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COUNCIL OF THE MASI MOTION PROVIDED AND DETAILED BY COUNCIL COLLINS SUGGEST that the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council of February 26, 2019 be confirmed. Councilman Jackson asked the general manager what could be done about the cleanliness of the T-Way areas. This report recommends that a proposal to create a new suburb called "The Gables" and realign the suburb boundary between Rouse Hill and Box Hill be forwarded to the Geographical Names Board ("GNB") for consideration and approval .


The proposal to create a new suburb focuses on current and projected growth in the localities of Rouse Hill, Box Hill and Box Hill North. In addition, development in the Box Hill North location differs from the Box Hill Growth Area Precinct. The proposed realignment of the boundary between Box Hill and Rouse Hill seeks to align with the existing boundary between residential (zoned R2 Low Density Residential) and commercial (zoned B6 - Enterprise Corridor and B7 - Business Park) development areas.


Considering the GNB principles for defining new suburban boundaries, it is appropriate to propose the creation and naming of a new suburb in this locality. This ensures that the final parcels of land allocated for housing within the Box Hill Growth Area are all within the suburb of Box Hill rather than being divided by a suburban boundary.



The proposal on display included realigning the boundary between Box Hill and Nelson (see Figure 4 below) so that the new suburban boundary would align with The Gables masterplanned area. The current boundary between Box Hill and Nelson is located at the rear of the properties along the eastern side of Janpieter Road, Box Hill. Among responses from potentially affected properties, there was agreement on the proposal to adjust the boundary between Box Hill and Maraylya.

REALIGNMENT OF BOUNDARY BETWEEN BOX HILL AND ROUSE HILL The exhibited boundary realignment between Box Hill and Rouse Hill is shown below

BOUNDARY REALIGNMENT BETWEEN BOX HILL AND ROUSE HILL The realignment of the exposed boundary between Box Hill and Rouse Hill is shown below. It is therefore considered appropriate that this land be included within the suburb of Box Hill. One submission raised concerns that property values ​​are, on average, lower in Box Hill than Rouse Hill.


A number of submissions objecting to this component of the proposal did not support the inclusion of land east of Edwards Road in the suburb of Box Hill. It is recommended that the proposed adjustment to the boundary between Box Hill and Rouse Hill, to include additional residential land (rezoned within the Box Hill Release Area) in the suburb of Box Hill, should proceed unchanged. This residential land (currently in the suburb of 'Rouse Hill') is separated from all other residential development within Rouse Hill by the Edwards Road Employment Precinct and as such the inclusion of this land in the Box Hill suburb will better reflect local growth and development patterns and follow GNB principles by defining areas of common community interest and character.


Council approves the proposed realignment of the boundary between Box Hill and Rouse Hill to include additional residential land within the suburb of Box Hill (as per Figure 6 in Section 5 of this report). Existing suburban boundaries in the Box Hill and Rouse Hill locality (Including proposed changes to Rouse Hill by Blacktown Council). The proposed Red Gables suburb consists mainly of the Box Hill North land release area.


The council is seeking feedback on proposed suburb boundary changes to the southern boundary between Rouse Hill and Box Hill and the creation of a new suburb called "Red Gables". The rural residential area of ​​Box Hill east of Janpieter Road is proposed to be included in the suburb of Nelson. Rural residential character ZZVJPH[PUN[OLZLWYVWLY[PLZ^P[O5LSZVUYLHɉYTZ[OLPY, noting that they are not part of the Box Hill North release area.


  • KEY ISSUES i. Holland Reserve

Council received a total of 25 public submissions and one (1) public authority submission from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in response to the re-exposure of the draft Contribution Plan. The Draft Contribution Plan relates only to the funding of future additional playing fields at Holland Reserve and any physical development of the area will be subject to a separate process. The timely development of the draft Contribution Plan is necessary to ensure that the Northern Area of ​​Castle Hill can be adequately served with local infrastructure.

Contributions Plan No. 17



METHODOLOGY OF DURAL URBAN CAPABILITY AND CAPACITY ASSESSMENT Environmental consultants Cardno were engaged by Council to undertake the Phase 1

The outcomes of the environmental studies in the Phase 1 Urban Capability and Capacity Assessment identified that there are areas where multiple environmental features, such as riparian corridors, steep slopes, vegetation and bushfire risk are present. Gas services: The Jemena gas network is located in the vicinity of the study area and can be expanded. The infrastructure capacity assessment identified that there is little remaining capacity in the area, particularly in relation to traffic.

A holistic approach is needed to address the existing traffic issues in Dural and better manage the expected vehicle volumes of the planned development at the North West Growth Centre. The completion of major road improvements in Dural will incur significant costs to the government due to high property values, often difficult topography in the locality and other environmental constraints. Traffic volume will increase due to development in the Box Hill and North Kellyville Growth Center areas.

