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However, on the day of the committee meeting, further correspondence was received from Sydney Water stating that they objected to the proposal. A copy of the Council Clerk's report to the last Local Planning Committee meeting (16 October 2019) is available as Attachment 1. The minutes of the Local Planning Committee meetings of 15 May 2019 and 16 October 2019 are available as Attachments 2 and 3 respectively. Commission believes that the proposal is not in the wider public interest.


There are also two indented parking bays on the west side of the road on either side of the ramp to the school staff car park (Figure 1). There is a ramp to the staff car park and two indented parking bays on the west side of the road outside Sherwood Ridge Public School. There is a pedestrian access gate to the school immediately north of the driveway from the school staff car park and it is proposed that the marked pedestrian crossing be installed at this location.

It will require the removal and reconstruction of half of the inserted parking space immediately to the north of the school staff car park to allow the marked pedestrian crossing to be installed near the pedestrian gate to the school (Figures 3 and 4 ). Therefore, despite sight distance limitations, it is considered that the installation of a marked crosswalk on Braemar Avenue as detailed in Figure 4 will significantly improve safety for school children and parents walking to and from Sherwood Ridge Public School and the two Centers of Child Care located on the east side of the road. The two Child Care Centers were also advised of the proposed marked crosswalk installation and no response was received.

A $23,000 cost estimate has been provided for the work required to reduce the indented parking lot on Braemar Avenue and install the marked pedestrian crossing. The installation of a marked pedestrian crossing and reconstruction of the indented parking bay on Braemar Avenue will eliminate the need for parking for two vehicles.

Figure 1: Braemar Avenue, Kellyville - Locality Plan
Figure 1: Braemar Avenue, Kellyville - Locality Plan

Braemar Avenue, Kellyville – concept design for marked pedestrian crossing

Braemar Avenue, Kellyville – cost estimate for marked pedestrian crossing

Sale of Plant – Increase $547k

159,091 received for Castle Hill Showground as part of the State Government's Phase One - NSW Showgrounds Stimulus program delivered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The projects have been completed at greater expense than originally budgeted due to additional work required on the DOE's section of the road. 10,000 additional funding required for traffic management costs on Terminus Street to comply with requirements from Transport NSW to enable demolition works to the collapsed noise barrier at the rear of Mercer Street, Castle Hill.

Since this project is being funded from the 19/20 Black Spot Program, it is suggested that the budget be varied to reflect the final grant claim. In lieu of this part of the work, the Council continued to carry out drainage, irrigation and floodlighting work on the non-Sec 7.11 funded part of the project. Accordingly, it is proposed to return $963,308 to Sec 7.11 CP12 and use Capital Works Reserve to fund this work.

It is proposed that this Grant funding be used for Minor Traffic Facilities and transfer $51,140 to the Capital Works Reserve. If all budgeted expenditures and revenues materialize in this financial year, it is anticipated that Section 7.11 funds will decrease to $60.7 million on June 30, 2020 less the $2.9 million proposed in Note 11.

Non-Essential Section 7.11 Works

The Council has written to the Minister requesting an extension of the ability to set the Amendment A fee until Amendment B is approved. In the absence of detailed financial information that can be provided to support these requests, it is recommended that businesses be required to provide a statutory declaration outlining the impact of COVID-19 on their business and proving the need for relief. The table below sets out the likely impact in this financial year and the final outcome will be reported to Council as part of the FY 19/20 End of Year Budget Outcome in August 2020.

Due to the additional work required on the DOE road section, project costs were higher than originally planned. Work on the Sec 7.11 funded section has been postponed as Council awaits completion of the RMS plan for the Memorial u this part of the work, Council has continued to carry out drainage, irrigation and floodlighting works on the non-Sec funded section of the project 7.11. Accordingly, it is proposed that section 7.11 of CP12 and the reserve for investment works be used to finance this work.

The council makes its residential, business and agricultural land rates for 2020/2021 in accordance with section 535 of the Local Government Act 1993 and adjusts its interest charge for late rates and charges; and. It is estimated that the population of the Hills Shire will increase to more than 250,000 people by 2036. That the Council's financial performance measured by a range of benchmarks is within industry standards;.

The Executive Summary of the draft budget showing where these funds have been spent is detailed on HSP Pages 6 to 11 and further detailed under each theme and outcome as set out in the Community Strategic Plan – Hills Future.


Maintaining current service levels in FY20/21 onwards and ensuring maintenance of new infrastructure to be delivered this year.

General Rates

100,000 in a particular year can recover that amount by increasing the amount of rates and charges:. Previously, this section of the Act only allowed the catch-up to take place within 2 years of the year in which the deficit occurred.


