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Ordinary Meeting of Council


Academic year: 2023

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This is Page 2 of the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of The Hills Shire Council held on 28 October 2014. This is Page 6 of the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of The Hills Shire Council held on 28 October 2014.

The proposed development is deemed to be in the public interest as it is consistent with the objectives of the IN1 General Industrial Area. A variation in the building height is considered sufficient in this case, since application of the development standard is considered unreasonable and unnecessary.

Issues Raised in Submissions

Council footpath area, with the rear of the lorry jutting out onto the carriageway (carriageway) of North Rocks Road. Will the elevator be located inside or outside the proposed new building?

Compliance with DCP 2012 Part B Section 7- Industrial

The area is covered by Annex A Sheet 6, where the building height screen specified on Sheet 6 applies. A maximum building height of ten meters with setbacks as indicated in the DCP map.

Compliance with DCP 2012 Part C Section 1- Parking

This severely limits the visual impact of the development on the existing street and neighborhood character.” The proposed changes to the LEP and DCP height standards are considered reasonable and do not warrant refusal of the application.

Development in Accordance with Submitted Plans

The facade of the proposed built form should be made predominantly in colored metal cladding with non-reflective roof surfaces in a mixture of colors. No work (including excavation, embankment or land conversion) may be carried out before planning permission is issued if planning permission is required.

Construction Certificate

Building Work to be in Accordance with BCA

Bushfire Requirements - BAL LOW i) Asset Protection Zones

Management of Construction and/ or Demolition Waste

External Finishes

Construction of Waste Storage Area

Contaminated Waste

Protection of Public Infrastructure

Vehicular Access and Parking

All driveways and parking areas should be separated from landscaped areas by a low concrete curb or wall. In rural areas, all driveways and parking areas must have a molded all-weather finish.

Clause 94 Considerations

All driveways and car parks must be graded, collected and drained by shafts and pipes to the appropriate point of legal discharge.

Section 94A Contribution

Essential Fire Safety Measures Audit Report

Builder and PCA Details Required

Management of Building Sites – Builder’s Details

Erosion and Sedimentation Controls

Demolition Works and Asbestos Management

All demolition work involving the removal and disposal of asbestos must only be carried out by a licensed asbestos remover who is licensed to carry out the work. Asbestos to be disposed of may only be transported to waste facilities that are approved to receive asbestos.

Waste Management Plan Required

Public Infrastructure Inventory Report

Compliance with Critical Stage Inspections and Other Inspections Nominated by the Principal Certifying Authority

Asbestos removal must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of WorkCover, the Environment Protection Authority and the Environment and Heritage Office. NOTE: Please be advised that inspections can only be carried out by the PCA, unless by prior agreement with the PCA and provided that person is an accredited certifier.

Dust Control

Construction Noise

Hours of Work

Public Infrastructure Inventory Report - Post Construction

Waste and Recycling Management

Offensive Noise

Offensive Noise - Acoustic Report

Waste and Recycling Collection






  • Compliance with The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 The particular aims of the plan are as follows
  • Compliance with The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 Part B Section 5 – Residential Flat Building
  • Subdivision Certificate Pre-Lodgement Meeting/ Check
  • No Physical Works/ Facilitating Subdivision
  • Provision of Electrical Services
  • Provision of Telecommunication Services
  • Subdivision Certificate Application

The proposal does not comply with the minimum lot size set by Clause 4.1 of The Hills Local Environment Plan 2012 in relation to the road widening lot 101. The proposed development is considered to be satisfactory in relation to the objectives of The Hills Local Environment Plan 2012 (LEP). Given the above it is clear that the proposed development is appropriate given compliance with the minimum lot size objectives in Clause 4.1 of the LEP.

Strict application of the minimum lot size development standard would be considered unreasonable in this case. The variation of clause 4.6 to the minimum lot size development standard is considered to be well founded and has addressed all relevant issues.




Castle Hill Main Street and Town Centre

The Alcohol Free Zone which includes the Castle Hill High Street area has been beneficial in addressing issues across Castle Hill town centre. This Zone was extended to include the Bus Interchange, Old Northern Road between Cecil Avenue and Crane Road, McDougall Avenue, Terminus Street car park, Showground Road between Old Northern Road and Barwell Avenue, Barwell Avenue and Cecil Avenue between Barwell Avenue and McDougall Avenue in 2011 In such situations the Ministerial Guidelines regarding to S644 of the Local Government Act provision for the clear demarcation of the licensed area of ​​the footpath from the Alcohol Free Zone.

Lloyds Avenue, Carlingford

Belmore Street East, Oatlands

There is no alcohol free zone on the Parramatta City Council side of the road. The police report that they have had incidents related to the consumption of alcohol in this area and support the maintenance of an alcohol-free zone at this location. The purpose of this report is to present to Council the recommendations of the Local Transport Committee (LTC) for October 2014.

