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Minutes of the duly called ordinary meeting of the Hills Shire Council held at the Council Chambers on 12 June 2018. a) the event being classified as a class 1 event in accordance with the Traffic and Transport Management Guide for Special Events and the traffic management plan to be submitted to the Transport Management Center (TMC) for their approval to hold the event;. Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Hills Shire Council held in the Council Chambers on 12 June 2018 .. a) the construction of a pedestrian refuge island on Katherin Road, Baulkham Hills at the junction of Seven Hills Road.. b) the installation of 6 meters of 'No Parking Australia Post Vehicles Excepted' on the north side of Seven Hills Road approximately 65 meters west of the intersection of Seven Hills Road to the east of the existing 'Bus Zone'.


The site plan and a photo montage of the concept submitted by the proponent are included in the following figures. The assessment must also take into account the potential impact of the new road along the area's western border.


It is proposed that the planned increase (up to 132 dwellings) will continue to be established on the basis of the draft contribution plan for the northern area of ​​Castle Hill. The proposed additional monetary contribution will result in an average contribution of approximately $23,732 per dwelling, which is greater than the $22,363 per dwelling for the development portion to be collected under the draft contribution plan for the Castle Hill North area .



The proposal is consistent with the vision and objectives of the Community Strategic Plan - The Hills Future, as it will facilitate a desirable living environment and assist the Council in meeting its growth objectives. The Draft Hill Development Control Plan 2012 (Part D Section 20 – Castle Hill North), as detailed in Appendix 2, to be exhibited concurrently with the planning proposal (2/2017/PLP).



DRAFT – JUNE 2018 2018

Land 1-6 Vivien Place, 1-7 Gay Street and 12 Gilham Street, Castle Hill NSW 2154

This document is made in relation to the Proposed Development and applies to the land. Surrender means surrender by the works council in accordance with this contract.

Location Plan

Monetary Contributions

Easement Plan

Upon approval of the Planning Proposal, the Developer proposes to submit development applications to Council for the site. The Planning Agreement will assist in the delivery of infrastructure needed to support growth within the Castle Hill area.

Part D Section 20

Castle Hill North Precinct

List of Tables

  • Land to which this Section applies
  • Purpose of this Section
  • Relationship to other Sections of the DCP
  • Vision
  • Development principles

This section sets out a framework and controls to guide development in the Castle Hill North area. This section applies to land within the northern area of ​​Castle Hill (refer to Figure 1).

Transit oriented development

Infrastructure and open space

Place Making

Desired Character

Castle Hill North Precinct will be a pedestrian friendly center which will provide an attractive alternative to the traditional suburban context. LEP 2012 uses floor space ratios as the primary development standard for the Castle Hill North Precinct.

Castle Hill North Precinct Structure Plan

Streetscape Areas

Urban Active Edge Streetscape

The 'Landscape Setback Streetscape' includes the areas of Gilham Street, Gay Street, Old Castle Hill Road (both sides), Castle Street (west of Carramar Road), and Carramar Road (north of Larool Crescent). At least two trees with a high canopy must be placed within the front facade per 30 m of street facade where the street setback is greater than 3 m.

Open Street Feel Streetscape

Terrace Edge Streetscape

Movement network and design

The street network must be in accordance with 'Indicative street network and hierarchy' in Figure 23. The cycleway network must generally be in accordance with 'Existing and proposed cycleway networks'.

Public Domain

Sunlight to Public Spaces

Integrated Water Management

All landscaping must be compatible with flood risk and not obstruct overland stormwater flow. On-site detention must be provided in accordance with Section 4.22 of the Council's Design Guidelines Subdivision / Developments.

Cut and Fill

Each rainwater tank must be provided with potable water drip top-up with a backflow prevention device, meeting Sydney Water requirements.

Ecologically Sustainable Development

Where possible, tree canopies, understory plantings and permeable surfaces should be provided to reduce the extent of paved areas and enhance the amenity of the development and streetscape. Reduce dependence on mechanical heating and cooling by using eaves, awnings, good insulation and landscaping;


Heritage (Garthowen House)

Residential flat buildings and shop top housing 5.2 Site requirements

Building Design

Built form controls

The entrance to the development must be visually identifiable from the street front with clear sight lines. Services such as for fire protection, water and power distribution must not infringe on the pedestrian right-of-way, visually detract from the appearance of the development, and must be screened from the street frontage with materials that are integrated with the architectural expression of the development.

Building height and form

Floor to floor heights and floor to ceiling heights

Primary facade offset  For all buildings, on the street reservation wider than 20 m (Cesta na Stare grad and Grajska ulica), all floors above the 6th floor must be set back 3 m behind the front construction line. Secondary Frontage Setback  For all buildings in a street area wider than 20m, all floors above the 8th floor shall be set back 9m behind the front building line.

