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The directors of Foy & Gibson Ltd. Dancing followed the recommendations of the committee, while a small bar set up at the end of the room provided - for the thirsty. Guests claim that this was one of the few serious moments of a very happy gathering.

Manning (manager) I'm sure was one of the exhausted ones at the end of the party. Speaking of the holidays, our Social Club had a Christmas party - and what a night. These two speakers expressed confidence in the future of Collie and in the future of the industry.

She said that the activities of the Social Club had the sincere support of the branch manager and the buyers of the various departments. There has also been a big increase in sales, which bodes well for the future of the industry.

As reported at the meeting, during the latter part of the year many rather large requests were received.


Colac Chronicle

They were received with the greatest regret, and the Trustees recorded their deep appreciation for the splendid service rendered by each of these officers. This is not a "seat-warming" job, as the president of the mutual aid has a dual responsibility, as in his position he combines the protection of the interests of the members and the society. Mutual aid acts as a channel through which the humblest gifts may pass, and enables a considerable donation to be received instead of a stream of odd shillings which might flow to the recipient, say in L. those who offered aid acted individually.

Through Mutual Aid you can help your friend, or someone else in trouble, by making simple weekly contributions on the following scale:—. In this panoramic view of Alvie, Vic., the township's Bilson Branch Store is the larger of the two white spots. Terror." The name, while rather sinister, is nevertheless an apt one, as the water creeps relentlessly over valuable grassland on its passage to the Barwon River and then to the sea.

Until two or three years ago, Lake Colac's level was well below the overflow, and the series of "depressions" known as Lough Calvert was covered with some of the best strawberry clover in the state. Then came a period of wet seasons, and Lake Colac, fed by two creeks - the Baron-. Among the contents were trophies won during the club's 76 years of existence, as well as many photographs from early programmes, which were of great historical value and sadly irreplaceable.

The press in Melbourne has recently highlighted the effects of the flooding of Lake Colac, which has been titled "The Creeping. But this is a slow business, and in the meantime much valuable land has been laid waste, and farmers and ranchers. The country which whole is suffering from the effects of the ravages. So it is planned to cut a channel through an adjacent lake, a total length of about 12 miles, heading into Birregurra Creek - which is a rather flattering title for a meandering lake. ing depression - and then to Barwon.

All that is needed is money, and that problem is receiving the attention of the State Government.

More National Safety Awards for Foy Drivers

34;gloves were her love.' at the turn of the century was a section where silk tights were sold. She remembers such public favorites as Flora Grupner, Violet Varley, Florence Young and Nellie Stewart, while among the men was that idol of the "gallery girls," Howard Vernon .

Her mind is as clear as crystal, but she never lets memories of the past cloud her view of the present. A sign of these is the respect for Miss Riggs that various members of the Foy family have. Still, connections of the original Mark and Francis Foy have made friendly visits to our stores over the years and there was always a thought for Miss Riggs.

She knew the old Collingwood Store before the subway was built; even before the first mill building was erected. He felt that overhanging fittings would spoil the effect of a massive building for that time. Like many an old-timer, Miss Riggs still thinks fondly of the gay scenes displayed on Smith Street during the fair.

But in the early 1900s, these buildings were much newer, while bright and billowing dresses, crowded sidewalks, police, and tinkling cable car bells added to the festive atmosphere. Thomas, the store manager, on behalf of all the executives, thanked the committee for the able and smooth organization of the party. Now Fred is back on the road, determined to see as much of the world as possible.

34; Can I thank all the colleagues on the lower ground floor through 'Service' for the business gift to me.

The Gilpsonia Social Club

It is the contents of a collection box, the proceeds of an occasional raffle or the receipt of a gift of goods for distribution, which are the true sinews of the club. But it doesn't matter if any of the previous week's donors have to "give it a miss" every now and then. This reference to the club is not in the nature of an appeal for new members - although, of course, the greater the resources the club has, the more it will be able to achieve its purpose of sending rays of sunshine in directions where a ray of brightness can mean much.

No, our main purpose in referring here to the club is to tell a little about the work Sunstralers do, because it is worth keeping a record of. Company ranks in recent years, may not even be aware of the club's existence or its goals. Readers may remember the photo in our last issue of some of the beautiful dolls distributed at Christmas, 1952.

It has been the privilege of the writer to read some of the letters of thanks received since Christmas from those who placed these gifts from the Sunbeam Club where they would bring the greatest happiness. All are moved, not only by the warmth of gratitude expressed, but also by the revelation of the opportunities for receiving the kindness that emanates from the Sunbeam Club. From this batch of golden wording, we have requested permission from the club to publish the following excerpts from the letter from a spokeswoman for a religious organization:—.

In bed today - and for every day for the past five years - is a little girl named Leonie. We felt that this tribute would have greater relevance to an even wider range of readers if it were preceded by a bit of the history of the Rays of the Sun Club. Seen here is a section of the sea wall in the Wadden Zee, in the northern part of the Zuyder Zee near Leeuwarden, Friesland.

Reid, who since the recent retirement of Mr.


And we're sure everyone here is happy to know that our "opposite numbers" in England in "Service" have found the means to get to know people in the Australian businesses who normally don't. I can assure you that when it doesn't arrive there will be inquiries from here and there as to when the next issue will be out." Service' is certainly a morale builder and I know that at the Perth Store every issue is eagerly. awaited."

The same thing happens at the end of every other month, until at the end of the year an employee of the year is chosen. One copy is placed on a conveyor belt, one copy is held by the customer who, after shopping, goes to the cashier and presents it, pays, and their purchases are ready to be picked up. 34;Have a Lolly!"—When purchasing a typewriter from a well-known New York manufacturer, the prospective user gets a surprise.

Shirley moved for a while before leaving Foy's a year or two ago, after working as a stenographer in the Reserves at Collingwood, in the Controller's Office. It is to be hoped that he continues this as Shirley was an avid Foy basketball player. They make the most of the next few weeks as Nick will soon be sailing to distant shores.

Their many friends were delighted at the announcement of the engagement of BERYL GRIND- LAY (Kouse, City) to FRED. BARBARA SULLIVAN (Part Office) left for Perth on January 12 to become a resident in the West. Petite EILEEN HASTINGS (Maintenance Office, City), kept a very important appointment with William Alma at the Congregational Church, South Melbourne, on January 17th.

The bride-to-be, known by the City Store, received an impressive array of lovely gifts from colleagues and Company.

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