such that the distance of any point in
  • Shew that in any conic section the portion of the tangent between the point of contact and the
  • Shew that the tangent to an ellipse makes equal angles with the focal distances
  • In the parabola shew that the subnormal is equal to the semi-latusrectum and the subtangent to
  • Explain the construction of Morse's telegraph and -the arrangements when it is used in connec-
  • Describe the observations and investigate the for- mulae for determining the Parallax of the Moon
  • If T and T' are the periodic times of the earth and Mars find an expression for the ratio of the
  • Shew that for small zenith distances the amount of refraction varies as the tangent of the zenith-
  • Write in a tabular form some examples of the law that double decompositions occur in equivalent
  • Give the symbols, according to the notations of Miller and of Naumann, of all the faces of all
  • Describe all the kinds of Cytogenesis in Plants

What is the meaning and etymology of the following archaic words used by Spenser—. Describe the observations and examine the formulas for determining the Moon's parallax.


  • Characterise D'Orbigny's six tribes of the Fora- minifera, giving as many generic examples of
  • Give the structural characters assumed to be com- mon to the nine Orders of Echinodermata, and the
  • Define as many of the Orders of the Hexapoda as you can by their anatomical and external pecu-
  • Describe as many of the families of the Entomos- traca as you can
  • Describe all the anatomical characters of the Poly- zoa, separating them from the Radiata, and give
  • Describe all the modifications of respiratory organs characteristic of the various systematic divisions

Describe all the anatomical characters of the Polyzoa, distinguish them from the Radiata, and give the zoa, distinguish them from the Radiata, and give the external characteristics of each of the Families of the Class. Describe all the modifications of the respiratory organs characteristic of the various systematic divisions of the Mollusca, and give examples of families in which each modification occurs.


  • Write down the mineral components of the chief
  • Define as many genera of Ichthyodorulites charac- teristic of the carboniferous period as you can
  • Define all the genera of Brachiopoda found in the middle and upper Palaeozoic Rocks
  • What is the geological range in time of each of the following genera: (1) Fenestella, (2) Tere-

Define as many of the Order Hexapoda as you can by their anatomical and external features, you can by the features of their anatomical and external structure. Identify as many genera of ichthyodorulites characteristic of the Carboniferous period as possible.


Caesar's monarchy was not the Oriental despotism of divine right, but such a monarchy as Gaius Gracchus desired to establish, such as Pericles and Cromwell had established."—IV. They show that what passed from testator to heir was the Family. "—lb .


  • Who were the rival candidates for the leadership of the House of Commons on the death of Mr
  • Describe the state of public affairs at the com- mencement of the Elder Pitt's great administra-
  • What is Mr. Massey's criticism upon Burke's theory of a Double Cabinet during the early part
  • State the circumstances which led to the quarrel with America
  • When and in what circumstances did the breach with the American Colonies become irreparable ?
  • What are .'the principal points of interest in the Charter of William the Conqueror ?
  • What is the connecting link between the ancient and the modern jury ?
  • What was the militia, and how did it differ from the military tenants ?
  • Trace the circumstances which after the accession of the House of Hanover led to the increase of
  • Is it true that equal capitals give equal profits?
  • Distinguish between wages and cost of labour, and shew that they are no real criteria of one
  • Shew that a country may by trading with foreigners obtain their commodities at a less expense than
  • Shew that manufactured articles tend, as society advances, to fall in money price
  • What is the office of speculators in the economy of society?
  • What are the fundamental rules of taxation ? 9. Why does waste land in new countries command a
  • Why is the government of a new country com- paratively costly ?
  • What is the provision in one of the recent Colonial
  • When a person has been in possession of land as tenant at will, when is the right- of the person
  • When a person seized of land which is mort- gaged devises it, has the devisee a- right to have
  • Can a mortgage debt, or bills, promissory notes, or cheques, be-made the subjects of a Donatio
  • What was formerly held as to a legacy bequeathed to A, and on his dying without issue to B ? How
  • If A, seized in fee of Blackacre, devise it in fee to B , will B or the personal representatives of A
  • An action is brought for conversion of goods. A second action is brought for detention of some
  • Give a table of the different periods of Limitation for the bringing of actions both in contract and tort
  • Suppose an act is not injurious in itself, but may become so only by reason of future consequences
  • Where on a trial for misdemeanor the facts given in evidence amount to a felony, what is the con-
  • Suppose on a trial for obtaining property by false pretences the • evidence shews that the property

If the tenant in the remainder pays off a charge on 1 the property, and then comes into possession, what is the law regarding the amalgamation of the charge. An action is brought at the summons of an infant of tender years for an injury caused by the negligence of the defendant.


