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Sitting close to the happy couples who passed by, to the music of the Foy Ball, Mr. There was a succession of reductions in the bank rate, relaxation of the credit.


Because it will be noticed that in the list of new stamps no mention is made of an English stamp. This, of course, is not quite in accordance with the pattern of life, in these regions, in other directions.


But if we remember his extraordinary tireless interest in the affairs of the municipality, we can be sure that Mr. For four years she was secretary of the Infant School Mothers' Club - their son attended this school - and later served at the parents' house. ' Associa- 16. In 1955 she was elected president of the local branch of the Rural Women's Association and held that position for two years.

Relinquishing this position, three years later, he was made one of the first two Life Members of the League to be established. Now it is only for us, the members of the Social Club, to repeat Mr. Miss Sonia Cleva, a well-known member of the office staff at Cox-Eco Perth, was married to Mr.

To Penny and her husband we from the Social Club of Cox-Eco offer our sincere best wishes for a very happy future.


Blackburn's memories last on July 29 as she and her husband celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage.


Said one to the other, "I'm telling you, there's no point in going to that Rooftop Cafe. There was an excellent show on the floor and supper, while refreshments were continuously served at the tables. Wilson for the great role in which he played ensure the success of this merry night.

In her full-time devotion to household duties these days, she has the best wishes of one and all. Friends raised a glass to her on the occasion and took her to lunch the next day. A personality of this store has been seen wearing diamonds on the third finger of her left hand.

Margaret Davies, who had eleven years of service with our company in the Port Augusta store, left to marry Mr.



We are more than a little sentimental about our fine shop, and every year we like to celebrate the date of the opening of the present building in August 1949. August 6, the night of the Foyballet, was also the birthday of Ms. Belle Wilson, manager, toiletries, Bourke street. Wright (who initiated the report – as is customary) was among the first to benefit from the long service leave provisions recently enacted in Western Australia.

It is estimated that between 1,200 and 2,000 athletes from 35 countries and states of the British Empire, with teams of up to a dozen or more, from smaller possessions such as Fiji, Uganda and North Borneo, will compete in the Games. We in the retail trade cannot but anticipate a busy and prosperous time in the run-up to and during the 1962 Empire Games. We should have mentioned earlier that Perth Central Controllers Ted Stanford, John Barker and Bill Caporn, spent a pleasant week at Nornalup, in the south-west of the state, in March.

There is a "happier than ever" note about this record, the bride, in each of the two weddings we have to report, bearing the same name.


Recently, Eric McFarland (Manchester) was selected to play in the Great's Southern Hockey Carnival. On the Friday before the game, Eric had a bad cold and complained that he probably wouldn't be able to play.




Those with longer memories will recall that the original dining room's tables stretched across the floor to the Swanston Street windows. As on the larger stages of a professional theater, there was a fringed curtain of rich red velvet. In those days one of the longest catwalks ever seen in Melbourne stretched from the stage almost to the lifts on the north wall.

Like spotlights on a stage, these floor lamps cast a soft glow on the rich fabrics of the dresses fashioned by the parading models. A light grid screen separating the public and staff areas of the rooftop cafe in Foys. From architects Howden and McLean to the tiniest subcontractor, everyone associated with Foys in creating the "rooftop cafe" is well-deserved - and available now.

Amid all the complicated construction work that preceded the opening of the Rooftop Cafe, Mr. Mark Wilson ill and had to undergo a serious operation.


On his way to work at midnight on June 20, one of our night cleaners, Rowley Wardley, got into a fight with the new Holden. Recent reports indicate that he is making steady progress, but it will be some time before he can resume his duties. Staff who had gone to the dining room for morning tea were horrified at the gruesome sight.

Someone was overheard expressing fear for the decorator's sanity as he later saw her vigorously scrubbing her legs with Bon Ami. The long arm of the army has caught up with John Williams of the Exhibition Department. As John is tall and slender, we expect he will need new clothes when he returns, as boys usually put on weight after a stint in the army.


To her place, in this all-important first-aid post, has moved Sister Muirhead, who has hitherto served us as a special fitter in the Cross Salon. To her new job, she takes the good wishes of all her former colleagues in the City store with her. Around this time of year, there is plenty to do in this neck of the woods.

In this happy group at the 1958 Foy Ball are several of the girls on the staff of Cox Brothers Head Office. The maturity of twenty-one years now also rests on the straight shoulders of Miss Sandra Russell, secretary of Mr. Exactly how long was recognized on July 31 when the company's "25 year" certificate was presented to Mr.

Ron Clarke, ex-Nancy Briggs of Share Office, as "Lee-Anne". When she is old enough to respond to the greeting, she will respond to the even more distinctive name "Leearn.".

Chapel Street Chatter

In any case, it was a time for celebration, as the day was also her 20th birthday. Congratulations poured in on her at a very early hour on the all-important day, August 7, because she was. Unwilling to acknowledge the speaker's greeting, Miss Russell had to be coaxed speaker's greeting, Miss Russell had to be coaxed from her chair by John Gorbutt, who was so.

Although he has been employed in Melbourne for the last year or two, Head of Store Planning, B. We equally like to keep order in our minds and for the sake of accurate records we make this correction. Always a popular weekend destination for thousands of Melbourne residents, the popular beach on the Mornington Peninsula falls within the city limits of Chelsea.





In the coming years – and with any luck this model should be available for a generation or two in the future – Melbourne residents will be able to. Even this close-up of the Manchester and Furniture windows in the model of the Smith Street store does not sufficiently reveal the minute details of the model maker's art in fashioning the many lines of merchandise in miniature on display. In the history books of the future, the department store will undoubtedly be mentioned, just as today's historians refer to the cottage weaver or village potter of the past.

Working only with the two-dimensional lines of a very old and faded photograph, Ken Bandman's men have created a virtual scale model of the old Mark Foy shop buildings as they stood on Smith Street in the 1870s and 1880s. smaller in every way, both in the size of the original building and in the scale of the reduction, the construction of this • model is possibly an even greater artistic triumph than the representation of the 'big brother' shop on Bourke Street. The actual dimensions of the model of the Smith street store are revealed in this comparison with a large pack of cigarettes and a half liter bottle.

Ken Bandman himself (most people know him anyway) and Aubrey Brooks, the clever carpenter who did much of the joinery literally built into these three models.


However, as shown in the following photo, any one of these windows could almost completely cover a pack of 20 cigarettes today -. Bandman himself: "Who was responsible for what?" in the making of these three stunningly interesting miniatures, and you will receive the respectful reply of "Oh, that was just a team effort.". Maybe it was; in fact, it could hardly be otherwise. How and where to attach a medal to the team.

So to give it the individual recognition it rightly deserves, without in any way trying to share the incredible skill and pleasure that went into building these models, we'll name the Foy display team in question as a all.


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