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Academic year: 2023

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Not only is he experienced in the man's work on the land; he enjoys alien air sports. Due to the passage of time, some of those items have had to be set aside. Aside from the groom's modern dress, there's an almost medieval vibe to this photo of Mr.

There were several newcomers to the Tennis Club this year, especially from the ranks of the fairer sex. 34;Foy's Comedy Players." This troupe was formed to contribute to the social life of the staff, and not necessarily to provide professional standard entertainment. Laughter was the keynote of the revue, and the audience is a good measure in this respect gave.

Blume, one of the Store's accountants, for the birth of a daughter on October 8, and for Mr. Luke, food section group controller, on the birth of a son on December 23. 34; Service," this account of her visit to England and the Continent, would probably have appeared in the Christmas number of the magazine.

A few of the good makers exhibited, but many of the better known manufacturers were not.

The tuck of titian Hate

It was a good exhibition though, although I understand that many of the best textile manufacturers weren't even showing and those that were had very limited ranges. A spontaneous good humor crackled around the table, and the cheerful speeches reflected the high opinion held by all the guests of honor. Ferguson introduced the new members of the Knitting Staff and also extended a warm welcome to all who were attending their first Eagley dinner.

Vandooren, a new member of the Knitting Mill, spoke very movingly of his experience during his short time in Australia, and of his very warm welcome at the dinner. There was a bon-bon (with party cap) for everyone at the top of the stairs, and ice cream and drink at the foot. This is a tribute to the girls of the make-up operation, and hose and underwear investigation sections.

Photo taken at Moffat, a Scottish wool center - hence the Moffat, a Scottish wool center - hence the statue of the ram. Others were recommended by friends who wrote on behalf of those who had fallen from the ranks. We hear stories of the big ones that got away - and caught the big one - that we never see.

Last year our "A" team went through the season undefeated and won the premiership in their grade of the Victorian Women's Basketball Association. For a team of girls new to the game, they showed that they are good sports, and their play improved tremendously towards the end of the season. Rutledge was appointed to the sales staff of the Knitting Mills, Eagley Mills, in November last year.

Disease can be diagnosed as "flame of the heart." Symptoms first noted on February 13, when one, John Cavanagh, moved attractive diamond. Other busy fingers in the preparation of the typescript of "Service" belong to EILEEN HASTINGS, (Mrs.) LIMAS ALEXANDER, THERESE STUTE and DOROTHY COCHRANE, all from the Stadswinkel. It has not been mentioned before, due to the interrupted publication of the magazine.

Powell, formerly Manager of the Prahran Store (Melbourne), as Store Manager, Adelaide, effective Friday 20th September. Forbes, Secretary of the National Safety Council of Australia, was on hand at the Collingwood Despatch to present our drivers with the certificates, medals and buckles they have earned over the years.

The Gibsonia Social Club

Nor should we fail to acknowledge the smiling presence of the wives who accompanied their director-husbands. Howson would have been with us this year in his new capacity as director of the parent company. The look on the winners' faces when they received their trophies certainly confirmed this view.

So the "energy burning" part of the day ended, the picnic hampers opened once more. Within an hour the cars had left the parking lots and the picnic grounds were enveloped in the normal quiet of the countryside. However, the note of "birds of the night" could be heard from a neighboring hall, where the industrious danced the day away to the music of the band led by Ron Greenhill (Display, Fitzroy).

When young Johnnie or Mary came home to Brighton in the wee hours of the next morning, their apology was probably more sincere than it might have sounded.). That ever-loyal team of men deserves more than a pat on the back for the great job done the day before the picnic (that was a Sunday, remember) in prepping the grounds and trails, and it was good to see Miss Mary Blayney , from the Mill Personnel Office to this, her first picnic. The dedication to their cause of the members of this organization is a demonstration of self-sacrificing community spirit that serves as an example to all of us.

This correspondent then expresses both editorial and personal appreciation for the individual contribution of John Swiatkiwsky, of the Mill Stock room. The occasion was the presentation of certificates of life as governor from several institutions in Melbourne, awarded as a result of contributions from last year's ball proceeds. Hume, the treasurer's wife, and her willing helpers in feeding the wolves at tea time, have done a wonderful job.

The Associates' Gibsonia Cup, for the most consistent player of the year, won by Mrs. Special trophy of a silver cup, awarded to the best participant of the day was won by Mr. Although the most appropriate time has passed, the committee of The Gibsonia Social Golf Club would like to wish all directors, managers and employees of Foy's a very Happy New Year and Happy Golfing to all our members.

34;Why does it always rain on Sundays?" This was the song most of the cricketers sang at the social match played at Hurstbridge on November 11, between teams selected from the Eagley Nos. Visited by the members of the Combined Gibsonia (Melbourne) Table Tennis Club was one that will not be forgotten by the nine members who attended.

Retail Movements

The store was not big enough to hold them all and there was an "overflow" to the adjacent park. It was difficult to say whether the abundance of food or the joy of meeting Santa Claus and receiving his gifts overworked the young people the most. Many of our fellow human beings have suffered grief since we were last able to express our thoughts for them in this column.

That is why we say to those who have known grief: "Be assured that our hearts were warm to you when the burden was heaviest." However, since our last issue, the long shadow has extended three times, each time hitting one of our colleagues.

34;Mini ur ill be Vont"

You Can't Stop 'cm!


On behalf of the boys of the Hosiery Stockroom, Eagley Mills, "Bill" Tevelein extends best wishes to MARJ. Congratulations to JOAN ASH (Adelaide) on her very good effort to achieve fourth place in the "News and Post" Aria competition held recently. We wondered what it meant when the mill talked about "increased production!" Good luck, daddies and mommies.

From all her teammates, best wishes for future happiness to GENNY PEARSON (Eagley Mills), who was married to Mr. Confectionery and nearby sections of the City Store, were delighted to have VALERY BLAKE back after a recent short illness. However, the smiling face of EVA HOLCKNER (Mr Doig's office, City) is a happy reminder that last year she announced her engagement to Fred Lawrence.

Another item we were unable to publish was the joyous news of the marriage of the popular MONA LAWSON (Cafe, Fitzroy) last August.


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