  • What are Emetics ? Mention the medicines in most common use as Emetics, the circumstances
  • Mention the source, therapeutic uses, officinal pre- parations, and doses of Cantharides
  • Mention the various preparations of Mercury em- ployed as therapeutic agents, their doses,, and
  • What is the difference between the Red and Green Iodide of Mercury ? Describe the mode of their
  • Name the more important officinal preparations of Iron, and their doses
  • Mention the composition and doses of the following powders: Pulvis Ipecacuanha Compositus;
  • Describe the following muscles with their relations to other structures:—
  • Describe the following ligaments with their rela- tions to other parts:—

Name the provisions of the "Criminal Law and Practice Statute" in relation to the manner in which access- Practice Statute "in relation to the manner in which accessories can be continued before and after the fact. Name the composition and doses of the following powders: Pulvis Ipecacuanha Compositus; powders: Pulvis Ipecacuanha Compositus;.

3. Describe the aethmoid and palate bones

Describe the following ligaments with their relations to other parts:— connections to other parts:—. The costo-vertebral and costo-transverse; inner side of lower jaw, elbow and ankle;.


  • Describe the third division of the fifth nerve, giving the relations and functions of all its branches, and
  • Describe the microscopic anatomy of the following structures :—
  • What are the relations subsisting between food and energy, and what forms does the latter assume in
  • Describe the tympanum, its contents and functions
  • What is the microscopic structure of cancerous growths, tubercle and hydatid concoctions ? Into

Enamel, dentine, papillae of the tongue, mucous membrane of the stomach, lymphatic gland, caustic and tubular parts of the kidney. What are the relationships that exist between food and energy, and what forms does the latter take in energy, and what forms does the latter take in the human body.


Give the divisions of simple' innocent tumours;

Describe exactly the symptoms that would make you suspect that the uterine rupture had occurred during childbirth. Give fully the treatment you would use immediately if a rupture had occurred and the aftercare.


  • What are the means or methods of examination employed for detecting diseases of the chest, and
  • Describe the general characters of the urine in fever
  • What are the symptoms that indicate the presence of inflammation ? • What are to be regarded as
  • Describe the nature and phenomena of the in- flammatory process, and notice some "of the
  • Enumerate the principal distinguishing characters of true Varicella. , '

Detail the general treatment to be given and also that required in cases where special complications arise. Note briefly the characteristic symptoms of croup and also its pathology; and details the treatment used for its various stages.


  • The,line of motion of the horizontal wire of a level may be inclined to the optical axis of the tele-
  • How may the index error of the vertical circle of transit theodolite be found ?
  • Explain carefully what is meant by {a) Surveying {b) Levelling
  • Plot the following portion of a section' for a railway to a vertical scale of 20 feet to 1 inch and a hori-
  • Find the number of cubic yards of cutting between pegs 1 and 5 in the last question, having given
  • Shew that if Sa, Sb be heights of less than half a foot the volume of a prismoid whose end heights
  • Hence shew how the sliding scale for Bashforth's tables is constructed and used

Find the number of cubic yards of cutting between wedges 1 and 5 in the last question when given wedges 1 and 5 in the last question when given. Show that if Sa, Sb are less than half a foot in height, the volume of a prism whose terminal height is a foot is the volume of a prism whose terminal heights from the intersection of the slopes are a + Sa, b + Sb.


  • Write down throughout these tenses—1st Aor. Imp
  • Translate literally omitting no word and marking by brackets all ellipses you supply—
  • In the foregoing (1) what do you call $ip.wv Xtyovroiv (2) for what is 6ra an abbreviation (3) why
  • Translate and explain the government of the oblique
  • Parse these words aKovaaifxt SEirai Siwpv-^og
  • Derive these words and give the English of each—
  • Give the Greek for (1) During tho next day they stopped in the same place (2) This city the

Give the Greek for (1) During tho next day they stopped at the same place (2) This city stopped at the same place (2) This city the King of the Persians could not through time or.