Streetscape and the Public Domain Interface

Residential Uses on Ground and First Floors

Podium Design

Tower Form and Design

Roof design and roof features (tower caps)

Roof elements should be designed to create an interesting skyline and enhance views from neighboring areas and the surrounding area. Elevator canopies and all other service equipment must be included in the roof design and obscured from general view.

Adaptable housing

Open space and landscaping

Native ground covers and grasses should be used in garden beds and around paths (lawn grass should be limited to usable outdoor areas). Common open space areas at ground level should be centrally located with high quality landscaping.

Safety and Security

External (outdoor) common open spaces should accommodate substantial vegetation and should be designed to incorporate active and passive recreational facilities (such as seating, shade structures, barbecues and children's play equipment). Priority should be given to drought-tolerant plant species and species that improve habitat and ecology.


Plant species appropriate to the context and specific microclimate of the development must be selected to maximize the use of endemic and native species and opportunities for urban biodiversity.


Vehicular and Pedestrian Access

A pedestrian link through the site is to be provided as part of the development to increase the connectivity of the area for local pedestrians. Solid fences will not be permitted along the boundary of the path as this will limit passive surveillance of the path.

Terrace housing (attached housing) Site requirements and layout

The entrance to the building must be accessible and visible from the street. It should be located at ground level at the rear of the dwelling, directly accessible from the main living area.

Car parking

A covenant is registered with the strata plan in which it is advised to install any shared cars. Where there are parking spaces in the basement, the car park is accessed via a single ramp at the front.

Bicycle parking

Development applications must show how shared car parking spaces are to be accessed, including those where access is through security gates. Basement parking should be anchored below the building footprints to maximize opportunities for deep soil planting on the site.

Appendix A: Housing Diversity

Housing Diversity within the Sydney Metro Northwest Corridor

Development that does fully meet the above requirements will only be permitted to develop against the 'base' floor space ratio, as identified on the Floor Space Ratio Map. The additional floor space bonus will only be allowed subject to full compliance with the relevant key site provisions under cl.

State Environmental Planning Policy No. 65

For certain key locations within the area, an incentive of 20% floor area, in addition to the floor space potential under the Incentive Area Ratio Map, will be permitted. In deciding a development application for consent to carry out development to which this policy applies, a consenting authority must take into account (in addition to any other matters which must or may be taken into account): . a) the advice (if any) obtained from the Design Assessment Panel, and.. b) the design quality of the development when assessed in accordance with the Design Quality Principles, and.

Housing to Meet the Needs of the Future Hills Shire Population

It is open to the Council to accept or decline the role as Planning Proposal Authority. An overview of the process if the Council accepts the role of Planning Proposal Authority is included in Attachment 5.


A March 27, 2018 mayor's minutes included details of the meeting, the issues raised, and the request for appropriate changes to the SEPP for seniors to stop the issuance of location compatibility certificates nationwide. The purpose of this report is to outline the state planning framework enabling the development of senior housing on rural land within the Hills Shire and the history of the Council's objection to inappropriate development outcomes, with a view to establishing a formal position on the issuance of location compatibility certificates.


Restrictions on site coverage, density and built form outcomes for future development will not adequately address the cumulative impact of seniors housing development on local infrastructure and the established character of the metropolitan rural area. The question arises when housing for the elderly is also allowed on land adjacent to urban areas.

AFFECTED SITES 1A Mills Road, Glenhaven

The Council made a submission to the Department in relation to an application for a site compliance certificate for 70 serviced self-care units. The Department has indicated to the applicant that Council's endorsement of the site compliance certificate is required for the certificate to be issued.

PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE STATE AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT SEPP The Department of Planning and Environment placed the proposed amendments on

Development on land identified as being within the Bella Vista Station Precinct Site or the Kellyville Station Precinct Site on the State Significant Development Sites Map if the development is for:. a) a main subdivision involving the creation of large parcels of land or public domains, or (b) the construction of new roads and associated works. Development on land identified as being within the Showground Station Precinct Site on the State Significant Development Sites Map if the development is for:. a) a main subdivision involving the creation of large parcels of land or public domains, or (b) the construction of new roads and associated works.

PROCESS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF GOVERNMENT LAND IN THE CORRIDOR Landcom and Sydney Metro are working in partnership on the long term master planning


It is recommended to define the boundaries of land that should be classified as a 'significant state'. the ministry is requested to clarify why this ground is included in the ground to which the SEPP applies. It is recommended that the boundaries of land that should be classified as 'important to the state' be reviewed to ensure they are consistent with state ownership.


Table 1: Contributions Payable for ‘Additional Dwellings’
Table 1  Car parking rates – all land uses .........................................................................................
Table 1  Car parking rates – all land uses
Table 2  Bicycle Parking rates


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RECOMMENDATION That the Council resolve to: 1 Approach Department for Planning and Infrastructure - State Land Services to obtain a current valuation for the purchase of Lot 8456,