Fees & Charges – Proposed Changes After Public Exhibition

These allowances can no longer be purchased and are not intended to be included in the future development of the cemetery. As a result of COVID-19, the Spatial Planning and Spatial Planning Regulations have been amended so that development applications that require advertising no longer need to be advertised in a local newspaper.

Impacts of COVID-19 to Draft Budget FY2021

Other Impacts to Draft Budget FY2021

  • Budgeted Expenditure $260m & Funding Source

On May 12, 2020, the Council decided to proceed with the renovation of the Waves Aquatic Centre. Internal management - this is the most traditional model where the municipality directly employs management and staff to operate the water facilities. External management - this is where the councils contract or lease the management rights of the facilities to a professional contract management company or person who manages all facilities, or a community committee.

Company Limited by Guarantee – this model is a new model and involves the Council setting up a separate wholly owned company to manage and operate the facilities on its behalf. Long Term Lease – this model is particularly used when the Council is seeking capital investment as part of the management process and is therefore prepared to enter into a long term (usually 10 years plus) lease. Construction of the Withers Road Upgrade (including the Bridge over Smalls Creek) These six nominated projects have a value of $97.12 million, which is well above the value of the Accelerated Infrastructure Funding likely to be allocated to The Hills Shire Council.

The draft Hills Shire Plan FY20/21 consisting of the Hills Future Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Programme, Resource Strategy, Operational Plan and the Fees and Charges is to be adopted and funds are to be voted. The Draft Hills Shire Plan 2020/2021 consisting of the Hills Future Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Programme, Resource Strategy, Operational Plan and Fees and Charges (242 pages).


More details on these priorities are included in The Hills Shire Plan and also in this summary. Draft budget and long-term financial plan can be found in the THSC resource strategy. The Hills Shire Plan integrates the Council's resources with the needs of the community and shows how we work to achieve a better outcome.

The Hills Shire Plan integrates Council’s resource capabilities to the community’s needs and shows how we are working to achieve a better















Assessing the financial viability of "Strong" NSW Treasury Corp with projected operating surpluses projected over the next 10 years. The asset renewal ratio is well above industry standards indicating that we are renewing our assets relative to the rate at which they are depreciating. The current unrestricted ratio will remain well above benchmarks over the long term, indicating healthy liquidity.

The general rate increase of 2.6% equates to 54 cents per week for an average residential assessment of approximately $1,108 per year. 3,965M A w st Unlimited current ratio will remain well above benchmarks over the long term sound indicates.


Prepare options for the redevelopment and seek governance models for the management of the Aquatic Centre, together with financial implications of each option. Develop strategy to change former HCC site to Baulkham Hills Town Center development site (5.1.6)*. Prepare a masterplan for the future direction of the Hills Showground - a unique cultural, recreational and leisure area that meets the needs of both current and future populations.

Assess bus connections/traffic impact and strategic justification of priority route from the West Pennant Hills to Castle Hill bus. Prepare a parking strategy in accordance with NRT Guidelines around Castle Hill CBD taking into account all new developments in the future.


3. Good governance that values ​​and involves our customers and is based on transparency and accountability. A connected and inclusive community with access to a range of services and facilities that contribute to health and wellbeing. 2. Well-informed local and potential businesses about the range of employment opportunities, locations and business information about the region.

9. Our natural environment is valued, maintained and enhanced, and impacts managed responsibly through education and legislative action.


The Hills Shire Hotel has direct access to Sydney's freeway system and has easy access to the CBD and airport. The Hills Shire Council's strategic direction has been prepared to ensure that the organization has a clear direction to guide the long, medium and short term allocation of resources. Community Outcome: A statement that describes the kind of place the community has told us they want The Hills Shire to be in the future.

The Delivery Program demonstrates the Council's practical commitment to achieving our long-term strategic vision for The Hills Shire. OUR COMMITMENT TO OUR COMMUNITY The council's four year delivery program and annual operational plan follow the themes identified in the Hills Future Community Strategic Plan 2017–2021. Under the Delivery Program and Operational Plan, the Council will progress some major projects in The Hills Shire in the coming year.

THIS DOCUMENT OUTLINES HILLS SHIRE COUNCIL'S ROLE IN ENSURING OUTCOMES AND COMMUNITY STRATEGIES INCLUDED IN THE FUTURE OF OUR HILLS. The reconciliation of the operating surplus with the budget surplus is described in more detail in the long-term financial plan.


Figure 1: Braemar Avenue, Kellyville - Locality Plan
Figure 2: Braemar Avenue, Kellyville – indented parking bays
Figure 3: Braemar Avenue, Kellyville - indented parking bay and staff driveway


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VOTING REQUIREMENTS Simple majority RECOMMENDATION That the Council resolve to: 1 Support the closure of a 5727m2 portion of Repton Street, Dayton, in accordance with section 58 of