  • Give the general and the detailed analysis of the following—
  • How is the gender of nouns determined in English ? What gender is sometimes given to names of
  • What is an auxiliary verb ? Write down through- out with the names of tenses and moods in full,
  • When is a sentence termed complex ? Make the following into complex sentences, and name the
  • Analyse fully the following sentence according to Morell's second scheme—' But if the subject be
  • What distinction does Crombie make between proposal, proposition : obvious, apparent: attend-
  • Define Barbarism Solecism Impropriety.' Con- struct or quote from Crombie two instances of
  • Write down throughout these tenses—the Present Subjunctive of 6tre, the Conditional of avoir, the
  • What are the pronouns of the third person used in French ? Give examples of their various employ-
  • Give the French for (1) The sixteenth of February seventeen hundred and ninety-three. (2) Nobody
  • Translate literally—
  • Put into German (1) The whole use, which the king made of .his great power, was for the good

Act. yes. : {Five one at least must be done without error.)' 3. Write the first person singular of the post- . tenses ing-Perf. Give the signs of comparison of the following adjectives in German - good, bad, very, little, high, near.


  • Find the amount of a contribution of five pounds seventeen shillings and fourpence from each of a
  • How many people must contribute one pound thirteen shillings and ninepence each to raise a
  • A person left to his sons severally one sixth, two fifteenths, three fourteenths, five twenty-oneths,
  • The map of a country is drawn on a scale of two inches and three quarters to one mile; what is
  • If a ton of gold is worth £127400 what is the value of an ounce Troy ?
  • The sum of 37-19837 and 24-03 is divided by the product of 1-015 and 0-00008 ; find the quotient
  • What is the length of the side of a square field containing twenty two acres and a half ?
  • The true length of the year is 365-242216 days;
  • Find the square root of -729 to five places of decimals
  • Substitute for a; in the expression 1—x4-x 2 —a; 3
  • A person starts from a certain place travelling northwards x miles .an hour ; ten minutes after-
  • Solve the equation
  • Draw.a straight line perpendicular to a given straight line of unlimited length from a given
  • If one side of a triangle is produced the exterior angle is greater than either of the interior opposite
  • If two triangles have two angles of the one equal to two angles of the other each to each and one
  • The straight lines which join the extremities of two equal and parallel straight lines towards the same
  • To a given straight line apply a parallelogram which shall be equal to a given triangle and have one of
  • Who were Empson and Dudley, and what was their fate ?
  • What is meant by the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and how was England affected thereby?
  • Mention some of Lord Nelson's victories. What was the date of his death ?
  • Describe the Aurora in each hemisphere, and state the physical conditions supposed to influence its
  • When is the maximum and when the minimum annual temperature in the N. hemisphere, and
  • What is understood by the basin of a sea ? Give approximately the boundaries of that of the Cas-
  • Describe the marine currents circulating between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, with the relative
  • What is there unusual in the mode of replacement of-the water lost by evaporation in the Red Sea,
  • What is the rough approximate average rate of diminution of temperature observed in ascending

What is the length of the side of a square field containing twenty-two acres and a half. What is the event known as the return of the Heraclidce, and what is its valley.



Translate into idiomatic English—

Great was the burden of the nobles, being "already left without a leader; and no less. These two nations, as soon as they heard of the departure of the Romans, considered the whole island as their own.

If a side of any triangle is produced the exterior angle is equal to the two interior and opposite

If a side of any triangle is formed, the exterior angle is equal to the two interior and opposite.

A point P is taken in any'polygon; shew that the sum of the lines joining P to the angular

Define the tangent to a circle, the segment of a circle, the angle in a segment, similar segments of a circle

If a straight line drawn through the center of a circle bisects a straight line in it which does

The angle at the center of a circle is double the angle at the circumference upon the same base,

7; On the given line, describe a segment of the circle that must contain an angle equal to the given line angle. If any two right triangles are described on • opposite sides of the same hypotenuse, it is.

If any two right angled triangles are described on opposite • sides of the same hypotheneuse the

Describe a circle which shall touch one side of a triangle and the other two sides produced,

Describe a circle about a given equilateral and equiangular polygon of any number of sides

Define a decimal fraction and state the rule for reducing a vulgar fraction to a decimal: find the

Prove the rule for finding the greatest common measure of" two numbers

Find the highest common factor of

A body falling from rest falls through 16i 2 feet in t seconds. A body is dropped from the top of

Solve the equation

Solve the equations


1. What is the historical value of the Homeric Poems ?

  • Who were the Periceci, and what was their legal position ?
  • What were the chief causes of the dissatisfaction of her allies with Athens after the Persian war ?
  • Who is the earliest Greek writer that mentions Roman affairs, and what are the events which
  • What was the original As, and what change did it undergo ? What was the Denarius, and when
  • Describe the organization of the Legion at the time of the Latin war
  • What were the causes of the decline of agriculture in Italy after the Hannibalic war ?

