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Academic year: 2023

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Do not for one moment think that there is any subtle reference to the horny stalwarts of the racetrack who. After some discussion the request was agreed to, and the new arrangement will not begin until September, at the dawn of the present fourth year at the W.H.

Late Dr. Lamble

M.S. Remuera

Bridegroom.—A staphylococcus is a—(reluctantly.) Clergyman (coming to the aid)—Will you have this wife, &c. Clergyman (turning to the bride).-Mary, will you have this man to be your wedded husband, to live together in the holy state of aseptic marriage.


In a frantic rush I copied the clown's question and quickly tiring of the Spirit I sent him back to the Blazes. Discuss the price of beer in relation to such a hypothesis as a five pound note. a) Who first thought of the examination board. And we bet you got an encore; why, they wouldn't let you leave the hall at the old Balmoral Pub.

We can imagine you, Capelli, how you leapt along the stage, Popping the champagne corks in between, And we'll bet you brought the house down when you finished drinking. But we, we are desolate, and our pants are torn, and we don't know which way to turn.




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Since "these are now all indexed and diagnosed, there is a good opportunity for men doing pathology. A clay before admission, his right breast was needled, and since then he has had pain in the upper abdomen on right; appetite good; no vomiting; bowels regular. Breathing has been labored, and he has coughed up much frothy phlegm since commencement; no change in sputum lately; no hemoptysis.

Pain in "abd." was there for a month at first - then got better for a month - and now has been there for the last 16 days. He had about 5 bouts of vomiting since the onset of the pain and after each the pain subsided a bit.

Fifth Year Notes

Abdomen.-There is a decided stiffness of upper right rectus, and upper part of it obliquely, so that it is impossible to feel kidney. There is marked fullness in the right kidney area behind, and some questionable deep fluctuations can be felt.

Who 's s


Tailor ?

The Mutual


The brightest and best is the cheerful youth who testified maliciously to the strength of the patient being so weakened that "she had not seen anything for three days." The enthusiasm of the young people who enlivened the treatment of "whooping cough" by giving the little patient frequent visits to the wax was also joyful. Although a rolling stone gathers no moss, we hear that Hube's pursuit of the elusive Mister Moss was for a time the joy of the town. But for the most part, a deep calm rises above all as we prepare to set off as new graduates, or ruefully rubbing our ischial colossi, to master more of the fundamentals of our art before November or March.

Sympathy of the year goes to Noel Brown, who reluctantly agreed to have his appendix removed and, in the words of the nurses, "he's so fond of appendages." Adrian — the Plaster Prince — recently put his 9oist leg in Plaster, but by mistake he found, when it was too late, that it was the nurse's leg and not the patient's.

Third Year Notes

The engine office is now in the hands of Inky, who advises us on a horn and two headlights for immediate use, and knows where to get a machine with a full stock of accessories. What was commonly believed to be severe mountain thunderstorms can certainly be traced back to Craweour. With great difficulty, he was lured out of the sterilizer, where he was eating imaginary hydatids.

Two small mesoblastic somites were recently found asleep in the bone chamber, and were forcibly removed by Preston. We have been informed that locker accommodation will be provided for two hundred people in the Anatomy School.

The representatives of the latter offered to make certain concessions as their final answer to the de-. The Council of the Victorian Branch of the British Medical Association, after full consideration, informed the Friendly Societies' Association that it did not regard these offers of compromise as acceptance. For nearly three years the members of the profession, becoming restless, refrained from any further action.

At a special meeting of the Council of the British Medical Association, held on August 8, it was unanimously decided to refuse acceptance of these provisions. This cannot therefore remain, and the Council relies with confidence on the active and wholehearted support of the profession.

Lay of the Last Spirochaete

However, it was obvious that the expected financial stress did not occur; that, on the contrary, it was there; patted. In the end, the branch council was moved to demand a continuation of the suspended negotiations in 1914 and beyond. It is unnecessary to describe the various stages leading up to the final stage of the subcommittees on August 4.

