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Journal of the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects


Academic year: 2023

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The result was a very clear change to the bill in the direction we had proposed. Recently members of the Institute's Civic Service Committee visited Ballarat and advised the City Council on the proposed new Civic Centre. Although the Council of the Royal Victorian Institute has on several occasions expressed strong opposition to the principle of an increase in the Federal Levy, the Council is of the opinion that the R.A.I.A.

I hope that the Institute will protest as vigorously as possible against the Prime Minister's suggestion. The Australian Institute seems to be developing things gradually until it is in the position of a parliament and can levy whatever tax it wants on the members of the Profession.


President, I sincerely congratulate you on your year in office and its achievements; and I hope that you will long be spared to continue to be a member of our Profession. Harvey. - I would like to thank the president for his speech and for the annual report, which document shows to a great extent the valuable services that this institute provides. This matter is of vital importance to the younger members and I urge the Council to continue its policy on local government, particularly as it relates to Victoria.





In addition, the smaller distance between the main beams gives more freedom in the subdivisions of the floor space. The evolution of the modern multi-storey building depends entirely on the invention of the wire rope and the subsequent development of vertical transportation. The entire accommodation in the building was rented out by a very valuable real estate agent: light.


Experiments with artificial lighting in the United States produced some remarkable results, the case of the Marquette Building in Chicago being of particular interest. Dramatic effects in the public spaces, such as lift lobbies, corridors, etc., can be developed cheaply and play as important a role as the decoration in giving the building character and distinction. The work of the Architect is only one of many factors necessary for the production of a successful building and the ultimate responsibility rests with the owner to give the building its full expression by maintaining the high standard of service for which the building was designed is.


The value of good lighting has been recognized in specialized application areas for years, but its real importance as a permitting agent has not yet been fully appreciated. In a well-planned building, most of the floor area has adequate natural lighting, but inevitably some areas are not so lucky and their earning capacity is usually reduced as a result. Some time ago this building was only partially leased and its rental income was low.

Various types of devices were used to demonstrate the value of good lighting and the result exceeded expectations. Such an elaborate scheme is at present beyond our scope, but its implications are clear, and the architect should devote as much attention to the solution of lighting problems as to other major details. In connection with the preceding article, the following pages again show illustrations of two important office buildings which have been completed in recent weeks in Melbourne.



Best Overend (A.) occupied offices in the Manchester Unity Building, corner Swanston and Collins Streets, Melbourne (Telephone Exchange 2627). Overend recently returned to Melbourne after making an extensive tour of England, America and Continental and Asian countries, studying modern developments in the profession. 34;Empress of Britain" in April with the aim of examining recent architectural works in England and America and on the Continent.






1938 AWARD

Congratulating the successful candidates on the drawings they submitted to the competition, the assessors said the quality of their work demonstrated sound training, keen application and thoughtful study. Collard states that the building - which is three stories and a basement - is of steel and reinforced concrete construction, with hollow slab floors. The facade is faced with Stawell sandstone and features carved pillars on each side of the main entrance.

In this way, the ceiling height of the assembly room, which is located at the front of the first floor, has become greater than that of the dining room, which is at the back of the same floor. The main entrance doors and windows on the Collins Street facade are of bronze. The walls of the assembly room are faced with sandstone and the edges and architraves are of polished dark marble.

The drawings provide for the air conditioning of the whole building, with the mechanical installation located in the basement and in an air washing and fan room on the roof. Collard estimated the total cost of constructing the building, including mechanical equipment, would be. The scholarship winner, who has achieved brilliant success in his schoolwork both in secondary and architectural education, is a Bachelor of Architecture and also a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Melbourne University and has applied for admission to Associate Membership of the Institute.

Before commencing his studies at University, he obtained the School Certificate Intermediate and Leaving Certificates with Honours, and was Dux of University High School.



Washington's home at Mount Vernon is one of the few remaining plantations around which eighteenth-century Southern social and economic life was centered. Many of the old houses on Charleston's waterfront are very French, with tall windows and iron balconies, and some have loggias and deep shadowy arches, like those in Italy. I remember the cinnamon gardens at Colombo, Hampton Court, Kew, and gardens in England; The Boboli, Villa Borghese, Versailles, Schon-brunn, the tulip fields of Haarlam, and other old-world gardens, but I can only deplore those of Charleston.

There are miles of paths and levees that lead through calm lagoons turned ebony by the strong acid in the roots of huge cypresses that seem to float on the oily surfaces of black pools, anchored only by their reflections. Sometimes they float like massed banners, or, when the wind rises, flow like the fairy locks of forest witches; cedars and oaks are decorated with silver flags and take on strange shapes in the twilight of the forest, turning the trees into the shapes of genies and apparitions from the spirit world. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States and still has a bit of old Spain in it.

Mediterranean architecture flourished again in the rich soil of the long ridge that parallels the east coast of the state. There are palaces from Venice, Tuscany and Castile; mosques and minarets of the East and several stiff imitations of the Alhambra; castles of Normandy and castles of Spain are neighbors and stand knee deep in bloom under giant banyans and nodding palms. Tall buildings are strung like a chain of pearls along the winding crescent of the bay.

Across the water lies Miami Beach, playground of the south and nestled among a host of palm fringed islands.






Scarborough Timber House Competitions.—The President reported that, with the approval of the Institute Council, the Timber Development Association of Victoria had opened three architectural competitions for the purposes of:-. a) demonstration of the practical and aesthetic possibilities of wooden construction in domestic architecture, and. Prizes of seventy and twenty-five guineas were offered as first and second prizes respectively in each of the three classes and six consolation prizes of five guineas were to be awarded at the discretion • of the assessors (Messrs. The closing date for the submission) of drawings was June 30, 1938, and full details regarding the competitions could be obtained on application to the Secretary of the Institute.

Street Architecture.-At the invitation of the President, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne (Cr. Edward Campbell) presented replicas of the R.V.I.A. The report of the jury of inquiry appointed to consider the nominations of buildings for the award of the medal had been submitted and adopted by a previous general meeting of members.). The Vice-President (Mr. Perrott) thanked the Lord Mayor for his kindness in presenting the prize, and for the great interest he took in the Institute and architectural work. Profession in general.

Haddon Architectural Scholarship.—The President announced that the following awards had been made in connection with the Robert and Ada Haddon Architectural Scholarship from the R.V.I.A. Annual report and financial statements. The president proposes "that the annual report and financial statements, copies of which have been sent to all members of the Institute, be considered read and adopted." The motion was supported by the Hon. Speech by the outgoing chairman. The outgoing President gave a speech on the work of the Institute during his tenure as President, and arrangements were made for publication in the Institute's Journal.

The comments of Mr. Henderson and Mr. Harvey is published on an earlier page in this issue of the Journal.).


Illustration by courtesy of Thompson & Chalmers Pty. Ltd.
Illustration by courtesy of Rogers, Seller & Myhill Pty. Ltd.
Illustration by courtesy of  Australian Tesselated Tile Co. Pty. Ltd.
illustration by courtesy of  Hansen & Yuncken Pty. Ltd.



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