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Ordinary Meeting of Council


Academic year: 2023

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All building work must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia. The contribution must be paid before the construction certificate or compliance development certificate is issued.

Consultation with Service Authorities

MINUTES of the duly convened Ordinary Meeting of The Hills Shire Council held in the Council Chambers on 9 August 2016.

Approved Temporary Closet

Erosion and Sedimentation Controls

Stabilised Access Point

Sydney Water Building Plan Approval

Protection of Existing Trees

The installation of services within the root protection zone may not be performed without the prior approval of the Council.

Dust Control

Survey Report

Compliance with BASIX Certificate

Compliance with Critical Stage Inspections and Other Inspections Nominated by the Principal Certifying Authority

NOTE: You are advised that inspections may only be carried out by the PCA, unless with the prior agreement of the PCA and subject to that person being an accredited certifier.

Roof Water Drainage

Filtration Motor Noise

Pool Discharge Water

Pool not to be Filled Until Occupation

Temporary Fencing of Pools

Swimming Pool Safety Fencing

Resuscitation Warning Notice

Bushfire Construction Requirements Asset Protection Zones

New window assemblies on the outbuilding and stable when tested according to the method described in Australian Standard AS1530.8.2 'Methods for fire testing of building materials, components and structures Part 8.2: Tests on construction elements for buildings exposed to simulated bushfire attack - Large flame sources' must comply with Clause 13.8 of the specific time not allowed, except that there is no specific time allowed ber. New external doors (does not include garage access doors) on the outbuilding and stables when tested according to the method described in Australian Standard AS1530.8.2 'Methods for fire testing of building materials, components and structures Part 8.2: Tests on elements of construction for buildings exposed to simulated bushfire attack - Large flaming sources must not 13 comply with the standard 13 that do not comply with the 13. and there must be no exposed timber.

Approval to Install an On-site Sewage Management System

The RFS has assessed the proposal on its merits and provides the above advice in line with 'Bush Fire Protection Planning 2006'. As the property has been assessed as BAL FZ, the potential future use of the outbuilding as a secondary dwelling or old dwelling would not be supported by the NSW RFS as the building cannot comply with the NSW RFS Fast Fact 'Increased density on one parcel of land'.

Safety Glazing for Pool Fencing

Landscaping of the site must comply with the principles of Appendix 5 to 'Bushfire Protection Planning 2006'. Flame Zone development is a high-risk development; consequently, in situations such as this, the RFS seeks to improve the overall fire safety of existing developments.

Installation/Amendment of System of Sewage Management

New construction on the north, east and west elevations, and the first floor and attic in the proposed dwelling will comply with Sections 3 and 8 (BAL 40) Australian Standard AS3959-2009 "Construction of buildings in fire hazard areas" and section A3.7 for Appendix "Busht"206. The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) accepts that the area is limited and that the proposed development falls within the Fire Zone.

Absorption Trench

A MOTION WAS MOVED BY COUNCIL HARTY OAM AND SECOND BY COUNCIL HASELDEN THAT the Recommendation contained in the report be accepted. A MOTION WAS MADE BY COUNCIL HARTY OAM AND SECOND BY COUNCIL PRESTON THAT the Recommendation contained in the report be accepted.

Development in Accordance with Submitted Plans (as amended)

That the planning proposal to include senior housing as an additional permitted use at Norbrik Drive 26-30, Bella Vista be forwarded to the Danish Planning and Environmental Agency for finalisation. No work (including excavation, earth filling or soil transformation) may be carried out before the Building Certificate is issued, where a Building Certificate is required.

External Finishes

Tree Removal

Replacement Planting Requirements

Protection of Public Infrastructure

Vehicular Access and Parking

All driveways and parking areas should be separated from landscaped areas by a low concrete curb or wall. All driveways and parking areas must be leveled, collected and drained through pits and pipes to an appropriate legal discharge point.

Minor Engineering Works

All driveways and parking areas must be clearly and permanently marked, signposted and maintained to ensure that entry and exit are in a forward direction at all times and that parking and traffic circulation are properly controlled. In rural areas, all driveways and parking areas must have a molded all-weather finish.

Construction Certificate

Building Work to be in Accordance with BCA

Retention of Trees

Adherence to Waste Management Plan

Management of Construction and/ or Demolition Waste

Clause 94 Considerations

Separate application for other signs

Onsite Stormwater Detention – Upper Parramatta River Catchment Area Onsite Stormwater Detention (OSD) is required in accordance with Council’s adopted

The design and construction of the BSB system must be approved by either the Board or an accredited certifier. A Design Compliance Certificate (DCC) certifying the detailed design of the BSB system may be issued by the Council.