The council is installing 150 feet of 'no parking' restrictions on both sides of the existing section of Churchill Way, Kellyville. The Council approves the October 2014 recommendations of the Local Traffic Commission as set out in the report. The modified draft general management plan for sports grounds will be exhibited for 42 days in accordance with the requirements of the local government.

A further report will be sent to Council at the end of the exhibition period in response to the submissions."



A management plan is an important document that provides information for effective long-term management of public space. A set of generic management plans has been developed by The Hills Shire Council to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act of 1993. This act has been amended to promote best practice of environmentally sensitive land management and to discourage the inappropriate diversion of community land for private use .

These plans will be replaced to become individual management plans when large-scale development or change is expected in an individual reserve. This management plan relates to all sports grounds within the Shire that are located on municipal land.



Scope of the Plan

This authorization is subject to the proposed development being permissible development as defined by the objectives for the land category and approved by the Council under Section 47E of the Act. This plan has been developed to provide clear management directions for community land by identifying the performance objectives and performance criteria for the land category. These objectives will be used to determine whether the Council has achieved its desired management direction and done what it said it would do.

In all cases where development of common areas that may have an adverse impact on the surrounding neighborhood, this proposal will be subject to community consultation in accordance with Council policy.

Structure of the Document

Basis for Management

  • Corporate Goals
  • Core Objectives
  • Leases, Licenses and Other Estates
  • Service Standards and Maintenance

A lease shall be required where the occupation or exclusive use of the whole or part of an area is proposed, unless it is exempted from the provisions of section 47D of the Act. For leases and licenses over twenty-one (21) years, the provisions of Article 47 of the Law on Local Government must be applied and the approval of the Minister of Local Government must be sought. These activities shall not require a formal lease or license provided that the use is conducive to the physical, cultural, social or intellectual well-being of the community and does not result in the exclusive use of public facilities.

In all cases, the applicant is responsible for all costs incurred by the Council in establishing the easement. Service standards will be developed with community input and defined in resource management plans for sports fields and related infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act.

Management Objectives


Allocation of Playing Fields

The allocation of playing fields will be undertaken in an open and transparent manner through a consultative process that helps clubs meet the needs of their club, responding to recreational trends and a local hierarchy of sports ground uses. Award priorities will be given to sports groups, or clubs that have a minimum of 85% of its members in the Hills district. Most fields will be sport specific; therefore the initial allocation of relevant sports codes will be invoked.

When allocation disputes arise, they cannot be resolved by mutual agreement; the matter will be referred to the Director General for resolution. First of all, a conciliation meeting will be held to determine priorities and if not resolved, a Council report will be prepared.

Consumption of Alcohol

The Council will encourage multiple uses of existing recreation and sports facilities where possible through the shared allocation of individual pitches. Where relevant, it must be ensured that the playing fields take into account multi-purpose sporting activities which allow for the shared use of facilities without affecting the bearing capacity of the ground. These playing fields have been planned to meet the expected sporting needs of the surrounding community.

Times for the consumption of alcohol on sports grounds must be limited to the times specified in the license agreement for use of the grounds and facilities. Abuse of these privileges will result in cancellation of the license agreement for use of Council facilities.

Dogs on Sports Grounds

Environmental Management


12 | Page The sports fields will be divided according to the needs of the community and will be used for multi-purpose purposes. Sports fields will be promoted as community open space available for general use when not operating as a sports facility. Sponsorship signs that meet the main objectives of this land category are permitted on sports grounds, provided they meet the planning requirements as set out in the Development Control Plan for Signage.

Advertisements which draw attention to, publicize or otherwise provide information about a private business, person or place and which are not part of a sponsor sign are not permitted on sports grounds.


Funding and Budgeting

13 | P a g e Facilities are provided through an equitable distribution of resources and in response to appropriate benchmarks and demand assessment.

Landscape Design

14 | P a g e Ensure that facilities are designed and placed to best suit the aesthetics of the area. Ensure that designs for sports fields also take into account the use of the reserve for passive recreational purposes.


Promotion of Services and Facilities

Public Risk

Relationship with Neighbours

Smoke Free Environments

Wet Weather Provisions

Work by Third Parties

Community land scheme to which this plan applies Section 36(4) of the Local Government Act requires all community land to be categorized. Council is asked to approve a five (5) year license with a five (5) year option for the operation of Glenhaven Child Care Centre. Pursuant to section 46 and 47 of the Local Government, a License to operate Glenhaven Child Care Center will be held for a period of five (5) years with The Children's Preschool Pty.

The leases and use of the premises are consistent with the Board approved management plan and the Local Government Act, 1993. The Council refuses access to items 10, 11 and 12 in accordance with the following table and section 11(2) of the Local Government Act.


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