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One in four injured children must go to the hospital because of their injuries. Which of the following questions would be most helpful in determining the difference between these two animals? In which column is the amount of pollutant doubled when the speed of the car is doubled?

Use the grid in the Part B answer book to plot the mass and volume for each of the stones. List ONE of the mistakes and explain how you would correct it to make the experiment a fair comparison. This strip of paper has been pulled to the right. a) Mark the strip of paper printed in the Part B answer book with the word FAST or SLOW.

The maps show how they have spread throughout much of the country since this time.



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Use cars or other fashion items that you have studied to answer the following questions. i) Describe a change in the fashion item made possible by science and technology. ii) Briefly outline how science and technology have made changes in fashion possible. iii). Suggest how this fashion topic might change in the future. iv) Describe how a factor other than science and technology might affect the popularity of this fashion item. The white keys of a piano were originally made of ivory, obtained from elephant tusks. i) Explain why the production of large numbers of pianos had a harmful effect on the environment. ii) Suggest ONE way in which science and technology reduced this effect. iii) Describe the harmful effect on the environment of ONE way you have studied. iv) Cultural heritage is a determinant of fashion.

An analysis of ONE farmer's apple crop and income is shown in the table. i) What percentage of the apple crop is processed. ii) Most of the apples are sold as fresh fruit in Australia. Name TWO factors that influence whether a person will buy a piece of fruit. iii) Some people prefer to grow their own fruits and vegetables. PLANTS SOFTEN THE APPEARANCE OF THE CORNER. i) Give TWO other reasons for growing plants. ii).

You have just moved into a new house and you decide to grow your own vegetables. You can use a greenhouse, or hydroponics, or grow the vegetables in the ground. i) NAME the method you will use. ii) Describe TWO main features of growing vegetables according to the method you have chosen. iii) Discuss ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage of the method you have chosen. These stages are NOT listed in the correct order. i) Draw a life cycle of a flowering plant to show these stages in their correct order. ii) Plants are at risk from factors such as diseases, predators, pesticides, climate and weather.

This means that human influence on the biosphere is increasing. i) Describe ONE impact humans have on the biosphere. ii) Identify ONE way this influence could cause problems for people in the future. i) Suggest ONE way in which this disease could be transmitted from chickens to humans. ii) Discuss ONE method that could be used to manage this disease. iii). In the left column, write the names of the TWO developmental stages that people experience. iii). How many hours of weight training did Peter do per week? ii) Describe ONE negative impact of Peter's previous lifestyle on both: iii) Describe TWO ways in which body shaping could have a positive effect on Peter's health. iv) List ONE source from which Peter could obtain information that would help him make an informed decision about his lifestyle.

Exercise Junkie 6

Science Fiction

In the science fiction show Star Trek, the character 'Mr Spock' is a result of which. the interaction between our civilization and an extraterrestrial civilization known as the Vulcans. There is no scientific evidence to support some of the ideas that are popular in science fiction, such as time travel. Another popular idea in science fiction is that of extrasensory perception, called ESP. i) Christina thinks that a person who claims to have ESP should be able to process the symbols on the cards that someone else is holding.

Outline an experiment that would test her hypothesis. ii) Give a reason why ideas such as time travel are still science fiction rather than part of everyday life. iii) Name ONE idea, other than time travel or ESP, that is still science fiction and has not yet been supported by current scientific knowledge.

Similar devices are becoming more and more common. i) Name ONE other device you have studied that was originally described in science fiction but has now become part of everyday life. ii) Explain why this device has become part of everyday life. iii) Other devices described in science fiction are not currently part of everyday life. In reality, the size to which living organisms can grow is limited by their structure and function. i) Give ONE piece of information that indicates that the slimy green stick is a living organism. ii) Explain why a slimy green stick would not be able to grow to unlimited size. iii) 1 Give ONE test that could be performed to check whether a slimy green stick is a living organism.

Science of Toys

You have been asked to design an activity to help develop children's physical skills, using the materials shown. i) Briefly describe your planned activity. ii) Explain how your activity can help develop a child's physical skills. iii) State TWO safety precautions to consider when using these materials with young children. Squeeze Bear's paw to hear him sing over thirty different songs, or tell over a hundred exciting stories. The bear can be personalized to remember your child's name, age, birthday, sibling names and more.

Sport Science

Athletes and coaches can use their knowledge of physics to improve athletes. i) Name ONE skillful move in a sport you studied. ii) Describe how knowledge of physics would help an athlete in this sport to improve this skill. iii) Name THREE steps you could use in a training program to teach this skillful move to an athlete new to the sport. e) Physical activity carries a risk of injury. These injuries can be caused by:. i) Name a physical activity and describe ONE injury that can occur as a result of performing this physical activity. ii) Describe how this injury is likely caused. iii). Provide an overview of the treatment required for this injury. iv) Explain how this type of injury can be avoided.


This includes variations in precipitation (rain, snow and hail) and wind speeds, leading to a greater number of extreme weather conditions. i) Name TWO kinds of disasters that could result from these atmospheric changes. ii). Can the problems causing global warming be controlled. iii) Explain why the two types of disasters you described in part (b)(i) would continue to occur even if the problems causing global warming are under control.

Managing Natural Resources

This may not be possible in the future. i) Name ONE natural resource that you have studied. ii) Give TWO reasons why this resource is not equally accessible to all people. iii). What is ONE way this resource could be made more accessible. d) The table below shows some of the factors to be considered when using a natural resource. i). In your Answer Book, complete a table like the one shown for ONE natural resource. ii) Describe how this resource can be managed to ensure that people's needs can be met in the future.

Marine or River Studies

Water is one of our most important natural resources, so it is important to use it wisely. The graph shows how domestic water is used. i) Select TWO domestic water uses and describe for each how to reduce the amount of water used. ii) Describe ONE way household activities can cause water pollution.

After two months, the plot looked like this: i) What was the purpose of this experiment. ii) Write a conclusion for this experiment. iii) Name TWO variables that must be controlled to ensure a fair test. iv).

Suggest a slogan that could be used with this diagram. ii) Discuss the impact of TWO recreational activities on water quality. iii) Choose ONE of these activities and discuss how its impact can be reduced.


To control the Prickly Pear plant population, the Cactoblastus moth was introduced from the same country as the Prickly Pear. The moth lays its eggs in the plant and after they hatch, the larvae eat the plant and kill it. The graph shows the Prickly Pear and Cactoblastus Moth populations in an area over a number of years. i) Explain why biological control is an example of biotechnology. ii) Use the graph to explain why the populations of both the Prickly Pear and the Cactoblastus moth are declining over time. iii) Describe ONE benefit of using biological control instead of toxins to kill the Prickly Pear.


Why is feedback important? e) Technological changes have improved communication systems. i) Name ONE communication system that involves technology. ii) Name ONE technological improvement that has been made to this communication system. iii) Describe ONE impact on today's society caused by this improvement.

Consumer Science

European car manufacturers are required by law to recycle cars once their useful life has passed. It is the responsibility of the car manufacturers to ensure that this process takes place. i) Name TWO environmental consequences that can result from these laws. ii) Explain ONE problem of applying such a law to products such as drink containers, clothes or computers.

Space Science








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