Security Bond – Road Pavement and Public Asset Protection

To achieve High Early Discharge (HED), pit (P4) and storage effect pit (P4) and the majority of the car park's drainage must be connected to Discharge Control Pit (DCP) (Pit 6) and pit (P5) must be deleted.

Security Bond Requirements

Should the Council need to raise the security, written notice will be sent to the applicant 14 days before.

Section 94A Contribution

Sydney Water Building Plan Approval

Trenching within Tree Protection Zone

Separate OSD Detailed Design Approval

Public Infrastructure Inventory Report

Management of Building Sites – Builder’s Details

Consultation with Service Authorities

Principal Certifying Authority

Structural Certificate/Existing Building

Erosion and Sedimentation Controls

Stabilised Access Point

Builder and PCA Details Required

Engagement of a Project Arborist

Roof Water Drainage

Compliance with Critical Stage Inspections and Other Inspections Nominated by the Principal Certifying Authority

Project Arborist

Root pruning should be avoided, however where root pruning is required, all cuts should be clean cuts made with sharp tools such as pruners, loppers, hand saws, chain saws or specialist root pruning equipment. All root pruning must be done in accordance with section 9 of AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Ornamental Trees.

Public Infrastructure Inventory Report - Post Construction

The supervision of the works will be certified by the project arboriculturalist and a copy of such certification must be submitted to the private certifying body within 14 days of completion of the works. A professional certificate may not be issued until all works of art covered by this permission have been completed, in accordance with this permission.

OSD System Certification

Where possible, the roots to be pruned should be located and exposed using minimally destructive techniques, such as hand digging, compressed air or water jet, or non-destructive techniques.

Creation of Restrictions / Positive Covenants

The Council appoints Councilor Haselden as one of the delegates to the Hawkesbury River District Council. 29/03/2016 Department of Primary Industries – Land agreed in principle to conversion of existing crown road (Idlewild Road) to a public road.

The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012

The impact of the development on Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland and Sandstone Gully Forest vegetation communities and faunal habitat is considered acceptable and capable of being managed to achieve a supportive biodiversity outcome. The size of the plots is capable of accommodating activities that are permitted and representative of the RU2 zone, which will not affect the productive agricultural character of the land properties in the site, noting that the limitations of this site in terms of access, flora and fauna, slope, bushfire, shape and the presence of streams limit its viability as productive agricultural land.

Exceptions to Development Standards

The Hills Development Control Plan 2012

This report was refined during the assessment of the application to reflect other changes and also influenced the final design. It is concluded that the amended report and layout satisfactorily demonstrates that each site is capable of accommodating an on-site wastewater area and system as part of the subsequent development and the variation is supported.

Issues Raised in Submission

The issues raised in the submissions have been considered and do not warrant rejection of the application. The proposal provides a sensible design that does not include the character of the locality and the county as a whole.

Construction Certificate

Compliance with NSW Department of Primary Industries – Water/ NSW Office of Environment and Heritage/ NSW Rural Fire Service/ NSW Roads and

Subdivision Certificate Preliminary Review

Proposed Street Naming

Community Association Lot

Road Opening Permit

Australia Post Mailbox Requirements

Transfer/ Dedication of Crown Road

Demolition Notification

Demolition Inspections

Surplus Excavated Material

Protection of Existing Trees and Native Vegetation

Imported Waste Derived Fill Material

Be equal to the amount to be paid in accordance with the relevant condition;.

Controlled Activity Authority – NSW Department of Primary Industries - Water

Sediment and Erosion Control Plan

Engineering Works and Design

Fire paths should generally be installed in accordance with the draft plan prepared by GDS (Revision G) and the RFS general terms of approval. This should be taken into account when designing the location/alignment of the fire path within lots 5 through 9.

Internal Pavement Structural Design Certification

Where earthworks are not shown on the approved plan, topsoil within lots must not be disturbed. j) Storm Water Drainage – Creek Outlets. Piped rainwater outlet/connections to a natural watercourse must comply with the requirements of the Council and the Institute for Primary Industry - Water (also where the receiving watercourse is not a natural watercourse). k) Rainwater drainage – Rural areas.

Section 94A Contribution

A 3m wide (minimum) formed all-weather driveway built to Council's rural standard is to be provided between the proposed private road and the existing dwelling on plot 3 in accordance with the above documents and Council's driveway specifications. h) Service lines. Asbestos removal must be carried out in accordance with WorkCover, Environment Protection Authority and Office of Environment and Heritage requirements.

Discontinuation of Domestic Waste Services

All demolition work involving the removal and disposal of asbestos (of an area of ​​more than 10 square meters) must only be carried out by an authorized asbestos remover who is licensed to carry out the work. Asbestos to be disposed of may only be transported to waste facilities that are approved to receive asbestos.

