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Academic year: 2023

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The basis of the heritability of the serotypes was therefore not on the genes. 1 The adjustment is adjusted according to the concentration of the drug in the training media.

No, the Back Lane of the Medical School in June, 1951


Regarding the question of who should be vaccinated, the policy of the I.T.C. In the third, fourth and fifth years, they do clinical work with the other subjects of the regular course, but pathology is intended for the special. One of the most interesting tasks I had in the last six years was helping to build the museum.

This section of the museum does not contain rare or unusual specimens, but is a simple teaching section. A descriptive guide in map form is attached and the student can easily examine any of the most important conditions histologically while in the museum.

Two New Religions

Red Cross has done very useful educational work in breaking down prejudice by establishing Junior Red Cross branches in some of the native villages in the vicinity of Port Moresby. In addition, the work of the Government Medical Services, in collaboration with Red Cross, during the mountain The headman of the town is informed in advance of the arrival of the clinic.

Examinations are necessarily among the shortest, but routine weighing of all children and an efficient system for registration are carried out. My thanks are due to officials of the Public Health Department, Port Moresby, for valuable information, and to Mr. R.


The Women's Hospital

Monacrine is an acridine chemotherapeutic agent that does not stain and inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms.



This conflict and anxiety will be reduced only if the unattractive features of the diagnostic situation are reduced. While some anxiety will still be caused by the unfamiliarity of the situation, it will be seen as the only means of healing. The dominant mood of the former will be depressed and pessimistic compared to the optimism of the latter.

The symptoms of the former will show considerable variability - when one is cured, another will appear. In the latter case, the symptoms will be more constant and related to the patient's actual physical condition.


Invocations are recited so that the spirits known to the medium may be able to transcend into his soul. It may seem very strange that such practices flourish if viewed from the Western mind. But to those who have been brought up so that their judgment is based solely on the philosophical view so characteristic of the Chinese, we shall be able to account for it. We therefore have confidence in the man who has conducted such investigations of this nature.

We must recognize that one of the important elements in healing is the patient's trust in the doctor and the methods he decides to use. During the Japanese occupation and after the end of the war, people living near a certain part of Singapore's Changi Road were quite certain that on any given night they heard very clear and consistent wails that they attributed to the ghosts of people who had died in the agony of hunger and pain.


Then the distinction between the 'absurdity' or the sensibility of this practice will not be as unclear as at first glance. They agreed to the money needed to build a temple, which today stands on a small hill overlooking the mass graves of a good number of Allied soldiers and civilians who were massacred and buried there. It seems that the spirits have stopped mourning now because they have found a home in this temple.

The next time you get into trouble, if you're near a Chinese temple, try summoning the spirits to help you out.


RAMSAY (Surgical) Pty. Ltd



The role of homologous kidney antibodies in the cause of the condition is currently under investigation. A series of animal experiments to produce the condition in such a way as to correspond to the human clinical sequence were considered. The clinical condition in a large series of cases has now been followed for several years.

In a large number of cases, a clear alternative cause of death was demonstrable, usually in the form of a serious secondary infection related to the then prevailing infections. The knowledge acquired in the physical and biological sciences, which may have seemed rather barren in its immediate practical possibilities, is all actively used in the study of disorders of the body, and amply justifies the effort expended.


GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY 1. Ionic relations in the body

The shape of the action potential in the nerve has been studied by non-electrical stimulation. This must lead to a reconsideration of our ideas about the role of electrotonus in propagation. Experiments have been conducted on the effect of circulatory changes and obstructions of the duct on pancreatic secretin.

Preliminary electronic studies showed that after the injection of chloroform, an action potential was detectable in the brain's occipital pole and accessory nerve. In a study of the effects of repeated injection of diphtheria toxoid, it was found that this significantly increased histamine production by trypsin and the animal's resistance to histamine.

PHARMACOLOGY 7. Pharmacology of Adrenaline

Also, the "foot" of the action potential, on which so much of the classical theory of impulse initiation and propagation is built, has been found almost consistently to be absent. Ultraviolet spectroscopy and pharmacological effects of the vasoconstrictor substance reinforce the view that it is a tryptamine derivative. It constricts isolated vessels and constricts vessels in the hind legs and kidneys of the dog and cat in situ.

