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Academic year: 2023

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The surface of the intestine was ragged with bits of adhesive, but was otherwise quite healthy. Thanks were voted to the authors of some works and to the exhibitors of the evening. Report of the Medical Association of Victoria Sub-Committee on the Amended Pharmacy Bill.

The Secretary was instructed to forward a copy to the Committee of the Pharmaceutical Association. All the muscles, except those of the neck, suddenly relaxed, and soon the patient began to perspire. Just below and to the left of the ensiform cartilage there is a very distinct pulsation and a loud brute.

Three ligatures were tied to the neck of the tumor, which was then removed behind it.


As he regained consciousness, he complained of great pain and dryness in the faucets, which were covered with a thin ash-grey shaft. This was a case of necrosis of the right femur of fifty years' standing, in which, however, large veils formed about the calf and heel, and all erysipelatous symptoms having subsided, it was decided at a consultation held on August 30th to remove the limb at the junction between the upper and middle thirds of the thigh.

Reid and his committee have so far been of a nature to confuse ordinary people who are accustomed to take common sense as to the duties of the employee to the employer. Reid was the paid servant of the institution; practically he was its dictator, and both the public and the profession began to regard this anomaly of his position, with that kind of feeling which suggests that there are some faults, for which there is no remedy. Reid must have felt so secure in his autocracy, that his surprise at the suspicion of the house committee when they questioned it must have been very great.

Since this action is based solely on the alleged use of defamatory language by a member of the committee, towards Mr. Rees and the committee of the Alfred Hospital are exactly the opposite kind to that between Mr. Rees, was constantly made aware that he was only the servant of the committee.

If the committees of the two institutions could be blended into one, perhaps a reasonable system of treating resident surgeons would be discovered. In connection with any future arrangement for the house surgeon of one of these charities, it is quite certain that the candidates for that of the Alfred Hospital, if of suitable quality at all, will be careful to have a clear understanding what their duties and privileges may be; and if there will ever be a successor to Mr. Reid, the Geelong Hospital committee will probably determine their duties and privileges before confirming the appointment.


However, the reduction in the scale of fees is by no means the worst consequence of the settlement system. 273 of the Friendly Societies, to the effect that £1 per head met their medical expenses, and he therefore argued that the medicine and medical comforts for prisoners and lunatics ought to be less than they are. The Melbourne Hospital Committee decided to engage the services of Miss Bromby, daughter of Rev.

But whether the magistrate be called a justice of the peace or a coroner, it is undoubtedly desirable that he should be specially appointed for the duty, and that he should be a medical man. Gillbee recently drew attention in the Committee of the Melbourne Hospital to the serious error committed by the Committee of that institution in refusing syphilitic cases. Gillbee very rightly remarked, if the Hospital is to serve as a school of practical education for the students of the University, it is absolutely necessary that the opportunity be afforded of studying so important a branch of pathology as that of syphilis.

It is amusing to perceive the virtuous indignation of a charlatan against other charlatans. That there must be rivalry is natural and inevitable; the direction the rivalry has taken makes it so reprehensible; for in the contest of one man against another there is little chance of a rivalry of minds. And indeed it is not easy to accept the Ciceronian aphorism that "nothing is more like the service of God than to help the suffering of the sick" when the patients are few and the fees unclear.

It is common knowledge that he disapproves of the uncertain concentration of vapors as commonly given. 279 suffocation is complete from the commencement of the act to the moment when the tongue is actually withdrawn. He sees the pulse as the first sign of danger, and in this he differs from the Edinburgh school, which deals almost exclusively with the character of breathing.

In aortic insufficiency it is harmful, unless overcompensation, characterized by violent action of the heart, binding vibrating arteries, headache, etc., should be present. He is of opinion that it is due to exhaustion of the nervous structures, the phosphates of which go to the construction of the fetal tissues, and that the preparation he recommends acts by restoring those salts to the brain and ganglionic nerves.


He then reports the results of blood and urine tests in severe cases that occur in first-borns. The account of Professor Villemin of France, one of the best in this volume, was written during the siege of Paris; materials for Ph.D. Chronic flatulence of the stomach, accompanied by the development of gamines, is one of the most severe forms of the disease.

LOGAN also exhibited the right kidney of a man, the weight of which was but an ounce and a half, and from the history of the case Dr. However, the patient quickly sank and died on July 26, and when the autopsy was done, a large fibrous tumor, attached to the fundus of the uterus by a broad base. A discussion followed, mainly focused on the etiology of this disease, in which most members participated.

A special meeting of this Society was held in the Hall of the Royal Society, on the 15th instant, to consider the report of the Sub-Committee respecting the Permanent Fund. Dr. NEILD briefly explained the reasons for calling the meeting. At the association's annual meeting, a sub-committee was set up with the aim of considering what special use the permanent fund should be used for.

This decision of the subcommittee had been approved by the general committee and was now recommended to the association for approval. WILKIE called attention to the mention which had been made in the reports of the desirability of placing the permanent fund in trustees. Finally, it was resolved: "That it shall be left to the discretion of the commission to determine the amount and number of times each applicant shall receive relief from the fund."



The sub-committee had met and decided recommending that a Widows and Orphans Fund be established. It was therefore moved and resolved without question: "That the interest of the permanent fund of the association be devoted to the relief of the widows and orphans of legally qualified physicians." It was then moved, and after some discussion, it was resolved: "That relief from the permanent fund be given only to the widows and orphans of doctors who have subscribed to the association for any three years preceding the application.".


Robinson, who had practiced successfully at Clunes for thirteen years, was entertained at a public dinner on the 15th of last month, on the occasion of his departure from the colony. Robinson was presented with a gold snuff box and diamond ring at the event; also, with an address by the members of the Ladies' Benevolent Society. At the meeting of the Benevolent Asylum Committee on the 10th instance, the chairman made a statement of the cost of maintenance per head at certain charitable institutions during 1870, which shows as follows.

At the last post, Profegor Halford of Simla received the thanks of the Government of India for his paper on the treatment of snakebite. On the 22nd a case was heard in the County Court, Melbourne, in which a worker named Macnamara was awarded £250 damages from Dr. 30 from a doctor in Queensland, as compensation for a similar difficulty with a finger.

John Blair, surgeon, at the suit of William Clarson and Caroline Clarson, his wife, to recover damages of £2,000 for alleged libel, libel, and defamation of character. Embling, of Ballarat, was the successful contender for the prize offered by the Scott Centenary Committee for the best poem. The following letter recently appeared in The Warwick Argus, a Queensland magazine: "Some time last year I noticed in the papers an account of the death of a young girl from strychnine poisoning, at Inglewood, and again I noticed the death of a young. woman at Leyburn for the same reason; and from this I think it is not generally known that the oil is an antidote.

Once two dogs were poisoned here at the same time, one had sulphate of zinc, the other was given oil. I am so sure of the cure with oil that I think I am only doing my duty by letting it be known through your paper that a gill of lettuce oil poured down the throat, if not too late in the application, is enough for a dog, and ought to be tried on a man.” A “Self-supporting Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, Chest, Eye, and Ear,” has been opened at 39 Russell-street.


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