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journal of proceedings of the royal victorian institute of architects


Academic year: 2023

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The President announced that the competition for the Hawthorn War Memorial had resulted in the awarding of the first prize to Mr. Provision of Quantities.—A letter had been received from the Master Builders' Association on this matter, and the President announced that the Council had decided that on and after the 1st of April next, the members of the Institute would be at liberty to satisfy themselves respecting setting plans of quantities. Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws of the Association.—It was announced that under the provisions of the Bylaws of the Association, only members were entitled to vote on matters relating to any amendment to the Constitution.

At the previous council meeting, it was agreed that the subject should be taken up for consideration at a future meeting, where only the fellows from the institute would be entitled to vote. The Chairman strongly supported the motion and said that full advantage should be taken of the nomination forms which had been supplied for the purpose of increasing the club's membership. It was, he said, a simple matter of letting the exhibitors know that their exhibits were an asset to them; it would help to expand the use of the floor space in the building and thus would help the Allied Societies Trust.

Sale (A.), who had relieved a member of his staff (Mr. Robertson) to give that gentleman time to organize the International Architectural Exhibition which had been held the previous year. He (Mr. Oakley) took great pleasure in vacating the chair, knowing that it would be filled by so able a man as Mr.


Buchan van Geelong was appointed to the Council as the representative of the provincial members. General Meetings.—Seven general meetings of the Institute members were held during the twelve months. An analysis of the three classes of members shows that the current membership 4 Hon.

7Report of the Council for the peer 1927-8 9 modern appointments in the new premises are indeed conducive to the advancement of the Institute's activities. The construction of this great building was made possible by the cooperation of the Institute of. Registration Act, in order to give more protection to bona fide members of the profession and to the public.

The Council of the Institute wishes to encourage all members to use this extraordinary facility in the selection of building materials. Secretary.-The Council desire to place on record its deep appreciation of the extremely valuable services rendered to. Since its appointment, it has mainly concentrated on the investigation, administration and control of the educational facilities offered by the Institute.

Board Meetings.—The first Board meeting was held July 13, the total number of meetings during the session being 10. Elementary Education.—It is the strong opinion of the Board that there should be a clear standard of knowledge. established for access to the profession. 1 Report by Connell for bulb 1927=S 16 design, which was placed first in the 1925 road bridge competition.

A paid librarian has been appointed along with the other allied societies to be in charge of the allied library. Master Builders. A conference was held in August between representatives of the Institute and the Master Builders' Association of Melbourne. The Board recently paid attention to the housing scheme administered by the Bank's Credit Foncier Department.

Inspections.— Inspections were made during the year on Mr. Finance's three-ply timber construction.— The balance sheet submitted shows a credit balance of £113/13/- as the result of the year's operations.




The "Arts and Crafts" Association promised to co-operate with the Exhibition Committee and the competition organized in connection with the exhibition promises to be a great success. After its closure, the exhibition is likely to be transferred to Geelong and to Ballarat. Mewton, all of whom graciously agreed to prepare models of the pre-planned designs in the competition organized in connection with the upcoming Exhibition.

Picton Hopkins & Sons will execute the models of the designs which will be awarded first and second places respectively, while Messrs. Members will exercise their own discretion regarding the provision of Quantities in each specific case. Members are invited to send proposals for the provision of a program for each General Assembly to be held during the coming year.

A number of applications for appointment as architectural draftsmen are in the hands of the Secretary. With a view to providing mutual assistance to firms of architects and draftsmen, the Secretary opened a register. This Scholarship, which is awarded annually to the student who is considered the most deserving, to assist him in the continuation of his studies, was acquired this year by Mr.

The Council has decided that in the case of any associate member who wishes to go abroad to pursue his studies, such member shall be granted leave of absence and the full rebate of membership fee shall be granted, provided, however, that he is absent abroad is for a period of not less than one year and not more than two years.



E, iNlovetnber Examinations, 1927 50



Ogg (A.) also showed a bust modeled by himself at the same exhibition. Proposed "Cathedral Square".---Proposal to indent the building line at the south-east corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets to provide an open space and afford an unobstructed view of St. As a result of the activities of the Committee on Architectural Education, the Royal Institute of British Architects has provided facilities for students in Victoria to compete for scholarships existing in connection with that institute.

Applications are invited from students to compete for the above prizes, such applications to be in the hands of the Secretary of the Department (Mr. J. B. Islip) not later than 10 on Monday 30 April.


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An Ordinary Meeting of the Institute was held at Kelvin Hall, 55 Collins Place, Melbourne, on Wednesday, 12th De- cember, 1928, at 8 p.m.. The PRESIDENT