Electronic apparatus was constructed to simultaneously record four variables, namely blood pressure, vasoconstriction and dilation in the ear, contraction or relaxation of the nictitating membrane, and the recording of "bursts" of nerve impulses originating from the superior cervical ganglion. In experiments with isolated frog muscle, it was observed that Tigloidine (a byalkaloid of Duboisia myoporoides) had the same delayed recovery effect as atropine, but it did not have the usual toxic effects of the latter.


It has been proven that the vasoconstrictor prepared in this way is actually a vasoconstrictor substance that appears in the blood during clotting. Contracts the rat uterus, guinea pig jejunum, vitreous membrane and cat pupillary sphincter and stimulates the cat adrenal medulla. To investigate the theory that the action of morphine is related to brain metabolism of acetylcholine, attempts were made to synthesize acetylcholine in brain homogenates.

The assay for acetylcholine has also been investigated and a method has been devised to separate this substance from interfering material. Tests of synthetic triazoles and thiazoles and Australian timber products have been performed on a variety of animals to determine toxicity and adverse side effects.



This little book, written for students in Edinburgh, should also (as the authors point out) be of use to personnel officers, works managers, trade union leaders, industrial nurses, etc. Correction of certain loosely expressed ideas and incorrect statements will increase the value of the book. Despite these faults, this booklet can be recommended as an introduction to the subject of Occupational Health.

It is interesting to compare the conditions under which students in London worked at the turn of the century with those under which we work today, and also to read the opinions of those on the receiving end of the stroke of the finger. Livingstone, of 16-17 Teviot Place, Edinburgh, 1, will be happy to forward a copy of their 1951 catalog of medical books to anyone interested.






Fourth Year


Fifth Year ,

With just enough good players to stop the game from being a mess, everyone had a good time. Gerry Warming sportingly said after the game that he would have liked it to have ended in a draw, and this and the rest of the game were discussed with many "draws".

Final Year


Many of us qualified for the Brave New World by carefully noting literally everything that was said. That soup of love was touchingly delivered by Margaret and Steve, and Adrian took care of the lust. Dave Q the people's choice, played football for the blacks and became not only our representative of the year, but also one of the Med.

We really show off our talents at the clinics, as the sounds of "lovely case, lads" or the luscious tones of The Constable were enough to instill confidence in the lowest of the low. So much for our happy group - it's a shame we don't have space to mention more of them.

Fifth Year

Zac had all his usual problems, above all a severe U.R.T, and felt exceptional in this regard when I. 34;DOS" was busy most of the time with his camera, but had considerable trouble with the fathers of his babies, who would go on. in ringing this source of information to inquire about the health of their offspring. Foremost in this latter group was 34; Wilbur", who has since given up the way his warlike and has grown wiser under the heel of the fairer sex. Finally, on the last night there was a small informal gathering, where K. G and "Syd" showed surprising dexterity in carrying a heavy cylinder up two flights of stairs, and some of the staff were cordially invited to dinner.

And he thought of the clinics he had missed (they required a lot of thought, because they were very numerous), and of the day that one K. And the sight of Griffin's wise demeanor seemed to cheer the sleeper, for one could hear screaming at him in his sleep.


Thus equipped, he set about his task, locked his door, and at the time of the printing of this work there are many who fear for his welfare, for he has never since been seen with human eyes. Six months of the year have passed and everyone says they really must start working for a while – secretly horrified at the thought and with not the slightest intention of doing anything. While this was going on half our number were still on Vac. and later back at Alfred, where we did as much as we did.

After that of Children came six weeks in Women, at the mention of which even the stoutest of us grow pale and feel a little nauseous at the thought of A. liquors and stale beer. Last year was well represented in .. accompanied by two arctic foxes. said to be allergic to Jaguars.



There are three coverings of the eye: two eyelids and the micturition membrane, which causes the eyes to water." Second year: "Can you have a hernia from the scrotum to the inguinal canal?". you by taxi, a nice meal, a room in a good hotel, food, wine, sexual pleasures at night, and give you another 500 francs.".

Second nurse (12-week veteran of 7 North): " 'Describe the operation for anastomosis of the esophagus with the anus'.". 34; In animals with laterally located eyes, you cannot come up behind them and surprise them."





Figure  210  is "The floor of the Female  Pelvis, from above, showing the relative  positions of the bladder, vagina, rectum."


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The subjects of the examinations of the first year shall be as .follows : a Introduction to Legal Method; b Legal History; c British History provided that with the permission of