Who is the earliest greek writer to mention roman affairs and what are the events that roman affairs and what are the events he observes. What were the causes of the collapse of agriculture in Italy after the Hannibal War.

1." What was the first important transaction be- tween England and Scotland ?

  • What were the- demands of the rebels in Wat Tyler's revolt ?
  • Who wrote (1) Rasselas (2) The Lay of the Last Minstrel (3) Cymbeline (4) Lycidas ? Give some
  • Point out all the purely English words in the following—
  • Analyse the foregoing
  • Give fully the etymology of the following—bequeath cancel chair character grandsire judge squadron
  • Give from Morell an account of the English alpha- bet, and the sounds it has to express

What were the causes of the decline of agriculture in Italy after the Hannibalian war. in Italy after the Hannibalian war. Describe as fully as you can the methods for determining the shape of the earth.

J.—Oh ! assurdment, et de trtis grand coeur!

  • Give the meanings and the derivations of amoureux aventure chaussec hommage maintenant mon-
  • From what Latin words are derived absoudre chose espace etes gouverner histoire lie raconter ? Ex-
  • Explain the formation of du- and au, and give parallel instances
  • State and explain the rule for the inflection of the present participle in French
  • Give the'French for the following—
  • What is the meaning of cou moi ni ou peu sans soi tres ? Give with their meanings any other words
  • Put into French—
  • The Latin element in English is said to be of four different periods. How are these periods
  • What are Aristotle's four predicable classes ? Why is differentia omitted in these ?
  • Exemplify all the modes of conversion given by Whately
  • What are the necessary elements of every pro- position, and what names are given to them ?
  • Explain by constructing a tree of division con- taining at least four successive divisions, the
  • Explain clearly the difference between an Intuition and a Concept: pure and applied Logic
  • What is Whately's view of Induction ?
  • Indicate briefly and clearly the meaning of the Logical Terms—Genus, Accident, Division, De-
  • Put into strict logical form and examine—
  • Translate (with brief explanatory notes if you judge them necessary) any three of the following—
  • Equiangular parallelograms have to one another the ratio which is compounded of the ratios of
  • Describe a rectilineal figure which shall be similar to one and equal to another given rectilineal
  • Every solid angle is contained by plane angles which are together less than four right angles
  • If two straight lines cut one another so that the rectangle contained by the segments of one of
  • Calculate the sine the cosine the tangent and the secant of the angle whose versin is 1-5
  • Shew that sec A =
  • Investigate a formula for expressing tan {A 4- B) in terms of tan A and tan B
  • Shew that in any triangle
  • Find an expression for the area of a regular polygon of twelve sides inscribed in a circle
  • Given A = 30° a = 60 b = 90 Draw a figure and explain whether there is one triangle
  • Find the lowest common multiple of 10(a 2 +z 2 ) + 29az
  • Find the value of
  • Investigate the expression for the sum of n terms of a series of quantities in geometrical progres-
  • Find the w th term of a series of quantities in har _5
  • Find the sum of n terms of the series
  • Find the limit of the sum in the preceding question when n increases without limit

What are the different meanings of the preposition irpbg with the different cases it governs. Give Craik's explanation of the following (1) Now indeed Rome and space enough (2) Adorned with ceremonies (3) But he takes this tardy form (4) Biit'is a common proof (5) Brutus ' as you know was Caesar's Angel (6) Their battles.


  • Investigate the position of the principal focus of a convex spherical reflecting surface
  • A pencil of rays diverging from a point is incident on a convex spherical refracting surface investigate
  • The focal length in air of a double convex lens is two feet find its focal length when immersed -in
  • What is meant by a pure spectrum ? Explain . carefully the arrangements necessary for producing
  • A small compass needle balanced on its .middle point is placed in the same horizontal plane with

Investigate the expression for the sum of n terms of a series of quantities in a geometric progression of a series of quantities in a geometric progression and find what happens when the common ratio is less than unity and n increases without.


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