The reclassification of Annangrove Road from a sub-arterial road to an arterial road will recognize the higher traffic volumes expected on Annangrove Road in the near future. According to the District Plan, urban development in the Metropolitan Rural Area will be considered only in the identified "urban inquiry areas". Advice from the Department of Planning and Environment and the Greater Sydney Commission suggests the state government is unlikely to support urban development in the Metropolitan Rural Area within the next five years.

However, as set out in the Plan, maintaining and enhancing the distinctive character of each rural village is a high priority, with further rural residential development generally not supported.

RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE URBAN CAPACITY AND CAPABILITY ASSESSMENT The conclusions of the Urban Capacity and Capability Assessment are as follows

The council receives a report outlining the results of the urban capacity and capacity assessment for Dural. The council approves the removal of four single lane sleepers on Parsonage Road, subject to the proposal being approved by the local transport committee. 120,000 euros will be allocated in the 2019/20 work program for the removal of thresholds and the renewal of the carriageway.

The Deputy for Castle Hill also expressed concern that the views of residents of Parsonage Road regarding the removal of the four single lane speed bumps should outweigh those of residents of the wider area. For that reason, it is considered that the Council can still proceed with the removal of the four. The results of the engagement showed strong support from the wider community for the removal of the four single lane speed bumps in Parsonage Road with 147 in favor and 65 against.

Despite this strong level of support for the removal of the four thresholds for the single carriageway, the Castle Hill MP's comments regarding the need to give greater priority to the views of Parsonage Road residents were further explored. There is currently no funding available in the 2018/19 Work Program to remove the four single lane sleepers and reinstate the pavement. The removal of four one-lane sleepers will result in the re-establishment of approximately 16 on-street parking spaces.

The Council gives its consent to the execution of the Letter of Consent for the filing of the Subdivision Plan in lot 101 DP1170464.

The Hills Shire Council ACN 034 494 656

  • Transfer to Reserves – Increase $1.9m
  • New Jobs $183k
  • Increased funding for Existing Jobs $142k
  • Projects completed under budget $204k
  • Land – Net Decrease $13m
  • Section 7.11 Contributions – Decrease $75.6m
  • Section 7.11 Interest – Increase $1.1m

The financial position of The Hills Shire Council is one of the strongest in New South Wales and ranked among the best in the local government sector. These strategies involve the continued building of the Council's healthy bank balance sheets, delivering operating surpluses through prudent budgeting and setting aside 30% - 40% of interest income annually for future asset renewal and other future non-cyclical expenditure. This year the budget is set with the aim of allocating 30% - 40% of rate income to asset renewal and other future non-cyclical expenses.

Work program consists of all renewal, new infrastructure projects and land acquisition projects and they are summarized below. In May 2018 the State Government confirmed that the Council was eligible to apply for gap funding at CP15 based on an older version of the plan previously assessed by IPART incorporating the Minister's required amendments from June 2017. On based on this version of the plan, the total CP15 gap funding up to 31 December 2017 amounts to

The Council now awaits the Minister's advice regarding IPART's recommendations and the final amount of the funding gap to be received until December 31, 2017, which will be a minimum of $51.4 million. In addition, the investments shown in Annex 1 page 11 have been made in accordance with the law, the regulations and the effective investment policy of the Council. South Maroota Reserve Community Hall Monthly Budget Review - Renovation works including interior painting, restroom upgrades and floor treatmentJul-18Jul-18Dec-18Oct Torry Burns Reserve - Amenities Building refurbishment works including interior painting, restroom upgrades, canteen benches, anti-graffitti coating, cage storage and replacement of the damaged roof section.

Sep-18 Sep-18 May Balcombe Heights Estate - Sewerage System Renewal Investigation and Design for future sewerage improvement works Nov-18 Nov-18 June Investigation required for structural stability of communication towers at Hillside Fire Station, SES Headquarters Balcombe Building Heights Estatecom9, and RFS Headquarters Angus Road. Jul-18 Jul-18 Jun Refurbishment of air conditioning at Baulkham Hills and Vinegar Hill Libraries, Baulkham Hills Baby Health, Castle Hill Seniors, Aberdoon House, Sth Maroota Hall, Wrights Rd and Castle Glen Community Centres, Kids of the Castle and Balcombe Heights Child Care. Additional funding is requested for the roundabout construction project at Stone Mason Dr and Kennedy Ave to reimburse the developer for constructing the thickened roundabout pavement as part of the Development Application.


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ORDINARY MEETING OF COUNCIL 08 SEPTEMBER, 2020 AUDIT COMMITTEE MEETING 18 AUGUST 2020 §Note§ Principal place of business: §Subnote§ 3 Columbia Court Norwest NSW 2153 Contact