He was still laughing, he was in a creepy tension, How late he piled on the Giemsa stain. And as he lay back to give up the ghost, He thought of the man who had been his last host, This man was a squire of low rank—.


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If he had made the slightest inquiry, he would have learned that about the middle of 1916, the medical and military authorities, having recognized the great need for physicians in the A.A.M.C. realized, decided that everyone who then passed the first year, their courses; and upon signing a statement that they would enter active duty once they did, these students were awarded the brass home service badge. No agency objected to wearing these insignia; but as soon as the red crowns are worn on the military uniforms, a storm of protest erupts from persons like your correspondent. This red crown on the uniforms is simply the equivalent of the brass insignia for civilian dress, and since the authorities recognize our work as medical students as domestic help, you are therefore fully entitled to this insignia, and not, as the writer claims, "sailing under false colors.".

How is it that the authorities keep men hacked to complete their courses, and constantly call for more doctors for active duty. Finally, he states that "there is no difficulty in the way of men enlisting in a combat unit."




In discussing the case as presented, we are faced with a subacute condition (duration of 10 weeks), probably of intrathoracic origin. We get so much additional information that we are forced to make a diagnosis that must rest between the effusion in the right pleural cavity and the very extensive consolidation of the lungs. As regards the results of the operation, it would now be necessary to study the pleural effusions and their cause, briefly mentioning the etiology (mainly bacteriology) and the primary and secondary causes.

I think that a discussion of a few such causes and possible findings would now be sufficient to limit our diagnosis to an abscess above or below the diaphragm with extension. The prognosis in this condition would be serious, but the duration of the disease makes it even worse.


Treatment (stimulants, purgatives, etc.), treatment of symptoms as they occur (such as pain, eardrums), and the possibilities of serum therapy, and perhaps Eusol, to combat the extreme toxemia. I have purposely left part of the third move until this stage (i.e. abdominal pain since), to impress upon you the importance of care in using an exploratory needle, and also the possible interruption of a pulmonary abscess, apart from carelessness in exploration, by rupture through the diaphragm with formation of a subphrenic abscess, and later, perhaps, by a general infection of the peritoneum. The post-mortem findings in this case were as follows: - Right lung completely replaced by a single Hydatid cyst which was suppurating and which had been effectively drained by another operation not mentioned before.

This showed extension through the diaphragm with formation of a large abscess cavity on the superior surface of the right lobe of the liver. The points to be learned from these results are: -. i.) the possibility that hydatid cysts are present without causing symptoms;. ii.) the importance of conducting a complete and systematic investigation. iii.) the possibility even after systematic examination of missing large cysts.



Rocke Tompsitt & Co.,

He is.—You have several sonnets, but you don't like to put all your eggs in one basket. YOU, gentlemen, who are accustomed to view all propositions with a diagnostic eye, will find London Stores clothing singularly disease-free. They are as close to perfection as human hands can make - rugged with service - style and temperature, normal.

They are forever youthful, beautifully tailored and will survive the rigors of wear without losing their shape. And above all, clothing from Doctor, London Stores is a proposition where you will get your money's worth, which is a rare thing in clothing.


The editors are damned five places if they know what the sad wind said.



When this misunderstanding was cleared up, he became much more manageable, and suddenly catching sight of the lecturer, he pulled himself together. As far as we can make out, the lecturer noted that intellect can undoubtedly be measured by the size of the head. From the audience sprang two bald men of ferocious aspect and sullen mien.

He concluded by saying that everyone knew that the windings of the brain had nothing to do with intellect; what was the ruling factor? Lie asked us several times. With a final gasp he stated that the corrugations of the gluteus maximus were the only sure guide.

James Little

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That a co-respondent is the wrong man in the right place, that none but the brave deserve an affair.





Special Notice to Melbourne University Students

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This would ultimately be to our advantage and would increase the value of our advertising columns.


Exactly " what's wanted "

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But this I think I may fairly say, that had a few such models as mine been tested by the designers of the Quebec Bridge, they would have given them such a warning that they would