Demolition Waste Management Plan Required

Transporters of asbestos waste (of any load over 100kg of asbestos waste or 10 square meters or more of asbestos sheets) must provide information to the NSW EPA regarding the movement of waste using their WasteLocate online reporting tool www.wastelocate.epa.nsw.gov.au.

Bushland Protection Fencing

Traffic Control Plan

NSW Roads and Maritime Services Design Approval

Erection of Signage – Supervision of Work

Contractors Details

Sediment and Erosion Control

Service Authority Consultation – Subdivision Works Before subdivision works commence

Protection of Existing Vegetation

Tree Removal and Fauna Protection

Dam Decommissioning – Fauna Requirements

Standard of Works

Critical Stage Inspections – Subdivision Works

Subdivision Earthworks – Lot Topsoil

Aboriginal Archaeological Sites or Relics

National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974

European Sites or Relics

Working Hours

Breaching and Filling of Dam Dam Dewatering

Any rescued fauna must be released in a suitable location nearby or, if injured, placed in a zookeeper. All backfill must be placed following geotechnical advice and compacted in layers to achieve a standard suitable for residential development.

Construction Noise

The wildlife ecologist must submit a report to The Hills Shire Council's Manager - Environment and Health following their on-site inspection and any subsequent action in relation to the development. The report must include counts of fauna removed from the dam with details of their relocation destination (or destruction).


Any fill brought to the site must be excavated natural material (ENM), not affected by saline solution or containing contaminants such as demolition material or organic waste. The source of the ENM material and relevant certificates must be obtained and submitted to the Council.


If large numbers of predatory fish (e.g. long-finned eel) are recovered, additional release points should be considered to reduce the increased risk of predation on exiting fauna at release sites.

Dust Control

Further Contamination Assessment

Before a Certificate of Subdivision is issued, a Certified Practicing Engineer (CPEng) must submit a letter to Council confirming that the internal pavement has been constructed in accordance with the approved plans, and is suitable for use by a loaded heavy rigid waste disposal vehicle.

Vegetation Management Plan

Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) Implementation

Completion of Subdivision Works

Compliance with NSW Rural Fire Service Requirements

Compliance with NSW Roads and Maritime Services Requirements

Compliance with NSW Department of Primary Industries – Water Requirements

Compliance with NSW Office of Environment and Heritage requirements A letter from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage must be submitted confirming.

Compliance with NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Requirements A letter from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage must be submitted confirming

Works as Executed Plans

Performance/ Maintenance Security Bond

Confirmation of Pipe Locations

Section 73 Compliance Certificate

Provision of Electrical Services

Provision of Telecommunication Services

Subdivision Certificate Application

Stormwater CCTV Recording

Public Asset Creation Summary

Building Adjacent to Proposed Boundary

Building Services

Final Plan and Section 88B Instrument

Vegetation Protection – Community Association Lot






The draft VPA exempts future residential development at 7 Maitland Place from the requirement to pay Section 94 and/or 94A Contributions. The draft VPA does not exempt any future commercial development on the land from payment of Section 94A Contribution under The Hills Section 94A Contribution.

Figure 1  The Site
Figure 1 The Site



Dedication Land


Monetary Contributions

Proposed Development


Noted 92Support proposal Agrees with the proposal to change the name to Balmoral Hills. Listed 93. Loss of Property Value Kellyville has an assessed value and changing the name would risk detracting from the value.


The installation of a Children's Crossing on Bridgewood Drive, Beaumont Hills, will improve safety for school children walking to and from Ironbark Ridge Public School. A children's crossing is approved for installation on Bridgewood Drive, Beaumont Hills in accordance with Attachment 1 to the report.


The updated Traffic Management Plan (Attachment 1) details the closure dates and the revised time of the road closure on 31 December 2016. Approval is given for the road closure of Castle Hill Main Street on New Year's Eve in conjunction with the Sydney Hills Christmas Skyshow to be amended to 8.000am, Saturday December 02:00, Saturday 13:00 on Saturday, 01:00, 02:00. 2017.



To improve crossing safety and ensure compliance with the Australian standard, it is recommended that 'Give Way' signs and associated markings be placed on Camrose Street at the Hezlett Road junction. The installation of a right-of-way arrangement with associated line markers and a median strip at the intersection of Hezlett Road and Camrose Street, Kellyville, is approved in accordance with Appendix 1 to the report.


As a result of a thorough assessment process to achieve the best outcome for Council, the assessment panel recommends Delaney Civil Pty Ltd to undertake the works for the construction of the new road bridge at Brodrick Boulevard in Kellyville. The minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting held on August 16, 2016 are attached to this report for approval by the Council.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This is Page 2 of the Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting of The Hills Shire Council held on 2 June 2016. This is Page 3 of the Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting of The Hills Shire Council held on 2 June 2016.


Figure 1  The Site
Figure 1 - Dedication Land
Figure 2 – Proposed Road


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