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Journal of the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects


Academic year: 2023

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At the moment such information was not available except in the office of the City Planning Commission. It was noticeable that most of the traffic at Camberwell Junction was carried through the northern section of Burke Road. Considering this, it became clear that the traffic carrying capacity of many of the roads.



The President assured that the Federal Council's services were always available if the Commission required them in an advisory capacity, and Sir John thanked the Council. He especially emphasized the hope that this conference would finalize the issue of the proposed Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Rosenthal would have been desirable, but the New South Wales Institute would have been willing to support the appointment of a delegate from one of the smaller institutes.

Registration of architects and reciprocity. It was agreed that Professor Hook should be requested to send copies of the New South Wales Registration Act to all States and take particular note of any amendments he deems desirable to affect the various States of all Australian Institutions. Uniform Scale of Fees, Housework Fees and Specialist Fees – It was decided that given that the Federal Council of the Australian Institutes of Architects was established primarily to ensure the uniformity of architectural practice across Australia , this council regrets that the The New South Wales Institute of Architects has inadvertently deviated from the uniform scale of fees agreed and adopted by the Australian Institutes and issued by the Federal Council. It was agreed that this Council, after full consideration of the matter, believes that it would be unwise at this time to make any changes to federal rates for domestic work, etc.

The Competition for Bronze Medals.--The three judges appointed by the Federal Council reported that, in their opinion, the standard of work of the two drawings submitted was not sufficiently high to justify a prize. Gibson of India, who is investigating the Australian timber industry on behalf of the Federal Government.



Society for the Preservation of Rural England (Affiliation).— Resolved that the Council agree to with. Robertson & Marks, Sydney, to carry out the work of the Canberra administration offices (won in competition by the late G. Sydney Jones), for the benefit of the widow and family. The President was instructed to write the name of the firm and express the Federal Council's deep appreciation for the generous action taken.

Sydney Re-modelling —It was decided that, in light of proposals from the Sydney City Council, to consider a re-modelling. Federal Code of Ethics.—It was resolved that the following be added to the Federal Code of Ethics. If an architect is in doubt about his position in relation to a dispute with a client, it is recommended to consult the institute's advice.

Alan Walker thanked the president for his energy and tact in conducting the business of the conference. Date of next meeting.—In the event that a majority of the state institutions agree to approve the prepared constitution of the R.A.I.A. enforceable after that date.

Since the student's time is now so fully occupied with his studies, the prize must be made attractive for him to devote his time to the competition. It is necessary for our representative to be a member of the R.I.B.A. The proposed Royal Australian Institute will doubtless be fully discussed in the course of. The New South Wales Institute has conducted inquiries into the Architects' Defense Union of the R.I.B.A. and referred the matter to the Federal Council for action and report.

A letter was received from the Federal Capital Commission requesting the scale of fees of the Federal Council, as well as the conditions for the regulation of competition. The Central Association of Architects of the Republic of Argentina requested the nominations of correspondents and each state was asked to make a recommendation and send the same to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was asked to award an annual traveling bursary, worth £400, to selected Architecture students.

During the year a distinguished and beloved member of the profession died in New South Wales. Sydney Jones, and a letter of condolence and a wreath were sent on behalf of the council.


129 proposals will be submitted to the President and Vice-President of the Institute, the President or Vice-President of the Melbourne Association of Master Builders and the President or Vice-President of the Victorian Association of Master Builders, as referees. The decision of the arbitrators shall be final and binding and the contractors may bid accordingly. After receiving the tenders, the Architect may ask one of the bidders to submit within three days his copy with a price of the quantities for the purposes of a contract.

In the event that the architect is unable to agree with the bidder, the architect must return a copy of the quantities with the price before starting negotiations with another bidder. A copy of the quantities with the price must be submitted for the confidential use of the architect. Bid Deposits.—The Association of Master Builders has recently called attention to cases in which architects have withheld bid deposits for an unnecessary length of time, members are informed that it is the desire of the Council that the deposits (except those of the three bidders who may selected for final consideration) must be kept for a maximum of seven (7) days.

In no case may the deposit be kept for a period longer than three (3) weeks, unless the consent of the provider has been obtained. The Board of the Institute agreed to recommend to its members that, upon acceptance of any offer and signing of the contract, a copy of the List of Offers should be provided to the bidders upon request.





Tamworth Borough Council, N.S.W., is inviting a competition to design the War Memorial Town Hall and Borough Offices. A prize of £200 will be paid to the first place designer and £100 to the second place designer. Melbourne-based Sayce won first prize in a competition held by the University of Western Australia to design Winthrop Hall and other buildings at the University of Crawley.

The judges said the winning design was outstanding in its excellence and should result in an admirable set of buildings. The terms of the Competition provided that the author of the winning project will act as Architect for the buildings.


The organization of the National War Memorial Committee stipulates that donations may be spread in equal amounts over a period of five years. So members can now state how much their donations are and arrangements will be made for collecting the annual installments in 12 monthly installments. Agreements have been made with the War Memorial Committee that all donations from institute members, in addition to being reported in the Journal, will be announced in the daily press under the heading R.V.I.A.

A record of each gift for the construction of the memorial will be deposited in the shrine crypt when completed. The Council appeals to members to give the memorial their practical support and forward donations to the Secretary of the Institute as soon as possible. The Council has been informed that under the amended Constitution of the Workers' College, the Institute has the right to appoint one member to the College Council.

Irwin's work in connection with educational matters, and it was felt that he would be a very worthy representative of the Department at the College. Frederick Sale, A.R.I.B.A., A.R.V.I.A., has been appointed by the Council to represent the Institute on the Victorian Committee of the Australian Commonwealth Engineering Standards' Association in connection with this subject.



The six representatives of the Institute on the Board shall hold office for a period of twelve months starting from the first day of April of each year and of these six representatives, four shall be appointed by the Council in the month of March of each year, two. of whom at least will be associates and the remaining two representatives of the Institute (at least one of whom will be associates) will be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Institute. The Council shall from time to time fill any casual vacancy occurring in the number of the Institute's representatives on the Board by reason of death, resignation or other causes, but any person so appointed shall hold office only until the thirty-first . day of March following the date of his appointment. Not less than four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum, and during any vacancy in the office of any member of the Board, the continuing members may act as if no vacancy existed.

The Council shall from time to time provide from the funds of the Institute such sum or sums of money as it deems advisable or necessary for the purposes of the Council. Henderson for his very generous gift of the improvements to the platform of the hall. During the progress of the dinner the President introduced the health of Lieut.-General Sir John Monash, K.C.B., and was ably supported by Mr.

Wardrop at the commencement of active steps towards the establishment of the National War Memorial. Laird (F.) responded for Geelong and Mr. During the evening an attractive and much appreciated musical program was provided and the Social Committee are to be congratulated on the success of the Dinner.


Hayden Davies (A.) gave a lecture on this subject to members of the Royal Society of St. George at the Davidson Hall at the Gordon Institute of Technology in Geelong on August 27 last year.


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